Sanctuary Arch.

Sanctuary Arch

Sanctuary is the capitol of Sacred Grove, and is where the World Tree is, and is where Queen Valerin lives and rules. 

The TownEdit

When you get off the warpstone, you find yourself in the Bixie's gardens and the Bixie Hive. Then you walk into the the long street. There's merchants, coffee shops, and little shops all along sunrise and sunset street. And has orange and blue banners flying over the sky as it is connected to trees.
  • The Royal Palace
  • Queen Valerin
  • Sanctuary's logo

The World TreeEdit

As you go into the heart of Sanctuary, you see the World Tree, with royal guards all about. There is five little islands around the tree, connected by lily pad bridges. And is surrounded by Waterfalls, and inside the tree is where our queen lives and rules on her throne.

Memorial CavesEdit

The caves is a historic site in Sanctuary. It's where the murals that tell our history, and where the Heartseed is that the World Tree lives off of. Half of the Heartseed is missing, because Darkthrone took half of it and made another big tree in Brairheart, and rules there.


Most of the residents there are Humans and Pixies. People from all around Sacred Grove come to see the caves, or the beautiful countryside.

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