Silently Falling is the second novel in The Hathaway Chronicles. It takes place after everyone graduates from Franklin High, and move to Lavender Coast to attend college, but encounter a deadly force along the way.



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  • Celesta Moone (Narrator)
  • Miranda Moone (Appeared)
  • Jeff Moone (Appeared)
  • Sheldon Pierce (Appeared)
  • Eleanor Harris (Appeared)
  • Lydia Reza (Appeared)
  • Scott Aldridge (Appeared)
  • Amberly Wise (Mentioned)
  • Eddie Duell (Mentioned)
  • Seana Kane (Mentioned)
  • Andrew Pierce (Mentioned)
  • Laura Reza (Indirectly Mentioned)
  • Samuel Reza (Indirectly Mentioned)

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Silently Falling (First draft)

--> Notice <---

This is the FIRST DRAFT of Silently Falling, everything that occurs in this draft is NOT canon to the series. - L.M. Meadows

Prologue: A Hidden Key (Sheldon) August 15, 2013 (E)

I stood there, glaring at the racks of food before me, then at the long list of things Amberly and Cel had instructed me to get, Lydia just wanted her lettuce, she was hell bent on having a salad every waking moment, she may soon turn into one. I grabbed the first head of lettuce I saw and threw it into the cart, then got my oreos, Amberly's sodium free crackers, health freaks much? Ever since I left, my father had been ringing my phone off the hook, he was outraged that I left to go to college, and to be with Cel, he insisted on becoming the second in command of the pack, I had turned my back on it just as I left Seaside, disappearing into the clouds. I was to become the alpha when my father died, I had no other siblings, so the burden fell on my shoulders. He always told me I was making a mistake, and I would regret it down the road, I didn't want to be responsible for a whole pack, being looked up to, I wasn't exactly what you would call responsible or a natural born leader. I saw a girl with short red hair eyeing me with curiosity, her short small frame, she looked so familiar, my mind tried to bring up this memory, but it was hazy and blurry, like I was forced to forget. "Hello Sheldon." she murmured, walking up to me. "Do I know you?" I asked, "Yes, but you just don't remember." she smirked. She circled around me, gazing at my confused expression. "Memento." she whispered, then my vision flashed, reliving the night before I boarded the plane, the last time I had seen Scott, he was packing things up for his flight the day after ours, then after that, came flashing back. The girl, now I remembered as Hazel, a crazy ass witch who was sent by some woman, to collect witches, and to turn them into vampires for some reason, what was so special? You get turned into a vampire, a witch would lose their powers right? Getting pinned to a wall, having a curse placed over our minds to do whatever she said, the blacking out and waking up on the floor of his house. "Now you know, I expect a report later this evening." she purred, then walked down the aisle and outside the swinging glass doors. "Dude, we need to get going, it's fixing to storm like hell." Eddie frowned, and threw some other items into the cart. "You okay?" Eddie asked, I just stared straight ahead, stunned at what could happen, Scott was coming, under a spell, Lydia was in danger, and I had no way of stopping it. "Let's get going." I muttered, pushing the cart along, just as I thought that horrifying scenario, my mind went blank, the curse had taken effect.  

Chapter 1: Make it Rain (Eddie) August 15th 7:30 P.M.

The rental car wouldn't budge, the front tires were hidden, which was completely buried in the thick mud. "Dude, I swear all this karma is coming from somewhere, and of course you just had to "forget" your phone at the freaking hotel!" Sheldon yelled. "It is pouring and we are stuck on a road in the middle of nowhere okay, you're the one who said we should go to a store that wasn't so expensive!" I yelled back. The rain kept pouring, and the wind was howling in every direction imaginable, arguing with Sheldon wasn't really solving anything "We've been stuck out here for two hours, and your phone is dead too, so it is just like you forgot it as well." I remarked. "What are we going to do huh? No one has drove through this road, and it is getting dark, so we might as well be staying out here for the night." said Sheldon. "Well, how about you wolf up, we can tie all the groceries to your fur, and you get back to the hotel." I added. "Well for one, do I look fluffy to you? And second, I could turn and run back, but I have no idea where the fuck we are!" he hollered, then I dug into the backseat of the sinking car and threw a map at him. "Now wolf up, and go get one of them to come get us out of this mud." Sheldon dashed behind a tree, and a moment later, a wolf howled in the night, and ran towards the town, hopefully he would be back soon, it was getting pretty late, and I sat on the hood of the car, rain poured all around me, a deep chill deepening all over, that dog better hurry up.

Chapter 2: Congrats? (Elle)  8:00 P.M.

Rain poured against the dark window, I was walking back and forth in the small hotel kitchen, glancing at the clock every now and then, and of course Amberly was still passed out. Lydia and Cel had just went to bed, and the boys were still out, getting all the supplies and foods they needed. The clock read 8:00 P.M., everyone was exhausted from the plane ride, they just passed out. They should be back now... I thought to myself over and over. Lydia, half awake, came into the kitchen and poured some coffee into a cup. "So any word from Sheldon or Eddie?" she asked. I glared at the clock again, "No, they've been gone for five hours, it shouldn't take then that long to get food." I said angrily. Lydia began to laugh, and set her cup down, "Too bad we can't call Eddie, he left his phone here, so he is in for a big surprise when he gets back." "He is an idiot for leaving his phone, and him and Amberly both are in for a joy ride." I frowned. Lydia finished drinking her coffee, "Maybe they are out having guy time, I wouldn't blame them, they've been around us for days." Lydia suggested, then went back to bed. I leaned against the window muttering again they should be here by now though, my mind wandering of what could possibly go wrong next, who knows, I might eat someone next. Quietly closing the hotel door, I slipped into the hallway, checking to be sure no one was in sight, then I sped quickly down the staircase and out into the humid rainy night. With lighting speed, I ran, listening to conversations, trying to find a trace of Sheldon or Eddie but to no avail. I quickly made a turn for the woods, my gut telling me that I might find something. I stopped, I instantly saw something coming towards me in clearing in the middle of the deep woods. I stared at it, trying to make it out, finally I saw a faint line of an animal, but I couldn't quite tell what it was. It came closer and closer, a buzz ran through my head, telling me to defend myself against this thing. It's a wolf, I finally realized, and thinking it could be him! "Sheldon?" I asked the approaching wolf. His muzzle sniffing the air around him, he sat on his hind legs, and nodded his large furry head. "Where is Eddie and the rental car?" I asked, he began to whine, then quickly got up, and motioned for me to follow him. Quickly, we sped off, he could run just as fast as I could, which was a blessing because we reached Eddie, and a sinking car within five minutes. "Thank God, you guys made it!" Eddie rejoiced, and he slid off the hood of the car. "Um, what the hell happened?" I asked. "Mud happened." Eddie spat, kicking the mud with so much force, and he slid right into it, I couldn't help but bust out into laughter, Eddie's face turning red with embarrassment. With all my strength I had, I pulled the car half out, and Sheldon finally back to human form, we pulled the entire car out, and dragged it to the least muddy part of the road. "Well, maybe we can finally get back." said Sheldon. "Yeah, I would like to see my girlfriend, I haven't seen her in awhile." Eddie added. The test that Cel, Lydia, and I gave Amberly instantly popped into my head, without thinking, I said, "Yeah, well you two are going to be more then what you guys are, you're going to be a Daddy!" Eddie's eyes opened so wide they looked like they were going to pop out, then I muttered shit, then ran off into the woods, cursing myself out in my stupid head.

Chapter 3: Know Now or Never (Amberly)   (e)

I remember coming in and out of consciousness, one minute I see a dark room, a hotel I believe, then fog and woods everywhere, I was walking into the dark, and didn't come out. It replayed every time I passed out again. Finally, my eyes burst open, and everything was what it should be. Lydia was in the other bed, dozing off, and Cel must of been in the other room. It was still dark, but I quickly got up and walked towards the small living room in the hotel room. I turned on the television, the news report saying severe thunderstorm warnings were in effect till tomorrow evening. I sighed, then heard a bang against the door, I looked through the looking hole in the door, Elle, Sheldon and Eddie were waiting outside, mud was all over Eddie, did he play in the mud or something? Elle, growing impatient, she grabbed the door handle and busted it off, the door swinging open. "Oops, you could of opened the door Amberly." Elle laughed, then she threw the door knob on the table. "I'll fix that later." Sheldon replied and went into the kitchen. Eddie looked at me, as if something was wrong, even though everything is wrong, did he know?! "Hey, where were you guys?" I sputtered, "It's pretty late." "Oh, genius over here forgot his phone, the other "genius" didn't charge his, and all the groceries are spoiled. Oh, and they drove the car into a mud bath." said Elle, with a humorous tone. "Well, it sounds like you guys had a typical night." I laughed, "Oh, and I think Elle and I will go get the food this time" "You need to wash off the mud, you smell like the forest." Elle muttered, and sped to her room. After Eddie had cleared the mud off of him, I sat across the living room couch, flipping through channels. He sat down beside me, his expression turned to complete seriousness. "We need to talk about something." he told me. "You know then, and you know what is going to happen to me after it's born." I sniffled. "No, because that isn't going to happen to you, there are other options you know." said Eddie. "What do you mean "other options"? You think I am going to get rid of my baby?!" I yelped, the tears were coming now. "Amberly, I didn't mean it like that! Uh, how far along are you actually?" he asked looking puzzled. "2 months." I responded. His face turned to shock, and I looked deep into his eyes, he seemed to be holding back a deep emotion, though he looked nervous and flustered at the same time. "Whatever the hell this curse does to people in your family to turn them evil, I will not let it happen to you, you're pure and I know that you will be okay, and so will um, our kid." Eddie explained with determination. "And I will fight till the end if it comes down to it, I will be fine." a joy was growing inside me, hope was all that would save me now. We both fell asleep together in each others arms across the couch, the rain had finally stopped.

Chapter 4: No Rock Please   (Lydia) August 16, 2013 (e)

Amberly and Elle went to the store this morning to buy our groceries, the ones from last night were completely ruined, I was able to salvage the lettuce though. I didn't understand why our flight was completely booked, Scott had to catch the next flight out, I wonder what it was like to experience college twice, much less high school, I would shoot myself. The car skidded to a halt, I nearly got thrown through the windshield. "These breaks suck ass!" said Cel. I glared at her, and quickly got out of the car, the airport wasn't as grand as the one in Seaside, but still a fair size. Cel and I walked up to the entry, and waited in the lobby, I glanced at the escalators, there was a steady stream of people, but I didn't see Scott yet. We waited and waited, "Lydia maybe his flight isn't even here yet." suggested Cel. "His plane landed, I checked it on the monitors." I replied. Another flow of people came down the escalator this time, and Scott was among them. I jumped out of my seat and stood with the awaiting crowd coming to pick up their friends or family. "Scott!" I yelled, waving my arms up in the air. He quickly noticed me, and made his way towards me. "Hey, I think I am a bit jet lagged still." said Scott, I pulled him into a hug. "Okay lovebirds get in the car, I don't want to be stuck in traffic." Cel remarked. Cel popped open the trunk, and Scott set his luggage in. "Nice car." Scott said to Cel, "It was nice, though the breaks sound like screeching chickens and it backfires, it's glory days are sadly over now." she sighed, and we got in the front seats. "Aren't the mountains beautiful?" I asked Scott, "You should see the ones in the Himalayas, they are ten times taller than these, there is always snow on them no matter what time of year." he replied, "Maybe for my summer break we could go see them." I grinned. "I could show you how to ski." he said, "I would fall flat on my face." I muttered, "I'll never let you fall, I'll tumble down to catch you." he chuckled. "You two are so fucking corny, it's making me want to throw up..." Cel muttered, turning up the radio. "Def Leppard? Really?" I frowned. "I love Rock of Ages, you know that!" said Cel as she started singing to it. Scott exclaimed, "That's my favorite song!" Cel replied, smiling, and turned it up louder. "God..." I sighed, and covered my ears, and slid down to my seat. Cel started doing a air guitar with one of her hands, Scott pretended to play the drums. "What are you two, five?!" I shouted over the radio.

Chapter 5: The Hidden Devil (Cel)


"Where is Sheldon at?" I asked Amberly as we made our way down the hallway to the extra room. "I don't know, I think he left awhile ago, he said he was going to the store for Twizzlers." she replied. "Okay?" I thought to myself. As we opened the bedroom door, what we saw was horrible. The window was wide open, Ella and Scott were gone, and Elle was on the ground, her neck had been snapped. "Oh, my God! This always happens to her." Amberly cried. I glanced around the room for any sign of struggle, I found none but an abandoned suitcase and an open window. "Elle must of seen Scott trying to take Lydia." I panicked. Amberly dropped down to where Elle laid on the ground, her head at an odd angle, Amberly quickly set her head back in the right place. "We need to find them quick, we need to do a location spell." I said angrily. "How dare that son of a bitch take my best friend, he won't live, I already have a hidden stake..." I thought to myself. Amberly looked up, "It won't work, since, well since he is a vampire, so location spell's don't work on vampires, you should know that." she said without emotion, "Even if she is a witch, if a vampire is with her, it won't work, it's like she's cloaked." I snarled in fury, and marched to the living room, and I slapped Eddie across the face, yelling at him to wake up, how could he sleep through that scream! He jumped up quickly, "What the hell Cel!" he growled. "We got a problem, a psychopath kidnapped Lydia, and we need Sheldon to help sniff them out." I said quickly. Then the door opened and Sheldon walked in, chewing on a Twizzlers, "What happened?" he asked, reading all of our stricken expressions. "We'll tell you in the car." Eddie muttered, Amberly and him told him what happened. Immediately I darted to my room, opened my drawer and grabbed my stake, and we all stalked outside towards the car. We all piled in, and I pressed on the gas pedal, the tires screeched, the car backfired, and we were going way over the speed limit, "I think I got her scent." Sheldon said, sticking his head out the window slightly.

Chapter 6: Fight or Die Trying (Ophelia) (e)

It came back in flashes, one minute we were talking about college, what courses we were wanting to take, then he just stopped unpacking, and just stared blankly ahead. TBA

It came back in flashes, Scott and I were talking about college, then Elle had came in, . "No!" she yelled, and she kicked him into the nearby wall in a flash, and she grabbed my hand, and sped me behind her. She snarled at him, he got up in a blur, and Elle lunged at him. He sped at her, and grabbed her by her neck and snapped it. I ran towards the door, then he lunged at me, he grabbed me, I hissed and nipped at his hand, causing him to bleed, some of it went into my mouth, it was revolting. I blasted him off of me with a wave of my hand, then I darted towards the door, and screamed as loud as I could but then he grabbed me again, harder then before then everything went black. I quickly sat up, and I glanced at my surroundings, I was in a hotel room?! I got up, and went into the little living room inside it, the TV was on. No one was there, it seemed like. I stalked out of the room, turning my head in search of him, he stood there, staring out the window, then he turned to look at me.

"Why did you snap Elle's neck, she didn't do shit to you! Why are you doing this!" I snarled. Scott just stared at me, is he deaf? "What the hell happened to you?" I cried. "Became what I used to be, someone you don't know very well." he snarled. My mind was screaming at me to run, he stalked towards me, grinning. I gulped, and backed up towards the door as he closed in on me. My hand touched the door nob, our eyes locked, just as he sprang at me, I waved my hand at him, forcing him to crash into the wall, and bolted out the door. I ran down the hallway, and I almost got to the elevator, but he was already there standing in front of it. "You can't run from me." he hissed, I felt like I was in a sick twisted twilight movie, "Watch me." I snarled, and I blasted him 20 feet down the hall, I didn't care who was watching. I stalked towards him, what had gotten into him?! He wasn't himself, he would never do this, inside my head was screaming at me to run away. I stopped in front of a window, the sun was blazing through it, I felt blinded, scorched, like my body was wanting to burn, though it didn't, it was irritating, and weird. Scott looked at me, his whole expression changed, I was beginning to think he was bipolar. "Oh my God." he exclaimed, he sped to me in a flash, I froze in fear. He grabbed me by the shoulders, his eyes on my neck, "No, no, no! What have I fucking done!" he hollered, letting go of me and staring into my fearful eyes.. But he was never this crazy, something was way wrong, his personality, it seemed, somewhat altered, like he was under some kind of trance."I don't know how long I can be in control, you need to run." he said, "That bitch has made me fucking crazy!" he shouted, to himself it seemed like, I just stood there, "Scott...?" "Run." he told me, "Why!" I shouted back. "Lydia run!" he snarled, his eyes blackening, and snapped at me with his extending teeth. I ran to the elevators, though when I ran, I felt like I was flying, I was in front of the elevators in seconds, I saw Scott stalking towards me. I focused on a spell that I knew, I put my hand out in front of me, opened my eyes, then twisted my hand, motioning Scott's neck to snap, he fell, and I ran out of the hotel like a bat out of hell. I reached for my phone, that was thankfully, still in my jean pocket. I saw a Little Ceaser's in the distance, and a bench that was in front of it. I dialed Cel's number, and sat on the bench. I felt dizzy, and most of all, the sun was making me want to melt.

Chapter 7: Finding Ophelia (Elle) (e)

I woke up, breathing in a deep breath, that asshole broke my neck! I was in the spare room, I quickly sensed everyone was gone. I jumped out the open window, I could hear the sound of the shitty car driving down the road, I sped at it in full speed. The car stopped at a stop sign, I saw no other cars, so I ran beside the car, everyone inside it staring at me like I was a ghost. I opened the door, "You forgot me you guys." I remarked, "Sorry..." Ambelyr muttered. We searched for hours, the afternoon dragged on, I swear we went down every street, Sheldon said Lydia's scent was masked, he couldn't get a good read on it. That frustrated Celesta to the point where she ignored everyone, keeping her eyes glued to every corner we drove by. We went into buildings and searched, but found nothing. Suddenly, Cel's phone buzzed, "It's Lydia!" she said, and answered the phone, "Where the hell are you, tell me what happened, did you escape? Are you hurt?" Amberly, Eddie, Sheldon, and I looked at Cel, waiting for a response, "I'm outside Little Ceaser's on Drysdale Ave." I heard Lydia say, she seemed out of breath. "Okay we're on our way!" said Cel and pressed end on her cell phone. The car picked up on speed, and we made it there, I saw Lydia sitting on the bench outside, she looked pale, I bet she was pretty freaked out. "What happened Lydia, are you okay?" asked Amberly. "He took me to some hotel, and I fried his brain, then ran out the door to the elevator, but he was already there, then I broke his neck with a spell you taught me." Lydia motioned towards Cel, "I'm glad I got out of there, I was scared as hell!" I glanced at Cel. Cel added "Thankfully you escaped though, who knows what he would of done." "Yeah." Lydia said, she looked a bit dazed, then got into the backseat of the car, then passed out. Sheldon, Eddie, and Amberly went inside to get us a pizza for dinner. "Cel, I need to tell you something." I muttered, Cel looked up at me, "What is it?" she asked. "When I saw Scott and Lydia in the room, he was force feeding her his blood before he turned and snapped my neck." I whispered. "What?" she hissed, then glanced at Lydia, her face turning worried.

