"Twins haven't been born since Amberly's mother and her aunt, but the both of them were dead, having passed away several years ago."
Celesta about Maria and Madeline in Darkness Descending

Madeline Rose Carp was a cursed witch and a recurring background character in The Hathaway Chronicles. She was the eldest daughter of Anthony Carp and Madison Brown. She was the older twin sister of Maria Wise, and the older sister of Margaret Carp. Like her mother and sister Maria, she was cursed with the hex placed on her family by her great aunt Cynthia Brown, which lead to her ultimate demise.

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Madeline Carp was the first born daughter of Anthony Carp and Madison Brown, born on April 25, 1973. She was born before her identical twin sister, Maria. The first born curse applied to her without a doubt, but since they were twins, and born with a connection, it affected them both, more so to Madeline. Growing up in Seaside, she was known to be a terror at a young age, being very mean towards other children, and liked wrecking havoc. In her teen years, she was very rebellious, but nonetheless still graduated high school, and was initiated into the Hathaway Coven at 18. However, she was shunned after she started practicing dark magic. When she was 19, she had gotten pregnant by an unknown boy, but it ended in miscarriage with in the first trimester. The curse, which somewhat twists fate, the cursed witch usually gets pregnant young, carry on the curse, and the mother would die not long after due to the madness. A cruel twist of fate. In 1994, her twin sister, Maria, was going to have a child with her husband Logan. Madeline, becoming very jealous and spiteful about losing her child, wanted her sister to know her pain. She attempted to kill a heavily pregnant Maria, but was killed by Logan while he was protecting his wife and unborn daughter.

The Hathaway Chronicles Edit

Darkness Descending Edit

In the chapter Bright Eyes, she was briefly mentioned by Celesta Smith, her cousin. Celesta had said that the last twins to have been born in the Hathaway family were Maria and Madeline, but that both were dead, as of 2012. Madeline had died in 1994, while Maria supposedly passed in 1997.

In the chapter The Petrescu's, she was indirectly mentioned by Seana Kane. That in 1994, a witch from the Hathaway Coven was going around killing people, and that she wanted to kill her to stop drawing attention to the supernatural, but that Francis stopped her. Seana later revealed that someone had killed her.

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Madeline has the standard abilities of a witch. As a descendant of the Hathaway Family, and a twin of Maria, she was said to have been a very powerful witch, though cursed with madness. She practiced dark magic.

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