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This is the OLD DRAFT of Shattered SpellsSparkleShine98 (Lydia)

Conquer (First Draft of Shattered Spells)


"We stood, lined up as one, as we have so many times before. The devil in front of us, a glint of malice and fury in her blazing green eyes. What I have waited for for so long, was finally in front of me." - Cel Smith

Chapter 1: Brave New World (Lydia) March 18, 2014

Today should be a good day, five months into our first semester, this year was going by nicely, soon it would be summer, then I can sleep in whenever I want, getting up at six to make it to class, it was like reliving high school. Over the holidays, Scott took me on a road trip, we went to Paris, spending Christmas there was beautiful, Cel and Sheldon came along, Scott and I went out to dinner on New Years night, Sheldon has been pursuing Cel for months, why can't they just get back together, I know Cel is having a hard time still, but we all have to move on. Most nights, I'm up studying, Cel always holds that god forsaken chinchilla, I swear that thing gives me a dirty look when I walk in the room, I imagine eating him, I think he knows it too. Last December, I decided to finally try to hold him, maybe try to erase the urge to eat him, that damn thing scratched me to hell, Cel laughed and put him back in his cage, she got a female one too! She named it Cassy, which was now a mother to their two children. I flipped through the pages of my textbook, marking tabs on where I needed to study for the Spring Exams, which were next week. Luckily, today was a Saturday, though it was 5:30 in the morning, the sun hasn't even risen yet, Cel was across the room, snoring. I closed the text book, then laid across my bed, I dozed off.

I woke up to the sound of knocking, I groaned, then glanced at the bright blue clock on my nightstand. It was only 7:45 A.M. I ran to the door, the chinchillas glared at me, "Bunny Murderer!" I saw Chevy hiss at me, "THE FUCK?" I screamed, Cel stirred in her sleep, damn she slept like a rock. "Yeah that's right scream." Chevy hissed again, I swear that thing was grinning at me. I turned towards the door, and opened it, Scott stood there staring me curiously, "Everything okay?" he asked, I looked at him, then to the chinchillas, "I think I've lost my mind completely." I answered, then looked back at him. "Happy 19th birthday." he grinned and held up a bouquet of roses. "Scott, they're beautiful." I smiled, and hugged him. I swiftly put the roses into a vase, and sat them on the kitchen counter. I threw on my jeans, black ankle boots, and a white cashmere sweater, and wrapped a pastel pink scarf around my neck, then fastened my hair into a low side pony tail, I let it sweep to the side of my shoulder. I stepped outside, and closed the door, "Scott, if I told you that Cel's chinchilla called be a bunny murderer just now, would you believe me?" I asked in a serious tone. "Well you do go around murdering bunnies, so I'm afraid the chinchilla is right." he laughed. "Scott I'm serious! I heard him speak to me, maybe it's like, an extra power, Cel's mom could turn invisible, my mom can see into the future, Amberly can too, Sara even read minds! So now mine is knowing what animals say." I explained. He pondered for a moment, "Talking to animals?" he asked, "That is an interesting power, you're like an animal guru now, you can help them with their problems." he laughed, I grinned. We walked along the sidewalk at the edge of the forest, some of the college students were about, most of them going out for the weekend. A little way into the forest, I saw a bunny look up, spotted me, then I heard a faint voice, "My goodness, that is the creature that ate my great aunt Rena!" I heard it scream, "Everyone run!!" then about 13 bunnies hauled ass deeper into the forest. "I'm going to have to get used to this..." I sighed. "Okay so we need to get the things for Cel's surprise party, we need to make it special, and everything must be medium brown!" I said cheerfully, and we sat on a bench along the sidewalk. Scott sat down beside me, "Lydia what about you, you need to have a birthday too you know." he reasoned, "I know, but I really am trying to get Cel to open back up, she's been so down lately, she needs to be cheered up, and Sheldon keeps buzzing around her, I swear he is her stalker, he just appears out of nowhere, it creeps her out." I yawned. "Well that is what happens when someone is in love, they can't stay away." he replied, putting his arm on the back of the bench behind my shoulders. I saw Amberly coming down the sidewalk, Ethan at her side, I swear they are secretly dating. At 8 and a half months pregnant, Amberly refuses to stop school, though she should be resting, instead she is waddling all over school like a duck, even she said she did. "Hey guys." Amberly smiled at us, she sat down beside me, her bulging belly was round like a ball, like she was about to pop. Ethan stood in front of us, "So, the surprise party? I hope it doesn't involve setting things on fire." he laughed, "No you goon, it's for Cel, and I'm actually going to buy her favorite type of cake at the store, trust me, I don't want to make a cake anytime soon, I might burn the whole college down." I replied. "So medium brown decorations are mostly what we need?" Amberly asked, "Cel told me she wanted yellow icing to outline the cake", "Hell no, they will be medium brown or blue." I grinned, "One trace of yellow and I will set everything on fire." Ethan and Scott laughed, Amberly rolled her eyes. "Now with that said, I am going to be taking you to have a nice birthday breakfast." said Scott, I wonder where. "While you two are gone, Ethan and I will go get the decorations and cake." Amberly replied, "There better be no trace of yellow." I remarked, "As you wish, bunny murderer." Ethan laughed and saluted. "Really?" Amberly told him and laughed, then Ethan and her walked off to get breakfast.

I ran back to the dorm quickly, I saw Cel still sleeping. I grabbed my side bag, and added a little more water to the roses. "I will eat them while you're gone." Chevy squeaked at me, and grinned, his children grinning along with him. "Listen hear you little fucker, eat them, I will eat your fat ass for dinner." I hissed, then grinning back at him. "I dare you to eat me!" Chevy shouted, then his children began to squeak, I guess they couldn't talk yet, I really didn't understand the whole speaking to animal thing yet. I walked out the door and bumped into Sheldon. "Hey is Cel awake?" he asked, he was holding red roses, Cel's favorite flower. "No, she's still asleep." I replied "Perhaps set the roses on her nightstand." I suggested. "Thanks." he said and went inside. I sped back over to Scott, "Ready to go?" he asked, "Yes, I want to get as far away from those chinchillas as possible." I sighed and got into his car. We drove through Lavender Coast, and pulled up to Denny's my favorite breakfast restaurant ever. "You still remember the timed I ranted about how much I loved Denny's" I chuckled, "Sadly it's one of my favorite rants of yours." he grinned, I slapped his arm lightly. "That was when my emotions were going haywire." I frowned. "It was still hilarious." he added with a laugh. As Scott and I walked up to the front door, I saw a squirrel eating an acorn, then he slowly turned his head, then looked at me. "Humans, why must they stare at me, take photos of me, then laugh with their stupid human people." he sighed, Scott looked at me, my eyes must of been huge as I looked at the squirrel. "Lydia...?" he asked, I just kept staring at the squirrel as he continued on and on about what humans did. Then he dropped the acorn, and glared at me, "What are you staring at! Gonna take a picture of me! How dare you people say "Awe" I wish I can hug him, when really I want to scratch the bloody hell out of you!" the squirrel screeched, "I really don't want to take a picture of you." I told him, "Good then, be gone, or I'll have my kin attack." the squirrel replied, I looked up to see 5 squirrels that had their eyes locked on me. Scott pulled me inside after that, "Ignore them, I know it is creepy, and I will never understand, but, now you can tell them off if they decide to curse at you." he said, smirking, "It isn't funny, now every animal I decide to eat, I will get to hear it cuss me out or beg for its life, it is quite disturbing." I said quietly, so no one would hear. "Lydia Reza, stop worrying about others, and have a good birthday, a yellow free birthday." Scott smiled, I rolled my eyes and grinned.

Chapter 2: Creepy Surprises (Cel) March 18th, 2014 10:00 A.M.

