"He always talks like he is from a different time..."
Lydia about Orion in Darkness Descending

Orion Petrescu is a vampire and a major recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles. He sired Francis Hathaway, along with Adelaide and Claire. He is also the husband of the late Claire Hathaway, and is the distant uncle of Seana Kane, to whom was his last living descendant. He later, with Francis, became a teacher to look after the reincarnations of Adelaide and Claire. He is known as one of the oldest living vampires, and was one of the very first sired by the progenitor, Diane La Lune.

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In the chapter The Petrescu's, he appears briefly with Seana and Francis as he warns him to not interfere with anything going on, since Claire (his wife) gave him a severe warning if he messed with anything in the future, since it could change everything for the worse that she foresaw before her death. He then argues with Seana about the past and how she accused him of not caring that Riley and Emila Kane were murdered and he did nothing to avenge their deaths, only she did. He then has to restrain Francis as he attacks and threatens her to not touch either of those girls (Celesta and Lydia), or any of his coven's witches.

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