The Hathaway Family is one of the most powerful witch families of The Hathaway Chronicles, and also one of the oldest and most unique. Most of them are members of the Hathaway Coven. Descended from Adelaide's son, Maxwell. Most of the direct descendants were male, from 1604 to 1894, there was just one son from each descendant of Maxwell. Veronica Hathaway was the first female born in almost 400 years from the Hathaway Family, with Annabeth being the second, and Lydia Hathaway being the third.

Living Members of the Hathaway Family (As of 2012)

Living/Undead Direct Descendants

Living Members By Marriage


Back in the 1500's, a young witch named Sara Hathaway became pregnant at 26 with her first and only child, a son. She had him out of wedlock, the father not caring for her at all. When he was about 5 months old, she searched for a family of witches, till she finally found one. She left him on their doorstep wrapped in blankets, and a silver pendant with the Hathaway family crest on it, and his name, Francis Hathaway, in 1533. Hoping he would get a better life then on the streets, since her family kicked her out for getting pregnant before marriage. She met a vampire, who saved her life, since she was dying of sickness two months after she had left Francis so he turned her into a vampire and became smitten. She realized that she was a hybrid, and soon, she decided to go off on her own, and her and the vampire parted ways. She crossed paths with her son in London, he was 29, and a wealthy landowner, she knew he was her son, but decided to leave London, since he discovered him as his mother an a hybrid, he wanted her in his life, but she told him it would be for the best, and left. She was saddened, and later begin to lose her humanity and harm others. Her son continued the Hathaway family line, passing down his knowledge of the arts of witchcraft. When Francis was 30, he met his future wife, Isabella Hartford, and they later married. When he was 35, he met a vampire, and seeing that he could live forever with his wife, he asked to be turned, so him and his wife could be together forever. So with Francis's consent, His wife was astounded at what her husband become, being a witch herself, she sensed what he was. He asked her to be with him forever, she thought about it, and right when she decided to be with him, she discovered she was pregnant. They waited throughout her pregnancy, delivering two healthy baby girls, they named the first one, Adelaide, who inherited the light majestic green eyes, the Hathaway family eyes, then Claire, who inherited her mothers sapphire blue eyes. Isabella was weaken from giving birth, and knowing that his blood could heal, since the vampire that had turned him could, he slit his wrist and tried to heal his wife.

Family Members

Main Family Line

  • Sara Hathaway (1506-) (Undead) - Matriarch of the Hathaway Family
  • Francis Hathaway (1533-) (Undead) - Known as the Patriarch of the Hathaway Family, he is the son of Sara Hathaway, and ancestor to all of the Hathaway Family. He married Isabella Hartford, when he was 30, and they later had twin daughters 5 years later, Claire and Adelaide. Since Francis had wanted him and Isabella to be together, he was turned into a hybrid by Orion Petrescu, but they found out she was pregnant. They waited till after the birth, so she could be turned into what he was, but when he tried, she died, because hybrids couldn't turn others into vampires. He later, with his twin daughters, traveled, and kept a close eye on their descendants, Adelaide's son, Maxwell's, descendants.
  • Claire Hathaway (1569-1995) (Deceased) - Daughter of Isabella and Francis. She was the lover and later wife of Orion Petrescu.
  • Adelaide Hathaway (1569-1995) (Deceased) - Daughter of Isabella and Francis. She later married her distant relation Jacobi Hathaway, and they had twins, Sonia and Maxwell. She and Jacobi later split, and Adelaide raised Maxwell, and wanted Sonia to live a normal life.
  • Jacobi (1564-1607) (Deceased) - He was a witch who later married Adelaide, and had two children, Maxwell and Sonia. He later took Sonia away when he found out Adelaide has been getting out of control in her hybrid nature, when she was trying, he also hated Maxwell when Orion healed from an illness, since he saw anything having to do with vampires as impure and evil. However, it was revealed that Adelaide changed his memories to make him leave, since she knew Sonia had a chance of a normal life.
  • Sonia Hathaway (1588-) (Undead) - Daughter of Jacobi and Adelaide Hathaway. She was raised by her father in Spain, since Jacobi It was said she was born mad, always wanting to become powerful like her mother and aunt were. She tricked Orion into turning her, with her ability to control people like her mother had. She wanted to gather power, and centuries later, wanted to sacrifice both her mother and aunt to become truly immortal. She is the younger twin sister of Maxwell. She never married or had children.
  • Maxwell Hathaway (1588-1667) (Deceased) - Son and eldest child of Adelaide and Jacobi Hathaway, he is the elder twin brother of Sonia. He became a very powerful witch, growing under the mentoring of his mother and grandfather. He was aware of his sister's existence, but went along with Adelaide's wishes for Sonia to live a normal human life. He later moved to the New World, and settled in Salem, Massachusetts with Francis, Adelaide, Orion, and Claire. He later married and had a son, Thomas. All present day Hathaway's are descended from his son Thomas Hathaway.

