The Twins is a short story written by L.M Meadows on June 9, 2013.

The TwinsEdit

It was a beautiful day in Japan, as Yoda went to her Grandparents house, which was near the beautiful ocean. Yoda loved to go to her grandparents house on the weekends, while her parents went out to spend some time for themselfs. Yoda's Grandma, Suki had a pretty anicent mirror in the attic of the house, and Yoda enjoyed going up there to look at herself in the mirror. But this time, it was her 13th birthday, and something was going to happen. When Yoda went up to the attic to look in the mirror, she posed, and said "Happy birthday to me!" cried Yoda with excitement. Then, a twin version of herself popped out, and said "Hi! I'm Woda nice to meet you!" Yoda just stared at Woda, and said "What the heck?!" and passed out on the floor.

  •   This story ended when  Yoda fell on the floor, she was sucked into the mirror along with her twin. 


  • Yoda - Is the main character and protiganist and looks into a mirror and another human, who looks just like her comes out, but there is a secret behind this all.
  • Woda - Is Yoda's twin self that comes out of the mirror, and has alot to tell her twin that freed her.
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