Isabel Florence is a vampire and a recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles novel, Darkness Descending. She was also a secondary antagonist. She is best friends with Maggie Crawford. During the first few weeks of her senior year, she met Seana Kane, and was introduced to the supernatural. She was turned into a vampire by Seana Kane, since the latter was seeking companions and turning various students into vampires to wreck havoc on Scott and Sheldon's lives.    

History                                                                                                        Edit

Isabel Florence was born in Seaside, California, to an unnamed man and woman. Not much is known about her early life, but that her father was known to be an alcoholic and abusive after her mother passed away when she was 10. She has been best friends with Maggie Crawford since they were children. She later began attending Franklin High School in 2010.

The Hathaway Chronicles Edit

Darkness Descending Edit


Human Edit

As a human, Isabel was wildly popular among the students at her school, but was very envious of others who were prettier then her. She is also the captain of the cheerleading squad. She likes to win at everything and enjoys tormenting others that try and stand up to her. However, when Seana came, she further corrupted her, and made her hate Celesta Moone.

Vampire Edit

As a vampire, Isabel became very unstable and had little to no self-control over herself. She seemed to be in control of herself when Seana was around. She became mindless, with no humanity and did whatever Seana told her to do, even going as far as to push Maggie down a flight of stairs and almost killing her.


Isabel is described as being pale and beautiful, with light blue eyes and red hair. Like her friend Maggie, she likes to dress in the latest fashion, though she tends to have a rebel style look going most of the time. She likes wearing leather.


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