Descendants of Maxwell Hathaway

  • Thomas Hathaway (1643-1731) (Deceased) TBA
  • Alexander Hathaway (1856-1932) (Deceased) -
  • Andrew Hathaway (1888-1959) (Deceased) - Oldest child and only son of Alexander Hathaway. He married Clarissa Remington, and had two sons, Harold and Jason, and one daughter, Annabeth. Like his father, and his father before him, he was an elder in the Hathaway Coven. He later passed the title to his son Jason, who passed it onto Sally Pearson, the current elder of the Hathaway Coven.
  • Veronica Brown (née Hathaway) (1894-1978) (Deceased) - Daughter of Alexander Hathaway, he was his only daughter. She is the younger sister of Andrew Hathaway. Married Nicholas Brown, she was the first female descendant of Adelaide Hathaway to be born since 1588. She was the mother of Cynthia Brown and Christina Brown. She is the great-great grandmother of Elle Harris, Fred Harris, and Amber Wise.

Descendants of Andrew Hathaway (1888-1959)

  • Jason Hathaway (1915-1987) (Deceased) - Eldest son of Andrew Hathaway. He married Mirah Crawford, and they had two children, Lydia, then Peter. He is the maternal grandfather of Laura and Miranda.
  • Harold Hathaway (1918-1983) (Deceased) - Youngest son of Andrew Hathaway and father of Mason Hathaway Sr. From his first marriage to Katherine Hanson, he had 1 son, Mason. He died in the fall of 1983.
  • Annabeth Hathaway (1920-2009) (Deceased) - Youngest child and only daughter of Andrew Hathaway and Clarissa Remington. She left home during World War II to work as a nurse in Hawaii. After the war, she met an unnamed man, and stayed in Hawaii, losing contact with her mother. She left her family legacy, later having a daughter named Bianca, whom she raised away from witchcraft. That changed drastically when Bianca discovered her heritage, and went back to Seaside, California, taking the surname Morris, her father's.

