Welcome to the Free Realms Memories Wiki. This wiki was created for the memories of our time on Free Realms. This wiki was created on April 27, 2013 by SparkleShine98 (Lydia) and Celeste MerryMeadows (Celeste). Though the purpose of this wiki is for Free Realms memories, it is also the wiki for SparkleShine98's book series. Not only that, but there are also stories written by Lydia and Celeste on the wiki as well. Since Free Realms sunset on March 31, 2014, the wiki has become a memorial for our years spent on Free Realms. Though times have changed and many have moved on, we know in our hearts, that the friends we made on Free Realms, may very well be friends for life. Enjoy the wiki!

The Sunrise

On April 1, 2017, project FreeRealms:Sunrise finally gave the world of Free Realms back to everyone, there, we are united once more.


By: Lydia Meadows

March 31, 2014

We all knew our time was coming to an end, it made it ever more heartbreaking. As I looked into the eyes of my friends, my beloved sister, I knew my time here had not been in vain. The years spent here in this wonderful world of Sacred Grove had been breathtakingly beautiful.  As the sun set in Seaside, a bright light flashed, and darkness engulfed everything surrounding us. Finally, a final thought shot through my mind, would we ever rise again?

Present Day

I felt as if I was in a dream, everything was peaceful, and eerily quiet. A bright haze began to overtake the darkness, unfolding an unfamiliar sight before me, yet something in the back of my mind was trying to piece something together. I felt like my memory had been altered, wiped clean from something long ago. I stood up, my legs feeling wobbly, like I hadn't walked for years. I looked down, my feet bare, and covered in soft sand. Turning around, I noticed I was on a deserted beach, above me stood a magnificent view of an arch made completely of orange rock. Suddenly, I felt like I couldn't control my movements, something was pulling me up onto that arch, something that made my heart clench and my eyes water with an unknown feeling, a deep longing for something. I ran with lightening speed, running through the sandy streets of what seemed to be an abandoned town. Moments later, I walked towards the entry to get to the top of the arch, till I saw a lone figure standing near the edge, a breeze had begun to blow, I walked closer towards the figure, perhaps they knew what was going on. As my feet made contact with the rock, the figure turned, a girl who looked to be about my age glanced at me with confusion at first, then her eyes widened in shock. "Lydia?" the girl gasped, "Are you really here right now?". She walked up towards me slowly, tears forming at the edges of her bright blue eyes. I gazed into them, something drawing me in, a memory flashing through my mind, and a name that came to the forefront of my mind, those brilliant blue eyes could only belong to just one person, my beloved sister. "Celeste?" I choked out, and then we were running to each other, almost collapsing as we embraced for the first time since what felt like a lifetime ago. All of my memories came flooding back, from the first time I came to Sacred Grove, till the final moment, the darkening sky of Seaside. Just beyond the horizon, the first rays of sunlight broke through, illuminating the quiet waters of Seaside once more. All around us, others were waking up, many, like my sister and I, finally being reunited with our friends and family. We were home. We were together.


The novels below are written by Lydia Meadows. The editor of the novels below is Celeste Merrymeadows.

The Hathaway Chronicles


Stand Alone Novels

The Photos of Our Time

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