"See you assholes at home!"

Lydia Meadows is one of the main characters and tritagonist in Fifty Shades of Stupid. She is the younger sister of Celeste Meadows, as well as being the aunt of Ellen Barbadoslatte. She is shown to be insane and bipolar.

Early History Edit

Fifty Shades of Stupid Edit

Personality Edit

Before the death of her her beloved pet donkey, Ozvaldo, Lydia was perhaps once sane, but she was borderline crazy to begin with. She was basically raised by Celeste, being abandoned by their parents at 15 and 16, they did what they had to do to survive. Lydia is very emotional, going from calm, to crying, to pissed in one second. She is considered bipolar. And after the death of her donkey, she became mad and psychotic. She hates yellow, immediately setting the object on fire if she is able to.

Appearance Edit

Lydia is described to look like a 10 year old child, being very short, about 5'1. She typically wears donkey print dresses, and has short frizzy hair. Her expression is mostly that of an angry child, her eye sometimes twitches for no apparent reason, though it may be because she is insane and about to snap at any moment.

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