"How you doing?"
Fred to Lydia in Darkness Descending

Fredrick "Fred" Harris is a major recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles. He is the son of Cynthia Harris, and the late Brent Nelson. He is also the younger brother of Eleanor Harris.

History Edit

Fredrick "Fred" Harris Born on February 2, 2000 to Cynthia Harris and Brent Nelson in Phoenix, Arizona. Cynthia had named him after her grandfather, since she knew he was a man who believed humans to not be inferior, and to be treated equally. He is the younger sister of Eleanor Harris, the two have always had a close bond, sometimes getting into sibling arguments, which Elle usually won. He is close to his uncle Robert, whom he calls Robby. Since losing his father when he was only six years old, he has looked up to his Uncle Robert as a father figure. He moved to Seaside, California with his mother and sister after his father's passing He is usually getting into trouble, and enjoys annoying his older sister and her friends.

The Hathaway Chronicles Edit

Darkness Descending Edit

In the chapter, Trails of Magic, Fred is first seen approaching Lydia and greeting her, somewhat flirting with her. It is evident he may have a crush on her. His mother Cynthia later comes out the door and yells that he will miss his bus, and he tells Lydia he has to go, which Elle repeats behind him, since she sees him as an annoying little brother.

Appearance Edit

Like his sister, he has platinum blond hair with ocean blue eyes. He has a tanned skin tone, and has boyish features.

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

When Fred becomes of age, he will have the standard abilities of a witch.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of all the main characters, he is the only character who is a sibling to a main character.
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