What seemed like a lifetime ago, I remember when I was still back in high school, when my parents were alive, when my life was normal as life could get, well for a soon-to-be witch then. My mother had the ability to become invisible to those around her, my father could do powerful pain infliction spells, more damaging then any normal witch, or so my parents told me. He never used it, for there was never no reason, till Lydia became the victim of it before he died. How could he do that to her? But even then, he was my father, and a psychopathic bitch killed him. When a witch turned 19, we were gifted with an extra ability, it varied from witch to witch, though our parent’s abilities, our extra power mirrored our parents somehow. Laura's mother Sally can look at someone and know their entire past, but Laura could see flashes of the future, like it just flipped from generation to generation. Lydia and I were physically still 18, but we still had our magic, maybe we would even get our extra ability, who knows. My dream was of Lydia and I, the view was hazy, flashes of our childhood, we played with this huge dollhouse my dad had gotten me for my 8th birthday, Elle and Amberly laughing along with Lydia and I as we twirled and jumped everywhere, we were crazy children. As my dream faded, I wished I would stay, that was when everything was okay and normal, there wasn't any death, or loss. As I woke up, I was aware someone was sitting at the edge of my bed, it wasn't Lydia. I could hear Chevy and the others squeaking, I needed to feed him. What time was it anyway, oh wait, it was my birthday, maybe I will shoot lasers out of my head. I quickly threw the blanket off of me, and sprang at whoever was on my bed, but then I landed on the floor with a loud thud, all I caught was air.

"Damn Cel, I didn't know you were already in attack mode." I heard Sheldon chuckle. "What the hell, were you watching me sleep?!" I thundered, jumping up. "And I swear to God, you just ran through me, though you were like a ninja and fast as hell so maybe I didn't notice you pass me." he shrugged. "Go "through" you?" I laughed, "It's impossible to go through someone, that breaks like the laws of science." I went over to the bag with the chinchilla's food in it, as I went to grab it, my hand went through the bag, my eyes went huge, I waved my hand back and forth, still going through the bag, not even disturbing it. "What in the actual fuck?" Sheldon gasped, I stared at him in shock. "Well, my mother could turn invisible while I walk through solid objects." I muttered, being turned into a vampire, though keeping my powers, being a hybrid. I was still 18, but I guess despite being a hybrid, and being 18 forever, my witch side was still there, and I got the power anyway. "I wonder what Lydia can do." I said, laughing, then as I focused, I finally was able to grab the food and I fed Chevy and his family. "How's my little Chevy today?" I cooed to Chevy and petted him, his two children eating the food quickly, then ran back to their mother. "Sheldon I would like to get dressed, mind going outside?" I asked as nice as I could, he was like a magnet glued to my forehead. "Sure." he replied, and walked out the door to the porch. I sighed, and sped throughout the room, throwing on a pair of jeans, a medium brown top, and my favorite medium brown ugg boots. I slipped on my heart necklace, then turned towards my nightstand, I saw a bouquet of roses in a glass vase, I bent down and smelt them, the scent was beautiful. I smiled and brought them to the kitchen counter, and put some water in the vase. I opened the fridge, I needed to have my morning "drink". I usually drank half of a blood bang in the morning, then one at night. Taking from the college campus was hard, I could only take few when I could, some days I couldn't even feed, I don't know how Ethan gets his. A month ago I told him I would rely on myself to get blood bags, he seemed wary at first but agreed. I always kept them on the top shelf, I didn't see any trace of them. "Where in the hell are my blood bags?" I hissed to myself. I eyed a weird colored bottle, the label reading Steve's Fig Soda. "Who the hell drinks fig tasted soda?!" then Sheldon walked in, "Sorry, I've actually been looking for that, I think I placed it in your fridge like a week ago." Sheldon shrugged, took it, and drank it till it was gone. The whole time I just stared at him shocked, "What?" he asked, a grin on his face, "That's really gross..." I replied, rolling my eyes as his face erupted into a wide grin.

My phone buzzed in my back pocket, the name Pinkie Pie flashed on my screen, I grinned and answered. "Hey! Happy birthday Celly Poo!" I heard Lydia say cheerfully, "Hey Lydia, Happy birthday to you too." I chuckled. I heard her in a moving car. It had been four months since Scott and Lydia helped me adjust, I was on a human blood diet, so Ethan had helped with that, Scott taught Lydia and I how to fight more, I lost track of how many times I was thrown off my feet and ended up on my ass. They would always make sure I had what I needed, though since they drank animal blood it complicated the mentoring me on that part, so I told them they didn't need to, and Ethan stepped up and mentored me, but it's still hard to be around other people. Since then, Scott and Lydia have been going out all day spending time together, though I miss Lydia, and Sheldon has been there for me whenever I needed him. He's still friends with Eddie, but Eddie is always with Olivia, and I really don't even talk to him or see him anymore. "So did anything interesting happen to this morning?" I asked Lydia, grinning. "Yeah, Chevy started talking shit to me, so I threatened to eat him, seriously talking to animals is freaky, I spent an hour on the phone with my mother, she reminded me of a conversation we had after we learned we were witches, I just forgot somehow." Lydia sighed, "Talking to animals?" I laughed, "It isn't funny! It is creepy as hell, now every time I go out hunting, the animal I am hunting will either beg for its life or cuss me out, it is going to be disturbing, I already had bunnies run in terror and a squirrel threaten to have his kin attack." Lydia cried, I was howling with laughter, I even heard Scott laughing in the background, though I heard a slap and he stopped. "So what magical thing can you do?" Lydia said through clenched teeth, she was still mad over us laughing at her, I still laughed as I tried to respond, "I can walk through walls, I am a ninja now." I chuckled. "I rather run through stuff then listen to animal’s scream at me, they talk like humans! It's freaky!" I heard Lydia exclaim, Scott began to laugh again, "Really Scott? You've been laughing at me all morning." she sighed, "Oh come on Lydia, it really is kind of funny." Scott replied. "Anyway..." Lydia groaned, "Okay it is funny, but still." she stopped, "Well I just heard a bird say, "Come here my love, let's make children and go shit on human's car windows for fun!" really, this is freaking weird!" Lydia giggled, "Oh and your blood bags are in the bottom shelf, I knew you would wonder where they were, you can never find anything." she chuckled. "Thanks." I replied, "Well, I'll talk to you soon." I added, "Bye Celly Poo!" she replied, then ended the call, I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Well, what do you want to do today?" Sheldon asked as I drank from the bag, it was empty within seconds. "You okay Cel?" Sheldon asked, looking wary. "I'm fine, I just haven't fed in a few days." I shrugged, "Why, you have plenty of blood bags." Sheldon remarked, "I have a limited supply, this needs to last me the rest of the month, I only have 6 left, these are hard to obtain." I replied, "I can't go to the college nurse station and steal many blood bags, they would notice blood bags are going missing." "Cel you shouldn't starve yourself, you're still new at the whole vampire thing, it isn't safe to be around a bunch of humans all day." he said in a serious tone. "Animal blood makes me sick, so it's this or actually feeding from people, which is a HELL NO for me." I said darkly, "Besides, I'm fine, I have self-control to an extent, just don't try to make yourself bleed on purpose, because I will bite you and it will hurt, on purpose, just for provoking me, so don't try it." I grinned. "So, let's go for a walk or something, it feels good outside this morning." I said cheerfully as we walked out the door into the crisp late morning. As we strolled down the side walk, I noticed a guy walking his dog, a black German shepherd. The dog suddenly darted after a squirrel, his owner got pulled to the ground in the same instant, his elbow scraped against the cement, drawling blood. My nostrils flared at the scent, I could feel my eyes turning completely black, my fangs wanting to extend, it took every ounce of strength in my body from springing at the blood. "Distract me!" I hissed to Sheldon, as I slammed my eyes shut, trying to block the urge to eat the poor guy. "Uh, when Amberly gives birth to her kid, Eddie wants to get custody of it, since he thinks Amberly is going to go dark and harm people." Sheldon said quickly, he already grabbed me by the shoulders, "Cel look at me, everything is okay, you're not going to harm him, you're going to ignore it, and you're going to be fine." he said calmly, I opened my eyes and glared at him, "Don't you think I'm trying?! And if Eddie even dares I will rip his throat out, he hasn't been there for Amberly!" I hissed. "Never mind, not getting involved." I added, shaking my head back and forth, trying to get the memory of the scent of blood from my head. "Let's get the hell out of here, and go to Burger King, I'm starving." Sheldon beamed, and grabbed me by the hand, leading us to his truck. "And if the manger puts a Goddamn union on my burger, I will eat him." I chuckled, and got into his Chevy truck. "I know we're friends Cel, but it still doesn't change the way I feel, you know what, never mind, sorry for making this awkward, let's go." he replied, grinning, and started the truck. I heard my phone vibrate, and I looked at it, seeing a text from Elle, it read, "He wants you bad... Oh, and Happy Birthday Celly Poo." I glared at the screen, glared out the truck window as we pulled out of the parking lot, I saw Elle half hidden by a tree, she was grinning, then she sped away in a flash. "God..." I muttered.