Chapter 8: Let the Battle Begin (Amberly)  August 17, 2013

"You sure you're okay?" I asked Lydia skeptically. She tilted her head back on the back of the armchair. "I told you guys, I am fine.." Lydia muttered, she dozed off in the chair. "Lydia?" Eddie asked, he was responded with snoring. "Let her sleep, she needs it." I chuckled, she looked exhausted, I would be too. Eddie and I walked out into the kitchen. "So, what are we going to do about Scott?" asked Eddie. "I think Cel and Elle already have a master plan in the making" I suggested as Cel and Elle were headed for the door. "Hey guys, going somewhere?" I asked with a grin. "Um, we are going to go get some ice cream...?" said Cel, I could sense the lie in her tone. "Yeah... ice cream." said a puzzled Elle. Eddie laughed. "Be careful, both of you." I said. "Don't worry about us, we will be just fine, I know how to take him down." Cel reassured me. "I'll walk you guys out." I said, we all walked out into the hall and piled up in the elevator. We walked out of the back door to the backside of the building. "I can try to sense where he is, and..." Elle closed her eyes, and she breathed in deep, "Um, guys?" Cel and I looked at her, something made me jump, I felt a cold feeling crawl up my back, "He's here." I breathed, the sun just started to set. I walked closer to Cel, "I can sense him." Elle snarled, she crouched into a defense position. "Well when is he going to come and try to attack?" Cel asked, it was almost a loud whisper. "He knows we are here, I think he is trying to know how to get in the hotel without having to go through us, I'm not sure, but he is close, really, really close..." Elle closed her eyes and concentrated. "We can use our powers to weaken him, then stake him." Cel said, "I can channel your power, then together we are stronger." I added, Cel nodded and grinned with me. "Where's that stake?" asked Elle, "Right here." Cel replied, and whipped out a very sharp stake, "Is whittling stakes a hobby? That thing is as sharp as a Goddamn needle!" Elle exclaimed, then she grabbed it and she stared at the parking lot. "Fuck..." I whispered. Elle zoomed about 100 feet from us in a blur of motion, she stood there, the stake in her hand, she held it with a death grip. "Show yourself, coward!" Elle snarled into the darkness.

Chapter 9: The Blood Runs Cold (Eddie) 

About a minute after Amberly, Cel, and Elle walked out the door, I went to go check on Lydia. She wasn't in the chair anymore, she was standing beside the window, staring out of it, like she was daydreaming. "Hey Lydia, how are you holding up, do you feel okay?" I asked her. She turned around, and walked towards her dresser, and opened it. "I don't think I am okay, something is off." she muttered, and she sat back down in the chair. "Aren't you like a doctor or something? "Mr. Healer" make sure my vitals are normal, maybe I just caught a bug or something." she smiled, like she always would. "Well, you look normal, but yeah I guess I can tell you feel different, you look a little clammy, and let me check your pulse, let me see if that's normal." I said, and she held out her wrist, and I checked her pulse. I moved my thumb to check for one, I didn't feel one. "Um Lydia, oh my God, um, I don't feel a pulse." I almost panicked. Lydia rolled her eyes, "You can't read my pulse on that wrist, I forgot, here try my other one." she handed me her left wrist. I felt one, but it was really unsteady, it went fast, then really slow, like it was spazzing. She looked a little dazed, "Where is everyone?" she asked. "They went to go find Scott, and well deal with him." I added quickly, "But they will be okay, and Amberly is here, she just walked them outside to see them off, which Amberly should be coming back inside any second now anyway." I could tell Lydia didn't like this situation, she hated being saved, but she was in no condition to help Elle and Cel. Did Lydia even know that they were planning on trying to kill Scott? "Killing him won't do anything." she muttered. I guess she did know then. She held her hands in her head, then she jerked up suddenly, her eyes widening, "He's here." she said, standing up and heading to the window. "How do you know?" I gawked, "It's like I can feel him, and if you look out the window, you would see that him and Elle are fighting..." she remarked, "Let's go then!" I shouted, and pulled her out the door.

Chapter 10: The Dance of Death (Cel) 

She kicked him with so much force he sailed halfway across the parking lot. He got up and hit her, she hit him back, it was like they were dancing, except the intention was one would lose, and I knew who was losing, Scott was a lot stronger then Elle. I grabbed Amberly's hand, and we aimed all our energy towards Scott, and he dropped like a fly, he began to moan, and Elle got out her stake, and stabbed him, Amberly and I stopped making his brain cells pop. Then he grabbed her, "You missed." and snapped her neck like a twig. My eyes opened in alarm as Elle fell to the ground lifeless, he hissed at Amberly and I. Before we could even flinch, he was in front of Amberly. He grabbed her then flung her to the ground roughly, she cried out in pain. This was not him, someone had completely changed him, maybe he opened up a dark side he was trying to avoid, I didn't know, but I did know one thing, that mother fucker was going to get staked, tonight, by me. He turned towards me, I backed up, then tripped over my own feet. I fell flat on my ass, and a vampire was prowling towards me, just great. Then he turned his head toward the building, then back at me, he didn't have that crazy look in his eyes anymore, like he snapped out of something. "I'm going to hell." he spat out, to himself, Lydia was right, he has gone insane. Lydia and Eddie came running out of the side door, that said "DO NOT ENTER", Lydia ran in front of me, a look of pure fury on her face, and Eddie beside her, both of them standing in front of me in defense positions. "Lydia, we need to talk..." he pleaded, Lydia looked even more pissed, if that was even possible. "About what? Kidnapping me, snapping my friend's neck?" she looked over to Elle's lifeless body, "Twice..." she hissed, "No thanks." then she launched herself at him, she moved like a lightening bolt, the fuck?! She was insane to take on a vampire, a witch's strength was still a human's, she didn't stand a chance, he pinned her down in a blur, though not as rough as he did with Elle. What the hell did that bastard want, tea and fucking crumpets?! Eddie rushed over to Amberly, I kept my eyes locked on Lydia and Scott, the two of them looked into each others eyes for a few seconds, Lydia glaring, Scott gazing. He looked like he was holding back a lot of emotion, he touched her arm, their eyes locked, Lydia flinched slightly. About 10 seconds later, all of us staring at them, like seriously, were they having a staring contest? He let go of her arm, "Now you know why." he said, his tone pained. Lydia just laid there, seeming stunned as she stared at him. Then he sped off, all of us kept our eyes on Lydia, what the hell just happened? I pulled Lydia up to her feet, Amberly moaned when Eddie tried to help her up. "I want to stake him." she groaned, wincing when Eddie touched her shoulder. "Get in line..." I muttered. Eddie put his hand over her shoulder, the blue glow seeped into her arm, dulling the pain. Lydia and I went over towards Elle, "She always gets her neck snapped." I sighed. Lydia and I lifted her up the best we could, and toted her into the back door, making sure no one was watching us, Lydia looked at the cameras, and made them turn off, as we ran quickly past them. We set Elle on the bed, and we settled on the bed beside her. "Cel, I think you guys should know something-" Lydia stopped dead in her sentence, "Know what?" I asked, but Lydia didn't respond, she suddenly swayed to the side, and fell to the floor with a hard thump. "Lydia!" I exclaimed, lunging over the side of the bed to where she fell, she was out cold. Elle jumped up, taking in a sharp breath, "Jesus fuck." she groaned, rubbing her neck, her eyes darted to Lydia and I, "Oh my god.", "What did he to to her Elle!" I cried, holding her in my arms, she felt cold. She slid off the bed and crouched beside me, she looked at Lydia, examining her pale face, "Her heart beat is erratic, she passed out, when Scott took her, he-" she paused, and looked at me. "He didn't..." I choked, Elle's face twisted in pain, "She's in transition."

Chapter 12: Death Becomes Her  (Lydia)

I woke up, I felt so disoriented that I wanted to pass out again. The only people who were in the room were Eddie and Elle. "What happened, is Amberly okay?" I asked Eddie. "She's fine but, I don't think you're fine, you're as pale as a corpse." Eddie replied. Eddie and Elle looked concerned, I laid my head back down on the pillow. I already knew I was in transition, Scott showed me flashes of what happened after he snapped my neck, he grabbed me to hard, him freaking out, to the supposed spell on him, who the hell did that? And who the hell snaps their girlfriends neck, I felt tears of anguish wanting to pool out of my eyes. I laid my head back down on the pillow and stared at the ceiling. "Look, um Lydia when Scott took you, I think he may of, well... Turned you." said Elle, "I know he did." I said, staring at the ceiling. "Elle, I don't know what I should do, maybe I should just, die." I could feel the light start to fade away from me, very slowly, and my throat felt like lava was being poured down it. "Lydia, look at me, I'm not a monster, I can help you adjust, everything will be okay." reasoned Elle, and she held on to my hand and gave it a light squeeze. "But I don't want to hurt anybody Elle, don't you get that?" I replied. I was getting so dizzy now, I know I was about to fall out again. I looked around the room, and I stared at the window, wishing everything would just go back to normal, that this wasn't happening to me, why did it have to be me? "Elle come with me, we'll be right back." Eddie said, Elle looked confused, but followed him out into the hall, the door closing with a click. I silently slid off the bed, and walked over towards the window, drawing the curtains open. I knew things would be different, my life came to a screeching halt, I didn't want to live this way, to be forced to live off of blood, and live forever? Who wanted that, besides twilight worshipers. I heard Eddie and Elle talking in the hallway, about what would happen, "Cel is devastated that this happened, she thinks Lydia won't be herself anymore, that she might go off the rails, and she can't do anything to help her, because she has no idea what its like being-" Eddie paused, "Like me." Elle muttered, finishing his sentence. I slid the window open, we were on the second floor, I threw my leg over the windowsill, glancing at the door, they still talked, but I couldn't hear them clearly. My senses were muddled, weakening slowly. I dropped from the window, landing on the balls of my feet, it felt like I just slid off a bed, not 12 feet. I looked at the dark parking lot, more cars parked as the vacancy went to full, as it usually did on weekends. I ran towards the woods, the trees flashing by in blurs, I stopped in a little clearing, I dropped to the ground, now exhausted, however fast I was going, wasn't what you would call human. My gums hurt like a bitch, I knew what wanted to pop out. Thinking of life and death, I didn't want to live like this, when I died, I should have stayed dead. It's like the universe wanted me to become a bloodthirsty demon. I got back to my feet, and stumbled around, I fell against a tree, and held onto it for support. I felt my heart rate pickup, my forehead felt sweaty, like my body was heating up, I breathed in heavy, maybe death would come quick. My head went blank, and I fell, though someone caught me. I glanced up and saw Scott's horrified expression, seeing him was like a punch to my gut, anger surged through me, but I was to weak to even move. He lowered me to the ground, and sat, and held me against him. "Lydia? Lydia can you hear me?!" he shouted in anguish. My vision focused on his face, his face in complete despair, his eyes watery, this was the second time I ever saw him cry, it broke me. I brought my arm up slowly, intertwining my arm with his, tears dripped down my cheeks. "I can't live like this anymore, please make it end." I whimpered, my head was pounding, sharp pains twisted through my body, causing me to flinch involuntarily. "It hurts so bad." I cried out, I felt Scott's body shudder against mine, he wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me up till I was eye level with him. "I'm not letting you die in agony, you're going to survive this, do you hear me?" he choked out. "You turned me into this." I whispered, taking in a sharp intake of breath, I felt my heart stop for just a split second, the hard thumping of it beginning to slow. My sight glazed over, coldness began to spread through me, the burning pain began to cease, if this was death, dying in the arms of one of the people I loved most seemed the best way to go. "You're not dying today." I heard, just as I felt myself being lifted from the ground, then nothing.

Chapter 13: Too Late to Apologize (Scott)  11:30 P.M.  

I carried her out of the woods, she went completely still, I had only moments to get blood down her throat. Hazel's hold over me, completely vanished, the grief of losing Lydia, blocked it, the spell useless and non-existent. Right after I left the warehouse, I heard Lydia stumbling through the woods. I looked down, staring at her closed eyes, her body burning up, sweat broke across her forehead. I sped back to her hotel, I saw her bedroom window opened, I heard two voices coming from above. "She just ran off, Elle is out searching, Cel is losing her mind, I can't see her, no visions, it's frustrating the hell out of me!" Amberly cried, "Where the hell is Sheldon, he should be helping her!". My ears picked up on foot steps coming at us from the north, fast, I bent my knees, and leaped towards the open window in a flash, before I even got mid way to the window, something knocked into me midair, tackling me to the ground. Lydia flew out of my arms and fell to the ground with a hard thud. I sped to my feet in a flash, a snarl ripping out of my throat, Elle hissed back, her fangs out snarling. "Asshole." she hissed, and pounced at me, I ducked under her lunge, and pinned her down just as she sailed over me. Elle struggled underneath my arms, I pinned my leg on hers to keep her from squirming to get loose from my death grip. "Enough!" I snarled at her, "You killed my best friend!" she screeched, then got one of her arms loose, and snapped mine backwards, and threw me off of her, I landed on my feet, "Fucking stop!" I shouted, "No." she spat, I ignored her and sped to Lydia in a flash. "If I don't get blood down her throat in the next second, she is going to die!" I thundered, I dropped to the ground beside her and lifted her head onto my lap. I saw Eddie approach us, he had a knife in his hands. "Here." he muttered, "No, let me do it." I heard Cel hiss, she grabbed the knife and slit her palm open. Elle flinched, I wasn't even fazed, Cel dropped to her knees, tears in her eyes, she put her hand over Lydia's mouth, her blood oozed into her throat. Lydia didn't even move, her body had become stiff, one of her fingers twitched, her eyes opened has she breathed in deep. "You're okay!" Cel cried, Lydia glanced up at her, Cel pulled her hand away, Eddie handed her a towel, she wrapped her hand up. "What the hell happened...?" Lydia choked out, she slid out of my arms, not even noticing I was behind her. She stumbled up to her feet, Elle tensed, not knowing what Lydia would do, I sat on the ground and looked at her, I had no words in which to say, I was soaring with happiness as she was alive, but it was my fault, she was a vampire because of me. "Why are you guys looking at me like that..." she muttered. "Do you remember what happened to you?" Elle said quietly, "Everything is so fuzzy, why am I outside?" Lydia questioned, she froze, then slowly lifted her hand to her mouth, and wiped some of the blood from her lip onto her finger. She choked back in horror, and slowly turned, her eyes fully focused on my frozen form, I slowly stood up, my eyes watering up, no words would come to my mouth, I was horrified and wanted to throw myself into the sun and burn. She glared at me, her eyes widening up in fear. I reached out to her slowly, she flinched, "Don't touch me!" she cried, backing up. "Take Cel and Amberly inside now." Elle hissed at Eddie, not even looking away from me, Lydia just stood there frozen, beside Elle. Lydia wiped the rest of the blood from her lips, looking at her blood smeared hand with disgust. Eddie yanked Cel and Amberly into the hotel, Cel protesting as Eddie forced her to go inside with him and Amberly. "I need to talk to you, I will tell you everything, I-", I couldn't even finish my sentence, I was pathetic. Elle hissed again, her teeth lengthening underneath her closed mouth, her eyes blackening slowly. Lydia looked at Elle's face shuddering. "Why did you do this to me?" Lydia choked, she dropped to the ground, groaning. "The transition is almost over." Elle said in a restricted tone, her eyes blackened completely, "And you." she spat at me, "You're going to die." she snarled, her canines fully extended. She jumped at me, and landed a punch towards my face, I swung out of the way then flung her to the ground. She shot back up and slapped me across the face, then pushed me to the ground, pinning me. "I don't know what the fuck has happened to you, but I will make you regret it." Elle snarled. "If you would let me explain-" I hissed, "Fuck you." Elle snapped. I flipped us over, pinning her to the cement, I turned my head to see Lydia on the ground, clutching her head, I could of swore I saw her pupils turning completely black.

"Stop!" Lydia screeched, my head snapped up to her approaching direction, Elle slipped her arm from my grasp, I turned back to her, then grabbed her neck and snapped it. "No-" Lydia fell beside Elle, she groaned, then bent her head down. "Lydia..." I whispered, her head shot up, her green eyes completely black, the whites also, "What did you do to me." she gulped, "Did you kill me..." she said, closing her eyes. She opened then again, her light green eyes welling up with tears, she reached her hand into her mouth, her eyes tensed in pain, her two eye teeth lengthened into two sharp fangs. I watched in horror, her eyes darkened to pure blackness again, she got onto both of her feet, glaring at me with resentment and betrayal. "That memory you showed me, you're under some witchy mind control, and you unintentionally snap my neck, and turned me into a monster!" she screeched. She gripped the sides of her head, and sobbed uncontrollably. I walked towards her, she backed up, and sped into the woods, fleeing. I ran after her, catching up in seconds, I pulled her into my arms, she sobbed into my chest, I wrapped my arms around her, tears slid down my face. "I can't do this, I just can't." she cried, looking up into my watery eyes. "I would do anything to take what I've done, you have no idea, the pain I feel because of what I've done, it's unforgivable, and I am powerless to do anything about it." she stared at me, completely frozen. "Out of everything we've been through, I would of never thought it would be you to end my life, to take it from me, you've completely broken me." she cried, and ripped away from me, she wrapped her arms around herself. "Lydia." I choked, despair washed over me, she completely crumbled, and it was my fault. "I'm feeling things I don't want to feel, I am thinking things I don't want to think." she said frantically. "I want to drive a stake through your chest, I want you to kiss me and make me forget everything, I-" she paused, clenching her teeth. ".......", I stood there, a newborn vampire's emotions were very uncontrollable, Lydia always surprised me, always unpredictable. "You've made me murderous!" she exclaimed, laughing, and kept laughing. "Your emotions are heightened..." I murmured. "I can't stop laughing!" she covered her mouth to stop the fit of giggles. "Lydia look, I know-", "No, you don't know how much I want to rip your head off, you killed me!" she screeched, and lunged at me, I easily pinned her on her back, she wiggled underneath me, "Let me go!" she hissed, her teeth extending slowly each time she struggled under my grasp. "What are you going to do? Snap my neck?" she challenged. I didn't respond, just looked at her death glare. She threw me off of her, "Don't come near me, I want you to stay the hell away from me, I can't look at you with even thinking what you did, how could you!" she began to cry again, I've never seen her this messed up, my mind screamed at me to go rip my daylight ring from my finger and let the sun have me. "I am going crazy, I need to just get away, from you, I can't do this anymore!" she cried, "Please, just go." She wrapped her arms around herself again, tears not stopping. "If you follow me, I will be the one to put a stake in your chest." she stalked past me, then vanished from sight. I stood there, glaring at the ground, I heard her in the distance, Elle had met her when she came back. "You're going to be okay, that I promise you, in time, you'll be okay, I'm going to help you." Elle cried. I ran farther into the woods, I saw a rabbit running around, I hadn't fed that day, and I wasn't going to anytime soon. I deserved to suffer, I had nothing left. I found my way back to the warehouse, Hazel's eyebrows shot up in surprise, "Someone's been crying like a baby." she snickered. I stopped, and glared at her, "Go fuck yourself." I replied, and walked to my makeshift room. "Did she complete the transition? Sara's been waiting." Hazel yelled, I eyed a stake I had sharpened earlier that day, I grabbed it and stalked outside the door towards her. "Really?" she frowned. "Really." I hissed, then threw it at her, launching it right into her throat. She fell to the ground, choking as blood poured from her throat. She yanked it out and coughed as the wound healed, I glared at her as she stumbled onto her feet. "You'll learn someday." she hissed, just as she twisted her hand, making me go into oblivion.

