Snowhill is located in the North of Sacred Grove, and is the coldest region of Free Realms with its snowy weather.


  • Mayor Crystalline
  • The Snowhill Stage
  • The Penguin Pet Place
  • Penguin Playground
  • The Crystal Barrier
Snowhill is big town in the tall snowy mountains of Sacred Grove. When you go there, you might want to bundle up because it's pretty chilly. You can go skating, have snowball fights, and warm up at the Hot Springs. There is also a penguin area where you can skate around with cute little penguins. It's also home to a Dwarf Mine which is in the big mountain. When you go deeper into Snowhill, you see a big Crystal Barrier, which behind it, is Silver Hills.


Humans and Pixies are the main residents, along with a few dwarves. There are also Frostfang Snarlers and Evil Snowmen. You can also see cute little penguins and play in the snow. Mayor Crystalline, lives in the big house with the clock and there is a secret citizens club that protects Snowhill.


During December, Snowhill holds an event called Snowdays, or alias, Christmas. The giant tree in the heart of Snowhill is known as the Gifting Tree. On top is a pretty star with lights, and it literally pops out presents. The Evil Snowmen try to take the presents, but it's up to you to help the people and defeat them.

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