Chapter 3: Those Spiders Gotta Burn (Amberly) March 18, 2014 11:00 A.M

Ethan and I ran to the dollar store, buying medium brown decorations for Cel's surprise party, amazingly, they had the exact color we needed. "Don't we need napkins to?" Ethan asked me as I loaded the kart with plates, and the balloons we got. "Of course we need napkins, I thought you British people use napkins with everything, including when you drink tea with your pinkies held up." I remarked, grinning as we walked up the aisle to the checkout station. "Yes but we also use them to silence annoying Americans." he chuckled, then I glared at him, the napkin he held caught on fire. Ethan's eyes opened wide, before anyone even noticed, he stepped on it quickly, putting the fire out. I just stood there shocked, "I'm so sorry!" I cried, "It keeps getting out of control, I don't know what to do anymore" I panicked, turning away from the kart, Ethan grabbed me from fleeing, I was losing my mind again. "Amberly, everything's okay.” he reasoned, "Just calm down, before you set the whole building on fire." he cautioned quietly. He took the kart and pushed it to the checkout, I followed behind. "Does something smell like it's burning?" the cashier asked as she rang up the items we bought. "Maybe it's a wildfire nearby." Ethan suggested, his eyes darting to me, I could tell he would burst out laughing soon anyway. "Maybe." the cashier muttered. As we walked back to the car, Ethan set the decorations into the backseat. I saw a big spider crawl across the hood of the car, then it jumped onto the cement, it was coming for me. Before I had a chance to scream, Ethan was laughing, "A spider Amberly? Just burn it." he suggested and closed the backseat door and wheeled the kart back to the store. I looked down to my knee high boot, deciding to step on it, or well burn it. The spider kept crawling towards me, I stepped back. I looked directly at it, but it didn't catch on fire, something else did. I heard a loud "BOOM" from behind me, I saw the god damn dollar store catch on fire. "OH MY GOD!" I heard someone screech from the parking lot, everyone in the dollar store ran out screaming. Ethan was beside me in a flash, "Jesus Christ Amberly! I said burn a spider not a damn building!" he yelled. Though I didn't respond, I was staring at the burning building in disbelief, my powers were way out of whack lately. "Amberly? Amberly look at me, what is going on?" Ethan asked, almost begged, he could tell I was losing it. "I don't know! This whole out of control thing is ruining my life, I can't take it anymore, I try and I try, but every time I do something, I blow something up, or something catches on fire." I cried as he held me. "Amberly, last week with you setting a pie you made for me on fire was amazing, I wasn't going to eat it anyway." he grinned. I gawked at him, and wiggled free from his embrace, "That pie I made was beautiful, though a spider came into the kitchen and I panicked." I shrugged, "But still, how dare you disrespect my pie!" Ethan rolled his eyes. "The building!" I screeched, then I heard the fire department come down the road. "Let's get out of here, no one got hurt." said Ethan, and led me to the passenger side and opened the door, I jumped in. He sped around to the driver side already in, in a flash, and we were pulling out of the parking lot. "Amberly, if I were you, I would avoid spiders. Or even avoid watching Spider-Man." Ethan grinned, and leaned over towards me, was he about to kiss me?! I slapped him, though his face didn't move. "Eyes on the road, Grandma!" I muttered, looking out the other window. "Admit it Amberly Wise, you have a thing for me." he smirked, I just sighed, "Maybe." I hinted. "Maybe, after this party, you and me go on a little date?" Ethan grinned. "Your grins are annoying as fuck." I added, he just chuckled. "You're a fighter, an amazing woman who has been through so much, and here you are, brave and strong, you bring out the best in me, I never felt this human since I was turned, actually." he went on, "I'm in love with you." I stared at him, I could feel my face turning red, I hated it when I blushed! "I know, I love you too Ethan." I stammered, well that just came out of nowhere. "I guess we're official now Miss Wise" he returned the grinned, and held on to my left hand, his eyes still held mine. “I’ll go on a date with you, but first, keep your eyes on the damn road!” I shouted, we almost ran off the damn road.

As we set everything in Lydia's and Cel's dorm, Lydia already had the cake on the kitchen counter, it was medium brown, with blue icing, Cel was going to love it! Lydia was staring at me as we walked in, she knew something. "Amberly, the decorations are perfect!" Lydia gleamed. "I have more stuff in the car." said Ethan, and he and Scott walked out to go get the rest. "Amberly, you and Ethan?! I knew it!" Lydia exclaimed, she was almost jumping up and down. "Lydia Reza why are you the cheeriest vampire in the world?" I laughed, Lydia rolled her eyes, "You two make a cute couple, and he is like your baby daddy." said Lydia, I just gasped at her, "For god sakes Lydia, and hush up before they hear us! I'm sure they did anyway!" I shrieked, I had enough of this, then of course, a daddy long legs ran across the ground, I jumped back. Then it was on fire and dead, Lydia just looked at it then to me, confused. "Oh that's not the only thing she's set on fire today." I heard a ghostly chuckle from behind us, Scott and Ethan were standing there with the rest of the decorations. "She set the dollar store on fire as well, and a beautiful pie." Ethan replied. I just stood there, horrified, Lydia looked shocked, "You set a building on fire?!" she exclaimed. "Look what she said, is just gibberish." I added, when I was embarrassed I would just talk nonsense. "What are you talking about?" asked a confused Ethan, "Nothing!" Lydia and I said simultaneously. Scott looked even more confused and set plates out, along with the few presents we got, Ethan and I had Lydia's hidden in the other room, she was going to have a party too! "The whole burning the building down was an accident." I explained to Lydia as we put the "Happy Birthday" sign on the wall, she pushed the nails into the wall like it was nothing with her thumb. "I panicked when I saw the spider, and then thanks to that genius over there who suggested I set the spider on fire..." I went on, Ethan who was blowing up balloons, looked over at us, the balloon got too big and popped, "I am not a genius, I am vampire genius." he remarked, I heard people walking by the dorm, "Alert it to the whole world our secret "VAMPIRE genius"" Lydia exclaimed. I laughed, "Anyway, next thing I know, the whole building is on fire, though no one was harmed, thank god, I'm just out of control with this extra power thing, but I'm getting it back under control." I shrugged. As Scott and Ethan finished up the balloons and tied them around the room, the small dining table had plates, napkins, forks and spoons. All ready for the party. "We need streamers!" Lydia added quickly, "Okay, Pinkie Pie..." I replied giggling and sped into her room, and came out with a packet of streamers. Suddenly, I felt exhausted, I think I needed a nap. Lydia sped around the room, a blur of motion, then the ceiling had medium brown streamers hanging down. "Smashing." said Ethan, and Lydia sped beside Scott who put his arm around her shoulders. "Hey guys I think I'm going to go take a quick nap, I'm exhausted." I said, yawning. "Okay, the party starts in a few hours anyway, I need to put the cake in the fridge." Lydia added. "Need me to come?" Ethan asked, "I'll be okay, I just need to rest." I assured him, and walked back to my dorm, my feet aching horribly.

