Raven Archer is a hunter and an upcoming character in The Broken Series novel, Shattered Spells. She is a vampire hunter, along with her entire family. She is the daughter of Emma Archer. As well as the younger sister of Jonathan Archer.

History Edit

Like her family has been for generations, Raven graduated high school early, and pursued her life as a Vampire Hunter. She's been trained since she could walk, and like her brother, is one of the best hunters of her generation. When she was 10, her father was murdered by rogue vampires, and ever since, she committed her life to slaying vampires, like her mother, she hates vampires, and sees them to be all evil, even if they are good. She doesn't have the best relationship with her brother, though they would give up each others lives for each other, they bicker, and it gets violent sometimes. When she was 5, she stabbed her older brother with a knife just because he threatened to cut her hair. Right after high school, she and her mother went around the country hunting vampires, while her brother decided to go to college and do something else besides being a hunter. Though part of their hunting league is there, he has joined them to help with security of the college.

The Broken Series Edit

Shattered Spells Edit

Raven travels to Lavender Coast to pay her brother a visit.

Appearance Edit

She has dark raven black hair, in which she got her name. Her hair is cut short, she is petite with thick brown eyebrows. She has dark hazel eyes, that change depending on her mood.

Personality Edit

Raven is described as being tough as nails, and can give someone a look and make them automatically cringe. She has a very sarcastic personality, and likes to tease her older brother, she looks up to him, but often sees herself as more mature then him. She tends to glare at people she is introduced to, she is very distrusting of others that she does not know. Like her brother and mother, she is known for her quick temper, but she puts loyalty to her family above all else. When Jonathan told Raven and their mother the truth about Matthew, Emma didn't believe him, but Raven felt mixed feelings about Jonathan's words, and later deflects from the clan along with him at the end of Shattered Spells, when she witnesses Matthew trying to kill Jonathan. She pretends to be on Matthews side to gather intel and pass it to Jonathan, since she wants to avenge her fathers death, and protect her family at all costs.

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