Chapter 14: The Sin of Jealousy (Amberly)  August 18, 2013

Elle took Lydia out about an hour ago to learn how to "hunt" Elle wanted to get Lydia on hunting animals right off the bat, some how, Lydia did have some self control, Sheldon came back last night, his arm was all bloody, he said he "tripped", Cel got pissed at him, she knew he was lying, but the lovebirds made up, but Sheldon seemed off, but I had my own troubles to deal with right now. So when Sheldon walked in, and Lydia was right there, I thought she would try to attack him, Lydia did look a little uncomfortable, but Elle restrained her just in case, and led Lydia outside when we helped him and his lame story whatever. I've been having food cravings, I like oreos now, and I ate most of Sheldon's Twizzlers, he didn't seem upset like he would be, odd. "Well, I was thinking, tomorrow morning, Cel and I are taking Lydia to help her train, and train her on how to fight against a witch, and a vampire, but no harm shall be done, at least I hope not, Cel might fry Lydia's brain a few times." Elle announced. Cel just glared at her and crossed her arms, "The hell I won't, maybe I should fry your brain instead." she suggested bitterly. "Okay no one is frying anyone's brain!" I shouted, "Look, here take your bags, you two go help Lydia train." "Brain frying? Piece of cake." Lydia said, walking into the room, "I love this new hearing ability, I overheard Sheldon talking to some girl by the way." "What girl?" said Cel, she glanced at Lydia, "Are you sure? I mean who could it possibly be, we just arrived here" Lydia and I were like ".........". Elle rolled her eyes and picked up her bags, "Okay! Who gives a shit, let's get on the road, the sun went down, and that is the perfect time to travel." said Elle. I rolled my eyes, I hate drama, I was glad that I had a guy that was there for me, and we were having a child together, so it just made our relationship much more stronger as well. "Hang on a minute, I need to go talk to Sheldon" Cel muttered, and walked down the hallway. Lydia and Elle glanced at each other, and took their bags to the car.

Chapter 15: The End of a Tale (Cel)

I walked into Sheldon's room, overhearing his phone call, "Alright. I will meet up with you later, okay?" he said into the phone, "Bye Hazel." he said and hung up the phone. I walked into the room, he instantly turned around, startled. "Who's Hazel?" I asked suspiciously. "A friend, who I need to go meet, like now, oh and I won't be back till tomorrow, so don't worry." he said. "Back in till tomorrow? Having to go meet someone?" the anger in my tone was more noticeable, "When did you meet these people anyway, and at this hour? It's 12:00 at night Sheldon!" He looked pissed also, "Cel I can leave and do whatever I please okay? And if you're smart, don't follow me, got it?" he remarked. "Sheldon, why the hell are you acting like this, you've been different since we got here, and this isn't about you being an ass when someone eats your Twizzlers, this is about you acting like a whole other person, I don't even know you anymore." I remarked. He started to shake, maybe too much anger, I know he had a temper, but I knew I set it off, I took a step back, "Sheldon... Calm down, I'm sorry, alright? But you have been acting pretty shady, and I don't like it." He glared at me, "You know what I am sick of? Your constant nagging. And Hazel? She's my friend and no concern to you, this is who I am Cel, you don't like it then too freaking bad, actually, I just had enough of it." he spat. "One minute you're good and kind hearted, next, like now, you're a complete dick!" I screeched. Sheldon's eyes glowed a orange color, and his wolf teeth came out, scaring the living shit out of me, I never saw his eyes glow that color, something was off. Suddenly, I was flying through the air, then smacked against the wall, I crumpled to the floor with a thud. "What the hell!" I yelled, then Lydia was in the door way, snarling with her teeth extended. "Oh, HELL NO!" she snarled, sped towards Sheldon in a blur, then picked him up like a stuffed animal, and tossed him out the window with lightening force, shattering the window completely. Lydia turned around, her face back to normal, and gave me her hand and helped me on my feet. I ran over to the window, Lydia right behind me, Sheldon was already gone. "What the hell happened? I heard you two arguing, so I came to see what the heck was going on with you two!" said Lydia, "I saw him push you, then I wanted to kill him. Are you okay?" I looked down, nothing was bruised or broken. "You didn't have to throw him so hard, but something is wrong with him, he never acted like that, even when he is in rage mode!" Lydia rolled her eyes, "Cel he pushed you, he comes near you again I will kill him." Lydia hissed, I would help her, how could he do that to me, even if he was angry. "We need to go guys!" I heard Elle shout from the front door, Lydia dragged me out the door, we walked out the back entrance to a brand new looking car. "Where the hell did you get that?" I asked as I buckled up in the back seat. "Relax, I'm just borrowing it for a few days." she smirked. Elle turned the car on, drove out of the parking lot, Elle pressed on the gas pedal, racing down the road, "Hold on" she grinned. We pulled out into the main freeway, "So, what am I going to do about the sun..." Lydia muttered, she glanced out the window then back to Elle. "I have my old daylight ring, it will work, I know you might not want it, but, it's the only daylight ring we can get right now." Elle replied, "It's in my purse." I turned around to look at Lydia, who dug through Elle's purse. "Anything will be better then being set on fire." Lydia laughed, and slid the ring onto her right pointy finger, the band was black, with a beautifully shaped fire opal in the center, "Pretty." I cooed, "Shut up." Lydia grinned.

Chapter 16: The Lesson (Elle) August 18, 2013

We made it to the valley,the cabin I as renting for awhile, it rested deep in the forest, the road turned to gravel as I drove down it. It had two rooms, I was getting my own. We arrived late, just as soon as I had my bags in the room, I was out like a light. As soon as the sun came up, I walked into where Cel and Lydia were still sleeping, and I blew an air horn so loud, it scared the shit out of Lydia and she ended up speeding into the fucking wall. Like, seriously? Cel sat up quickly, clearly pissed and startled, then made the air horn flew out of my hand and into the wall as well. It broke in half, "What the hell Elle!" Cel hissed, and got up, Lydia fell to the floor and started seeing stars, but she shook her head and made her way to her packed suit case, I was already laughing. I tied my hair up into a pony tail, Lydia put her hair in a tight french braid, Cel settled with low pigtails and put her silver heart necklace on that her father gave to her. We wore jogging outfits, we needed to be flexible. We walked outside to the large backyard, woods surrounding it, birds chirping. I sat a bag down, it was full of recently sharpened stakes, "You shall dodge these, if I hit you, you fail." I said to Lydia, "No shit, Sherlock..." Lydia muttered "And if you kill me with them?" she remarked "Don't underestimate my aim child." I replied. I threw one so fast, it flew towards her head, and she dodged it swiftly, "Good, now let's throw ten at a time." I smirked, Lydia sighed but she did dodge them. I was impressed with her progress, she was better then me at this, I sucked when Elena tried to train me, but I learned anyway. "Now hand to hand combat, don't snap my neck, or I will hit you with a stake, and give it all you got." I said, and crouched into a defense position, she raced towards me, tackled me to the ground then got me in a head lock, "How's that?" she asked. "Good, but not good enough." I laughed, and threw her off me and into the woods. For the rest of the week, Cel and I trained Lydia to the best of our capabilities. She was very fast and graceful in her movements, she had a lot of raw strength just waiting to be trained in the right way, it amazed me on how, with just regular vamp strength, she could take me down easily, it was weird. But she lacked good fighting skills, so I could still easily take her down, though she put up a good fight. "You're not trying to your full strength Lydia." I told her frowning, "You're to soft, you're not a killer, or a fighter" Lydia groaned, "All this training is tiring, besides, I refuse to see you as an enemy, or prey or whatever it is you call other vampires." Lydia sat on the ground. "Uh don't you just call other vampires, vampires?" Cel said to Lydia, confused. "I am not thinking clearly, I just have a lot on my mind, and I can't stop thinking about... Him." Lydia sighed. "I love him, but what he did to me, I can't even imagine seeing him again, it scares me, like he used me, or he doesn't care what he did.", "Lydia, what he did is unforgivable, next time you see him, drive a stake through his fucking chest." Cel hissed, glaring at the ground. "Cel you don't know what it's like when you just become a vampire, it's really overwhelming, and your feelings, thought process, everything is enhanced, heightened, Lydia still loves Scott, but also she wants to kick his ass, we all do." Lydia looked more upset at the mention of his name, "Uh, let's do another lesson, You are good at dodging, and then maybe we can go head to head, and dodge!" I grinned, Cel looked over at me, her eyebrows raised. "I'll go get the bag of stakes." Cel sighed, and jogged back to the cabin, she came back within a few minutes. "Come on Elle, we've been here for a week, when can we go back to the hotel, I need to go shopping for my supplies." Lydia whined, I smirked, and picked up a stake and threw it at her like a dart, she quickly saw my action, and kart wheeled out of the way, but she moved in a blur, like a speeding disk.

"Okay throwing stakes at me when my focus is zoned out is wrong." she whined. "Sorry baby vampire, you need to know how to dodge even when distracted." I grinned. "You're enjoying this, aren't you Elle?" Cel exclaimed, as she sat on the log reading one of those Goddamn Harry Potter books. "Of course, training is one of the most important things a vampire should learn, especially baby ones who don't know how to fight, but you Lydia, you have potential, a lot of it, unlike me, you are a fast learner." I added. "But I really can't, you know, speed, like flat out sprint in a speed, only in little instances, like for example, when I kart wheeled." Lydia sighed, "I suck at being a vampire." I shook my head, "No, you are just very humane, your humanity has completely remained intact, it's like you never really changed, I changed, because I feel a empty void in me, there is a part of me that is rabid, though if you guys weren't there, and Elena had just been there, I would of turned into a sadistic evil bitch I'm sure." I sped at her and pinned her to the ground, "Now get some backbone, and fight." I snarled at her, my fangs extended in a threatening manner. "You're so scary." Lydia scoffed, and threw me off of her, I flew through the air, then she sped over towards me, then smacked me into a thin maple tree, causing it to almost snap in half. I jumped and pushed her to the ground, she quickly got out of my grip, then grabbed both of my arms and pinned them above my head. I couldn't move my arms, "Okay, I admit, you are an okay fighter, for a baby vampire anyway." I smirked as I felt her grip loosen, I cocked my head back in a flash, Lydia fell back, then she was pinned to the ground, "Elle, you do know you're still kind of a baby vampire too you know?" Lydia giggled, I rolled my eyes, "You are..." she grinned, then she turned over, and threw me off of her. "Okay 5 year olds, how about more dodging?" Cel grinned, already having stakes floating, she motioned her hand forward, Lydia and I dodged them quickly, Lydia sped at Cel, and pinned her down, though not as rough as she did with me. I stalked behind her, trying to sneak up on her, as I jumped at her, she turned in a flash and kicked me the other direction, while still holding Cel down, "See? I am a fighter" Lydia released Cel, Cel groaned, and rolled over. While Lydia wasn't looking, Cel pinned her down, "Bad baby vampire, don't pin down your best friend, that is wrong." she grinned, Lydia laughed, then rolled over from Cel's grip in a flash, then she stood over her. "So more dodging? Or can we finally go back to the hotel, the woods is creepy, I think the animals are wanting to take revenge on me." Lydia exclaimed. Cel and I laughed, we all went to the cabin to have lunch, "Dodging after lunch, then we can go back to the hotel, umm tomorrow." I said, "I like the woods, there is no annoying people around" I grinned. Cel rolled her eyes, and ate her sandwich.

Chapter 17: Stay Shielded (Sheldon) August 25, 2013

I made my way to the warehouse, I could sense Hazel and Scott were already there. "About time, dog." Hazel spat, Scott was sharpening a stake. I rolled my eyes, "They went to this cabin about 80 miles north of here, and Cel and I are done, I guess I have anger issues, and what we had is done, and Lydia sped at me and threw me out the window." I said. "Impressive." said Hazel, "She must be stronger then I thought. Perfect minion for me." she said. Scott stopped sharpening the stake, he snapped out of the trance Hazel put on him apparently, his eyes locked to mine, then sighed, "Pity she won't be." he sighed, then launched the stake towards her back, she turned towards him in a flash. "What--" she managed to spat out before a stake was lodged into her stomach, she stumbled backwards. "I would like to see you try to lay a hand on her." he hissed, Hazel pulled the stake out, her teeth clenched. "Never. Underestimate a hybrid." she hissed, then smacked him backwards with a wave of her hand. She vamp sped at him, and grabbed his head with her hands, and chanted the spell to make him her bitch again, I mean really? He is going to break out of it again. "Way too easy, so weak you both." she laughed, "So, now, when we strike, Scott will grab Lydia, I will take care of Elle, and subdue Cel, fail me, I shall enjoy ripping your head from your shoulders. Understand?" she barked at me, What a menacing psychotic bitch I thought. "Sure whatever you say." I spat, I could already feel her weak spell wearing off, she thought she was so strong, even Scott broke out of it several times already. She lead the way outside, "I will have Sara come with more of the hybrids, it will be all too easy to take them down, maybe Ethan can me useful this time, all he does is fucking keep the newborn hybrids in line." she said with a roll of her eyes. As we ran, I knew I had to get Cel out of there, Scott would get Lydia out of there, and we would run, and take down Hazel. I knew this, because as we ran, Scott looked at my direction every few minutes, he called me the night before and told me about his conversation with Lydia and everyone, we would get rid of Hazel for good. We stopped, we were in a huge pine forest, the trees swayed in the morning breeze. "We will wait for the right moment to strike." Hazel replied. We could hear them, Elle was teaching Lydia how to fight, that was good, hopefully she can take on one of us, before Hazel puts us under yet another weak spell, it would break, but would it be in time to stop that insane wench? I heard Cel get something out from a bag. "Okay, dodge this one Lydia." I heard Elle say, "This time, it will be coming close." I didn't hear it hit anything, then suddenly, I could see the stake floating in mid air, right in front of Lydia. Hazel must of done a witch thing to see through other's eye perspective, what could they not do?! "It's time." Hazel said, and sped towards them, leaving me and Scott staring at each other, "I will rip her head off if she even touches her." Scott snarled, though before he sped away in a blur, I grabbed him. "Wait till it is the perfect moment to strike." I cautioned, and we listened to what Hazel was saying to Lydia, Elle, and Cel.

Chapter 18: Realizing the Obvious (Lydia)

Seeing it floating in mid air, right in front of my face, should of gave me a heart-attack. I looked towards Cel, she looked just as shocked as I was, how did I still have powers?! Suddenly, I heard a whoosh come from the woods behind me, the stake dropped to the ground, and I backed away from it a few inches. Standing in front of us, was a petite girl, she was at least 2 inches shorter then me. "Congratulations Lydia, you're still a witch, but more enhanced actually, more like a superior race to vampires, and witches alike, like myself of course." said the girl. "Who the hell are you?" Elle spat, "My name is Hazel." the girl replied with a smirk, looking towards Cel, who was infuriated. Cel made the stakes float, and threw them towards Hazel, she cart-wheeled away, speeding like a disk towards Elle, and tackled her. Catching Elle by surprise, Hazel put her hands beside Elle's head, making her brain cells pop, like what I did to Scott, it can subdue a vampire for a short amount of time. I snarled in fury, "Cel run!" I screamed, I sped at Hazel and flung her away from Elle. Cel ran into the woods towards the cabin, Hazel turned towards where Cel ran to. "Hey redhead over here!" Elle hissed, Hazel turned with narrowed eyes at us. I dashed towards Hazel, tackling her to the ground, she quickly got the upper-hand, and pinned me down the the ground. Suddenly, she was pulled off of me, then I heard the sound of her neck being broken. I sat up, my eyes widening as I looked up at Scott, he was breathing in and out heavily. "Are you okay?" he asked me. I just stared at him, shocked. Then I felt my expression twist into a snarl. "Fine? Go to hell you bastard, I told you to stay the hell away from me!" I hissed. I jumped up and swung my hand to hit him, but he caught it just inches from his face. I huffed in frustration, before I even raised my other hand he grabbed it too. His grip tightened around my forearms, "Lydia-", "No! Why can't you just leave me the hell alone!" I hissed, I couldn't control my canines from lengthening, how the hell was I supposed to be around people if I just vamp out. I felt my eyes threatening to water, I clenched my teeth, no one said a god damn word. I ripped my arms from his grasp and turned away from him. I felt my body twitching involuntarily, I was shaking. "Lydia calm down..." I heard Elle caution, I snapped my heads towards her, "Don't you think I'm trying!" I cried. "We all come to Lavender Coast, all happy to be going to college, next thing I know,." I paused turning towards Scott. "I am a blood sucking demon who can't control her emotions!" I exclaimed, then I stifled out a chuckle of disbelief, then another, and then another. I turned back around towards the woods, I'm sure Cel was cowering somewhere in the cabin. "Lydia I never wanted this, I hate myself for doing this to you, I wish I can change it but I can't, that psychotic bitch put Sheldon and I under some mind control shit, which is easy to break out of, but Hazel can still do it over, I just need to get you far from here." I scoffed and turned back towards him. "Why would I run, when we can just stake her? And I am not abandoning Celesta!" I yelled. "Yeah, we just need to stick to the original plan, and kill the bitch." Elle hissed at Scott. "It's not that simple, a couple nights ago, I did attempt to stake her, then she woke up, and she put a spell on herself, that if whoever kills her, will die along with her." Scott replied. "Just fucking terrific, well Lydia, you'll be taking care of that!" Elle said with a roll of her eyes. "I don't even know the spell! And how can you help us, when we get near you, she can just reactivate the spell, how do you keep breaking it?" I remarked. "You are how I break it." he told me, then he pulled me to him and kissed me. I know I should of been still angry, but right now we all needed to stand together against these psychopaths. I feared for Cel, if anyone were to hurt her, I would go on a murder spree till Cel was avenged, these strong hateful emotions burned inside of me, I usually never got this enraged. I gripped both of his arms, and glanced up at him "This, us, we need to talk about later." I said softly, letting go of his arms. All of a sudden, this strange feeling started to dominate my thoughts, something bad. "Okay love birds, we need to go to Cel, then figure out what we are going to do with her." Elle muttered, glaring at Hazel's lifeless body. "We'll worry about her later, something is wrong." I panicked, tearing my glance from Elle to the direction of the cabin.

