Margaret "Maggie" Crawford is a recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles novel, Darkness Descending. She is considered to be the most popular student at Franklin High. She is best friends with Isabel Florence.


Born on September 12, 1995, to Timothy and Tabitha Crawford of Seaside, Maggie was born into a wealthy family, and later became popular throughout her school years. Though being a blond, she is quite an airhead. Maggie is the most popular girl at Franklin High School. She is best friends with Isabel Florence. Maggie is also the great niece of Mirah Crawford, who is the great grandmother of Lydia Reza and Celesta Moone. Maggie is descended from Mirah's half brother, who was a human, Mirah's mother was a witch.

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Maggie is described as petite, slim, and very beautiful. She tends to wear make-up often, with her long blond hair in loose waves down her back. She has light blue eyes, which can sometimes be described as cold, or vacant at times.  


Maggie overall was self-centered and selfish. She would go to many measures to get what she wants, but is against physically harming others. But if she is put in the situation, like she was with Isabel who took Lydia, she didn't try and stop, but blindly followed Isabel's orders. She does have a sense of self-preservation, when almost killed by Sheldon, she was let loose, then decided to flee and run for her life.

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