As I unlocked the door, I saw Olivia watching TV and eating ice cream. "What's up?" she asked, "Want some?" she added, holding the ice cream out to me. "I'm good, I need a nap, I'm exhausted." I replied, and sat on my bed, I wish my dorm was like Cel's and Lydia's, it was like an apartment. "Oh okay, I was about to leave, so you can get a quiet nap." Olivia said cheerfully, and set her ice cream in our midget fridge. "Out to see Eddie?" I said, trying not to sound sour. "Yeah, he wanted to get something for someone's birthday." she shrugged. "Ah..." I replied, and laid across my bed. She got ready quickly, then I heard a knock at the door. She answered it, and Eddie walked in, unaware that I was there, sitting on my bed, shooting him death glares. That asshole, had the nerve to think he could get custody of my baby, just because he thought I would go dark and mad with power, I hated him with a fiery passion. "Oh Amberly, didn't see you there." Eddie remarked. "Hello." I hissed, Olivia looked back and forth between us, I continued to give him the evil eye. Then he turned on his heel and walked outside, Olivia waved goodbye to me, giving me an apologetic smile, and closed the door behind her. I snarled under my breath, then Ethan burst through the door, "Dude, I am trying to sleep!" I whined, "Eddie was just here, the prick." I said "I know." he snarled at the mention of his name. "The little lad thinks he can take your child? Not while I'm around." he winked, "I left my phone in here, I think it's in the drawer." he said, I moved over as he opened the drawer beside the bed, his phone was in there, but then he pulled out a recently sharpened stake, his eyes opened in confusion. "That is not mine." I reasoned, I don't carry stakes around with me, last time held one, was when I staked hybrids when we were fighting Sara's minions. "I think your little roommate has a secret." he mused, while I looked at him with a puzzled expression, "I'll let you sleep now. Ta-ta." he grinned, and left. He always loved to tease me and annoy the hell out of me, it worked most of the time. But why did Olivia have a stake in my drawer? Unless someone thought I needed to have protection against Ethan or something? I had no clue anymore, unless I sharpened stakes in my sleep. Elle and I have had come to an understanding lately, to be honest, I missed her, she was like a sister to me. She was always with that Jonathan guy, but when we saw each other, we were like close friends, something I missed between us, despite the whole thing with her and Eddie, I forgave her. Back months ago, I wasn't understanding, I even thought about forgiving Eddie, but something in me screamed at me not to, and Ethan had been there with me during the whole pregnancy drama. Eddie was always drinking, going out, even dating my roommate Olivia! It was all chaos, and the thing last January had made me hate him for all time, and ever since then, Eddie and I couldn't even stand to be in the same room with each other, he turned into a complete asshole, I didn't care what happened between Eddie and Elle anymore, Eddie has gone downhill, at least Elle had been there for me too when I needed her, and I will be there for her, for anything, always. I sighed and got under the covers, I was out like a light afterwards. I dreamed of a woman, with dark brown hair that always covered half her face, and blue, aquamarine eyes, like mine. I've been dreaming of her since my father had married back in January, of my deceased mother, she would always say one thing, then the dream would end, "I'm coming."

Chapter 4: A Twisted Past (Flashback) (Amberly) January 3, 2014

I knew I was roughly five months into my pregnancy, but I kept telling everyone, I wanted to find out if it was a boy or a girl at my baby shower, Lydia had kept bugging me on when we should have it, since she would be planning it of course. Knowing the day would come that my father would remarry, I just didn't know it would be so soon. My father and his girlfriend Margret have been dating for five months, not even a year, and they decide to marry so quickly, I was happy for them both, and thank god I wasn't getting any "evil" step-sisters, I watched Cinderella one too many times. I got the announcement for the wedding three weeks ago, and I flew to Seaside to spend Christmas and New Years with my father and soon-to-be step-mother, she is amazing, I adore her. Every time my father saw her, his whole face lit up, it was strange seeing him so happy, but that’s what I always wanted for him, and I'm glad he found someone who would take care of him, and love him. I love my father, but honestly, the man could never cook a decent meal without almost setting our stove on fire, Thanksgiving a few years back was horrid, our turkey looked like a bomb got set off in it. About a week and a half ago, Lydia, Cel, Sheldon, and Scott went to Paris for Christmas and New Years! I wish I had that kind of money to go around the world, though Lydia called me every night to tell me how "romantic" everything was, and how things were awkward with Sheldon and Cel when they went out to eat. And Lydia told me how on New Years her and Scott went on the Eiffel Tower, and she described it as literally being swept off her feet. He jumped off the tower with her on his back, of course after they kissed at the stroke of midnight and the fireworks went off, but still, he jumped off the fucking Eiffel tower! So, here I am, waiting at the airport for their flight to get in, they should be landing any second now. Ethan has been here with me, and spent the holidays with me and my family. Ever since the falling out Eddie and I have had, things haven't gotten any better, though I do want him to be in his child's life, and of course, my father just had to invite him to the wedding, even Elle! Though, me and her have come to an understanding, we would always have each other’s backs, no matter what. Ethan has been here every step of the way during this whole pregnancy thing. As Ethan and I walked to the baggage claim to meet up with them, I already heard the bickering. "Cel during this whole entire trip you watched nothing but VenturianTale!" I heard Lydia groan, "And you listened to Def Leppard during the whole plane ride! This super hearing shit has it's draw backs." she sighed, Ethan already had his annoying grin on display. "Hey guys! How was your trip?" I squealed, Sheldon rolled his eyes, was it that bad? "OH MY GOD, IT WAS AMAZING!" Lydia squeaked with joy, "Lydia chill the fuck out..." Cel muttered, and went to get her bag from the baggage claim. Scott just chuckled and went to go get their bags. "She has been cheery, and squealing during the whole entire trip." Sheldon replied. We all made our way to the car after everyone got their bags. "Her cherry side has been heightened to the extremes..." Sheldon muttered to me as we walked. It took about an hour to get back to my Dad's house, they were coming for dinner, and Lydia wanted to help Margret get everything in order, since the wedding was two days away, those two have been on the phone non-stop, Lydia acted as the wedding planner, I saw the choices for the flowers, dresses, the food, it was beautiful! Lydia should become a wedding planner; she plans everything so nicely! No wonder we called her "Pinkie Pie", she's been quite cheery during the whole planning thing. I swear, ever since Lydia turned, she became this way too cheery person, though we loved her anyway. Ethan and I dropped Lydia, Cel, Scott and Sheldon off at Lydia's home. Ethan and I drove to my house; it took a good twenty minutes with all of the traffic in town. Pulling up to my house, it was two stories, with three bedrooms, a guest room, my father's office, and a very large basement, that could turn into a makeshift room. The wedding was going to be held outside in the backyard, it was huge, the lawn was a fresh green, our backyard pool was sparkling. The day before the wedding, at the Bridal party, Margret was having me as her maid of honor, Cel and Lydia as her bridesmaids, sadly though, Margret had no family, no kids, just her father was alive, her mother, sisters, everyone was dead. She is like a mother figure to me, something I never had. Just as soon as I thought that, I heard thunder boom in the distance, it better not storm tomorrow! As I walked down the hallway to go join the girls downstairs, I could of swore someone was behind me, a cold chill ran down my spine, I flew down the stairs after that.

