Snow Days.

Snow Days

During December, FreeRealms holds and event in Snowhill, called Snowdays for Christmas. Last year, they had a Snowdays chest that let you get Shooshboom Items and skates, and fantastic rides.

Snowdays in SnowhillEdit

When you go to Snowhill, you can do a series of quests from Candi Ivy, and help stop the Abominable Snowman and his evil Snowmen army from stealing the presents from the Gifting Tree.

You can find Candi Ivy by the Gifting Tree in Snowhill

Shooshboom StuffEdit

The new chest, Snowdays chest is a seasonly chest that only comes during Snowdays, and was introduced in the 2012 Snowdays. In the chest, you can get a Shooshboom Hat, Gloves, Jacket, Pants, Skates, and a Scarf. Including a Santa Car, with a raindeer ride. And a christmas whip which turns people into christmas light bulbs.

Costumes and RidesEdit

During the Snowdays, the Marketplace gets costumes and flair shards, with neat rides.
  • Candy Cane Girl
  • Santa Clause
  • Mrs. Clause
  • A tempermentive elf
  • You'll be walkin' in a winter wonderland
  • Happy Feet
  • (Girl) Toy Sodier
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