Jonathan Leo Archer is a hunter and a main character in The Hathaway Chronicles. He is the son of the late James Archer, and Emma Archer. He is also the older brother of Raven Archer. He is a student at Canaberra university, and is the protege of Matthew Cooke. Through his grandfather William, he is the first cousin of Celesta Moone, though both of them are currently unaware.

Jonathan is a member of the Archer Family.

History Edit

Jonathan Leo Archer was born on January 26, 1993 to James and Emma Archer. His mother is full Russian, as is his father, but he was born in New York. His father was the leader of the Sanguinis Clan, that hunts supernatural creatures, especially vampires. He trained since he could walk, and became one of the best and respected in his family of hunters, his sister Raven, is also known to be stubborn and dark, a mastermind. When he was 15, his father James and his second in command and closest friend, Matthew Cooke went on a mission against the most dangerous vampires the two had ever encountered. James was killed in the incident, and Matthew was also almost close to death, till they were rescued by James's wife Emma and many other back ups. What he didn't know, was that Matthew had paid the vampires to kill James on purpose, to sneak up on him and kill him, so Matthew could take over the leadership, but it went to Emma, so he pursued her and they got engaged, later down the road, he planned to even have her killed, but fell in love with her. He got her so wrapped around his finger that most of the leadership responsibilities were greatly influenced by him. After Jonathan's father died, Jonathan felt angered, a former passion of slaying bad vampires, he later saw them all as demons, with nonredeemable qualities, no matter who you were. It fueled his rage, and he became very cold and detached. When he turned 18, he went to Lavender Coast and went under the mentor-ship of Matthew Cooke, who was also secretly conducting a group that wanted to rid the world of all supernatural beings, which was against the clan's code, only slay vampires. Jonathan never knew about Matthew's secret society.

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Darkness Descending Edit

Towards the ending of Darkness Descending, he appeared at the tour at Canberra University, he was one of the students present there answering questions to incoming freshmen on campus, he was a sophomore in college in early 2013. He met Elle, Lydia, and Cel briefly, and seemed to take in interest in Elle, the two later kept in contact with one another.

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