"It doesn't matter what you are capable of, or what you will do to us. But either way Sonia, we will delay you."
Lydia to Sonia in Bleeding Hearts

Lydia Pearson (née Hathaway) is a witch and a recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles. She appeared briefly at the end of Darkness Descending. She is mother of Miranda Hathaway and Laura Reza. She is also Elder and leader of the Hathaway Coven. Her granddaughter, Lydia, is named after her.

Lydia is a member of the Hathaway Family and the Crawford Family. She is also a member of the Pearson Family through her marriage to Henry.

History Edit

Born on December 3, 1952 to Jason and Mirah Hathaway, Lydia was the youngest. Her older sibling, a brother named Peter. While she was in high school, she had met William Archer, a hunter 10 years her senior, she was 16, he was 26. They had been acquainted, since her father was trying to have diplomatic ties with the Sanguinis clan, and William was the future leader, as was Lydia in her coven. They became star-crossed lovers, but when their clans ended things on bad terms they were split apart, since William was bound by duty, and he left behind a heartbroken Lydia. She discovered she was pregnant, and she had Miranda at age 17, in 1970. Lydia was overwhelmed with being a mother so young, and Jason suggested that her cousin, Mason, adopt her, since his wife Esther could not have children. Lydia had hinted to her granddaughters in Silently Falling, that Jason forced her to give up Miranda, but it was never discovered. When she was 23, she met Henry Pearson, and he matched up her broken heart that she had carried for 5 long years. He knew about Miranda, and the two grew close. They married in 1975, and later had a daughter, Laura, in 1976. She never wanted to tell either of her children that they were related, as it would break her heart even more, since she believed she failed as a mother. In 1987, after the death of her father, she became the Elder of the coven, and Laura had mentioned that her mother became more stern and distant afterwards. She became closer to her mother Mirah, who helped her lead the coven. She also became close with her ancestor, Francis, and it was her idea to put his daughters souls into her unborn granddaughters, since she knew they would be kept safe from the threat coming. Her husband passed away in 2005, causing Lydia to once again sink into grief, she left Seaside with her mother, and moved to Colorado, however, she was very close to her granddaughter Lydia before she moved.

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Darkness Descending Edit

In the chapter The Reckoning, she is briefly mentioned by her granddaughter Lydia, her namesake. She mentioned that her "Nana", was in the coven that her parents also were associated with.

She briefly appears during her granddaughters' graduation from Franklin High School. She then returns to Colorado.

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