Descendants of Veronica Hathaway

  • Cynthia Brown (1917-) (Alive) - Eldest daughter of Nicolas Brown and Veronica Hathaway. Fredrick Harris' wife, known for casting the curse on the Brown Family, who also married into the Hathaway Family, descended from them is Amber Wise. Cynthia is the great grandmother of Elle Harris and Fred Harris, as well as the great-great aunt of Amber Wise. She is the elder sister of Christina Brown, whose daughter, Madison, married Anthony Carp, her daughter-in-law's brother.
  • Christina Brown (1919-1964) (Deceased) - Youngest daughter of Nicolas Brown and Veronica Hathaway. She married an unnamed man, but he died before they ever had any children. She later moved in with her elder sister and her husband. She had a secret affair with Fredrick Harris, producing their only daughter, Madison Brown. Cynthia found out and cursed her sister with madness, along with her descendants. Christina raised her daughter for as long as she could before the curse drove her to kill herself.
  • Drake Harris (1935-) (Alive) - Son and only child of Fredrick Harris and Cynthia Brown. He is the older half brother of Madison Brown. He later married Morgan Carp and had three children, Robert, Rebekah, and Cynthia. He disowned Cynthia after she fell in love and had a child with a human. He is the grandfather of Elle Harris and Fred Harris.
  • Madison Carp (née Brown) (1954-1981) (Deceased) - Daughter of Fredrick Harris and Christina Brown, she was a member of the cursed family, her fathers wife, her aunt, had cursed her family, since Madison was born out of wedlock, and out of an affair. She later married Anthony Carp, her sister-in-law's brother. They had twin daughters, Madeline and Maria. And then their youngest daughter, Margaret. She committed suicide, via overuse of magic, so she wouldn't harm her family, since their curse was taking effect. She made sure she had another child after the twins, since the curse would only effect first born children of the family line. She is the grandmother of Amberly Wise.
  • Robert Harris (1967-) (Alive) - Oldest son of Drake Harris and Morgan Carp. He never married, unlike his family, he is close to his younger sister Cynthia, and has become the guardian of Fred Harris after Cynthia's death.
  • Rebekah Harris (1969-) (Alive) - Oldest daughter and middle child of Drake Harris and Morgan Carp. She married Rob Benson. They have no children together.
  • Cynthia Harris (1976-) (Alive) - Youngest daughter and child of Drake Harris and Morgan Carp. She later met and had two children with Brent Nelson. Since he was human, she was disowned and stripped of her magic. She only spoke with her brother Robert, to whom she was very close. She was the mother of Elle Harris and Fred Harris.
  • Madeline Carp (1973-1994) (Deceased) - First born daughter of Anthony Carp and his wife, Madison Brown. She is the elder twin of Maria, and the oldest sister of Maria and Margaret. She died after the darkness from their mothers family curse effected her, her twin sister Maria was also effected from the curse, due to them being twins.
  • Maria Wise (née Carp) (1973-) (Undead) - She is the middle child of Anthony Carp, and his wife, Madison Brown. She is the younger twin sister of Madeline, and older sister of Margaret. Like her sister, she was cursed, but did not let it take over, she was turned into a hybrid, and later got rid of her magic, the only known way to get rid of the curse, the other being death. Before she turned into a vampire, she married Logan Wise, and had a daughter, Amber Wise. She later left after she turned, thinking she died, she did it so she didn't have to watch her loved ones grow old and die.
  • Margaret Hathaway (1981-) (Alive) - Margaret was the youngest daughter of Anthony Carp and Madison Brown. She was the younger sister of Madeline and Maria. She later met Logan, the widow of her sister.
  • Amberly Wise (1995-) (Alive) - Amber is the only daughter and child of Maria Carp and Logan Wise.
  • Elle Harris (1995-) (Undead) - Daughter of Brent Nelson and Cynthia Harris.
  • Fred Harris (2000-) (Alive)- Son of Brent Nelson and Cynthia Harris. He is the younger brother of Elle Harris.

Descendants of Harold Hathaway

  • Mason Hathaway (1942-) (Alive) - Only son of Harold with his first wife Katherine Hanson, who died when he was 10 years old. He is the husband of Esther Marino, and discovered they could not have a child. They adopted Miranda, his first cousin's daughter, since she was a young mother and could not care for her.

