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Golden Hearted is a well known guild on FreeRealms.

The GuildEdit

When you first join, you start as a recruit and work your way up. To be a member, you have to be in the guild for at least a week to two weeks. To be a officer, you have to be in the guild for about 6 months, and is very good and helpful and well trusted by and to the guild. To be a leader, all the leaders must agree, and they will all have to trust you to become one, which is very hard to do.


The basic rules is this.

Inactive Policy - If your a recruit/member, and your inactive for 2 months, you will be sucesssfully removed from the guild.

Officers/Leaders - They are required to be kind and helpful to new members to the guild

Also, you must not demote or remove players without permission. And when playing, you must be active on the site and to the guild. It's good to check up on the newer members to see how their doing and how they are enjoying the guild.


When you go in-game, and your in the guild, there is a total of 100 members in the guild. Daily, there may be 10-20 members on, which meaning the guild is very active at times. The Guild has been in buisness since 2009, and is thought to be one of the oldest guilds. 

  • Celeste MerryMeadows (Cel) - is currently an officer
  • Lydiå (Nisha) - is currently an officer
  • Oliver Arrow (Dan)  - is currently a member
  • TheLyon (Derek) - is currently a member
  • Miss Maddie (Maddie) - is currently a member
  • Sheik (! girl) - is currently a member
  • Color (Collie) - is currently a officer

The Guild WebsiteEdit

Golden Hearted, like many guilds has a website for it's members to join and set up fourms and chat and have fun. The website for Golden Hearted is There is a total of 202 members that joined the website. Many of the new members, has not joined the website. 

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