The Hathaway Chronicles Timeline dates are listed below. Each even that has happened is recorded in their respective dates. Each event has taken place in the novels Evermore, Darkness Descending, Silently Falling, Shattered Spells, Bleeding Hearts, Until Midnight, and Whispers of Dreams. Including the two novellas, Requiem and Bound.

The current date for the Hathaway Chronicles novels is September 13, 2012, currently set in the first novel, Darkness Descending.

Timeline Edit

1506 Edit

1533 Edit

  • Summer 1533 - Sara became ill, and met a vampire, Markos Adami, who turned her to save her life. Her parents shunned her afterwards, but Sara left Francis a letter to read once he was older, urging him to not look for her since she became what she became, and to carry on their family legacy, and create a coven to protect themselves and their kind from those who want want to harm witches.

1542 Edit

  • November 23, 1942 - Lady Isabella Hartford, Francis' wife, was born in Yorkshire, England into nobility. She was raised in and out of the Tudor Court.

1662 Edit

  • Spring 1662 - Francis Hathaway, aged 29 and now a wealthy landowner, goes to the Tudor Court, and meets Lady Isabella Hartford, the daughter of a lord, who was also secretly part of a witch society, which the Hathaway's were also in. Isabella's father wanted her to marry a very rich and titled man, but Isabella disagreed, and married Francis in secret, and later moved to Francis' estate in western England.

1563 Edit

  • June 23, 1563 - Francis Hathaway finds his mother in England, and tries to get her to be in his life. But she tells him what she is and what it's like, and she doesn't want to see him grow older and die, therefore she wants no contact with her descendants. Afterwards, after her son left in fury and anguish, he was also fascinated of what his mother was, and wanted him and his wife to be the same.
  • June 1563 - Sometime after Sara saw Francis, she became even more heartbroken, left Markos, and moved far from England.

1568 Edit

  • December 6, 1568 - Francis meets a vampire, Orion Petrescu. After saving him from a angry mob and meeting the sun, he was a very cheerful and charismatic vampire, and agreed to turn Francis and his wife, at Francis' request.
  • December 17, 1568 - Francis Hathaway is turned into a hybrid by Orion Petrescu, Orion then learns that witches who are turned retain their magic, and become hybrids.
  • December 18, 1568 - Francis asks Isabella to turn with him, but Orion and Francis hear two heartbeats within her, other than her own. They later discover she is pregnant with twins. Orion then tells Francis he needs to learn how to be what he is, and they leave for an extended period of time, Isabella told Francis after their children were born, that she would give him an answer about turning. Francis was the first known hybrid to make a daylight ring spell, it was passed on down through his family, and later became a well known spell throughout the world.
  • December 25, 1568 - Francis returns to spend Christmas with Isabella, he tells her about a spell to make daylight rings, and that Orion was surprised by his self-control when it came to being what he was.

1569 Edit

  • February 2, 1569 - Orion comes to live with the Hathaway's, since Isabella saw him as a member of their family. Isabella also tells Francis she wants to be with him forever, and to raise their children.
  • June 10, 1569 - Isabella gives birth to Claire and Adelaide Hathaway. After birthing, she lost a lot of blood. Francis tried to heal her with his blood, but she died without healing.
  • June 10, 1569 - Isabella wakes up as the first hybrid to be sired by another hybrid, something that has never happened. It is later revealed that the transition was unstable, since Francis, being only half vampire, could not fully turn others into vampires or hybrids. Isabella became rabid and unstable, and nearly killed one of her daughters, Claire, in their crib. Orion then gave Isabella some of the compelled maid's blood, and it seemed she completed the transition. But it wasn't but an hour later, that she became rabid again, and she was actually beginning to die. Isabella then ran out into the sun and committed suicide, before she did she made Francis swear to always be there for their daughters.

1586 Edit

  • September 8, 1586 - Adelaide meets Jacobi, a stable hand that has worked for her family since he was a boy. He was orphaned and doesn't even have a surname. One day Adelaide saw him accidentally using magic, but she told him her family's secret. Francis finds out, and offers to train him. After this, Adelaide and Jacobi later started a relationship together.

1588 Edit

  • January 10, 1588 - Adelaide and Jacobi marry at Francis' estate, Jacobi later learned the secret of the Hathaway Family, and how they were associated with vampires. Jacobi wanted to take Adelaide away and raise a family away from the supernatural, something Adelaide wanted as well. Jacobi also took Adelaide's surname as his own, at the request of Francis.
  • Claire Hathaway and Orion Petrescu begin to fall in love, since Claire was witty and wild, while her twin, Adelaide was reserved and honed in her skills as a powerful witch like her father.
  • August 13, 1588 - Claire Hathaway is turned into a hybrid by Orion Petrescu, leaving Adelaide and her unborn child the last living members of the Hathaway Family.
  • December 30, 1588 - Adelaide gives birth to fraternal twins Sonia and Maxwell, her only children with Jacobi. Adelaide never fully recovered from childbirth, and was left in a weakened state, she also refused to be healed by Orion, since if she was meant to die then she would die.

