Olivia Walker is a hunter and an upcoming character in The Hathaway Chronicles. She is set to appear in Silently Falling. She was introduced as the childhood friend of Eddie Duell. She is later revealed to be a vampire hunter, and is part of a secret faction to rid the world of all supernaturals. Like her family, she is a member of the Sanguinis Clan. She is also the niece of Matthew Cooke, through her mother, Bree.

Olivia is a member of the Walker Family and the Cooke Family, both which are prestigious and wealthy vampire hunter families.

History Edit

Olivia was born and raised in Lavender Coast in a very strong vampire hunter family, since the time she could walk, she was learning combat and shooting a bow with arrows. She at sometime graduated high school, and later joined Matthew Cooke's secret league of vampire hunters, seeing all supernaturals must be terminated, since they see them as an abomination of nature. She was also childhood friends with Eddie Duell till the 5th grade, when he moved to Seaside, California, and they lost contact.

The Hathaway Chronicles Edit

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Olivia is described as short, at least 5'2, slim, and very stealthy in her movements. She has long raven black hair that goes to her waist, but is typically in a pony tail at most times. She has dark green calculating eyes, she mostly wears long sleeve shirts, since she has scars up her arms, but unknown to most, its from when she hunted vampires. She favors jeans, or her dark hunting gear, and she always wears dark combat boots.

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