Descendants of Jason Hathaway

  • Lydia Pearson (née Hathaway) (1952-) (Alive) - Oldest daughter of Jason, and his wife Mirah Crawford. She is the older sister of Peter. She married Henry Pearson, and they had two daughters, Laura Pearson-Ross, and Miranda, their eldest, who they gave up for adoption to Ophelia's second cousin, Mason Jr. and his wife, who could not have children, Henry and her were young and not in a stable situation to raise a child. She is the maternal grandmother of Ophelia Ross and Celesta Smith.
  • Peter Hathaway (1960-) (Alive) - Youngest child of Jason, and his wife Mirah Crawford. He was the younger brother of Ophelia, and the uncle of Laura and Miranda. He was the great-uncle of Lydia and Celesta. He had no children, and was never married. He devoted himself to witchcraft, and keeping his family safe, along with his sister, who was the elder of the Hathaway Coven.
  • Miranda Moone (née Hathaway) (1970-) (Alive) - Is the eldest of Lydia Hathaway, she was born when Lydia was very young, the father was William Archer, a hinter. Since her mother were young and not able to raise her, she was adopted by her cousin, Mason, and his wife Esther, she later discovered Laura was her sister in her late teens. She married Jeffery Moone and had a daughter named Celesta.
  • Laura Reza (née Pearson) (1976-) (Alive) - Laura is the only child between her mother Lydia and her husband Henry Pearson. She is the younger half sister of Miranda. She married Samuel Reza, who is a witch like her, and had a daughter, Lydia Reza.
  • Lydia Reza (1995-) (Alive) - Lydia is the only daughter and child of Samuel Reza and Laura Reza.
  • Celesta Moone (1995-) (Alive) - Celesta is the only daughter of Miranda Hathaway and Jeffery Moone.

Descendants of Annabeth Hathaway

  • Bianca Morris (1947-) (Alive) - Daughter and only child of Annabeth Hathaway, Bianca was raised in Hawaii. She later discovered she was a witch, and moved to her mother's hometown, Seaside. Not knowing who her family was, she later crossed paths with the Hathaway Coven, to whom they extended an invitation for her to join, since the leader then, noticed that she was a distant relation, but did not tell her, since he knew she did not want to know. She later met a fellow member of the Hathaway Coven, and they had one daughter, Liliana.
  • Liliana Parker (née Morris) (1975-) (Alive) - Only child of Bianca Morris and an unnamed witch. She later married Tony Henderson, who was human. Tony died before Amelia was born, so she had raised Amelia on her own. Liliana was also best friends with Laura Ross and Miranda Smith in High School.
  • Amelia Carter (1994-) (Alive) - Daughter of Liliana Morris and Tony Carter. She is a witch like her mother, Liliana. She is the older sister of Austin Parker.
  • Austin Parker (2013-) (Alive) - Son of Liliana Morris and Andy Parker. He is the younger brother of Amelia. Unlike his sister, Austin is only a quarter witch, meaning he may or may not develop magic later in life.

Members Married into Hathaway Family

  • Isabella Hathaway (née Hartford) (1542-1569) (Deceased) - Wife of Francis Hathaway, and mother to their twin daughters, Claire and Adelaide. She later died due to complications of childbirth, and afterwards failed to transition into a hybrid.
  • Clarissa Remington (1895-1970) (Deceased) - Married Andrew Hathaway in 1914 and had three children with him, Andrew, Harold, and Annabeth. She died in 1970.
  • Fredrick Harris (1916-1954) (Deceased) - Husband of Cynthia Brown, he was the father of Drake Harris. He also had an affair with Christina, his wife's younger sister. They had one child together, Madison Brown. Cynthia killed him for cheating on her, and cursed Christina and Madison, along with every first born after, with madness. He is the great-grandfather of Elle Harris and Fred Harris.
  • Katherine Hanson (1911-1941) (Deceased) - wife of Harold Hathaway, they had one son, Mason. She later died when Mason was 10 years old from pneumonia.
  • Mirah Crawford (1930-) (Alive) - Wife of Jason Hathaway, and the mother of their two children, Sally and Peter. She is the maternal grandmother of Laura and Miranda. She currently resides in Colorado with her daughter Lydia.
  • Esther Marino (1947-) (Alive) - Wife of Mason Hathaway, they could not conceive a child from the first 5 years of their marriage, so they adopted Miranda from Mason's first cousin, Lydia, and raised her as their own.
  • Morgan Carp (1939-) (Alive) - Wife of Drake Harris, she is the mother of their three children, Robert, Rebekah, and Cynthia. She is the grandmother of Eleanor and Fred Harris. Like her brother Anthony, she married into the Hathaway Family.
  • Anthony Carp (1940-) (Alive) - Husband of Madison Brown, to whom he is now widowed since her death in 1981. He is the father of their three daughters, Madeline, Maria, and Margaret. With the death of Madeline, and the apparent death of Maria, his only living descendant is Margaret and Amberly.
  • Henry Pearson (1953-2005) (Deceased) - Henry was the husband of Lydia Hathaway, and the father of Laura Reza. He was a witch like his wife, and was the maternal grandfather of Lydia Reza. He died of a heart attack in 2005.
  • Samuel Reza (1974-) (Alive) - Samuel Reza is the husband of Laura Pearson. He is also the father of Lydia Reza.
  • Jeffery "Jeff" Moone (1969-) (Alive) - Jeffery is the husband of Miranda Hathaway, and was a witch. He was the father of Celesta.
  • Logan Wise (1970-) (Alive) - Former husband of Maria Hathaway, his first wife, they had one daughter, Amber Wise. Maria supposedly died, but actually became a hybrid to get rid of her family curse. 16 years after her "demise", he married Margaret, Maria's younger sister, and the two eventually married.
  • Brent Nelson (1968-2006) (Deceased) - Former fiancé of Cynthia Harris. He was the father of Elle Harris and Fred Harris. He died in a car accident in 2006.