The day of the wedding, Margret chose the most beautiful bridesmaid dress. It was a light blue dress, strapless, and where the waist was, there was a black ribbon that tied around the waist, then the rest of it went down like a waterfall, I felt like I was from swan lake, my stomach wasn't so huge, but I did have to get a bigger size then I normally would around the waist. As we were putting our hair up in flowing buns, Ethan walked in, "Well you look gorgeous." Ethan commented, he was right beside me, I swear he was a ninja. I turned my head towards him as I fastened the final pin into my hair. "Thanks..." I replied, then I heard muffled laughter, I glared towards Cel and Lydia's direction, they had grins on their faces, "What?" Lydia said, though she giggled slightly, trying to compose herself. "Just no." I remarked and grinned, Ethan grinned as well, the crooked grin. "Ouch!" Cel yelped, "Don't stab my brain Lydia." "Sorry..." Lydia shrugged, and re-entered the pin. Margret's father came to walk his daughter down the aisle, "About time you got married." her father chuckled lightly, Margret smiled, "I already have the best daughter in the world." she replied, a tear wanted to fall down my face. "Okay, everyone let’s do this!" Lydia announced, and she fixed Scott's tie, "Lydia everything is fine." Scott laughed. She fixed his collar then looked up at him, "Everything must be perfect!" she exclaimed, and spun on her heel to the doorway. Cel and Sheldon walked down first, then Lydia and Scott walked through the big double doors. "Ready?" Ethan grinned, "Cut the grin out please?" I laughed, as we walked down the aisle, everywhere there was beautiful pink tulips, it was breathtaking. The lawn was a beautiful shade of green, the sun was shining, the guests sat in pretty white chairs, they looked Victorian. I saw Elle and Jonathan, her supposed boyfriend, I'm glad she was moving on. Elle glanced at me, her face wary, I nodded to her with a little smile, she relaxed then. Her platinum blonde hair was in a gorgeous side twist pony tail, and she wore a light pink strapless gown that went to her knees, she was always beautiful no matter what. As I lined up beside Lydia, and looked down the aisle to see Margret walk down with her father, she looked absolutely beautiful, my father's expression was glowing, I smiled wide. My father and Margret joined hands, and recited their vows, and after Margret said "I do." a bolt of lightning crackled in the distance, I felt my face go white as a sheet. I saw storm clouds threaten the wedding reception in the sky, though hopefully it wouldn't rain. "Well that wasn't creepy at all..." I heard Cel mutter. As everyone piled into the reception area, the dancing began, and the music blared. "Everything is perfect, it's just like a scene from a movie." Lydia murmured. "It would be even more perfect if the person who planned all of this was in the picture." I heard someone say from behind us at the bridesmaid table, I saw Margret with my father in tow, ready to get back on the dance floor. "I agree on that one." Scott replied smiling, and whisked Lydia onto the dance floor. Amazingly, for the past two months, Lydia has been on the phone with Margret planning the wedding, skyping, sending each other magazines with ideas, and having to worry about college, she was literally Pinkie Pie. "Having fun dad?" I giggled, "Maybe just a little too much, I need a shot of tequila to keep me going." he chuckled, his wife beside him laughing heartily. "Amberly Wise, May I have this dance?" Ethan asked me as I heard a slow dance start. "Of course, Mr. Norwich." I said in a fake British accent, he just gave his signature grin and walked me onto the dance floor. "So having two mothers, kind of weird now isn't it?" Ethan asked as we twirled around. "I don't have two mothers, my mom died."  "Oh, sorry, I didn't know. What happened?" he asked, his face serious, and concerned, I gave him my I don't want to talk about it glare, "We don't have to talk about it." he went on, then spun me around. "My mother died when I was two, I don't even remember her, just pictures." I said, I felt my eyes wanting to tear up. "Amberly, I shouldn't of brought it up, I--" I stopped him, "It's fine, I'm just glad my father moved on, I couldn't ask for a better person to be with my dad, and be a mom to me." I smiled weakly, "Tell me a little about, uh your family, if you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to." I pried, I was curious. "Well, let's see, I remember I was with my family one late night, my mother saw this woman outside our house, she looked like she was lost, of course my mother made the mistake of inviting her inside." he went on, my eyes glued to his. "She attacked everyone, I hid my youngest siblings upstairs, then I heard nothing from downstairs. I armed myself with a stake, and ran down to the parlor. I saw this familiar looking girl run into our house, the door was ajar. "Where is the demon?" she had asked me, she was an Evans I could tell, she looked 18 or 19. I knew her, she and I trained together when we were little, she always had a crush on me, and she broke my arm quite well when I was 12." he grinned, I chucked. He continued, "She told me that she followed a teddy bear's trail there." I blinked rapidly, "A teddy bear?" I asked, "Well, want me to announce to the wedding guests what I am?" he grinned widely, "No." I laughed darkly. We decided to talk about it inside, I led him to my father’s office. I sat in the chair in front of the office desk, Ethan leaned against the desk and continued his story. "Her name was Felicity Evans, she had hair as red as an apple, eyes as green as the forest, and she refused to dress like a lady, back in my day, it was a sin to show your ankles." Ethan chuckled. I glanced at my bare ankles, my black heels had straps that hooked around the ankle. "Continue." I urged. "The vampire had come to our house, and as I was talking to the girl, the vampire had already killed my mother, and siblings, Felicity was chasing the vampire woman, and it saw our house, my mother was fooled, and then it had led up to this. As I was conversing with Felicity, the vampire suddenly grabbed me, she forced her blood into my mouth, saying, "You will have no choice but to kill a fellow hunter." then there was darkness." "Wait you were a--" he cut me off "A vampire hunter? Yes." he replied. "But... HOW?" I asked, "My father was one, and as his eldest son, he wanted me to follow in his footsteps, though I never wanted to, I had despised vampires, but I didn’t want to live just killing them." Ethan stretched, "I woke up, Felicity told me she killed the vampire hours ago, and I turn around and see my father pointing a stake at me, "You're not my son." he told to me, I was now aware of what I had become." Ethan looked into my eyes, it looked like it pained him to go on with the story, "Are you okay to keep telling your story?" I asked sympathetically "You're the first person I ever told about my twisted history to." he chuckled. "After my father tried to stake me, Felicity did what no vampire hunter has done, ever, she defended and protected a vampire, going against the code of our "clan", the Darkarmor Clan, the oldest vampire hunter clan and most powerful, even today, my family, Felicity's family, mostly every major and old vampire hunter families are in it, Jacob James Archer, he was the current leader of it back in my day, and the Archer family has been for centuries." Ethan went on, "I tried to reason with my father, but he was too far into the "The National Code" of the hunters, he saw Felicity as a traitor, so he tried to strike at her, but Felicity was like a snake, she whipped out a knife and sliced his throat, and I fed off of him, completing the transition." Ethan said, his tone flat, emotionless. "He was trying to harm others for stupid reasons, you were good, you were protecting her and yourself, your father should love you for you as his son, not because you became a vampire, he wasn't a father to you then, if he tried to kill his own son." I said softly, I put my hand on his shoulder, his expression still looked pained, but also like he was fighting back a much deeper emotion.

"What happened after that?" I asked, Ethan got up and walked to the window that over looked the wedding reception. "After we had killed him, it wasn't long before that the Clan found out, so it sent me into hiding, Felicity decided to stick by my side, she saw that not all vampires were bad, and that I was worth protecting, so that night, with my whole life I ever had, I set it up in flames, and walked away, never looking back, there was nothing left for me to be there." he paused, looking at me, "That's deep." I exclaimed, "But what happened to you guys after you ran?" I asked. "We were pursued for months, over that time, we fell in love with one another, she was the love of my life. It was about six months after that night, we were hiding in a tavern, the hunters stormed the place." Ethan went on, "But how did they find you, don't they need a witch to do a locator spell? And it doesn't work on vampires, it's like you guys were cloaked." I questioned. "They have vampire trackers, it located a vampire you want to find, you would have to destroy that certain one that is tracking you, it's complicated." he breathed in deep, this was going to be the bad part, I knew it. "Felicity was injured, she had cuts all over her. They were the best trained hunters, though they were no match for me. I took them down, one by one, grabbed Felicity and took off running. It had begun to rain; the sun already had set." he looked like he wanted to cry. "They had back up, they swarmed around us, four hunters, armed with crossbows. They shot me with an arrow to my back, Felicity had pulled it out, and took on one of the hunters pursuing us. That woman could kick ass, even if she was injured." "She killed one of the hunters, she shoved a knife into his chest. I had sped at another and snapped his neck, by then more came, I felt a stake get lodged into my back, I couldn't move, I fell onto the ground, paralyzed. A man grabbed her roughly, and pinned both of her arms behind her back." "The group of hunters surrounded us, I was kept under heavy surveillance, "Felicity, you stupid girl, I send you on your first hunt on your own for the first time, and this is what you do? Defend a vampire against your own kin! And you, Ethan Mason Norwich, have disgraced your family name, becoming the worst thing in God's realm, you killed your whole family, then set your former home on fire, trying to cover your pathetic tracks, and dragged my daughter into this, making her a traitor!" he accused me, "Father a vampire had killed his family and turned him, Ethan is a good person, then his father tried to kill him, so I KILLED his father!" Felicity shouted to her father, then he slapped her across the face. I snarled at him, he gave me a death glare. "Being a traitor, she is no better than a vampire herself, and killing one of her own, she will be punished by death on the act of treason." a large man yelled, everyone had murmured in agreement."" Ethan stopped, "Eddie is looking for you." Ethan snarled under his breath, "Fuck him, finish the story please." I almost begged, Ethan looked at me with a painful expression, "It's okay." I whispered. ""You would kill your own daughter?" Felicity said to her father, he nodded, his expression, which was twisted in fury, was now a blank slate."" ""You have disgraced our family name, you are no daughter of mine." he snarled, I shouted “"NO!"” as one of the hunters grabbed a knife from a satchel off their horse, and walked up to Felicity, her eyes, that should have been filled with fear, was instead bravery and determination, "I love you." she mouthed to me, a smile on her delicate face, then she was on the ground, blood flowing from her neck."" "Having someone that you loved, one you would kill for, live for, that kept you going every single day, get taken from you, you wouldn't want to feel anything ever again, and that is exactly what happened, I turned off my humanity." "I turned fast, the stake came out as I bent my arm in an inhuman way, I blurred so fast, I felt like a machine, I snapped their necks, ripped some hearts out, tore heads off, I was insane." he did a long pause, "Shall I continue?" he asked as he took in my horrified expression, I nodded slowly. "I went up to her father, all I saw was a Satanist spawn, a man who needed to be ripped from limb to limb killing his own daughter in cold blood, along with his "clan", fuck the code, you never harm family, just because they did something, like what, befriend a vampire? You can argue, but kill? That was so far over the line that he deserved to die." "I disarmed him, and grabbed him by the neck and sped him against the tree, pinning him against it, “"You are a monster." he told me, his stare icy. "No. YOU'RE the monster." I snarled through my teeth at him, and I ripped his head from his shoulders."" ""I stepped on the tracker, and smashed into a million pieces, and flung the fragments everywhere, picked up Felicity's lifeless body, and left." I gasped, Ethan looked at me with a concerned look on his face, "Wait wasn't your humanity off though, I thought with it gone, you didn't care about anything." I asked, "I turned most of it off, the pain, but her, I could never stop caring, I wouldn't leave her to rot on the road with those savages." he replied, "I buried her under her favorite tree, and placed her favorite flower, a pink tulip on her grave." "After that, I kept to myself, sulking into the shadows of the world, I traveled around the world, seeking some sort of happiness, I never found anything worth caring about again till I met you." he grinned at me. "That is so sweet!" Lydia chirped at the door, did she hear the whole conversation? "What did you hear! What do you know?" Ethan questioned her in a fake harsh tone. "Um, that you're a lonely old vampire that loves an 18-year-old pregnant witch?" she answered, "Eddie wants to talk to you for some reason...?" Lydia added quickly, "He keeps bugging me."

