Matthew Cooke is a major recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles. He is an upcoming antagonist. He is the co-leader of the Sanguinis Clan, as well as the leader of the Nightshade Pact, a secret faction that wants to kill all supernaturals.

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Matthew Cooke was born sometime in 1967, in Russia. He had a younger brother named Bill Cooke. As a child, he trained alongside James Archer, who would become his best friend, and fellow hunter. They were members of the Sanguinis clan, their families being in it for generations. James' family were the leaders, his father being the current leader. When they were young, most of the clan moved to the United States, settling in New York, where the headquarters were established. At 24, James had to step up to become the leader, and chose Matthew as his second-in-command, something Matthew took pride in. Matthew hated all supernaturals, viewing them as abominations, and hated that James took pity on them, only slaying vampires who took human life. After James had married Emma, they had two children, Jonathan and Raven. Matthew had started to become power hungry, and became enraged when James made Emma a co-leader, something he thought he deserved. In 2008, Matthew, wanting to take over, hatched a plot with a few of his radical followers to kill James. Matthew had already created the Nightshade Pact in 1995. He had told James he had discovered a vampire nest, who were killing innocents left and right. James and Matthew went, alone. Right when James wasn't looking, Matthew took a knife, and stabbed James. To make it look like they were ambushed, Matthew inflicted severe, but not life threatening injuries upon himself. When he returned and told Emma, she became heartbroken. Matthew saw this as his chance, and comforted her, easily manipulating her. She began to hate vampires, but in a way, still held her late husband's ideals. But Matthew basically became the leader, since everything that she did, was through his constant advice. To keep her under his thrall, he acted like he loved her, but in his own twisted way, he did care for her well being. They became engaged a few years after being together. Jonathan, James's son, became Matthew's protégé, when he was in his late teens. Matthew had went to Lavender Coast and became a professor, since Emma went into the medical field, and was on the board of directors for the College, he wanted to keep an eye on her at all times, without her knowing. In about 2012, Jonathan came and stayed with Matthew in Lavender Coast, Matthew had created a campus security, which was actually patrolling for supernaturals, especially vampires.

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