Family Tree (From Alexander Hathaway)

First Generation

  • Veronica Hathaway † (Married Nicolas Brown; 2 children)
  • Andrew Hathaway †  (Married Clarissa Remington; 3 children)

Second Generation

  • Cynthia Brown - Veronica's Eldest Daughter (Married Fredrick Harris; 1 child)
  • Christina Brown †  - Veronica's Daughter (Married Unknown; no children) (Affair with Fredrick Harris; 1 child)
  • Harold Hathaway † - Andrew's Eldest Son (Married Katherine Hanson; 1 child)
  • Jason Hathaway † - Andrew's Son (Married Mirah Crawford; 2 children)
  • Annabeth Hathaway †  - Andrew's Daughter (Married Unnamed Morris; 1 child)

Third Generation

  • Drake Harris - Cynthia/Fredrick's Son (Married Morgan Carp; 3 children)
  • Madison Brown † - Christina/Fredrick's Daughter (Married Anthony Carp; 3 children)
  • Mason Hathaway - Katherine/Harold's Son (Married Esther Marino; Adopted Miranda Smith)
  • Lydia Hathaway - Jason/Mirah's Daughter (Married Henry Pearson; 1 child) (Dated William Archer; 1 child)
  • Peter Hathaway - Jason/Mirah's Son (Never married)
  • Bianca Morris - Annabeth/Morris' Daughter (Brief Affair; 1 child) (Never Married)

Fourth Generation

  • Robert Harris - Drake/Morgan's Son (Never Married)
  • Rebekah Harris - Drake/Morgan's Eldest Daughter (Married Rob Benson; no children)
  • Cynthia Harris - Drake/Morgan's Daughter (Affair with Brent Nelson; 2 children)
  • Madeline Carp †  - Anthony/Madison's Eldest Daughter; Maria's Twin (Never Married)
  • Maria Carp - Anthony/Madison's Daughter; Madeline's Twin (Married Logan Wise; 1 child)
  • Margaret Carp - Anthony/Madison's Youngest Daughter (Engaged to Logan Wise)
  • Laura Reza - Henry/Lydia's Daughter (Married Samuel Reza; 1 child)
  • Miranda Hathaway - William/Lydia's Eldest Daughter, Adopted by Mason/Esther (Married Jeff Moone; 1 child)
  • Liliana Morris - Bianca/Unknown's Daughter (Dated Tony Carter; 1 child) (Never Married)

Fifth Generation

  • Celesta Moone - Jeff/Miranda's Daughter (Dating Sheldon Pierce)
  • Lydia Reza - Samuel/Laura's Daughter
  • Amberly Wise - Logan/Maria's Daughter (Dating Eddie Duell)
  • Eleanor Harris - Brent/Cynthia's Daughter
  • Fredrick Harris - Brent/Cynthia's Son
  • Amelia Carter - Tony/Liliana's Daughter

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