Requiem is a spin off of The Hathaway Chronicles. It is also a novella.

Synopsis Edit


It's 1888 in London, England. Felicity Evans and Ethan Norwich are both the best at what they do, hunting vampires. While society flourishes in the era of Victorian England, underneath the elaborate parties of the elite, lies something far sinister.

Raised to hunt and kill vampires, Ethan strives to live up to his families expectations. But when he is forced into an unwilling betrothal, things begin to sour between the one he truly loves.  

Felicity Evans is what every woman of her generation is taught not to be, headstrong, wild, and brave.  

However, once Ethan believes he has everything under control, all hell breaks loose.

Main Characters Edit

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Benedict Evans
  • Erica Evans
  • TBA
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