"Where is he?" I groaned, Ethan grinned, "Don't worry love, if he says anything that upsets you, I'll rip his tongue out." "Thanks." I muttered, Lydia already had walked out the door, Ethan grabbed me and kissed me, I blushed so red I must have looked like an apple. "I'll see you later then." Ethan winked, then sped away, leaving me staring out the window, what the hell just happened? I could still tell my face was red, I chuckled silently to myself. I walked back down stairs to the kitchen, Lydia motioned her head towards the dining area, Eddie stood by the window, "Good luck." Lydia whispered to me and walked out to join Scott on the dance floor. "So, what do you want to talk about?" I asked as nicely as I could manage. "I want to talk about some things, future plans, what is going to happen, etc." Eddie said cordially. "Where's Olivia? I'm surprised you didn't bring her to the wedding, I'm sure she would have loved it." I shrugged, "I needed to settle some things, and I know what is going to happen after my child is born." he said, his eyes glancing warily into mine. "What do you mean?" I asked, almost snarled, who does he think he is? "It's our child Eddie." I remarked. "Well, you're going to go evil or dark or whatever, so I want to have full custody of "our" child, so you can't harm it or go crazy." Eddie said, "I have the paper to sign over full custody to me. Here." he said, setting a piece of paper onto the table. "Are you fucking serious? You think I'm just going to hand over our child like some prize? Who do you think you are? Just months ago, you said I would get through this, that I am capable of fighting this "curse" that has affected my whole family, you want me to turn evil?!" I shrieked. "It will be the safest thing for the baby." Eddie reasoned, "I will do it by force if I must." I choked back in horror, I wanted to pass out, why was he doing this to me, I had enough on my plate, I quickly became lightheaded and dizzy. Before I had the chance to fall to the ground, I felt a slight wind come, then I was in someone’s arms, Ethan helped me back to my feet. "You even try to take her child; I will rip your throat out." Ethan snarled, as he led me to a chair, I sat down quickly. Ethan stepped half way in front of me, he looked like he was ready to rip Eddie's head off, I wanted to do the same. "You're the one to talk, this is none of your business, you just come out of the blue, think you know everything and what is best for the baby, so butt out." Eddie hissed. "Well lad, that's just it, I've been the only one that has been there for her, where have you been? Fucking around with her roommate, getting drunk at the club on the weekends? I don't see you ever checking up on her or the child, you're nothing but a pathetic weasel." Ethan seethed through his clenched teeth, Eddie just said nothing. "Coward." I snarled, and I took the paper and tore it in half. "Amberly why--" before he finished, I already had gotten up and bitch slapped him across the face. "You've changed, the Eddie I knew was selfless, caring, wouldn't be this much of a dick! Ever since we started college, you've been nothing but a selfish narcissistic asshole!" I said, almost screeching. I turned on my heel and left the room, I heard Eddie run after me, "Amberly I'm sorry! But I think it would be best for her!" that stopped me short, "What?" I exclaimed, "How do you know it's a girl?" "I can tell what gender a baby is, it's a thing healers can do." Eddie explained, "Well I don't care what you can do, you WILL not take my daughter from me." I hissed, and left him hanging there. As I walked down the hall, I didn't notice where I walked, a large candelabrum was on the table in the hall, my arm grazed the side of where a candle would be placed, the edge of it cut the side of my arm. "Ouch." I hissed, clutching my arm, blood began to appear on the cut. "Amberly wait up--" he paused, glancing at my arm, "What the hell? Are you okay?" Ethan asked. Miraculously, it healed itself right before our eyes, the cut had become a pink line. "How the hell?" I said skeptically, since when do I heal myself now? "Amberly, you know what this means? Your child healed you, so, if your daughter is a healer..." Ethan went on, "Then she can’t be a witch, she could only be one or the other.” "The curse only happens when you give birth to another witch, and it has to be a girl, and she's a healer, oh my God, this changes everything." I wanted to jump up and down for joy, then rub it in Eddie's face. "How do you know so much about healers?" I asked, tapping my foot, the cut on my arm was just a slight pink line now. "I'm old, I've traveled the world, seen things, I could be a history teacher." he grinned, "Dude stop with the god damn grin! It's fucking annoying." I heard someone say, I saw Cel walk up from the reception, "Hide me! Sheldon is being... Clingy." Cel muttered. "You're safe with us, cupcake." Ethan winked. "The wink is annoying too, and I am not a cupcake, I will cut your dick off and shove it down your throat "CUPCAKE"." Cel hissed, Ethan broke out into his grin. "Let's go dance bitches!" I shouted happily, and dragged Ethan and Cel to the reception. As I grabbed on to both of their hands and dragged them by my side, I swore I saw Eddie look at me, something about his expression told me what had happened about our daughter being a healer, maybe things would be okay down the road after all, but due to his realization that I could harm our daughter. He decided to try and take her, I realized that he has truly changed for the worse, he was in hot water, and I would never look at him the same ever again, he better stay the fuck away from me, he was on my shit list indefinitely.

