The Sanguinis Clan is a very powerful vampire hunting group. Known for being the strongest of all the clans in the world, and the oldest, the Sanguinis clan strives to rid the world of any vampires. Any sympathizers of them, are considered enemies as well. However in modern times, the clan had become more lenient on vampires, only hunting those who are known to be randomly killing innocent people. Based in London, England in the late 1800's, the main headquarters had been moved to New York City since the late 1990's. Lead by the esteemed Archer Family, the clan is run by the late leader James Archer's wife, Emma. Though recently, James' best friend Matthew, had him killed, so that he, through Emma, could run the clan radically, and go against their code, hunting all supernaturals, even innocent people. The clan was founded by Diane Lalune, who was the first vampire-witch hybrid, and the progenitor of the vampire race, and the creator of the hunter race, to combat the evil she created, they later entombed her as her blood was a threat to their kind. Their clan's vigil is an arrow going through a crescent moon, with the moon and arrow seemingly being covered in blood, since the name of the clan, Sanguinius, which comes from jus sanguinis means right of blood in Latin.

History Edit

Founded in the 1500's by Diane La Lune, she sought out her half-brother's descendant, a renagade witch who had created a band of vampire hunters, driven to rid the world of abominations. Diane, seeing her mistake in creating vampires, gifted the group with special abilities to combat vampires, her descendant, Mathias, lost his ability to use magic, but became the strongest hunter, in which he took pride in. The group's motto, "Iaculum dirige viribus luna" ("The might of the moon shall guide your arrow."), is in response to Diane's gifting them of abilities, her being the moon, and their arrow being guided by it, to destroy the evil she created. Mathias also later changed his surname to Archer, instead of La Lune, as he was the proclaimed arrow sent to destroy vampires, as his descendants were.

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Current Allies

  • Nightshade Pact

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Current Enemies

  • None
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