Chapter 19: Always the Seer (Amberly)

For most of this morning, I've been buzzing around the kitchen, looking for something to satisfy my cravings, one of the many things I was not enjoying about being pregnant, neither did I enjoy the back pain and swollen ankles. I decided to have one of those salads Lydia would make for herself, they always did look delicious. One minute I was putting a piece of lettuce in my mouth with my fork, then my whole vision changed, I saw a cabin, Scott and Sheldon were there, with this other girl, a witch, perhaps? Then I saw Lydia make the stake float with her mind, how was that possible? I saw everything that would happen in my head if I didn't come, they would all die. I dropped the bowl of salad, too stunned to even move. Then the future went blank, now that it was going to change, I was going in blind. Eddie glanced my way, "What's wrong? What did you see?" he asked, walking towards me and picked up the remains of the salad, he knew by now when I got the "visions" as he calls them. "They're all going to be in trouble, I need to go help them." I cried, my eyes glancing at the car keys, but Eddie quickly ran in front of me, blocking my path. "Amberly, no way in hell you are going to save them, they can save themselves, you're not in the best condition to go on battling vampires." he remarked. I glared at him angrily, he could tell I was pissed. Then the idea popped into my head, "You know Eddie, you're right, they can do this, I know they can, they are stronger together, what help could I possibly do? I'm just a pregnant witch who is useless as of now, I can't danger our child that way." I murmured, he seemed glad of my backing down and staying out of this fight, I leaned in to kiss him, that is all it took. As I kissed him, I was also, putting him in a few hour nap, a little spell I learned from an old family spell book. He fell, I caught him and laid him on the ground. "Sorry. But I will always protect my friends, even when my life is on the line, I will be okay. Just trust me for once." I muttered to his unconscious body. I grabbed the car keys, and ran out that door, put the car in drive, and sped down that road like a bat out of hell.

Chapter 20: Love Sucks (Cel)

I hid in the bathroom of the cabin, locking the door, and I slid into the shower, closing the curtain. I was shaking, I have never been so scared, I was getting ready to fry someone's brain, whoever walked through that door first would feel it all. I heard the door nob began to jiggle, the foot steps sounded loud, like a mans foot steps. I peeked from behind the curtain, the door knob began to turn, then it broke off, the door swung open. Sheldon walked through the door, it just ignited my fury. I threw the curtain open, and began to fry his brain, he cried out in agony, "You asshole, you expect me to trust you or even let you come near me, you were with that Hazel freak this whole time, you just wanted to help Scott and her turn Lydia for some freaking super race bullshit?" I spat, "Go to hell." He looked up at me, this didn't feel right, why was I doing this to him, what the hell is happening to all of us. He breathed heavy, stood up, and scowled at me. "I have so much to explain, one, I was under a curse, and it made me become a complete dick, that witch had me under a spell all summer, she wanted me to help her get Lydia, she doesn't know that you're a witch though, but she does now, I saw what you did with the stakes, which was pretty cool by the way, and you don't know how sorry I am, the way I treated you, if you hate me then I understand." he said. "That was a nice explanation for your behavior, but "us", with all of this going on and what you did, I don't hate you, I really don't like you right now, just help me take down these insane bitches, do you think Hazel is working alone? She had to use you and Scott." I said. I knew he cared about me, but with all of this chaos, a relationship was the last thing on my mind, and we are at ends, we argued, it was not just the spell, we were just growing apart. He sighed, and opened the door from the bathroom, the door knob rolling across the floor, "Really?" I added, he just rolled his eyes and grinned. We walked towards the main room, Elle, Lydia, and Scott were standing in the living room, Lydia looked panicked. "Can I stake him?" I asked Lydia. Elle stifled back a chuckle. "That can wait, but right now, something is way wrong about this place." Lydia choked out, and turned toward the doorway, this woman with long dark black hair and blazing green eyes was standing in the door way, "Well once you walked in, you're not coming out, and I can see you're sensing something off is a lot stronger as well, Hazel said you are quite the learner." the woman said to Lydia, I could tell she was what Lydia and Hazel were, a hybrid. Then Hazel walked up beside the woman, a smirk on her face. "Told you she wasn't alone." I remarked, a chill ran up my spine.

Chapter 21: Lights Out (Elle)

We all stood, facing each other, Hazel and the woman looked like in no hurry to attack. "Well, I didn't know you were a witch dear." said the woman, smiling to Cel. "Hazel, mind doing something for me?" "Of course Sara." Hazel smirked. All Hazel did was stare at Sheldon, sending pains to his head, too fast to where it wouldn't heal fast enough, and knocked him out. Hazel sped at me, and grabbed both of my arms, and pinned them behind me, I thrashed to try to get out of her grip, I couldn't even move. "Sheldon!" Cel cried, Lydia hissed at Sara, but she forced Lydia at the wall, she couldn't move, as if she was glued to it. "Scott? Turn her now." Sara commanded, Scott looked dazed, then his pupils turned black, he walked towards Cel slowly. She was controlling his actions with her mind, Cel looked like she went into shock, too scared to even react to the oncoming threat. "No!" I screamed and ran at Scott, but I was smacked to the wall and glued like Lydia was. She was struggling, snarling viciously, getting angrier and angrier, Hazel grinned as Lydia and I squirmed to break free. Scott sprang at Cel, sinking his teeth into her neck, her high pitch scream flooded the room. Lydia and I struggled. Lydia was putting a lot more force into getting out of it, she had the most willpower in this situation. Lydia's hands broke free, aiming her hands toward Sara, and sent a blind smacking force towards Sara, which blasted her towards the window, shattering it, Scott regained his control, Cel fell into his arms, petrified. "Cel!" Lydia choked out, and grabbed her from Scott, and laid her on the ground. "Oh my god." he he choked, and Lydia sped over towards him to calm him down. "Scott look at me! She keeps controlling you, it isn't you it's her!" Lydia said quickly, she pressed her hands to the side of his head, and muttered some spell in a language I didn't understand. "Barrier spell on a brain, mine control is absolutely useless now." Lydia hissed at Sara. Finally Lydia remembered that damn spell. Lydia and Scott snarled, both shooting death glares at Sara, Scott crouched in front of Lydia, Lydia stood in front of Cel. "He isn't the only other vampire in the room I can control." she smirked. "Lydia!" I shouted, my eyes locked with hers. Lydia sped at me, the last thing I saw, Scott and Lydia were blown to the wall, just as Lydia's hands came in contact with my neck, then darkness engulfed me.

Chapter 22: Reap What You Sow (Lydia) 

I tried and tried, I could not move at all, not like I could when I could of lost my best friend, I didn't have the rage that fueled me then. Hazel and Sara were debating what to do with Cel, with Scott being completely free of their magic juju mind control, they were powerless, till Elle would wake up, which was any minute now, but she had the strongest resistance to mind control. I looked at Scott, he was struggling to get free too. We were toast. I didn't care what would happen to me, I needed to get Cel far from here, Sheldon was still passed out. Lord knows how long he would be. Cel just laid there beside him, her eyes vacant, the wound in her neck still fresh, at least she didn't bleed anymore. "I can't believe you had the nerve to interfere with our plans, it will be hard to reign you in under my power, but with time, you will, you will be so glad you're on my side, you won't even care about these lowlife people." Sara spat, I snarled at her, extending my fangs, she smirked at me. Hazel still had her focus on us, making sure we didn't slide an inch from that wall. Scott started to become infuriated, snarls ripping out of him at Hazel, "You won't win, trust me on that Hazel, I will see you fall, and I will smile and set fire to your decaying corpse." he snarled, Hazel crossed her arms and laughed. "Or it will be reverse, I would actually like to see you in pain, real pain Scott." her eyes staring into mine, then I felt like a force leave my body, and I fell from the wall, I was free. I tried to run towards Cel, to get her out of there, but Hazel grabbed me, and shoved a stake into my ribs. A terrifying screech escaped my mouth, I struggled under her tight grasp, Scott looked upon us in absolute horror, "Lydia!" Cel screeched, she made a move to come towards me, but Sara swatted her towards the wall like a fly, she didn't move after that. Hazel yanked the stake out, then stabbed me near my heart, I screamed even louder. I heard Scott let out a feral snarl, he broke free from Sara's glue hold, then raced towards Hazel. Sara sped at him, then they began to snarl and battle, turning the furniture into a pile of rubble.

Then, a second later, every window in that cabin shattered, sending shards across the floor. Hazel and I were shot back to the wall, Hazel was on the floor, pulling a glass shard from her arm. I yanked the stake out of me, while Hazel was distracted, I shoved it into her neck, she dropped and I shoved her away from me. I ran towards Cel, she was breathing, relief flooded through me. Sara and Scott weren't paying attention where they were fighting, punching, kicking, like a tornado of destruction, everything in the cabin was beyond repair. I turned my head to where Hazel was, she hissed as she yanked the stake from her neck. She advanced towards me again, she sped to me, grabbing me by my neck, then flung me to the wall, her nails digging into my skin as she held me in a choke hold. I couldn't even breathe. The front door of the cabin burst open, it fell from the hinges, there stood Amberly, a look of pure fury, just like the storm, "Get the hell off of her!" she screeched. Hazel started screaming as Amberly made her brain cells pop rapidly.I was beyond furious, I was murderous. I snapped Hazel's neck viciously then she fell to the ground with a thud. Sara and Scott were still brawling, I ran to his aid, Amberly beat me to it, Sara was already on the ground, her neck already snapped, so was Scott's. "Amberly, he is on our side, he was helping us! He was under a spell, he was under Hazel's control!" I said to Amberly. "I saw him feed on Cel, then all of this flashed through my head, then I realized he is on our side, his neck was already snapped, a little to take in at once, we need to get Sheldon and Cel out of here, and Elle, seriously she always gets her neck snapped..." Amberly sighed. "Actually, I did that, she knew I had to so she wouldn't hurt Cel. Hazel is trying to turn her, apparently, us who are half and half can't turn people." I said, "Interesting." she replied, then walked towards Hazel, "She has a spell on her, right? Let's say I remove it, and we end this." Amberly said, she began to chant something. Elle quickly sped up, on full alert, "Damn Amberly." she muttered, looking at everyone who was passed out, or had their necks snapped. "We need to leave, now, I have a bad feeling something is going to happen, and we are all going to die." Amberly whispered, it was like she became a statue, Cel groaned in the corner, she had her eyes locked on Sheldon who was unconscious still. I wanted to murder Sara, but we needed answers to see if they were alone, to see what we were up against, but as I looked outside, in the distance, I saw figures, that slowly turned to people, then I realized, we were surrounded. I looked at Hazel's unconscious body, snarled, and then Amberly shoved the stake right through her chest and into heart, I wanted to smile as her body stiffened and her skin turned grey as her veins dried up, but that wasn't in my morals.

Chapter 23: Bad Timing (Eddie)

I swam in darkness, finding the light slowly, did I fall asleep? My eyes opened slowly, I was on the carpet in the hotel, I saw the keys were gone from the counter, that girl was sneaky, I almost laughed at myself. I got up, and grabbed my phone, rang her number, no answer. "God dammit Amberly!" I tossed the phone on the counter, looked out the window, the car was long gone, I glanced at the clock, I was out for about 2 hours. Like always, I was the one left behind, I knew I couldn't do much, I could heal, not kick ass. I checked every room, every closet, the bathrooms, everyone was gone. As I was walking out of Amberly's and Lydia's room, I heard a loud banging on the front door, I stood frozen in the hallway glaring at the door, the banging kept going. I stalked towards the door, peeked through the peep hole, I saw four adults, two male and two female, out of all people, why in the hell would Cel's and Lydia's parents be here? I opened the door, Mrs. Reza looked anxious and worried, the two fathers looked down at me like I was a seed. "Where is my daughter!" Mrs. Moone yelled, looking through the hotel, "They aren't here!" Mr. Reza yelled from the back room. "I know they are in danger Samuel, now I am seeing some cabin, about an hour and a half north of here." Mrs. Reza cried, that lady was nuts over her daughter, she ran back out the door and started the SUV they pulled up in, did they drive here? "Eddie, I need you to tell me what is going on, where are the others?" Mr. Moone asked. "Amberly told me Sheldon and Scott followed Hazel, a crazy ass vampire witch, I don't know what the hell she is, a hybrid I suppose, she wants to turn all witches into vampires to create some damn army." I said. The three adults jaws dropped, "I knew this would happen some day!" Mrs. Moone yelped, "We need to get to the girls, before it is too late, Laura had a vision, she knows where they are, we need to move out before they get hurt!" As they dragged me with them to the SUV, I looked at Mr. Reza first, because when I would say what happened to Lydia, I might literally be turned into a seed, "Yeah about that... Uhh..." I sputtered, the words would not come out of my mouth, it was horrifying to admit what happen to Lydia, her life basically stolen from her, and to tell her parents, who were hoping their daughter was okay, and alive, I couldn't say it. "Well?" Mr. Reza barked, "Nothing." I replied meekly, and they all looked away from me, out the windows, Mr. Moone at the wheel, he had a death grip on that thing, this fight was gonna get deadly. "You can't see people change species in your visions can you?" I asked Mrs. Reza, her grief stricken face turned towards mine, "No, and I'm not sure why that is, why do you ask?" she exclaimed. "No reason....".

Chapter 24: Out of the Mist (Elle)

They came in groups of 3, they walked from the trees, ever so slowly, like a march. Sara was still out, so was Scott, but he was propped up on the couch, Cel sat beside him, she looked deathly pale. Amberly and Lydia were weighing options on how to get us out of this, alive. We were out numbered, and they kept getting closer to the cabin, they were about a mile out, any normal eye wouldn't see them, but I saw specks, I could sense them easily. "Don't worry, took off the part about where we wouldn't exit the cabin, now no one can enter it, I would have to be dead for it to be broken." said Amberly, "Lydia? I need your help, and Cel's if I could channel your guy's power, maybe we could at least knock out whoever is coming towards us, I think there is 10, no 12 of them." "But what are they and who?" I spoke up, I gave my blood to Sheldon to help him heal after he woke up, I was glad vampire blood could heal a werewolf. Cel's eyes flashed open, she gasped, her breathing was low, slowing. Lydia ran over to her quickly, "Where does it hurt Cel!" Lydia cried. "Everywhere, I think I am bleeding on the inside, like something is crushed or broken, I think I'm dying." Cel gasped, breathing in uneven waves. My eyes darted to Cel, she looked greenish, "I can help, let me heal you, my blood will help." I pried, I bit my wrist and held it out to her, Lydia looked like she would throw up, for a vampire, she was still quite human. Suddenly, the thunder, rain, it all came back, the sky turned dark quickly, the wind howled. "We need to start doing a defense spell, or they are going to blow this cabin to bits!" Amberly yelled over the howling wind. After I healed Cel, her and Lydia got up and joined hands with Cel. "Close your eyes, and channel your energy to me, so I can create a strong spell." Amberly instructed, "Plus it is safer this way, we are quite strong, the 3 of us." she smirked. Lydia and Cel glared at her, "Just do the spell and fight them off." I heard Cel grumble. I saw Scott wake up, his eyes scanning the room. He was on the couch, he just woke up, then he looked at Sheldon, "You okay bud?" he chuckled, "Shut up" Sheldon groaned, Scott gave him a huge grin. He sped beside Lydia, and squeezed her shoulder "You can do this" he told her, she nodded to him, trying to conjure up a smile. Then the 3 witches closed their eyes. Then I turned towards where Sara was still laying, I saw her begin to flinch, but before she even opened her eyes, I snapped her neck again, and gazed out the window towards the witches in the distance.

Chapter 25: Just Keep On Coming (Cel)

I channeled all the power that I knew I had in me towards Amberly, our defense spell was unstoppable, as our eyes were closed, what we saw was outside, the storm, that the other 12 witches were creating, their expressions changed, then they realized who they were dealing with. The storm subsided for the time being, the witch's circle broke, and they turned toward the cabin, they looked absolutely furious. We all then opened our eyes, Lydia looked anxious, and looked out the shattered windows, they weren't witches, they were speeding towards us like, well, vampires. "Shit..." I heard Scott mutter. Elle swayed her attention from Sara to the oncoming threat, I remember I still had my stash of stakes in my bag I brought with me, but which of course, were outside where we were training earlier. Scott went over to a wooden chair, and snapped one of it's legs off, it was a sharp enough point, he tore the rest off and armed us. Lydia knew enough to defend herself against a vampire, but she didn't have the experience, I knew Scott would help her though, those two were suddenly like magnets. Elle, Lydia, Sheldon, and Scott were ready to dart out of the cabin to attack them, Sheldon's eyes glowed, then he jumped and turned into a huge wolf, it kind of startled me, I jumped, but regained my composure before anyone noticed, Elle noticed of course, I could see her laughing behind her composed face, a little grin formed at the edges of her mouth, but smoothed back into its line. Sheldon began to snarl towards the front door, one of the vampire witches were standing there, unable to enter. "Can't get in, sorry dude." Elle remarked, grinning at the enraged boy. "You killed our leader, now we must kill you!" he snarled, speeding at the door, but the invisible force just kept bouncing him back. Elle threw the stake just as he sped at the door again, it landed right in his chest, his skin and veins turned dark gray, he just fell over and was dead for good. "Next?" Elle hissed, going towards the rubble of where Scott and Sara fought, and grabbed another stake. 5 more of them then stood where the boy laid dead. Elle snarled, sped out the door, and took on one, a second later, Scott and Lydia flew out the door next, flanked by Sheldon. Elle and the blonde vampire witch clawed and hissed, though clearly Elle had more experience, despite not being as strong as the blonde. Scott took down two swiftly, he was the most experienced fighter out of all of us, he shot at them like a bullet, staked one, the other tried to get him in a head lock, but Scott had the upper hand and finished him off. Lydia on the other hand, was getting her ass kicked, the girl she was fighting, was about the same size as her, but she was very rough, while Lydia fought gracefully, very quick in her movements, she kicked the girl to the ground in a swift movement, but the girl was quick too, and tackled Lydia, trying to snap her neck to finish her off easily. Lydia turned over just in time, and grabbed the girl by the throat, both of them snarling, and Lydia crushed her windpipe, Sheldon ran over towards her, and clamped his jaws on the girl's neck, Lydia quickly moving out of the way, the girl's head rolled to the side. It almost made me vomit, how could I stand this stuff, I had to thank Amy for getting me into gore and bloody movies, and Lydia was a good fighter, though she still lacked in offense, though defense, she would whoop your ass. The 5th vampire, Amberly decided to take on, she fried his brain, and I ran up to him and shoved a stake into his chest. The blonde vampire hissed at us, he stalked closer, then Amberly began to fry his brain, then as quickly as I could, I staked him like the other one. Everyone closed in to the front door, I smiled at everyone, but it was short-lived, where was the other 6 vampires? All of our heads starting darting in different directions, Elle sped one way towards the east, Scott and Lydia to the south, Sheldon sniffed the air, and guarded the front door, all of us on high alert. Amberly turned to where Sara was, but she was already gone, "Just fucking great..." I muttered.

