Celeste MerryMeadows

aka Cel

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Seaside, Sacred Grove
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Gamer, stalker, editor
  • I am Female
"You know like, we're witches. We are the coolest, we can cast spells and shit. Then there is the vampires which are blood sucking parasites, they're bad. There are werewolves, which turn into flee bitten dogs during the moon, so they are bunch of little bitches. Then there is the basic ass healer, which are irrelevant to the supernatural species (and the plot), they shouldn't even exist mannn, its even worse then the vampires and the werewolves combined. We witches are superior to all the other 4 supernaturals lolz. So as your father Celesta, you gotta know we are the best dude."
Celesta (Intimating strong Californian accent) intimating her fake father in The Hathaway Chronicles

Heyy, and welcome. I'm Celeste Merrymeadows aka Cel. If you have anything to say, post it on my Message Wall, I'll be happy to read it.

About me

About me I started FreeRealms June 9th, 2010 and have been hooked to it ever since. I became a Lifetime Member (First and only membership) on July 27th, 2011. I also love to hang help my friends. And my favorite city in Sacred Grove is Seaside.


I'm a human, my signature color is medium brown aka allspice, I have a Pearl skin tone, Sapphire blue eyes, Sugarplum brunette hair, and have the Smokey Eyes Face Paint.


I love doing achievements in FreeRealms. I've completed 315 out of 321. My total of achievement points are 2,740.

Card games

I love card games, I'm not bad at Treasure War, but I'm pretty good at TCG. If you ever get in a duel with me, watch out.

Things I love

I love Rock 'n Roll from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. My favorite band is Def Leppard. I also love Disco. I love all types of animals, but my favorite breed of dog is the Pit Bull. My favorite color is blue. And I love to watch TV shows and movies with my pets. And to be cringy, my boyfriend.
  • FreeRealms, my favorite MMO game ever to play.
  • Mystic Mayhem, my second favorite FreeRealms guild
  • Long Live Rock 'n Roll!Go to Link to my favorite Def Leppard song, Rock of Ages.
  • Collie, Nisha, Me, Kit, Sheik, and Isabel
  • The Forever Alone Cover
  • Me and Sheik doing Gangnam Style
  • Me and Tails
  • Nisha and me
  • Queen Nisha and Queen Cel in Seaside
  • Me and Nisha.
  • Me and Hazel
  • Me and Michelle..PNG Me and Michelle
  • Me and Sheik doing the Super Salute
  • Me and Wonder.
  • Sheik, Nisha, and Me on the Unicorn Statue
  • Sheik, Me, and Collie on the Unicorn Statue
  • Bewitched
  • Who's who? :)
  • Still can't tell who's who. Can you?
  • We like to move it move it, we like to move it move it you like to... MOVE IT!
  • We still like to move it!
  • Hootenanny Style!
  • Nerd, Raven, and me. (At Raven's birthday party)
  • Triplets
  • Annie, Jan, I, and Nisha.
  • Elle, me, and Sheik.
  • We are family.
  • Yellow Lovers! :D
  • Wee!
  • The Broken.Go to The Broken
  • Forever Alone.Go to Forever Alone The Finale Part 5
  • Awesomeness.
  • VenturianTale.
  • My favorite YouTube gamers. Subscribe, and join the adventure!Go to
  • A photo made from a friend.
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