After the reception was over, my father and Margret raced off to the airport to catch the flight to their honey moon, everyone had left, tomorrow we would be catching our plane to go back to Lavender Coast. Lydia, Cel, Scott, and Sheldon came and stayed with me at my house, since Lydia's house was farther from the airport, we could all just drive straight to it without pit stops, we almost missed the plane coming to Seaside. Lydia and Cel were in the guest room, the boys were in the basement with Ethan, since Lydia and Cel kicked him out of the guest room, it was kind of funny. Ever since Margret moved in to the house, she had put many family antiques of hers everywhere, a unique crystal heart was in the curio cabinet, Margaret had told me it was her grandmothers. I got out ingredients to make hot chocolate and sat at the kitchen island, and mixed everything together. As I sat stirring the hot chocolate, the marshmallows danced around in circles as I stirred them with my spoon. I heard a loud crash come from upstairs, "What the hell was that?" I yelled, "NOTHING!" I heard Lydia and Cel say simultaneously, Scott walked into the kitchen, "They broke a blue vase, I can hear them trying to glue it back together." Scott chuckled as he got a glass of tea. "Hold your pinkie out when you drink it." I commanded, smirking. "Why...?" Scott said, confused, "I think the British people have changed your American ways, shame." Scott tsked. "Oh my dear lad, it's only the beginning." I chuckled, in my fake British accent. Ethan walked in, just glaring at us. Lydia sped down the stairs and into the kitchen, she pointed her finger at Scott, "YOU!" she yelled, "ME?" he replied, "I need glue!" Lydia exclaimed. "Dollar store?" Scott asked, "Yes!" she exclaimed. then they were both gone in a blink of an eye. Ethan and I were like "......" the whole time. "Young couples these days..." Ethan sighed, grinning along with me. "Lydia wait!" said Cel, she sped down the stairs way too fast, holding a somewhat intact vase, though she tripped, and fell, sending the vase flying through the air, Ethan sped to catch it, but it already broke apart in midair. "Shit..." Ethan muttered, "Fuck!" Cel screeched at the fragments of the vase scattered all over the head of the stairs. "That's Margret's grandmother's vase!" I shrieked, "Well I forgot how to fix a vase with a spell! I sucked at it when my mother trained me that spell!" Cel groaned, "We need glue." she suggested. "No need." I sighed, and with a twirl of my finger, the vase was as good as new. "Damn." Cel sighed. "So did any of you notice that Jonathan guy with Elle? They must be an item!" she chuckled. "What's his last name?" I asked, I liked to know last names, habit. "Archer I think..." replied Cel, Ethan's eyes opened wide, like he saw a ghost. "What's wrong?" Cel asked, confused. "Did you say Archer?" he said in a flat monotone, "Yeah..." Cel said puzzled, "Why...?" Then Ethan told her the story of the Darkarmor Clan, and some of his story, minus the Felicity part. "You were a vampire hunter?!" Cel exclaimed, "I was never officially! Jesus you Americans are very defensive and pushy." Ethan said with a roll of his eyes, "We need to keep an eye on Jonathan, and Elle, I don't trust him." Ethan explained. "I'll keep an eye on Elle, I don't think he knows she is a vampire though, he might not even be a hunter Ethan!" Cel exclaimed. "Okay we will deal with this shit when we get back to Lavender Coast in a couple days okay!" I said in a serious tone, "Now let me finish my hot chocolate." I muttered and ate a marshmallow. Lydia and Scott walked back through the door, "What kind of fucking dollar store has no glue?" Lydia remarked as her and Scott strolled into the kitchen. "No worries, already fixed." I chuckled, Lydia sighed. "Who wants to go get tacos with me?" Sheldon said, standing in the kitchen door way. "Me!" Cel said, and walked over to the door. "Take your time you two." Ethan grinned, Cel shot him a death glare. "Let's go get tacos! No Taco Bell though, that place can burn." Cel said darkly. Before she walked out, I put my arm in front of her to stop her, "How did the vase break?" I asked, one eyebrow raised. "I shoved a yellow book in Lydia's face, and we all know how Lydia hates yellow." Cel giggled, then she glanced over to Lydia who was shooting her death glares, "So she threw it, she didn't look where it went, and it crashed into the vase, fell over, and then we panicked, so here we are!" Sheldon looked at Cel, "Tacos..." he muttered, "Okay bye!" Cel shouted and half dragged half flew Sheldon out the door. Scott and Lydia went into the living room, leaving Ethan and I in the kitchen, I sipped down the rest of my hot chocolate. "I'm going to bed." I said, yawning, "Good, I am tired." Ethan grinned. "Alone..." I hissed, Ethan just winked and went to the living room, I blushed red and ran to my room. I sat on my bed, I kept replaying the moment Ethan kissed me in my head over and over, it was so romantic, and strange, Eddie was the only other person I kissed. Did I have feelings for Ethan? He has been there for me, taking the place of the one to be there with me every step of my pregnancy, he was my support, my third leg. I turned off my lamp, I could hear the car pulling back up in the drive, Sheldon and Cel with the tacos, I turned onto my side, "Everything is going to be okay." I said happily to my daughter. I wrapped my arms around my belly protectively, "I will never let anyone or anything harm you." and with that, I drifted off to sleep. Usually, my dreams were peaceful, sometimes it would be me in my childhood days, playing with Elle at the beach, birthday parties, fun moments I shared with my friends. But this one, it was, different, strange, something sinister and dark about it. This woman, was standing in front of me, we were somewhere bright, but everything was blurry, all except her, her face all to clear to see. To my utter shock, it was my mother Maria. Her bright blue eyes, my eyes, but something about them, they looked empty, icy, and evil. Not the warm loving eyes from the pictures I had of my mother when I was a baby. She was dead, the curse that was on my family, it killed her. A curse that drives my family into darkness, and madness. The curse was infused with our magic, the only way to get rid of it was to die, but the curse did that for you. A witch can only channel so much magic. "My dear, sweet child." she whispered to me, "You cannot escape the curse, it's in our blood, it's in your child's blood as well." "You even channel her power." Maria whispered, her eyes eyeing me with a icy glare. "No, it's impossible to be a healer and a witch, it is unheard of, and I am stronger then you might think, as a healer, she heals me, so therefore I can extort more power without harming myself, that is why." I told my mother. "Haven't you forgotten? You have the power of two witches, denying that makes you a fool." my mother said harshly. "No, I do not, I am not turning dark, nor will by child." I hissed. "You have been becoming dark since they day you were born, you cannot run from it Amberly." Maria said. Then I turned the other way, to see her there again, this time her face was blank. "I'm coming." she whispered as she slowly began to fade into nothing. "What do you mean you're coming?! You're dead!" I screamed. "I'm coming." she said again, and over and over till she completely vanished. Wind began to howl around me, I slowly became engulfed in darkness, the light being drained away, piece by piece. A scream tore through me, sending me into oblivion. I woke up with a quick breath, the sun was rising slowly out my window. I rested my head back on my pillow, then looked up, seeing the ordinary view of my white ceiling fan, it was never going to end was it? I saw a figure in the corner of my eye, standing in my doorway. I turned my head, to find Ethan staring at me. "Ethan? What the hell are you doing in my room?" I gawked, his grey eyes looked fearful. "What's wrong?" I shuddered, sitting up quickly, Ethan came over and sat beside me. I looked at him in confusion, he put both of his hands on my shoulders. "You were screaming." he paused, "And I mean, screaming." I heard from the doorway, followed by a yawn. I turned and saw Lydia standing there, her hair always a disaster zone in the mornings. "I'm fine, I just had a bad nightmare." I muttered, " "Kay." Lydia sighed, yawned, then walked back out into the hallway. Ethan looked at me, his expression not convinced. "I said I'm fine Ethan." I sighed, he let go of my shoulders. I glanced up at him, then the next second I'm trapped in a tight embrace. "I'm here you know, if you ever want to talk about it, about anything." he murmured. "I know. But Ethan?" I chuckled. "Hmm?" he started stroking my hair. "You're squishing the baby...", I heard laughter ring from downstairs, idiots.

Chapter 5: I Didn't See That One Coming (Sheldon) March 18, 2014 3:30 P.M.