Chapter 26: Uncovered Secrets (Eddie)

The landscape around us started to turn into wilderness, towards the middle of nowhere, sometimes I wish they could of trained Lydia closer to the hotel. All of this waiting was killing me, if anything happened to Amberly, I wouldn't be able to live with myself, but she did make this choice on her own, and put me to sleep in the process, she was clever, that's for sure. Laura Reza kept her eyes closed, I was sure she was seeing the latest on what was happening, but she told me she was getting blocked parts, she could tell Lydia was in danger, but she didn't see the fighting, just 12 people approaching the cabin, then her visions went blank, she told us about 20 minutes ago. "Samuel, I can't see them anymore, this is worrying me." Laura sighed, her husband looked at her affectionately, "Laura we will find her, don't worry, we are almost there." Samuel said, but I could tell he was still frantic. He gave Laura's hand a light squeeze, and she managed to give him a weak smile. As we drew closer to the cabin's location, 3 people were standing in a straight line across the road, staring at us like we were food. Mr. Moone slammed on the brakes, slamming everyone forward, then back. Mr. Moone clenched his fist, stepped out of the car, flanked by his wife and Samuel. They started chanting something, Laura quickly joined them. "You think your weak spells can hurt us?" one of the 3 people spat. "Yes actually, you are an abomination on this earth." Mr. Moone roared. The four adults chanted one last word, and the 3 people began to burn, they began to hiss and scream, but then they turned to ash. Vampire witch people more like, and now I started to fear about Lydia. Then in the distance, I saw two people, a boy and a girl, finish off one vampire, maybe what these 3 people were, of course it was Lydia, and Scott. What. The. Hell. I grew infuriated within seconds, Lydia noticed me, then her parents, her eyes opened, shocked, Scott looked too. Well could this get anymore weird? And how Lydia's parents were going to flip, would they kill their own daughter? Scott and Lydia were beside me in seconds. "Eddie what are you doing here? And my parents?! What the hell is going on!" Lydia panicked, "They can't know, they will disown me for life, and maybe kill you." she said to Scott, her face turning to worry. "You son of a bitch!" I tried to punch Scott, but he grabbed my hand and threw me to the ground. "Look, I was not myself, I was under some fucking witch spell, besides, Amberly and I made up, she broke my neck so she got her revenge, I never meant harm to her. Look, we don't have time to explain this, God knows how many more damn hybrids are out here." said Scott. I crossed my arms, finally letting it go, we did not have time for this. "Lydia! My God, sweetie are you okay?" Laura cried, and ran to her daughter. She wrapped her arms around Lydia, but then her whole expression changed, she stepped back to look at her daughter. "Lydia..?" she asked, her expression was complete shock, and anger? Confusion? "Well you see... I was going to tell you but then all of this happened..." Lydia began, but stopped, seeing her father's enraged face, what else could possibly go wrong now, we really didn't need to be fighting, Lydia is their daughter, they shouldn't care what she is. But then again, I really didn't get the whole witch thing either.

Chapter 27: Down (Lydia)

Looking at my mother's horrified face, my father's anger, I couldn't take this. "Guys I am still your daughter! Why react this way, trust me, I wanted to die, but I accepted it, now why can't you accept me, I didn't ask for this!" I said hurtfully, I didn't exactly like how my parents were looking at me. "You're a monster, how can you still be their daughter?" Mr. Moone spat. "Don't you dare talk to my daughter that way!" Laura yelled, standing beside me, my mom was always the one who would agree with me, my dad however, liked to solve the whole thing. "Who did this to you?" my dad remarked angrily, "I will destroy them where they stand." "Dad, he was under a spell, I can even prove it! Don't you see, that girl wanted to turn me and every witch she would find into vampires to create some damn army, we shouldn't be arguing about this, we need to stop them while we can!" I cried. Though he didn't change his mind, he glared directly at Scott. "No!" I screamed, Scott dropped to the ground, groaning loudly, he pressed his hands against his head, it made me rage. I sped to my dad, put my arms on his shoulders, "Dad don't do this! Stop it wasn't his fault!" I screamed, "He turned you into this... THING!" he spat, not looking away from Scott. "Now you're an abomination." I heard Mr. Moone bark, then, a sharp pain went through my skull, then every cell in my brain was on fire, I began to scream, just wanting to die, I dropped down beside my dad, his eyes left Scott, looking at me, he was horror struck. I couldn't think of anything but the pain, tears formed at the slits of my eyes, I still screamed, my hands gripping both sides of my head. My dad dropped to the ground beside me, "Jeff enough!" he hollered, the agonizing stabbing ceased, though it left me wanting to curl up and die. My mother shot death glares at Jeff. "I'm going to find my daughter." Miranda Moone grunted, then turned invisible, I couldn't even hear where she went. My dad let me go, I sat on the ground, my head pounding, I knew I was going to pass out. I looked up at Scott, he glared at Cel's dad with such hatred, Jeff wasn't even fazed. "You want to protect abominations?!" Jeff spat at my father, Scott snarled. "She's my daughter Jeffery." my father bellowed. "I'll be putting her out of her misery." he hissed, raising his hand in a flash, the agonizing burn returned, my head fell against the ground with a thud as I fell. Just as it came it left, the final hit needed to send me into darkness.

Chapter 28: Catch Me If You Can (Scott)

Just as I was about to snap that son of a bitches neck, I didn't care if he was Cel's father, no one harms Lydia and lives. Someone beat me to it, Jeff slumped to the ground, making me do a double take. I saw grey eyes staring into mine, looking bored with life, he was pale, tall and lean, he was what I was. He stared at me, sizing me up, my eyes darted to where Lydia was, she was knocked out, a snarl built up in my throat. He quickly sped in a blur, then grabbed Eddie, then slammed his head into the SUV's hood, Eddie slumped to the ground, I stood there completely frozen. "Ethan go find the others, I can deal with them." Sara murmured darkly, then he vanished from sight. "Well, hello again." Sara said with a fake smile, Laura and Samuel glared at her, he looked at me, then looked at Lydia, now was the time to run. "Yes, hello again." Samuel hissed, him and Laura suddenly raised their hands simultaneously, forcing Sara and the two vampires necks to snap. "Go now!" Samuel barked at me, I scooped up Lydia and sped as fast as I could manage through the woods. I had no idea how long she would be out. Minutes? Hours? I didn't have a clue. Soon I would tire from running, when I wasn't in control of my self, that damn spell, it caused me to hurt Cel, I already added it onto the list of reasons why I should walk into the sunlight without a daylight ring, and burn to ash. Self loathing was a daily occurrence for me now ever since I turned Lydia, even if it wasn't my own actions doing it, I would always blame myself, because I could of snapped out of Hazel's control, but I was to late. The blood from Cel, wasn't enough to fill me, besides, I rarely drank human blood, I would rather hunt animals. Looking back, I haven't fed in almost a week. Lydia suddenly felt like a weight, I was losing my strength, since all of it has gone to pushing us through the woods at full speed, I almost fell over. I couldn't hear us being followed anymore, or I was losing my senses. There was a meadow in the distance, I needed to rest for a minute, and maybe find an animal to hunt, then get the hell out of dodge, I needed to get Lydia out of town, maybe even out of the country. I laid her down in the meadow, I didn't think I could leave her here while I tried sped after a rabbit or something, even if I was gone a second, it was my own damn fault for starving my self. I glanced around the meadow, there was no animal in sight, just my luck. I fell back on the grass, the sunlight was right over head, I wish everything could be normal, but it never would be, I imagined Lydia awake, alive, laying beside me, soaking up in the sunshine, talking about her day, or her goals in life, we used to do it all the time, now, everything was bleak. I got up, and held Lydia against me, I had a little strength since I took a break, I had enough to get us back to town, get a car, and get out of this hell hole. I ignored the burning ache that has been burning in my throat for days, I needed to run, I was surprised I still had self control, that I haven't become ravenous and out of control yet. I zipped through the trees, focusing only straight ahead, Lydia hadn't even flinched or moved since she passed out, it was nerve racking. Right when I looked down at her, something knocked me over, Lydia got knocked from my grasp, and I went down, hard, did I trip over a goddamn rock? "Damn it!" I said to myself, and got up. I saw Lydia several feet from me, she was sprawled across the ground, pale as a ghost. "Dropped her like a fly, didn't you Lad?" I heard someone say from behind me, I turned, snarling in his direction. "Sara told me all kinds of things about Hazel's new bitch, I see the werewolf isn't with you, or anyone else for that matter." he sighed. "Fuck you." I snarled at him, I was getting ready to lunge at him, then snap his neck. "The names Ethan Norwich, pleasure to make your acquaintance." Ethan stepped closer to Lydia, I sped in front of her, blocking his path, snarling at him, "So what's the plan? Take her to add more numbers to Sara's idiotic plan?" I remarked, "Why did you even get yourself tangled in with witches anyway?" I asked. "That's a funny thing, usually, I would just keep to myself, I wandered the world for decades, looking for anything to do or feel in this lonely life, so I met Sara, and she needed someone to help with the abundance of hybrids she had, someone has to keep them in line." he sighed, "I'd love to stay and chat, but, Sara is awaiting your delivery." he grinned, I wanted to slap it clear off his annoying fucking face. Pure fury and anger surged through me, I lunged at him, taking him by surprise. I kicked him in the leg, seeing it bend in an abnormal way from the force of my kick. He dropped to the ground, he hissed in pain as he snapped his leg back. "I'm impressed, you're still somewhat strong even without feeding for days, you must be seething on the inside, hatred, it fuels us all." he grinned, "Sadly, it will be your downfall." he paused, then lunged at me, we clawed, hissed, snarled, speeding at trees, tearing up the forest as we brawled, he was 10 times stronger, but there was no way in hell I was going to let him take Lydia to that deranged bitch. He snapped my arm out of its socket, I clenched my teeth at the pain, then I was pinned against a huge oak tree. I heard a branch crack in the distance behind me, "Get the HELL OFF OF HIM!" I heard Lydia screech, wait, she healed that fast?! Next thing I heard, was someone stabbing something, I hoped it was Ethan getting the pain. My hopes came true, Ethan hissed in pain, and dropped to the ground, the stake almost near his heart. "DON'T." Lydia kicked him into a tree, "EVER." she sped at him, and broke his arm, "TOUCH HIM AGAIN!" Lydia screeched, then she staked him again in the stomach, he cried out in agony, he pulled at the stake near his heart, Lydia shoved the stake deeper into him, as I watched in amazement as Lydia kicked his ass. "Who the hell are you!" Lydia hissed at him, she bent down to her knees glaring at him. "Come on now love, remove the stakes, and we'll have all the time in the world to chat, on our way to Sara." he grinned, Lydia looked over towards me, "Like hell we will." Lydia hissed. I felt a stick in my hair, I threw it back towards the forest, and stood over Lydia, and I continued to glare at Ethan. Ethan was looking at us intently, "You two would die for each other, that is real love, just like the love of my life died, of course after she did I killed everyone in sight." he sighed, and took the stake out from his chest in a flash, his teeth clenched. Lydia jumped back a foot, I yanked her behind me. "I'm only helping Sara because it's something to do, after two hundred years of roaming, it gets pretty boring, soon I'll move on, and resume my lonely immortal existence." then he looked directly into Lydia's death glare. "Forgive me, but, I do still have a delivery to attend to." he sighed, Lydia's expression turned to confusion as he reached into his cargo short pocket. "Let's hope your head injury isn't completely healed." he said as he pulled out a small black handgun, and fired, Lydia slumped to the ground with a light thud, blood poured from her head wound, my nostrils flared as the scent hit me, the monster inside me screaming to feed, I stared at Lydia's lifeless body, and just like that, I blew up, I had become insane. "I won't stop you, you look like you could use a few pints." Ethan shrugged, he was distracted for a split second. I grabbed the gun and broke it in half in a flash and tossed it to the side. Ethan grabbed my arm, snapped it backwards, and flung me to the ground. "Go burn in hell!" I spat, I had no energy to fight him, I was going to die, and Lydia would become a pawn to that psychopathic whore. "Don't worry, you are part of the delivery." I heard Ethan mutter, then everything went black.

Chapter 29: One Last Time (Sheldon)

I still stood in front of the door way, which held no door, it was broken into thirds. Amberly and Cel were trying to figure out what to do, Lydia and Scott ran off in one direction, Elle in another, I could still sense her close by. "Okay I just called Elle, she told me she found no other vampires, and no sign of Sara or the other vampires." Amberly said. "So basically they all fled like cowards, and now we can call Lydia, Elle, and Scott, tell them to come back, and we can leave and get back to your hubby?" Cel replied. Amberly rolled her eyes, "Cel, we still have Sara and God knows how many other people like her out there, I'm pretty sure they aren't going to forget about you and Lydia, maybe not even me, they want witches, so we are going to have to eventually find them and kill them." she remarked. I turned my head towards them, our epic plan was slowly turning to shit. "I'll call Lydia." said Cel, and walked out the door way, I glanced after her, checking around us, I didn't sense anyone near us. "Lydia please pick up your phone, we need you and Scott to come back to the cabin okay? Bye." she said into the phone and hung up. She sighed, and started to walk back into the cabin, before a woman just appeared out of no where. "Celesta! Are you okay?!" the woman cried, tears rolling down her face, Cel was taken by surprise to see her mom, who appeared out of thin air. Still in her mom's embrace, "Mom?! When and how did you get here? Where is dad, and what the f--" Cel said puzzled, before her mom interrupted, "Laura started getting visions of all of you being in danger, first she saw the hotel, just as soon as she did, she called your father and I, then we raced to the hotel, we only found Eddie, apparently Amberly knocked him out to come save you all, then Laura saw the cabin, we all got in the SUV." Miranda sighed, out of breath, "Then these 3 people, which later turned out to be hybrids, you already know what they are, Lydia is one, we took care of them quickly though, they had daylight rings, we inactivated them and they burned. Then when Lydia and Scott came, they sped up to us and Laura hugged her. "I'm just glad to see you alright, they didn't try to turn you, did they?" she asked Cel. Cel then explained what happened, like she told me after I woke up, and how Lydia basically saved her life. "Where's dad, Eddie, and Lydia's parents?" Cel asked. Her mom shook her head, "As soon as Laura walked up to her daughter, I sensed you, and I turned invisible and took off running to find you." "Mom, there are others out there, this girl Sara, she tried to have Scott try to turn me, like I explained, but only vampires can turn, hybrids can't apparently because of the witch side." Cel explained, "We need to find Lydia, she didn't answer her phone, and Amberly tried to recall Elle, no answer either, where exactly is the SUV, we need to get back to everyone, I think Lydia, Scott, and Elle found them, they were checking the surrounding area, Elle told us earlier that she didn't see anyone else." then Miranda nodded, I whined at them, getting their attention, "Sheldon can you lead us to the SUV?" Amberly said. I sniffed, and caught Eddie's scent. Cel hopped into the front seat of the car Elle got, Miranda and Amberly got in. I took of running, the car in pursuit.

Chapter 30: You're Already Gone (Elle)

I raced across the fields, I still sensed nothing, I was completely alone out here, which was good. I needed to get back to the cabin, hopefully Scott and Lydia found nothing as well. As I ran, I smelled something, something dead. I heard a car driving as well, but way off in the distance as I raced back towards the road that led to the cabin, I saw a black SUV parked in the center of the road, two people collapsed beside it, one near the hood of the car, the other towards the right side of the road. As I got closer, I sped to the front of the SUV, seeing Eddie, I gasped in horror. I bent down to check his pulse, thankfully seeing him breathing, but barely. I shook him, screaming at him to wake up. I bit my wrist to try to force it down his throat, but as it went into his mouth, he quickly jumped up, choking it out, like his body was rejecting it. "What the hell? That bitch! She slammed my head! Oww. I think I have a lump on my head, maybe a concussion." he said, he looked dizzy. "Elle? Where the hell did you come from, where is Amberly? Please tell me she's alright!" he said, then put his hand on the side of his head again, and groaned. I quickly noticed a dent in the hood of the SUV, ouch. "I can tell your body healed yourself." I said, "And Amberly is fine, she saved all of our asses." "Since I'm a healer, I can heal myself, though I really don't know why my body rejects it, and Sara, vampires, they-- Oh my God." Eddie stopped, realizing what happened. "Mr. Moone went all psycho and began to kill Lydia using that brain popping thing, but to a whole other degree, Mrs. Moone just vanished, then one second, Samuel is in the middle of frying Scott's brain, because he found out what happened to Lydia, Lydia begged him to stop, she put both of her hands on her dad's shoulders, begging him to listen, Mr. Moone turned into a ruthless prick, telling Lydia she was an abomination, then Sara appears out of no where, tells Lydia something, then Mr. Moone is on the ground not moving, Scott takes off with Lydia after her dad told him to, then I felt someone come up behind me, and went out like a light." he finished explaining. "Oh my God." I went to the right side of the SUV, Mr. Moone wasn't moving, I went closer, and touched his arm, no pulse, then I heard the sound of the car that I took from the car dealership, it stopped dead, the brakes slamming. I glanced up, I saw Sheldon whining at Cel, he could sense her sudden grief and horror, including her mother. "Dad!" Cel screamed, running up to him, falling beside me to her knees, tears flooding her eyes, her mother put her hand over her mouth, tears flooding out, she also fell to her knees beside her daughter. Eddie looked over to where Amberly was, who was staring at the Moone's, she looked petrified. Eddie ran over to her, and embraced her, Amberly began to cry as well. I threw my arms over Cel, her mom did the same, I began to cry, for Cel. Amberly still being clutched by Eddie, sank down beside the three of us, I began to fear that something had happened to Lydia and Scott.