1589 Edit

  • March 1589 - Claire becomes upset when Adelaide's health continue's to worsen, causing her to beg Adelaide to take Orion's blood to be healed, so she could be there to see her children grow, and possibly have more children later on. Claire tells Orion she wants her sister to turn and be with them for eternity, since she didn't want to see her sister grow more sick and die.
  • April 4, 1589 - Adelaide's health has become more frail and she knows she is dying, Jacobi, going against his morals, asks Orion to heal her, but when he sees Adelaide, he knows that his blood wouldn't completely heal her, since she was dying of something that vampire blood could not heal, consumption. Orion later tells Jacobi and Adelaide, and Adelaide decides to let nature take its course, while Jacobi promised to not go against her wishes. Claire finds out, and demands that Orion turn her before she dies, not only wanting her sister to not die, but wanted her children to have a mother while growing up, since she and Adelaide did not have a mother.
  • April 5, 1589 - Adelaide is horrified when Orion tells her what her sister wants, and Orion doesn't want to see Adelaide die, so he forcefully shoves blood down her throat, and snaps her neck, right when Jacobi walks in and witnesses it. Jacobi then forces Orion out of their home, and is in anguish over what has occurred. Once Adelaide wakes up, Jacobi tells her to not let herself die, and Adelaide completes her transition, but then becomes vengeful against Orion.
  • April 6, 1589 - After Adelaide completes the transition, and made herself a daylight necklace, the one her descendant, Lydia Reza, also wears it. Adelaide and Jacobi go to Francis' estate to kill Orion. Francis is unaware what has happened, and is shocked to see a newly turned Adelaide. Orion walks in, and Adelaide attempts to kill him, by deactivating his daylight ring. Claire is shocked as well, but stops Adelaide from killing Orion. Claire then told Adelaide she saw her die in a vision, and that she woke up as a hybrid, saying her fate was inevitable and she should just accept it, Adelaide then told her family she never wanted to see them again, and her and Jacobi left England with their children, Francis warned her to keep her children safe, since they were the last Hathaway's. Adelaide then rebuked him, saying all he cared for was that his name got carried on, and she didn't want her descendants poisoned by being turned into hybrids, however, Francis didn't want that, and just wanted to protect his family from harm.
  • June 15, 1589 - Adelaide let her father teach her the reigns of being a hybrid, but after that, her and Jacobi moved to France with Maxwell and Sonia. Orion and Claire move to Vienna, since Orion wanted to take Claire to travel. Francis stayed at his estate, and kept in constant contact with Adelaide, who now knew her father had nothing to do with her turning.
  • December 24, 1589 - Claire comes to visit Adelaide and Jacobi for Christmas, but Claire discovers Adelaide was actually having a bad time adjusting to being a hybrid, and discovers in the cellars of their home, a pile of decaying corpses. Claire is horrified, and asks if Jacobi knew of it, and she said if he found out, he would take their children and leave her. Jacobi later comes down and finds them talking, and he discovers Adelaide has been the one responsible for the multiple "disappearances" in the region in which they lived in. Jacobi then tells Adelaide he should of told her, so that he could help her, this causes a slight rift in their relationship.

1590 Edit

  • January 1590 - Maxwell becomes very ill, and Claire sees that he will die in a few days time, but it can be prevented if Orion came to heal him, Jacobi doesn't want that, and doesn't want his child tainted with "devils blood", which offends Adelaide, but Jacobi tells her that if hybrids are around a witch, that they are already doomed to become one. Orion comes and heals Maxwell at Adelaide's request. Adelaide fears both of her children are doomed to the same fate she has, and tells Jacobi to take Sonia and raise her away from the supernatural, and to tell Sonia she just died when she was born, since there was a prophecy made by Claire that Sonia would turn and be the downfall of the Hathaway's. However, Jacobi refused, even if he hated what Adelaide was he still loved her, but she ultimately forced him to leave, she changed his memory and made him hate her, so he would never come back, which broke her heart, and carried the guilt for centuries, since it was a fatal mistake.
  • February 12, 1590 - Adelaide moves back to England with her son, and Francis then tells Adelaide he will train Maxwell to become a powerful witch, along with Claire and Orion, they found the Hathaway Coven. Adelaide fears she will never see her daughter again, but knew Jacobi would never let anything happen to her, and late decides that its best that her daughter is away, and to live a normal human life.

