Guilds in Free Realms is a way to interact with people who aren't necessarily on your friends list. 

<Golden Hearted>Edit

Golden Hearted is a guild in Free Realms. It has many members and are very helpful towards people. It is unknown if they do videos, but they sometimes throw events.

<Mystic Mayhem>Edit

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Mystic Mayhem is a very popular guild. A few of there leaders, Zardia Kindleriver and Ravix founded the, the guild's website. They throw many events and have marathons and marches across Free Realms. Snowhill Cinemas, on Youtube, is the guilds channel, and is where they film, and make funny videos.


Nerdz is a new guild, and it's leaders are Wiish, Chewiee, and Charm. They also have a guild website on And on Youtube, there filming is called NerdzFilmz. It's a very fun guild, and is popular today. They hold events as well, and usually party at Tanglewood Fort in Brairwood.


Moonlighterz is probably the most popular guild, besides Mystic Mayhem. This guild is famous for making videos, and the two sisters, Hearty and Poptart are very famous through out Free Realms. There is very little activity in the guild at most times. There is a guild clubhouse, and they make very good series, and include all their members.
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