Chapter 31: The Glimpse (Amberly)

Eddie kept going on and on about what I did to him, and how stupid it was, but in the end, he was glad I, and the baby were okay and unharmed. "Sara is sneaky, we need to figure out where she went, and what happened to Scott and Lydia, and her parents." said Eddie, he told me what happened, Cel wouldn't believe that her own father would try to hurt Lydia, he has known her since she was a baby. "Lydia wouldn't ever harm her parents, so your dad basically turned into a insane dick." said Elle, "I know he is dead, Sara killed him apparently, we need to find everyone before something terrible happens." I said, I looked over to Cel and her mom, they were talking in low tones. "Cel, we need to go find Sara and take her down once and for all, we need to find Lydia too." said Elle, Cel looked up towards her, got up from where her dad was, "I want to find her, and rip her miserable fucking head off." Cel spat, her eyes vacant, like she was in another world. "Honey, be careful, all of you, I will stay here with Jeff." said Mrs. Moone, looking at her husband, who was now laid out in the back of the SUV, "I will make it look like it was an accident." "Mom you can't, don't harm yourself, oh my God no!" Cel cried, her mom shaking her head, "Celesta Marie Moone, do not argue with me, I love you with all of my heart and soul, don't worry about me, you need to go save your friends, I will take care of my problem, you take care of yours, all of you." Mrs. Moone said to us all. I could sense Cel did not like her mother's plan, but in a way, she was right, we did need to save them, Cel was upset, nervous, scared, and most of all, she was beyond pissed, she wanted to take out Sara, and everyone else who were allies with the evil bitch. "Well we better get in that car and go whoop some ass then." Elle said, cracking her knuckles, Sheldon, back in his normal form, walked up to Cel, "We need to go, and save Lydia and Scott." he put his hand on her shoulder, looking at her sympathetically, but she didn't look at him, she was already hell bent on taking down Sara, I could feel her anger flowing out in waves. "Okay, we need to get going then, we need to look everywhere, the sun is already setting, we have a few leads, maybe they went to a hotel?" suggested Elle. Then all of a sudden, a shooting pain went through my head, a vision coming up, I saw a warehouse, Laura and Samuel Reza were tied up to chairs, they looked like they were in a garage section of the warehouse, the garage door was closed, I saw two hybrids, standing on either side of the chairs, guards, perhaps? A vampire stood in front of the chairs, looking down on Mr. and Mrs. Reza. "Hello witches, as you can see, you are basically helpless, these ropes are bound with a charm that takes away magic, so of course, you can't do anything to escape." said Sara, and went on "Your daughter will join us, eventually, we will just need to convince her too, maybe with everyone she cares about out of the way, her humanity switches off, then we can bound her to me, through a powerful spell that I did to my other minions, she shall worship the ground I walk on." Samuel Reza hissed, "Lydia is stronger than you think, do whatever you want to us, you even lay a finger on my daughter, I will stake you without blinking." Sara looked amused, Laura Reza was frightened out of her wits, but still looked determined to make sure Lydia would always have her own free will. "Well, actually, we may need you two for... Later purposes, perhaps I will find use for the two of you, we shall see." Sara smirked, then the scene changed, I saw Lydia and Scott, they were in a caged cell, Lydia was unconscious, just how bad did Mr. Moone fry her brain? I scowled, he may be dead, but seriously why hurt her like that, Lydia was in Scott's arms, he sat on the cell floor, holding her, he looked like hell. My eyes opened back to my surroundings, everyone was looking at me, "Know where any warehouses are?" I asked. "I know of one, but there are so many warehouses, I think I forgot which one." Sheldon replied, "Then what the fuck are we waiting for people? Let's go!" Cel remarked, hugged her mother for a brief time, then a bad feeling crept up my spine. We all piled int othe car, Cel's mother stayed with her husband. Cel pushed the gas pedal to the floor, the tires screeching as we took off down the road.

Chapter 32: Don't Let Go (Lydia) August 26, 2013 (3:00 P.M.)

I knew I was still unconscious, because I was in my room back in Seaside, Cel and I were looking through magazines, giggling, gossiping on the latest things, way before all of this shit happened to us. Why did the normality of my life leave, and turn to death, grief, battles, I wish I was still human. The dream began to slowly fade, my happy place with peace leaving me, then darkness, I began to wake up. I jerked my head up quickly, Scott's arms were wrapped around me, what the hell happened, did we escape from that psycho vampire? But my hope died, I saw we were behind metal bars, we did get caught by Sara, Scott wasn't able to defeat that psychopath, he was a lot stronger then the both of us even put together. But what did Sara to do my parents? I started to panic, Scott noticed I was awake, and he let go of me, I sped up quickly, looking down at him, he looked like someone beat the shit out of him. "I see your head is healed, you were out for hours." said Scott, I realized my head didn't feel like someone shot me in the brain, Scott looked off, I sat down beside him, "What happened before, this?" I glanced at the bars, "After Ethan shot you, he told me Sara wanted both of us, then snapped my neck, and here we are." Scott grimaced, I scowled at him, noticing how weak he looked, like he was deprived of food. "When was the last time you fed?" "Over a week." he sighed, and closed his eyes. "Scott stay with me, wake up." I said, he didn't respond. Getting frustrated, I bit my wrist and held it towards his face, "Here, it will help you." his eyes opened, then he clamped his hand on my wrist, his eyes locked with mine, "No." he groaned, then he pushed my wrist away, I scowled, "Stop being a dumbass, you're going to begin to start weakening to a point where you'll start going into real insanity, you need to feed." I remarked, my wrist already healed, I bit it again and shoved it into his face, "Scott you need to feed, you look like hell!" I demanded, then he gave in, and fed. He pulled me closer, I could feel all of my blood in my body going in one way towards my wrist, slowly. When I saw his color return to normal, he looked okay now, then he stopped. I felt drained, I needed to feed soon too. I latched on to one of the bars, trying to bend it, the bar didn't even budge. Then I saw Sara walk up with two body guards on both sides of her, "Aww blood sharing, how romantic." she sneered, "Well Scott you do look better." I heard a snarl from behind me. "Where are my parents, you psychotic bitch." I spat. "Chill Lydia, I have a special plan for your mommy and daddy." she smirked, "Open the door!" she yelled, then I heard a garage door roll open, I saw my parents tied up, they locked eyes with me, I just sat there, staring, not believing what I was seeing. "Now, here is what is going to happen, either you join me willingly, just shut your humanity off, or I will make you want to turn it off, it will not be pretty." Sara decreed. "You can go to hell." I spat, she just smiled more. She snapped her fingers, "So be it." she hissed, then two hybrids sped at my parents, the sound of their necks snapping made something in me die. I screamed the loudest I ever have, I fell to my knees, my whole body shaking. I slowly turned my head up, my eyes locking on Sara, this rage in me drowned everything out except the building amount of pain and grief, it was overwhelming me. "I'll give you some time." Sara sighed, then opened the huge door, just as she walked out with the murderers of my parents, the metal bars flew open. I sped over to them, my mothers neck dangling at a horrifying angle, I could barley even see. I couldn't even stop shaking, the sound, the sight of seeing my parents die replayed over, and over. I ripped the ropes from their hands and legs, I laid my mother out onto the floor, then my father. I stood over them, my whole body felt numb, I was completely shell-shocked. This is what Sara wanted, she wanted me to feel nothing.

Chapter 33: The Stakeout (Cel) August 26, 2013 (8:00 P.M.)

We drove to every damn warehouse in Lavender Coast, I was beginning to lose hope, every building looked the same. "Amberly are you sure you saw a "warehouse"? We've checked every single one, we even ran into Mexicans hosting a chicken fight!" said Elle, Amberly and Eddie were already passed out in the back seat. "We've been searching all day, eventually we are going to find them!" I screeched, Sara would not win, she took my father from me, my best friend, now even my mom is losing it, I haven't heard back from her since yesterday. Amberly hasn't seen anything new, so basically we were having a wild goose chase. "Wait, there is one warehouse we haven't checked, I am starting to remember what it looked like, it was towards the Save-a-lot store." Sheldon said quickly, "Now you tell us?!" Elle and I shouted, Amberly woke up startled, Eddie slept like a baby. I turned the car around quickly, throwing everyone to the side, "Careful, don't flip us!" Amberly remarked, holding on to the handle. I turned down the narrow streets, surprisingly, most of the roads were vacant of cars, I sped through a red light, no one even glanced my way, "Get ready to jump out and kick ass." said Elle, I drove past Save-a-lot and parked in the front of the warehouse, "This is it." Sheldon said, and jumped out, phasing into his wolf form. Amberly slapped Eddie awake, "Eddie I know you can heal, but how can you help us exactly?" asked Elle, Eddie looked at her, "Um. Help find Lydia and Scott?" he said, "I'll go with him." said Amberly, then the two ran towards the warehouse, Sheldon following them, "We need to stick together people!" I shouted, Elle nodded, but then 4 people jumped from the roof of the warehouse, one pinned Elle to the ground, but Elle thrashed around, throwing him off of her and ripped his heart out, Goddamn she was quick. The other 3 looked at her, shocked, "Bring it, bitches!" Elle hissed. Sheldon sped over at one, and ripped his head off. The other 2 hissed, "Sara has been expecting you, you may kill us, but you all will die!" the girl hissed, and jumped on top of me, pinning me, I quickly grabbed a stake I had in my back pocket, and stabbed her, she rolled off of me, gasping for air, Sheldon jumped on her and finished her off. I laid on the ground, how much of a fight would it take to save my friends? Elle put her hand out and helped me up. Amberly fried the last hybrid's brain, Eddie staked him quickly, then we finally went through the warehouse doors, which weren't locked, a trap. As we all went in, Sara, with 6 other hybrids stood there, obviously waiting for us. "Welcome Cel, Amberly, and other future-minions. We've been expecting you." Sara smiled and looked at 3 of her hybrids, "Lock the healer and vampire in cell A, put the wolf in the basement, put the pregnant witch upstairs, I'll deal with Cel." then blurs of motion went everywhere, one second Elle was standing there, then her neck snapped, Eddie, Amberly, Sheldon, vanished. "How did you know we were coming and what we are?" I hissed, "I can read minds, young one." she smirked, "Oh, and I have a feeling you want to see Lydia, or what's left of her." she smiled, I lunged at her, but then I felt being picked up, and sped away, then I was flying through the air, and landed hard on the ground, a door being slammed behind me where I obviously was thrown through. I saw Lydia and Scott, relief flooded through me, but then I saw her parents on the ground, dead. "Lydia!" I screamed, rushing towards her, Lydia turned around and saw me, she just stared at me, her eyes vacant. Scott was sitting on the ground, looking up at me, "Cel!" Lydia cried, embracing me, "Lydia, seeing you okay, that is what matters right now, we are going to get out of here, so fight, don't let her win." I said, Lydia was still upset, we needed hope. "Now, how in the hell are we getting out of here?" asked Scott. I eyed the doors, "Perhaps magic can make them open?" I suggested. I got up from the ground, focusing on the doors, and motioned my hands to force them open, I heard a creaking sound, then nothing. I tried the same motion again, the doors didn't even flinch. "Well then, maybe you can break them open?" I said just as Lydia walked up to the doors and landed a punch to the steel doors, I heard a sickening crack. Lydia grabbed her fist with her other hand, "Son of a bitch!" she cried, jumping up and down holding her hand. She uncovered her knuckles, which were now broken and bloody. I saw her knuckles heal, slowly. "That's sure something." I chuckled "Your turn." I said, turning to Scott, he eyed the door with scrutiny, "I'll try....." he remarked, we are so fucked.

Chapter 34: Confessions (Elle)

I remember having my neck broken, Sara ordered her minions to lock us up, Eddie and I were locked in a cell, the bars made of titanium, something a vampire had trouble breaking, trust me. I've hit it plenty of times, little dents in mostly every bar, it hurt like a bitch, it wouldn't break at all. Stupid bars... "Eddie, any plans to get us out of here?" I asked him, he just glared at me from the other end of the cell, he sat against the wall, he looked like an angry child who just got his toy taken away. "No Elle, I haven't. I don't have superpowers like you all do." said Eddie, "We are all gonna die anyway, why even try anymore, I've done everything I could to protect Amberly, and I lose her again." "Way to be a downer, and you can heal people, that is important, and you haven't lost her, we are going to get out of this, we always do." I said reassuringly. "Elle, look around, you see anyone coming for us? My parents have no idea what we've gotten ourselves into, Lydia's parents are nowhere to be found, Cel's dad is dead, her mom hasn't responded to Cel's calls, we are all alone in this, we have no one coming to save our asses, face it, we've lost." he remarked. If we were truly stuck in here, and we weren't going to get out alive, well, I think there was something I needed to admit. "Eddie, I need to tell you something." I said quietly, "And what is it, a secret plan to get us out of here?" he asked, I did have a plan, but I also wanted to get this off my chest. "Eddie, I love you." I said, my face turned red, then I wanted to cut my own head off and set myself on fire. His eyes opened in shock, "Elle, what the hell, you're just telling me this now?!" his face turning red, "Why now, and you know I can't, and with Amberly, I just don't understand why you feel this way." he remarked, he was standing up now. "Ever since we became friends, I saw how kind and caring you were, when I became a vampire, you were the one who accepted for what I was right when you found out, after my mom died, you were there to help me through it, I know you're with Amberly, and the two of you are having a kid together, but it doesn't change how I feel about you, I know you don't feel the same way, and we are basically going to die so, I decided to tell you." I said, the words flowing out in a wave. He just stared at me, and sighed, looking away, "Well since we are going to die, then I guess it doesn't matter anymore." he sighed, "Huh?" I asked him, but then he kissed me. I had to admit, he was a good kisser, but then, I knew this was wrong, he was with Amberly, I shoved him off of me, "Eddie what the hell!" I yelled, I loved him, but I didn't expect him to do that. "Why do you care, you said you loved me and that we were going to die, so why bother, I failed Amberly, and now she might be turned into some witch vampire hybrid because of me, our child, I don't want to think about what Sara will do to it." Eddie sighed, he was giving up, this was hopeless. "Eddie, look at me." I demanded, he looked at me, "I'm sorry I couldn't help get us out of this, at least we tried." I cried, then I punched the wall, creating a hole in it, but I knew it was no use, there were 30 other holes from where I kicked, scratched, and punched it, there was no way out. Then I saw Sara stand in front of the cell, she was alone, she had a smirk on her face. "I see what's going on here, I am amused, I like a show." she purred. She opened the cell and walked in, she threw a blast at me and I was glued to the wall, she grabbed Eddie and compelled him, "You love Elle, you want to be with Elle, she is your love, and this is the last night you two will be alive, you two will make love, then when you're done, my compulsion will ware off, and then both of you will know the huge mistake you made." She threw him to the ground, "I would love to see Amberly's reaction to what you two will do." she smirked, then she grabbed me, "Vampires can't compel each other." I hissed, "Let's just say, I am the only one able to." she grinned, then grabbed me tightly, looking deep into my eyes, forcing me to think of nothing else but Eddie, in a way I never would of dared. "Enjoy lovebirds." she laughed, and sped out of the cell, locking it, and we were alone. Eddie grabbed me, and we fell to the ground, he pressed his lips to mine, then it got more intense after that.

Chapter 35: Final Steps (Lydia) August 27, 2013 (6:25 A.M.)

Cel stood by me for the next several hours, Scott was still trying to break open the doors, they were sealed shut, he did manage to put a dent in it though an hour ago. That was after he threw himself at the door, repeatedly. Scott and Cel were the only ones keeping me going. My parents were both laid out on the ground, "They didn't deserve to die like this." I cried, "They died trying to protect you, that is the most honorable way they could of died." Cel said, "My mom won't respond, last time I saw her, she told me she was going to take care of my dad on how he died, to make it look like a car accident, I know my mom wouldn't hurt herself, and leave me--" Cel stopped abruptly, she couldn't say the rest, and tears flowed down her face, I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly. "What in the hell?" Scott said, Cel and I glanced over at him with confused expressions. Scott was staring at my parents, my father's hand was twitching. I sped at him, looking at my dad, then to my mother, she quickly breathed in sharply, her eyes flashing open. My eyes wanted to fall out, my father stopped twitching, then he woke up with a sharp breath, like my mom. "Oh, my God my neck." my mom said, she rubbed the back of her neck, "Samuel... oh dear." my father looked at the 3 of us staring at him, he looked at our surroundings, then it hit him. "Our coven is going to have our heads on a platter." he said, my mother gawking at him, "Samuel they aren't going to know, for one, Lydia, we are sorry you had to go through that." "Wait, what?! You knew you were going to be turned?" I screeched, "I thought you two were dead!" I couldn't believe my parents were alive, well not dead, but you know what I mean. My mother embraced me, "Sweetie, Sara wouldn't just kill two witches without using them, she did it, she thought you would turn your humanity off, thus you would be vulnerable to her having a spell put on you so she can control you, like the rest of her minions." my mom said, "But you are stronger then that, we knew you would want to turn it off, but knowing your love for umm... Him." my dad said, glancing at Scott, I could still tell my dad wanted to rip his head off. "You ever hurt her I swear--" I cut my dad off, "Dad it's okay, and Cel also kept me going till you guys, woke up." I said. My parents were in transition, I didn't want to lose them, but it was their choice, but by the looks of it, they weren't going to let themselves die. "So, now what, we need to create a plan to get us out of here, we need to bust the doors open, we have a spell for that." my dad planned, "I already tried to open them with magic..." Cel muttered. "Mom, Dad, you guys do realize you're in transition." I cried, they both looked at each other then to me, "Don't leave me again." I choked out, I couldn't lose them again, I just couldn't. "We have to feed." my mother looked like she wanted to wither into dust. Cel looked at me, "I can help you complete the transition." she offered. "Absolutely not!" my dad yelled, my mother looked horrified. "I lost one of my parents, there is no way I am going to let Lydia lose hers." Cel spat. She reached for a sharp object and cut her palm, the four of us stared at it, Scott sped me to the other side of the room, I was not in complete control, I don't think Scott was either. Cel held out her palm to my parents, they had a lot of self control, it was weird, maybe it was because they were older? "You're fucking insane!" I shouted to her, she rolled her eyes, but my parents fed and stopped, Scott offered to heal Cel so her wound would heal, "And let Sara be able to turn me? No thanks." Cel replied. Scott insisted, but she still refused. As we sat there, my parents were coming up with a plan, Cel kept complaining about her hand, I about shoved her towards Scott, she finally let him heal her. Then, the solid steel doors burst open, Sara sped through as the doors hit the wall. "Well, I suppose it will take more then watching them die to weaken you!" she screeched. Scott hissed, so did my parents, they were ready to spring at her. "Your plan failed miserably, BITCH!" I snarled, as my fangs fully extended. "Let's begin then shall we." Sara snarled, "Perhaps, when the sun rises, you will feel true pain.", I heard metal screech open, three huge windows that showed dawn approaching, let her deactivate my daylight ring, I am going to kill her nonetheless.

Chapter 36: An Unlikely Friend (Amberly) August 27, 2013 (6:50 A.M.)

I sat there, tied in witch binds that stopped me from using magic, I felt weak and angry. Sara and her vampire associate, whose name I knew now was Ethan, tied me to this god forsaken chair. They muttered to each other quietly, so I couldn't hear, then as if something upset Sara, she jerked her head up, and sped out the door. "What's her deal?" I scoffed, trying to break free of the binds, no use, I already had rope burn from trying to wiggle free. "Her plan has obviously failed." he sighed, then looked out the window. "So what's the big plan now? Turn me? Murder my child? My friends? So help me God, you untie me from these ropes, you will feel pain, then an agonizing death." I hissed. "I hope you know, it was never my intention to harm a innocent child, I talked with Sara, she isn't a child killer I hope you know, so we decided to wait to turn you until, after your child is born, then we will give it away." he said calmly, still looking out the window. "A child killer? She murdered Cel's dad in cold blood, she turned people to become slaves to her stupid "I am going to take over the world bullshit"" I spat. I struggled again, it rubbed worse, I puffed out angrily, then just sat there, glaring at Ethan. "And what are you going to do with my baby, let Eddie be able to take our child and raise it, he's the father, you shouldn't even harm him, he didn't do anything!" I hissed, Ethan turned around abruptly, "Amberly, I am afraid to say, but you have a very unfaithful partner, and friend I may add." he said grimly, "Sara likes to play games, she is reckless, no wonder she has me around to straighten out these new turned blood crazed hybrids." he sighed. "Games? Unfaithful? What the hell are you talking about?" I asked puzzled. He looked at me, then he seemed to be hearing something. "I think a battle is about to pursue, I guess I should go round up the hybrids, or let Sara deal with this one, I'm not sure." he pondered, I grew more frustrated. "Battle?" I said, "Tell me all about it, and what the hell you have done to my friends!" I demanded. He laughed then looked at me, "Sara thought killing Lydia's parents would have Lydia turn her humanity off, then she would easily have Lydia become a minion, she thought wrong, that girl is stronger then she thought, and she has friends who would risk her life for her, something I admire about you a lot." he smirked. "Lydia's parents are dead?" I choked back in horror, they've been so kind to me, helped me control my powers, and now they're dead. I just stared at the ground, "Of course, Sara wouldn't waste witches, so they died with my blood in their systems, she isn't a murderer all the way around, just likes to have her fun." he added. Then he grabbed the ropes and begin to untie me. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked, puzzled into why he was helping me. "Like I said, friends willing to die for each other? Let's just say I'm giving you a chance." he smiled, "Sara will kill you." I said, standing up, rubbing the burns. "Well, which is why I am departing, good luck Ms. Wise." he said, and with that, he sped out the window. I ran like hell down the stairs, I saw two hybrids come at me, I was quick, they both began to convulse on the ground, then I snapped their necks with that handy spell Lydia taught me. "Gotta find Eddie, Gotta find Eddie!" I kept repeating to myself, and took about 3 hybrids on my way to the cells.