1608 Edit

  • March 2, 1608 - Sonia Hathaway is living somewhere in Spain with her father, who has aged and grown with paranoia that Adelaide would come seeking revenge and to find their daughter, but has never told Sonia about her, saying her mother and Maxwell were taken with fever years before, and that is when they moved. Sonia however, later inherited her mothers ability of mind control, and later forces her father to tell her the truth of her mother, and how he took her away because of what she became. Sonia was infuriated, and blamed him for taking her away from her mother, and that she even had a brother, since she had a very lonely and sheltered life. However, it was Adelaide who made his memories that way, since she sent Sonia away to keep her away from hybrids.
  • March 3, 1608 - Maxwell Hathaway, has been trained to be a very powerful witch by his mother and grandfather, and promised to carry on their legacy, since he is proud of who he is and his family, and doesn't care about them being hybrids.
  • March 13, 1608 - Sonia finds a old chest of family documents, also a deed to Jacobi's old house in western England, that was once owned by Francis Hathaway, Sonia then decides to go find her family, but Jacobi tries to intervene, and tells her that Adelaide is a monster and a killer, but Sonia says that her father was the real monster. She then mind controls him to let her go, and she sets out for France, to reach the English channel, and go to England.
  • March 20, 1608 - Sonia reaches Francis' estate, and finds her mother, who is beyond shocked to see her daughter, and Sonia is in awe of her mother, and how she was still so young, even after 18 years of being separated. Asking to become like her mother, Adelaide is taken aback, and tells her she can't, since hybrids couldn't turn others, and that she wouldn't want the life of living forever. Angry, Sonia asked how she became one then, and Adelaide tells her, about Orion, and that he forced turned her, something she loathes him for. Sonia asked if she could stay, and Adelaide was filled with joy, but Sonia just planned on staying to get a vial of Orion's blood, and return to Spain.
  • July 15, 1608 - Maxwell and Sonia train closer together, and both strengthen their powers, but Maxwell seems to always be a step ahead, something that begins to bother her. She wishes to be just as powerful as her brother, even more so like her mother, who's abilities rivaled that of Francis and Maxwell combined. It was revealed however, that was because Claire and Adelaide linked themselves to channel one another, since twins, linked, could out power anything, especially Hathaway twins, but it was also dangerous, since linked, they could become more vulnerable that way.
  • August 1608 - Claire and Orion return from a long extended trip across Europe, since Claire had gotten a horrifying vision about her niece, Sonia, and how she will soon become a very powerful hybrid, and kill others for power, including her twin Maxwell, and harvest his magic from him. Sonia meets Orion, finally awaiting, and mind controls him to get a vial of his blood, but it backfires, and he tells her, ever since he has a vengeful hybrid always shooting daggers at him, with the ability of mind control, he had Claire put a protection spell on his mind. Sonia then tells him that the protection spell doesn't stop everything, and uses a forceful magic to put him to sleep, and she takes a vial of his blood, then flees in the night.

1865 Edit

  • July 1, 1865 - Ethan Norwich is born in Liverpool, England to Martin and Katherine Norwich. His father Martin is a member of the Sanguinis clan, that hunts vampires.
  • October 3, 1865 - Emmaline Evans is born to Benedict and Erica Evans in London, England. She is the eldest of their children.

1868 Edit

  • April 19, 1868 - Felicity Evans is born to Benedict Evans and Erica Evans in London, England. She is the youngest of the family, she is the younger sister of Emmaline Evans.

1885 Edit

  • October 15, 1885 - Seana Kane is born in Ireland, and is later adopted by a vampire couple who wanted a child. They raised her to be kind and generous, since they believed that both species could co-exist peacefully without bloodshed.

1888 Edit

  • December 1888 - Ethan's family is slaughtered by a female vampire, only he and his father survive, but Ethan is forcefully turned into a vampire. His father tries to kill him, but the huntress chasing the woman, named Felicity. She killed Ethan's father, to protect him. They later fled to the countryside of England.

1889 Edit

  • January 1889 - Felicity's father tracks down Ethan and Felicity, they capture them, and the hunters sentence Ethan and Felicity to death. Felicity's father stated that Ethan killed his entire family and fled, when really they were slaughtered by the woman who turned Ethan. Felicity confesses to killing Ethan's father, showing no fear for saving someone innocent from death. Felicity is then later killed indirectly by her father, disowning her then later her throat was slit and she died. Ethan freed himself from the stake they had lodged into his back, and in a blind rage, killed all the hunters that had came after them, he also switched his humanity off.
  • February 1889 - Erica Evans leaves London after her husbands murder, leaving her daughter Emmaline to manage the household. It is later revealed she died somewhere in the United States.
  • February 1889 - Felicity dies, and unknowingly transitions into a vampire, Ethan has already switched his humanity and left. Felicity returns to London, seeking shelter from her sister Emmaline, to whom she accepts.

