Mirah Hathaway (née Crawford) is a witch and a recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles. She was the wife of the late Jason Hathaway, and had two children with him, Lydua and Peter. After the death of her husband, she helped guide her daughter in leading the Hathaway Coven. She moved out to Colorado to live with her daughter, after the death of her son-in-law, Henry. She is considered as the matriarch of the Hathaway Family, to those descended from her.

Mirah is a member of the Crawford Family, and an unnamed witch Family. She is also a member of the Hathaway Family, through her marriage to Jason.

History Edit

Mirah Crawford was the first born child of Mr. Crawford, and his first wife, who was an unnamed witch, a member of the Hathaway Coven. Mr. Crawford was unaware of his wife's heritage, and when he found out, wanted nothing to do with her or his daughter, and sought a divorce, calling it voodoo and unnatural, and no longer wanted to believe such things existed. Mirah and her mother then moved in with the Hathaway's. Mirah later met their eldesr son Jason, who was 15 years her senior. The two later got together and married in 1951. They had two children, Lydia, born in 1952, and Peter, born in 1960. When Jason's father passed away, Jason took over the leadership of the coven, with Mirah being his closest adviser, most said that the coven was really led by her, a half witch, with twice the knowledge that Jason possessed. Jason groomed his first born child, Lydia, to become the Elder once he passed, she would be the first woman to do so. Sadly, in 1987, Jason passed away, at the age of 72, leaving his daughter to lead the coven. With Mirah and Peter's help, Lydia became one of the most strongest leaders. In 2005, when Mirah's son-in-law, Henry, passed away, Mirah took up residence with her daughter, and the two currently live in Colorado, and run an inn. Till this day, Mirah still helps Lydia lead the coven, as she has done so for over 40 years. She was also the one to tell Miranda and Laura that they were siblings, since Laura approached her grandmother in the 1990's, saying her and Miranda had figured it out, but Mirah told the two of them to act like they were just cousins, since their mother would of been heartbroken if they found out, since she hated herself for giving up Miranda.

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Mirah is described as being stern, strong willed, and a natural leader at heart.

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