The Hathaway Coven is a group of very powerful witches. Most members of it are direct descendants of the Hathaway Family, particularly from Maxwell Hathaway, Adelaide's son. Witches who are children of members, are usually initiated into the coven when they receive their magic abilities at age eighteen, though it is optional to join. When a witch is bound to the coven, their magic is tied with everyone else's, making their magic more controllable, and even stronger at times.

Along with elders, that lead the coven, there is also a faction within the coven, the enforcers, that keep the peace and hunt rogue supernaturals. Only the witches with the strongest abilities are enforcers, and they are most commonly men. The only exception however, was Miranda and Laura, both very powerful female witches. They also bring witches to justice if they are practicing evil forms of witchcraft. The most notable enforcer in the coven, is Jeff Moone, who is known for his brutality against those who break their laws. Samuel Reza, was a former enforcer, but, along with his wife, stopped practicing magic when their daughter Lydia was put in danger during one of their missions.

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