Darkness Descending is the first novel of The Hathaway Chronicles. The book was first uploaded to Wattpad on January 1, 2017, and is being updated with chapters till its completion.


"I lived in a world of magic and secrets, and now I was caught in its deadly spiral." ~ Lydia Reza

A darkness is coming...

One night. A split second, is all it takes to change someone's life forever. At only nine, Lydia Reza comes to face to face with something you only hear in fairy tales, and death itself. What was a peaceful night, turns into a harrowing bloodbath. 

Now at seventeen, the only thing she has to worry about is not letting people know about what she and her family are, witches, and graduating of course. But when darkness rolls back into town, bringing terror in its wake, Lydia and her friends will do anything to stop it, changing each and every one of their lives forever. However, what no one realized was that the past was already coming back with a vengeance.

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Darkness Desecnding Novel [1]

Time Period/Setting 

  • Prologue: A Walk Among the Tombstones (May 1, 2015; Boston Massachusetts)
  • Chapter 1: Sins of the Past (1978; Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Chapter 2: Salvation (1994; New York City, New York - 2005; Seaside, California)
  • Chapter 3: Bloodletting (September 1994; Seaside, California)
  • Chapter 4: The Reckoning (April 10, 2005; Seaside, California)
  • Chapter 5: Forgotten (April 10, 2005; Seaside, California)
  • Chapter 6: The Glimpse (September 2, 2012; Seaside, California)
  • Chapter 7: Trails of Magic (September 4, 2012; Seaside, California)


Character Appearance Guide


  • Scott Aldridge (Narrator/First Appearance)
  • Lydia Reza (First Appearance; However identity wasn't disclosed/Mentioned)
  • Seana Kane (Mentioned)
  • Chris Aldridge* (Mentioned)
  • Camillie Aldridge* (Mentioned)

| 1 | Sins of the Past

  • Scott Aldridge (Narrator)
  • Seana Kane (First Appearance)
  • Alexander (First Appearance; Death)
  • Chris Aldridge* (Mentioned)
  • Camille Aldridge* (Indirectly Mentioned)
  • Emila Kane* (Indirectly Mentioned)
  • Riley Kane* (Indirectly Mentioned)

| 2 | Salvation

  • Scott Aldridge (Narrator)
  • Seana Kane (Appeared)
  • Claire Hathaway (First Appearance)
  • Adelaide Hathaway (First Appearance)
  • Hazel Moore (First Appearance)
  • Carter Family (Mentioned)

| 3 | Bloodletting

  • Scott Aldridge (Narrator)
  • Adelaide Hathaway (Appeared; Death)
  • Claire Hathaway (Appeared; Death)
  • Francis Hathaway (First Appearance)
  • Orion Petrescu (First Appearance)
  • Sonia Hathaway (Indirectly Mentioned)
  • TBA

| 4 | The Reckoning

  • Lydia Reza (Narrator; First Official Appearance)
  • Laura Reza (First Appearance)
  • Samuel Reza (First Appearance)
  • Aria Pierce (First Apperance; Death)
  • Zachary Pierce (First Appearance)
  • Markus Pierce (First Appearance)
  • Scott Aldridge (Appeared)
  • Anthony (First Appearance)
  • William (First Appearance)

| 5 | Forgotten

  • Laura Reza (Narrator)
  • Lydia Reza
  • Samuel Reza
  • Scott Aldridge
  • Markus Pierce
  • Zachary Pierce
  • Aria Pierce* (Mentioned)

| 6 | The Glimpse

  • Scott Aldridge (Narrator)
  • Zachary Pierce (Appeared)
  • Lydia Reza (Appeared)
  • Celesta Moone (First Appearance)
  • Seana Kane (Mentioned)
  • Markus Pierce (Mentioned)
  • Aria Pierce* (Mentioned)
  • Adelaide Hathaway* (Mentioned)
  • Claire Hathaway* (Mentioned)
  • Laura Reza (Mentioned)
  • Samuel Reza (Mentioned)

| 7 | Trails of Magic

  • TBA


  • This is the first novel of the Hathaway Chronicles.
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