Chapter 37: The First Fall (Eddie) 7:00 A.M.

I woke up, with Elle beside me, it hit me, like a wave of rocks hitting me in the head. Elle was asleep, we were both um, I didn't want to say it. I threw my clothes on quickly, muttering to myself, spatting curses, and hoping a lightening strike would strike me where I stand. Elle's eyes flashed open, "No! No, no, no, no!" she went berserk, speeding all over the cell, almost knocking me over, her clothes on back in a flash. "We are going to die, she will stake me!" she cried, "I am the worst friend ever, I deserve to be staked, and burned, and whatever else she would like to do to me!" I looked at her shocked, "Elle, Sara made us do this! I don't even love you!" I yelled, "It was compulsion!" "I know!" she gloated, then sped at the bars, punching them, sunrise finally came up. Then I saw a hybrid crash into the wall, then his neck snapped without anyone even touching him, yup we were going to die. Then Amberly ran to the bars, "Guys! Thank God you're okay! Um which key is it, damn it!" she fumbled with the keys, "This one should be it." she poked the key in, and the cell opened. "Finally! I don't feel like a caged monkey!" Elle cheered, and ran out and smacked into a wall, damn how bad did it get last night? Amberly ran to me and hugged me, "I'm so glad everyone is okay, we need to find the others." then she stepped back quickly, Elle stood in the entry way of the cell. Amberly turned around slowly, "You didn't." she hissed, Elle was flung at the wall, then Elle began to burn. Sunlight poured through the window, "Amberly stop!" I yelled, I grabbed her by the shoulder and picked her up, distracting her so Elle stopped burning, and she sped in the shade. "How could you! We're having a kid together and you screw around with my best friend?!" she snarled, then punched me, sending me against the wall. She began to sob, Elle just kept her distance, she tried to step in the sun, but she burned, her ring didn't work anymore. She looked back up at me, I tried to reason with her, "Don't touch me!" she cried, then turned to Elle, she looked heartbroken, "You destroyed my family, but since we we're best friends, I will not kill you, but you will never walk in the sun again." Amberly hissed. "You!" she spat at me, "When we get out of here, I want you to get the fuck out of my life!" Then she turned on her heel, and walked out of the cell, Elle looked at Amberly, Amberly returned the stare, "I don't care about what happens to you, but make yourself useful, and let's go save the people who are actually truthful and honest." she said, trying not to break down, she completely crumbled. "Amberly it was compulsion!" Elle said frantically, trying to walk towards Amberly, but a ray of sunlight burned her, so she stepped back. "You still said you loved him." she remarked, then she turned to me, "Love is stronger then that mind control shit Hazel did to Scott and Sheldon,they fought it, and you didn't." she hissed at Elle and I. "She compelled me, that you can't break out of." Elle muttered, if I wasn't going to be killed by Sara's hybrids, I would be killed by Amberly later. Then we all heard something banging against a closed door, "I am sure that's Sheldon." Elle said quietly, and dodging where the sun rays were, she sped to go let him out of the basement. "Let's go save our friends." Amberly suggested sarcastically, there was no way she was going to forgive me, and I lost my family right then and there.

Chapter 38: Where My Hell Began (Cel)

Sara and Lydia stood there snarling at each other, I had about 5 stakes floating beside me, ready to be thrown at any hybrid who dared to come near me, one sped at full force, a stake went straight into his heart, he fell over, dead. Lydia's parents took on hybrids, they used mostly magic, causing the hybrids to burn, they are really stupid to stand in the sun. Then a large male hybrid took on Laura, and flung her into the sun, she burned, screaming, Scott sped at her and got her out of the sun. "Lydia Reza, you cannot be tamed, can you?" she snarled, and flung herself at Lydia. Lydia sped and dodged, her fury matched this situation perfectly, it made her strong. She grabbed a stake and stabbed Sara, "That is for killing my best friend's father!" then she kicked her in the shin, snapping Sara's leg, "That's for making me believe my parents were dead!" Lydia snarled, a deep satisfaction rang through me, though I wish I was the one stabbing her. Scott sprang at more hybrids, Lydia's parents took on more, steering clear of sunlight patches. Then Sara got the upper hand and threw Lydia off of her, re-snapping her leg back in place, and pulled the stake out, she healed instantly, I was starting to wonder how old Sara really was. "You caught me by surprise, Lydia." Sara said, snarling, and sped at Lydia, she snapped her arm out of place, shoving the stake into her back, the room filled with Lydia's scream. Sara smiled, and Lydia crumpled to the floor, paralyzed, the stake was lodged in her spine. Lydia's parents hissed at Sara, even I hissed in absolute fury. I launched 3 stakes at Sara, at blinding speed, motioning them with my hand towards her heart, she sped away, like a cartwheel, and took on Scott. She punched him into a wall with ease, "You little boy, you will pay with your life." she hissed, and shoved her hand into his chest, "How does it feel about having your heart ripped out?" she smiled, Lydia looked up at them, "No!" she screeched, she tried to move to get to him, then her mom sped at her yanked the stake out of her spine. Lydia's face twisted with pain, but then she, along with her mom, darted at Sara with supernatural speed. She clamped her hand on to Sara's arms, Laura held a stake to Sara's back. "Well, who will move and die first?" she asked grimly, the bitch was out numbered, all of her hybrids were dead, well some of them I thought. Lydia reacted first, and sank her teeth into Sara's neck, then Laura stabbed Sara in the spine where she stabbed Lydia, and Laura carefully pulled Sara's hand from Scott's chest, he fell to the ground, gasping for air and holding his chest as he healed, Lydia let go of Sara's neck, taking flesh with it and spat her blood on the ground, then sped Scott to the other end of the room. Laura then pinned Sara on the ground, then Sara began to hiss, she easily ripped the stake out and flung Laura off of her. "You might have won, but that doesn't mean you all will make it out alive!" she snarled. Then Amberly and Eddie barged through the door, with 5 hybrids speeding at them. Sheldon burst through right after, flanked by Elle, who just staked one of the hybrids that followed them. It was chaos, then hybrids flooded the room, Scott and Lydia were blurs, taking down hybrid after hybrid. I flung more stakes, I saw Elle run at a hybrid who was sneaking up on Amberly, but then Elle burned from the sunlight, though she didn't care and quickly staked the vampire then sped out of the sunlight before she caught on fire. Why the hell was she burning? Then most of the hybrids were dead, the remaining ones sped behind Sara, she rolled her eyes, thinking the same thing I was I'm sure, her hybrids were all cowards, and weak. We all were lined up, waiting to see who would make the first move, we outnumbered them, 9 to 6. Lydia and Elle were snarling at Sara, Amberly glanced between the hybrids, scanning to see who she would make burn first, Laura and Samuel stood on the sides of Sheldon, ready to flank him into battle. I stood more forward, closer to Sara, she was mine to kill. Sara held a stake in her hand, she smiled, "Sorry Lydia, but sadly one of your friends will not survive." she smirked, then I felt a force drag me towards her, I tried to regain control but I was now standing in front of Sara, she grabbed me, and had me facing my friends. Lydia screamed, and before she could even spring at me, Scott held her back, to protect her, because there was no way she could make it to save me. Amberly screeched, Eddie, Laura, Samuel and Elle's eyes were wide open, Sheldon, he was already charging toward Sara, one of the hybrids made him fly backwards towards the Reza's with a blast. Seeing everyone's horrified expressions, I didn't imagine to how I would die, and at the hands of my fathers killer, that was a bad way to go. But, I remembered I had Scott's blood in my system, that I would come back, but at what price? If we lost this fight, I would become Sara's slave, but knowing my friends, we would break through this. I glanced to Sheldon, knowing that we just broke up, I still loved him, but after all of this, I just don't have the drive to be with him anymore, I lost my father, and even my mother in less than two days, I just couldn't be with him, I could be a friend, a sister, but never be with him, because after this, I wouldn't be the same anymore, I would be holding him back. I never wanted to become a vampire, and now, I had no choice. Everyone sped towards Sara and I, but they would never make it in time, Sara's minions all held their hands out, and blasted everyone to the wall, they were glued like magnets. A tear fell from my face, just as I felt the point of the stake go deep into my back, the pain echoed throughout my whole body, just as my heart took it's last beat, and I fell to the floor. Then I was swimming in darkness, into oblivion, my life flashing before my eyes in glimpses.

Chapter 39: There Are No Words For This (Elle)

After Cel crumpled to the floor, her body lifeless, we all fell to the floor from the wall. Cel was already dead, Lydia's hand was over her mouth, she was in shock, Scott was too, after all we went through to save Lydia and Scott, we lost the one who fired us up and got our asses on that road to save them. Now, she died for nothing, Sara smiled, "Wasting a witch is something I wouldn't normally do, but that bitch was really getting on my nerves." she smiled. I snarled in fury, charged at her, but then I got slapped across the room, Sheldon snarled at Sara. Her hybrids smiled along with her, seriously they thought they were THAT bad ass? Lydia broke a piece of wood in half, it sharpened into a perfect stake, her eyes were completely black, her fangs extended all the way, she has now officially gone insane, she threw the stake, I didn't even see it hit its target until one of the hybrid's veins turned gray and he fell over dead, her eyes still stayed black. "Next?" she snarled. Then we all flew towards Sara in blurs, I tackled one of the hybrids, then shoved a stake into their chest. Scott carried Cel's lifeless body away from where she was killed, Lydia stood over him, a stake in her hand. I could see her visabley shaking, her expression looked as if she was going into shock. Laura and Samuel took down two hybrids, they were good fighters alright, Sheldon ripped one apart, I had to admit, if I was still human I would of thrown up right on the spot and pass out of the sight of this. Scott, Sheldon, Laura, Samuel, and I cornered Sara, all our fangs out, snarling. Then, as the sun rose more, the sunlight pointed directly at us, I burned, so did Lydia's parents, we sped away. Being burned by the sun was a bitch. I saw Lydia standing over Cel, she didn't cry, she kept saying sorry over and over again, as if she was losing her mind. I felt the anger rage up in me, Cel was my best friend, like a sister and Sara took her away from me. I hissed, "Amberly, can I just have my immunity back for one minute, tops." I hissed at her, she glared at me, then nodded, I smiled evilly, and ran at Sara, catching her by surprise as she wrestled Scott and Sheldon. I grabbed her by the neck, digging my fingernails into her throat, cutting it open in deep gashes. She spit up blood, and began to gasp for air, immobilizing her long enough.Then Scott ran a stake straight through her back, she screeched as she fell to the ground, we all backed up away from her. Where the stake went into her, it missed her heart by an inch, she yanked it out in a flash, then waved her hand, forcing all of us to fly backwards, all of us crashed to the walls. She zoomed out of the door in the same instant, the doors swinging open. Lydia jumped up quickly, snarling, then sped out the door. "Dammit" Scott hissed, and sped out right behind her. I ran to Cel, her body had gone cold. I stayed put, and didn't glance at Amberly or Eddie. I began to sob, Sheldon was back in his human form, how the hell did he turn and still have his clothes on, did they mold into fur? He dropped down beside me, and couldn't take his eyes off of her, his tears came slowly. I looked up at the ceiling, why did this have to happen to her, of all people, why not me.

Chapter 40: A Time of Change (Lydia)

I sailed out the front of the warehouse at full speed, zipping around trees. I could smell Sara from here, I snarled, I would rip her miserable head off. People around me went on about their usual morning, I was running so fast that the blur they would see would just be one second, they wouldn't even know what they saw. Then something slammed into me, knocking me in the grass, I was in the middle of a park, Scott was on top of me, pinning me down. "You're letting her get away!" I snarled, a little girl stopped and stared at us, and she licked her ice cream. I flashed my fangs out and hissed at her, she ran back to her mom who was deep into her book, not even supervising her child. Her ice cream fell on the ground, "Monster, Mommy! Monster!" she cried to her mom, Scott and I stared at her, then her mom said at her, "Sweetie, you really need to stop watching that show, it isn't good for your health." her mom replied, still looking at her book. She turned to look at me and Scott, sitting side by side, I grinned at her, my face back to normal. "Mommy monster!" she screeched at her mom, I cringed back, her mom looked at her sharply, "Enough Ellen!" then Ellen turned on her heel, pouting, then ran to the playground. "Scott, why the hell would you let her get away, I had a trail to her, and you stopped me!" I hissed under my breath, so no one could hear within normal human hearing range. "Lydia, it was a dead lead, she is long gone, it is a waste of time to try to track her. Besides, you against her? She would kill you in a heartbeat, and then I would die trying to avenge you, then we basically died for nothing. Besides, we need to get back." he replied. Within a day, my parents, and now my best friend, who I wish was my real sister, we are like two heads of the same coin, everyone I loved was now a vampire, at least I didn't have to worry about seeing ones I love grow old and die when I stayed like this, frozen in time. "Cel never wanted to be a vampire Scott." I said, "She tried to protect us and she died because of it." "You never wanted to be one either, but you had others there to help you through it." he added. "Because you were the one who turned me into one." I frowned. "Lydia--" I stopped him, "I know you weren't you, and I wanted to cut your head off, but the moment I turned, I accepted it, and when I knew it wasn't all you, I accepted that, we have to move on with our lives, and now I can be with someone I love for, well ever." I murmured, "We need to get out of sight, you do realize we are covered in blood right." I added, Scott grinned at me, and pulled me up onto my feet.

Chapter 41: A New Beginning (Cel) September 22, 2013

Waking up in transition wasn't easy, everyone surrounded me, I had found out that Sara escaped, Lydia tried to catch her, but Scott ran after her, telling her that it was a lost cause, because he was right. Sara had fled into hiding, I wanted to rip her throat out and feed it to her, and to watch her die slowly in pain, then set her remains on fire and spit on it. Just as soon as I woke up and Lydia explained what had happened, for one, I was glad the hybrid minions were dead, or at least the ones that were here, we didn't know how many were still out there. As we all fled the warehouse, Lydia and I took Elle’s stolen, yet "borrowed" car, we drove back to the cabin to retrieve our luggage we still had there from when we took Lydia to train. On the way there, the road drove along a Cliff side, something seemed odd, a part of the railing was torn off, like someone crashed through it, I slammed on the brakes, “We need to go check this out.” I told Lydia, and she nodded, I parked the car and looked over the railing. Lydia put her hand over her mouth, stopping a scream. It was a black SUV, it was destroyed, recently it had been on fire, from when it drove over the railing and slammed into the rock bed below. I jumped off, landing with a quiet thud, I ran towards the burned SUV, “MOM!” I screamed, grabbing the door and tarring it off, she was slumped over the seat, she wasn't moving. “Mom, wake up dammit!” I cried, Lydia sped beside me, she grabbed me leading me away from the SUV. “Cel, look at me! It’s going to be okay.” she repeated to me over and over. Lydia called the police and reported the accident, talking to the police about my parents was hard enough. All of that happening that day, and I hadn't completed the transition, I was thinking of letting myself die, to be runited with my parents. But the look in Lydia and Sheldon's eyes towards me, they both kept me sane. Remembering when Sheldon slit his palm open, he pulled me into his arms, and let me feed from him, all the while I was in tears. My life of growing up, gone the instant I died. The week following that, I was struggling, keeping animal blood down was hard, I almost threw it up every time. Sitting in a memorial service with my fathers family, they said they were sorry, but that was that. I was grown, in college, so they said farewell and left to grieve on their own. The way they stared at me, I guess they knew their niece had become a monster. I had Samuel and Laura, they had always been like second parents to me. I was drowning in grief, but I had Lydia, Sheldon, my friends, the only people keeping me sane. Why would my mother kill herself to cover up my fathers death? Just thinking of it made me want to scream, to completely crumble under the weight of their loss, but I know I had to try and live on. I twisted my daylight ring around my index finger, the medium brown band shined in the sunlight, Lydia had made it for me. All I could think about was killing Sara, I wanted revenge, I wouldn't stop till I had her head on a silver platter, I grinned at the thought. Since I turned, Sheldon has been up my ass since then, I know he still cared about me and was worried since I turned and lost my parents. He thought I was going off the deep end and would soon start getting blood crazed and murder people. “Sheldon, stop worrying about me, I’m fine, I have Lydia, Elle, and Scott helping me adjust, I’m not alone in this.” I had told him weeks ago, though he was still always there, even when I wanted to be alone. Elle, Sheldon, Eddie, and Amberly had already gotten their dorms, I found out what happened with Elle and Eddie, I was not getting involved. Sheldon had his own dorm, something he enjoyed, and classes would start on the 25th, he was excited, he still had the luxury of growing up, and doing something with his life, I was a stone frozen in time, every time I thought that, I cringed on the inside. “Sheldon, I’m glad you’re still able to have a future, I wish I could grow up.” I sighed, “You can still go to college Cel.” he replied. “I know." I murmured. Then Lydia and Scott walked in, carrying boxes. “Sup roommate?” Scott grinned, Lydia set a box of Scott’s stuff on the desk. Lydia walked over to me, she took my hand, and put a key in the palm of my hand, "Ready?" she asked. I glanced up at her, she gave me a half smile, "Yeah, I think I am." I replied, but deep down inside, ever since I turned, something in me was falling, and I didn't know how to get it back.