1893 Edit

  • June 1893 - Felicity Evans turns her sister Emmaline into a vampire after she falls ill, the two later then leave London, and continue to hunt sadistic vampires, Felicity also did this so that she may one day find Ethan and be reunited with him.  

1904 Edit

  • Spring of 1904 - Seana Kane is turned into a vampire by her adoptive parents, since she asked to be like them, and at first they told her what she would be giving up, but granted her wish regardless.

1905 Edit

  • Winter of 1905 - Seana's home is raided by group of werewolves, the Mirren pack, who discovered what they were, and killed the Kane's, Seana arrived just as the pack left, leaving her parents dismembered. Seana went insane, flipping off her humanity switch, and awakened a darkness in her that would plague her for over 100 years. She then carried a deep hatred for werewolves, and found out that it was the Mirren pack that killed her family. So she was sure to kill them once they reached adulthood, sometimes even waiting till they had children so she could continue to kill their family for generations.

1950 Edit

  • December 3, 1950 - Lydia Hathaway, later Pearson, is born to Jason Hathaway and Mirah Crawford. Jason was the current elder of the Hathaway Coven when she was born, and become heir as his eldest child.

1956 Edit

  • November 30, 1956 - Scott Anderson is born to Chris Anderson and Camille Carter in Boston, Massachusetts.

1967 Edit

  • April 11, 1967 - Andrew Pierce is born in Seaside, California, to an unnamed werewolf family.

1969 Edit

  • June 28, 1969 - Jeff Moone is born in Seaside, California to Carter and Michelle Smith, who were both witches.

1970 Edit

  • July 21, 1970 - Logan Wise is born to the Wise Family in Seaside, California, he is the father of Amberly Wise.
  • August 1, 1970 - Celesta's mother Miranda Hathaway was born to Lydia Hathaway. She is the biological daughter of William Archer. She was adopted by Lydia's cousins, Mason and Esther.
  • August 29, 1970 - Aria Pierce is born in California, to an unnamed werewolf family.

1973 Edit

  • April 25, 1973 - Madeline Hathaway is born, the elder twin of Maria. She was born moments before midnight.
  • April 26, 1973 - Maria Hathaway is born at midnight, she is born to Anthony and Madison. She is Amberly's mother.
  • June 17, 1973 - Samuel Reza is born to Raphael and Mary Reza in Spain. his parents were immigrants from Spain who came to join the Hathaway Coven when he was 14.

1976 Edit

1978 Edit

  • May 1, 1978 - Scott's parents are killed from a car wreck, Seana sees him in the hospital dying from his injuries he got from the wreck, she saved his life, then keeps an eye on him for the next three months.
  • August 12, 1978 - Seana and Scott officially meet, she then turns him into a vampire unwillingly. She guides him down a dark path, and he turns off his humanity, and both become ruthless killers.

1981 Edit

  • May 28, 1981 - Margaret Hathaway is born to Madison and Anthony. Her mother later died that year, so she wouldn't harm her family due to the darkness consuming her.

1993 Edit

  • January 26, 1993 - Jonathan Archer is born to Emma and James Archer in New York.

1994 Edit

  • May 1994 - Scott meets Adelaide and Claire Hathaway in New York. Adelaide forces Scott to regain his humanity, causing him to leave Seana and try to redeem himself for the horrors he caused.
  • June 30, 1994 - Claire and Adelaide Hathaway kill themselves to be reborn as Celesta and Lydia, since there was an unknown plan to eradicate the Circle of Nine.
  • August 2, 1994 - Eddie Duell is born to Sophia and Patrick Duell in Lavender Coast.
  • Summer of 1994 - Scott moved to Seaside, California, from where is mother Camille came from, and into his maternal grandfathers house, Lucas Carter, which was left to him in a will.
  • October 15, 1994 - Amelia Carter is born in Seaside, California.
  • November 1994 - Madeline attempts to kill Maria while she was pregnant with Amber, but Madeline was stabbed in the back by Logan who found Madeline trying to kill his wife.
  • December 5, 1994 - Sheldon Pierce is born to Andrew Pierce and Aria Pierce in Seaside, California.

1995 Edit

2000 Edit

2005 Edit

  • April 13, 2005 - Scott meets Sheldon Pierce and Lydia Reza, along with their parents. Tracing down a lead that has caused werewolves to be killed up and down the western seaboard, he went to investigate, especially since he heard of Seana's name being the cause behind it. He saves Sheldon from being killed by her. Aria Pierce is killed by Seana Kane.
  • April 2005 - Henry Pearson, Laura's father, passes away from a heart attack in Seaside. Lydia Pearson then moves away to Colorado with her mother Mirah.

  • 'May 15, 2015 - Scott and Lydia visit Boston to see Scott's parent's graves. This is the first scene shown in Darkness Descending.


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