The Sunstone Valley Arch.

Sunstone Valley


Sunstone Valley is located in northern Sacred Grove, and is home to the Dwarves, the good guys, Freewheelers, and the Skullz who want to take over Sunstone Valley.

The ValleyEdit

When you arrive there, it's like a big canyon, and mainly desert. There is Mangunanas, Robgoblins, Skullz members, and Feathered Drakes. There is the gas station owned by Wheelie Pete, and a Smelting and Mining spot that Red Stonehammer owns.


  • Wheelie Pete's Gas Station
  • Red Stonehammer's Work Shop
  • The Robgoblin Junkyard
  • Manguana
  • The enterence into Unicorn Land
  • Drake Wind Peak
  • A place in Sunstone that is hard to get to
  • Crystals
Even if it's a desert, the Dwarves, or Freewheelers rule there and ride there bikes and protect the Valley from uninvited creatures, such as Drakes, Robgoblins, and Manguanas. The Skullz, is the arch enemy of the Freewheelers, and tried countless times to take over the Valley. But to this day, they have a camp in Sunstone, and are still trying to take over, but have failed several times.
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