Chapter 42: My Rescuer is My Stalker (Amberly) September 25, 2013

I told myself I wouldn't let it bother me, and that I should move on with my life, but with a child growing inside of me, Eddie's child, a part of me wishing it wasn't true, and that he slept with my well former best friend, we both had dorms on campus, but I made sure mine was on the other side, as far from Eddie as possible. I ignored Eddie, though he has constantly tried to explain himself, I already knew what "happened" and I didn't want to discuss it anymore, I was done with him, I needed space. As I settled in my dorm, someone knocked on the door, opening it, I saw this girl standing there, holding a box of things. "Hi, is this room 203B?" she asked, I nodded, now realizing I had a roommate, nice. "I'm Amberly nice to meet you, you can have that side of the room." she smiled, then went and put her box on the desk." "Oh my God." she said, staring down, "You're pregnant?! Oh my gosh! I love babies, aww! How far along are you? Oh and I'm Olivia" she said cheerfully, "3 months." I replied, "Though the father is a cheating prick." I sighed. "Screw him, you're here to make something of yourself for your future, wait he doesn't go here too, does he?" asked Olivia, "Unfortunately yes, but he is still going to help raise the baby, though I will not think of being with him after he slept with my best friend." I muttered darkly, "At least you have help." said Olivia, and brought in more boxes, I helped her settle in. As the bell rang, and everyone scattered to find where their classes were, I was glad that today was just an introduction to what we were going to be doing this semester. As I walked to Elizabeth Hall, a person tapped my shoulder, "Well hello there love." a British accent said, turning around, noticing that he was the one who freed me, "Ethan?" I gasped, surprised to see him, "I thought you were getting the hell out of dodge, and that you're on Sara's side." I hissed. "Sara ditched me, hadn't heard a word from her, so obviously I was on the wrong side, she used me to turn witches into hybrids for her stupid plan that blew up in her face thanks to you lot." he grinned. "Oh so we are the super task force? She killed my friend, is responsible for turning her as well, killing her dad, her mom was forced into insanity and drove off a cliff-side, and turned my other friend and her parents, so Sara can burn in hell and hide in the shadows for the rest of her miserable existence." I remarked, he laughed, "Well Ms. Wise, I hope you know I am not here to dwell on my past with, as you lot call her, "the bitch", I would like to move on, and be pleased with your acquaintance, so shall we get to class love?" he flashed another grin, I wanted to slap him. "We have the same class?" I groaned, trying to sound annoyed, his grey eyes stared into mine, "You have calculus with Mr. West correct?" I nodded, then I strode off to class, with him at my heels, we walked into the huge room, and took a seat near the bottom row of the class, it was like an auditorium, but a midget one. Ethan sat beside me, "You do know I don't like you or trust you, you helped turn Lydia's parents." I hissed under my breath, "Sara forced me, also she forced your friend over there who is coming towards us to turn his own girlfriend, that annoying wench Hazel, I'm glad she got staked." he sighed, "I staked her." I whispered, then he grinned, Scott saw me and made his way towards me, he sat down beside me. "Amberly..." he said, almost snarling, "Well hello there lad, don't want to make a scene in front of all the humans do we?" said Ethan grinning, everyone around us was pretty much oblivious to the fact that there were two vampires in here who could start trying to snap each other's necks any second, and of course I was sitting in the middle of it. "Look Scott, he sided with us in the end." I muttered, Scott still looked furious. Just as Mr. West walked in and told everyone to take a seat, the anger vanished from Scott's face and went back to the human charade, trying to blend in, I wanted to laugh out loud, few late comers came in, obviously lost, I saw Olivia walk in, I didn't know she was in my class, and I didn't ask what classes she had, then Eddie walked in right after her, then him and Olivia sat down towards the back, far away from Ethan, Scott, and I, thank God, because Scott looked like he wanted to tear Eddie's head off, even Ethan looked pissed, "Well this year is going to be splendid." I sighed, then looked over to the teacher droning on and on about math, and that if we weren't going to bother to study, then that we should go and stop wasting our parent's money. Dumb teacher, I payed for myself to come to college! The hour dragged by, and I walked out and sat on the bench. Scott still looked furious and kept shooting Ethan death glares. Ethan noticed the fury coming from Scott, he just shook it off and sat down beside me on the bench, and rested his arm on the back of it, behind my head. "Don't mind him love, he doesn't like me very much." Ethan grinned at me. "You shot my girlfriend in the head with a gun, then took us to a insane crazy bitch." Scott snarled at him, my eyes widened, and I jumped up from the bench and faced Ethan. "You WHAT?!" I half screeched, some college kids glared at me as if I was high. "I told you that I switched sides, it took me way too long to see how crazy Sara really was." he paused then looked at Scott. "What I did, you don't know how horrible I feel, you two didn't deserve that, I should of let you run, I was naive to her intentions, she wants to be the queen of the world, while the rest of us are her fucking bitches." "What I do want, is to move on, in the end, everything turned out for the better, besides the part of her escape, I need forgiveness, so we can all move on with our lives." Ethan said clearly, "Let's say we bury the hatchet?" he extended his hand to Scott, who glared at his hand, then thought for a moment. "Your call Norwich, but good luck convincing Lydia." Scott grinned, Ethan returned it with his annoying one. I could see a friendship on the horizon, or I was really stacked up on pot.

Chapter 43: Life Goes On, Except for Me (Cel)

First day of college, something I wish would just blow up, couldn't school just vanish and we could all go on with our lives? My side of the dorm room had everything medium brown, to my rug, lamp post, folders, notebooks, I even had a medium brown pen. Lydia's was purple, pink, teal, black, a rainbow, but with no trace of yellow, thankfully, we had a large dorm, Lydia and I split the bedroom part, then we had the living room with our midget kitchen, it had a nice marble counter top. "Cel do you have all of your paperwork done for Senora Martia?" she asked, as she put her books into her shoulder bag. I can't believe she convinced me to take Spanish with her, not regular Spanish, but ADVANCED Spanish, I didn't even know the basics, just hola and adios. I rolled my eyes, "Yes, now let's go to class." I sighed, and we walked out the door, I spotted Elle, she was talking to a tall, well built guy with dark brown hair. Sara ruined Amberly and Eddie's relationship, she ruined everything, my eyebrows furrowed, Lydia glanced at me puzzled, she didn't know how bad I wanted to drop everything, find Sara and kill her, even if I died in the process, I should of died when she killed me. "Cel get a grip, everyone has to move on some way or another." Lydia sighed, as we strolled over towards Elle. She was still chatting with the boy, then she turned towards us as we approached. "Hey guys." Elle said, the boy's green eyes looked curiously at me, he already seemed annoying before he even spoke. "This is Jonathan, and he's helping me find my way around this place, way too big for my taste." said Elle cheerfully. "Nice to meet you both." Jonathan grinned, "Well Elle, good luck finding your way around, see you around." then he walked away. "So Jonathan huh?" Lydia grinned. "Lydia don't even go there, besides he is a Junior, I'm only a freshman." Elle remarked. "Elle this isn't high school anymore, go for it." I grinned. Elle rolled her eyes, "I'm not exactly interested in dating right now." she muttered, then went to go find her class. As the day dragged on, we sat for 2 hours in our first class, I wanted to scream, Lydia just sat there all patient, even that was driving me crazy, I didn't know what was wrong with me. The introduction droned on and on, I imagined leaping at the teacher, and sinking my- "Are you okay?" Lydia whispered to me, her expression concerned, I realized I was crushing her hand into mine, "Cel calm down, you're okay" Lydia whispered to me, "And ouch" she muttered, "Sorry" I whispered back and crossed my arms together. Then as we walked to lunch, Scott came out of no where, Amberly was with him, and someone who looked familiar. Lydia looked at the guy for a second, she sped at him in a blurring motion, then he was pinned against a lunch table, luckily no one was looking. "You!" she hissed, then Scott had to pry her off of him and explain what happened, she still didn't look convinced. Then Scott took Lydia to go out for lunch, mostly to get her away from Ethan before she staked him. I sat with Amberly and Ethan, Amberly nibbled on her sandwich, she eats like a bird. I sipped on the straw, letting the blood go straight down my throat, I didn't need these sharp teeth that liked to pop out whenever to stab my mouth, it hurt. Ethan stared at the cup, "Something on your mind?" I asked, drinking the last of the liquid, making the annoying sound with the straw that meant there was nothing left in the cup to drink. "You shouldn't have to be going through this." he said, looking at me. "Well it's not like I can reverse it, can I?" I said impatiently, and threw the cup away. "Is it bad that when I look at my ex-boyfriend I have a urge to eat him?" I asked, "Yes." he replied with a crooked grin, he seemed to be annoying as well, everyone was annoying to me lately, even the pet chinchilla I got the other day, Lydia kept looking at it funny yesterday, like she wanted to eat it. I called her the bunny killer, then she would just role her eyes and threaten to snap all of my favorite medium brown pens. "Is it bad that Eddie seems to be close to my roommate, I saw them walk in together during my first class." Amberly said darkly. "What?" I said, "Is that bad?" Amberly asked Ethan, "Yes." he replied to her, and flashed that stupid grin of his, British people were the most annoying of all, "Well not terrible, but I think you should tell the girl who he is, then maybe she will think about hanging with him at all, or if not, slap her then." Ethan suggested. I saw a group of guys playing football, throwing the ball back and forth, I noticed it was Sheldon, he waved at me and smiled, I waved back, "I think I'm going to go to my dorm, I need to feed Chevy." I replied, "Okay well I'll see you later." said Amberly, then I walked away. As I walked through the campus, under a tree there was a bench with two people on it, I saw Eddie and a girl, obviously Amberly's roommate, they seemed a little more close then Amberly thought. I hid behind a tree, then I eavesdropped onto their conversation. "Olivia I know it is so strange, childhood friends who haven't seen each other since middle school going to the same college." said Eddie. "I know, I missed you a lot though, I think you should meet my roommate, she is really nice." Olivia replied, I stopped listening to their conversation. Well this couldn't get any better? Then I sped to my dorm, promising myself I wouldn't get involved, though I really did want to ring Eddie by his hair and throw him at a tree. This year was going to be interesting, and how Ethan looked at Amberly, and the thing between Olivia and Eddie, were they both going to move on, what about the baby? I shook my head, I had other things to worry about. "Chevy what do you think I should do, kill Sara, eat an annoying person, or paint Lydia's folders yellow? Oh how she hates yellow." I laughed, then set Chevy back in his cage. Lydia sped through the door and closed it, "I dare you." she hissed, I grinned, and opened my desk drawer, and got a yellow marker, I wrote "BUNNY MURDERER!" on one of her pink folders. She screeched, then tore it in half, and threw it into the fireplace. "Now Celesta Moone, you get to write a whole essay in Spanish." Lydia grinned, I groaned, "Make me." I laughed back at her.

Epilogue: Cakes Aflame (Lydia) November 30, 2013

The past two months has been so far uneventful, just school, and more school, plus lame projects that didn't even help me learn anything, I'm even starting to question the reason on why I want to go to college, once people realize I don't age I'm going to have to move on and make a new "identity", as Scott has told me, he had to do it before, though I still wanted to go for the career I wanted, even if it was short lived. Ethan and Amberly have gotten closer, but he still annoys her for fun, at first I saw him as a person who must burn, but now, he was okay, though that damn grin of his is as annoying as Cel told me the first time she met him. The only person who talked to Eddie now mostly was Sheldon, I talked to Elle sometimes, but our friendship wasn't like it was months ago, Scott sided with Amberly, and I saw his point of view on the situation, Elle distanced herself from us, she was hanging with that Jonathan person, he seemed suspicious. About 3 weeks ago, Olivia "introduced" Eddie to her roommate which was Amberly, that didn't go well at all. Olivia found out what had happened, and since she didn't know about the supernatural world, she helped Amberly throw Eddie out the door, but since the two were childhood friends, she forgave him, and now they were dating, go figure. Cel has been adjusting okay, we taught her how to "fight", though she took me down several times, though when I saw how she moved, I sped up my movements and tackled her, she didn't beat me after that. Scott told her to have balance and swiftness, not to just go into the attack and wing it, she needed stealth. Scott showed her how, and we demonstrated, I was graceful at my attacks, and quick, but he pinned me anyway, I hated being a noob at fighting, Cel was pinned and tackled over and over, finally she just gave up, though I dragged her ass back to the fighting room the next day and then she finally outmatched me, I smiled. As Thanksgiving rolled around the corner, Scott, Cel, Amberly, Sheldon, and I flew to Seaside to be with our families, my parents were traveling around the world ever since they turned, but they came back to be with me for Thanksgiving. But we decided to go to Amberly's house instead, since they actually cooked food, I opened my parents refrigerator and all I found were different types of animal blood, it was kind of disturbing. "My dad is going to flip." Amberly sighed, "You still haven't told him Amberly?!" Cel gasped, "And the kid's dad isn't here so, well you're dead." Amberly sighed, but when we arrived at her dad's house, we saw him with another woman, we later learned this was his girlfriend that he met 2 months ago, Amberly was happy her dad had moved on. Mr. Wise looked at his daughter, then he was cussing Eddie out on the phone, we all cringed, Amberly mostly. After that, Scott left with me, and we went back to my parents house. About two days later, while Sheldon and Cel went with Amberly, to go visit her dad before we left to go back to Lavender Coast, I was deciding what to do for Scott's birthday. As everything drew to a close, and my parents had to catch their flight to some country I never heard of, they left me the house, this huge ass house that had too many rooms to count, all of my friends could live here and have their own room. Since Cel's parents died, she sold her house and mostly everything in it, she moved her things into one of the 2nd story bedrooms down the hall from mine, that was last month. As I settled into my room, an idea rang in my head, the sun was setting. I sped down the stairs and into the pantry. I found cake mix, eggs, flour, and milk, I was surprised my parents still kept this, the milk was recently bought. I turned on the oven, and threw all the ingredients together and stirred it, then set it in the oven. "Damn, I need icing." I muttered to myself. I heard Scott coming from downstairs, then I ran to the kitchen door and slammed it, "Come back later, don't walk in here or I will get Cel's chinchilla army to attack." I laughed, holding the door, "Then I'll gather every bunny you killed and have them attack you then." Scott laughed back. I closed my eyes, trying to not laugh, "Please?" I asked, using my pouting voice to get what I wanted when I was little, "Fine." he replied, laughing as he went back up the stairs. I breathed deep, grabbed the car keys, and drove to Publix. I went to the dairy section and selected a double chocolate icing, and put it into the kart. I grabbed two candles that were shaped as a 5 and a 7. "Your grandpa's birthday, eh?" one of the Publix workers asked me, I stared at him, "Um..." I muttered. "Sorry, it would be weird if you were with a 57 year old. Haha." the man laughed hysterically, people looked at him strangely, I wanted to choke the living hell out of him. I payed for the icing and ran out the door, turned the car on, and drove like a mad woman to pick up Cel and Sheldon, Amberly was going to stay and spend time with her father and his girlfriend, whom she liked dearly. "So a surprise party eh?" Cel asked, "Well everyone has to have a cake for their birthday." I replied happily, and turned up the driveway to my house. "The cake should be done." I muttered. As we all walked into the foyer, Scott was leaning against the wall, "About time you guys came back, it smells like something is about to catch fire in the kitchen, and since it is locked, I have a feeling you didn't want me in there, are you burning bunnies for dinner?" he laughed lightly. "No! The house is on fire!" I screamed, and sped towards the kitchen, Cel at my heels. I realized I locked the kitchen door, and I broke the door nob off, the oven wasn't on fire thank God, but it was smoking. Cel quickly turned off the oven and I dived in to save the cake, which was burnt. "Fuck!" I yelled, and set the burnt cake on the island. I held my head in my hands, "So much for a cake for his birthday." I cried. "Get a grip, we will just make another one." Cel replied with a smile. "That was the last of the ingredients." I sighed, "Then we'll go back to the store!" Cel yelled happily, and dragged me out the door, "The car?!" I asked yelling as she held on to my hand as we sped down the hallway. "No time!" said Cel, and as we passed by Sheldon and Scott who looked at us as if we lost our minds, "Don't let him set foot in the kitchen!" I yelled, as we burst threw the door and onto the dark streets running at full speed, I heard Scott face-palm and Sheldon laugh.

As we went back to the dairy section, I saw that damn guy again. "Back again for your grandpa?" he laughed, I choked back in horror, why was he doing this he didn't even know me! Cel snarled, then his boss came around the corner, "Bill stop harassing customers, I told you, get the hell out of my store!" his boss yelled. Bill looked taken aback, "I'll be back for you little girl." he hissed and walked out the store. "Is that a threat?" Cel called after him, he just kept walking. Cel and I got back to the house and threw the cake into the oven. I sat on the stool at the island in the middle of the kitchen. I stuck a straw and sipped up, I had no idea what animal blood I was drinking, I just grabbed a random one from the fridge. "How can you drink that?" Cel laughed, and the cake was finally done, I spread the icing over it and shoved the candles in. "57?" Cel gasped, "Isn't he a little old for you?" she giggled. "Why is everyone saying that!" I yelled. Scott sped through the door, "What's wrong?" he asked, looking concerned, then he realized the cake. Sheldon walked in behind him, "Surprise!" he shouted, Cel and I stared at him, "It is a surprise party right? Or was..." Sheldon looked confused. "It was going to be a surprise, happy birthday Scott." Cel cheered, I smiled, "Happy birthday!" I shouted, and opened a drawer and threw confetti everywhere. "I know it's the worst surprise party ever but, well we tried." I forced a smile. "You call that a surprise party?" I heard Ethan laugh as he walked through the door with Amberly, she held a present. "It's good enough for me." Scott said, and he picked me up and twirled me around the kitchen, and sat me down and kissed me. "Get a room." Cel laughed, everyone laughed with her. Scott opened his presents and we all ate the cake, mostly Sheldon and Amberly, Scott forced down a piece, since we really didn't need to eat food. As everyone went back home, Sheldon to his dad's place, Amberly to her house, I sat on the back patio, remembering the parties we had back here when we were in high school. I laid across the lawn chair, gazing up at the sky, Scott walked out onto the patio, and looked down at me, "What's on your mind?" he asked, I moved over so he could sit on the chair. We laid together on the lawn chair looking at the sky. "I wish things could always be like this. No drama, no school, why did I even want to go to college, Amberly and her baby, what is going to happen when it's born?" I said. "Lydia it is her battle, you have to worry about yourself too you know, you're always selfless, one of the many things I admire about you." he reasoned, I smiled, he was about to say something else but I sneaked him a kiss. "Happy birthday." I whispered, he hugged me closer. "Maybe I should have a surprise party for your birthday." he laughed, and I groaned, "It isn't a surprise anymore, and it's Cel's birthday too." I giggled. Life goes on, we have drama, deaths, fights, we all may be broken, Sheldon may be on Elle's side, Scott on Amberly's, no one really on Eddie's he has basically abandoned Amberly with the baby, yet he "promised" to help raise it, he spent every waking moment with that Olivia girl. Cel sided with no one, I was still friends with Elle and Amberly both, just because they were broken, didn't mean we all had to be divided. In the end, we are all linked in some way, in the future, who knows what could happen, but right now, I was in my happy place, I was content. I fell asleep in his arms, and woke up to a yellow dawn, I wanted to burn it.

Author's Note

Thank you all so much for spending the time to read this somewhat of a book, I know some parts weren't that great, others were awesome. There will be a book 2, I hope to start writing soon, but since I have just finished this book, I deserve a long needed break from writing/typing. THANK YOU! - SparkleShine98

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