Lydia kept bugging me to make sure I kept Cel busy all day, though after I dragged her to Burger King, then the park, then back to the college, she started to suspect something as I took her to the other opposite side of the college from her dorm, there were benches and tables scattered across the open area, some trees here and there. "Why have you been keeping me away all day? Are you plotting something? And it isn't just because you wanted to hang out for my birthday." Cel remarked, eating her ice cream I bought her. "Is it so bad that I want to spend time with you? And it's your birthday so yes, I wanted to hang with you and go out to eat with you." I grinned, Cel rolled her eyes. "Sheldon, I really need to get back to my dorm, I need to feed Chevy." said Cel as she finished her ice cream. "I'm sure Lydia fed him." I suggested, she looked at me and laughed. "Chevy hates her apparently, I doubt she would even try to feed him, he always tries to bite her." she laughed. Then my phone buzzed in my pocket, it was a text from Scott. "We're ready, bring Cel to her dorm." it read, Cel tried to see what it was, but I quickly deleted the text and put it back in my pocket in my flash. "Really?" she hissed, "It's my birthday, tell me what it was!" she exclaimed, "Can't, I am sworn to secrecy, though, maybe you should go feed Chevy." I shrugged. "Finally." she groaned, and finished her ice cream. "So, after we go to your dorm, want to go out to dinner?" I asked, her blue eyes bore into mine. "Are you asking me out on a date?" she asked, breaking out into a grin. She knew I still loved her, and if she didn't have feelings for me, she wouldn't spend so much time with me, though she said I was the one stalking her, maybe she was right. She raised an eyebrow up, waiting for my response, she didn't know how beautiful she was, I wanted to sweep her off her feet and kiss her. "Dude are you okay? It's like your daydreaming over there." Cel chuckled, damn she must think I am high. "Yes, will you go?" I grinned, "God don't use Ethan's grin, I want to slap him, now you" she chuckled, "But sure, why not". She got up and stretched, then Elle appeared out of thin air. "Hello birthday girl." she gleamed, and pulled Cel into a tight hug, Cel tried to squirm free, "Okay, okay, okay! Don't squeeze me to death." Cel laughed. I didn't think Elle knew about the surprise party, I saw Eddie with Olivia in the distance, he was holding a present, was everyone in on it? "Cel, let's get to your dorm, Chevy has got to be starving." I said, trying to get to the surprise party before Lydia had a fit, she texted earlier saying that this party was so important, that if I "hogged" Cel for myself all day, that she would take me to a zoo, then throw me into the lion cage, she is like an exploding kitten. I could tell she didn't like me that much, she only would tolerate me for Cel, trust me, she threw me out of a window once, literally. "So what are you doing for your birthday?" Elle asked Cel, "Well, first I am going to go feed my chinchillas, then after that, find out why Sheldon has been keeping me away from my dorm all day." she glanced at me, and smirked. "I just wanted to spend time with you..." I reasoned, she rolled her eyes and grinned. "Stalker." Elle mouthed to me, I rolled my eyes. "Then I am going out to dinner with my stalker." Cel said, glancing at Elle who was smirking. I didn't notice that Eddie and Olivia walked over here, their hands intertwined with each other, he held a present in his other hand. "Happy birthday!" Olivia said to Cel, "Oh hey guys, thanks!" Cel replied to Olivia, then glared at Eddie for the slightest second and looked back over to Elle, whose face was composed, I knew this face, it was when she was trying to keep her real emotion from coming out, mostly either from laughing out loud, or ripping someone's head off, I immediately guessed that one. "Thanks for the present." Cel said happily, and reached for it, "Oh it's for Lydia." he quickly said, "Well Lydia and I share everything" Cel grinned and took the present. "Okay then..." Eddie shrugged. Cel opened the present, and held out a yellow stuffed animal bunny, "Really?" Cel remarked, and set the bunny back in the box and laid it on the bench. "Well, she likes bunnies doesn't she?" he remarked, looking over at me, I was not getting involved. "You're a real asshole, you know that?" Elle hissed at Eddie, he glanced at her anxiously, if I were him, I wouldn't piss off two girls, especially vampire girls, they will rip your fucking head off! "Chill out guys." I cautioned them, we really didn't need to cause a scene Cel especially, she doesn't like drama, but hey, she does like to give a good ass kicking every now and then. "At least I got her a present, anyway" Eddie went on, then turned to me, "Wanna go hang? I heard of this great club in downtown." I looked over to the girls, Elle was glaring at me, okay she was in on it to. "Actually, we have somewhere we need to be." I told him, Eddie frowned. "Eddie it's Cel's birthday, I think he wants to hang with her, not go to a club all the time" Olivia muttered, "Exactly." Elle said, almost hissing, Cel raised her eyebrows, confused. It was true that Eddie always tried to get me to go with him to clubs every weekend, I only go for a few hours though, I always leave when Eddie would get wasted, beyond drunk, I didn't want to be around him then, he's always a complete idiot. "Well I need to get going, I have plans with my family today, I'll see you later" Olivia said to Eddie and kissed him on the cheek. "Bye guys." said Olivia waved and walked down the side walk. "Bye..." Cel said, then looked at us. "Okay someone want to tell me what the hell is going on?" she remarked, glaring at me, then to Elle. "Dude where the hell have you been! We've been waiting forever!" I heard someone shout at me, I turned my head and saw Amberly walking towards us, she looked worried, then she saw Eddie, her face turned to complete fury.

"What the hell is going on?" Amberly hissed, glancing at me, then she did a hateful glare to Eddie. "Actually, I would like to know what the hell is going on, all of you are acting weird! What are you guys doing anyway? Sheldon has kept me from going to my dorm all day, Lydia won't answer her phone, Amberly what do you mean "we've been waiting, and now..." she paused, then glared at Eddie as well, "I am going to kick your fucking ass" she snarled, she could be very intimidating. "Hey now, we don't need to cause a scene" Eddie cautioned to Cel, who matched Amberly's furious glare. "I agree, Cel calm down, we can deal with this later" I told her, setting my hand on her shoulder, like I could restrain her anyway, she could rip my arm off in a flash. "Amberly, why didn't you bother to tell anyone about Eddie trying to get custody of your daughter when she's born! Why keep it you yourself." Cel said to Amberly, "Everyone didn't need to know, I didn't need the drama and arguing to spread among us all, but now, I don't have a fuck to give." Amberly stopped, "Every time I turn around, you're here, always thinking you're the king of shit, you're nothing!" Amberly hissed. "He what?" questioned Elle, she turned to Eddie. "You were going to try to take her own child from her? Who does that!" she snarled. "I think he deserves a good ass kicking right about now." Cel smiled, cracking her knuckles. "I couldn't agree more, it's about time I actually did something besides sit alone for hours and cry, wondering how I deserved to have you do that to me, you're in no position to take care of a child, you always get drunk, you think I'm the one who is evil, you are the definition of a bad egg." Amberly seethed. "Well, you can be all threatening you want, you're in no "position" to even touch me, you're as round as an egg, and you can barely even move, so I am going to go, before I accidentally hurt one of you." Eddie remarked, and turned on his heel, walking away. "Awe, you think you have a choice." Elle hissed, and grabbed him by the arm, then dragged him to the front of Cel and Amberly. Elle's nose twisted in disgust, "None of you noticed he's drunk!" said Elle with the roll of her eyes, and flung him on the ground. Eddie laughed, then looked up to me, "You're going to let them throw me around?" he snickered, yup he was drunk. I glanced to Cel's death glare, and in the end, Eddie basically asked for this, he dug a deep hole, he had to get out of it himself, I was like his bitch lately. "Sorry buddy, but you got yourself into this mess, and Amberly can move around, she could still kick your ass even if she was pregnant with 10 kids." I remarked, and backed away from him when he tried to use me as a support to get off the ground. I steadied him on his feet, though he looked as if he was about to fall over again. Elle advanced towards him, though Amberly shot her arm out in front of Elle, keeping her back, Elle glared at her. "We're done here, Sheldon, you know what to do." Amberly said, and she dragged Elle with her towards the direction of Cel's dorm. It seemed that Cel didn't notice them headed to her dorm, her eyes still shot death glares at Eddie, nowadays she was very unpredictable, but knowing her glares, I knew exactly what she was planning. Just as Elle and Amberly were out of view, Cel's fist was a flash as it aimed directly at Eddie's face, then I heard a crunching noise, though faint. I heard Eddie howl in pain, and grabbed his nose, while Cel smiled in satisfaction, I however, was stunned, I thought she would cuss him out, but even that, he deserved even worse, maybe a broken arm, or having his ego burned with a torch, though, as a girl had kicked his ass, that man card crashed and burned. Eddie still held his nose, Cel gave me a grin, though I didn't return it, she seemed taken back, she did not realize, though Eddie had deserved it to a degree, he was still my friend, though it was starting to run thin with all of his new antics. "Bitch, you broke my nose!" Eddie spat, as he got back on his feet, "Don't call her that!" I hissed at him, "She broke my nose dude!" Eddie frowned at me, though he didn't look as dazed, maybe the achol was wearing off, slowly though, about time someone knocked some sense back into him, he's gone off the rails since last year. Blood slowly oozed from his noise, I'm surprised Cel didn't even notice it, she didn't even flinch at the sight of it, or the smell of it, which smelled like a rusting copper, revolting. "Yes, but don't worry, you'll heal soon, and yes, I am a bitch." Cel grinned, while still giving Eddie the evil eye. "You think you're the shit now that you turned?" Eddie remarked, while still holding his nose, though it looked like it already began to heal a bit, though it started to look black and blue at the edges. "Apparently you think you're the shit, dick." Cel hissed, then she glanced at the dried blood on his hand from holding his nose, Eddie looked at her, his expression, taunting now. "What, thinking about draining me dry?" he pried, his mouth almost in a smirk, like he was provoking her, bad move buddy. "Actually, you smell quite unappetizing, so no worries." Cel grinned, "And by the way, you think you're king of the world since you think you know what is best for everyone, and what someone should be and act, while you, my dear old friend, are the king of shit, an absolute asshole, and waste of my time." Cel snapped, and turned on her heel, "Let's go." she hissed under her breath. "Walk away like you do best, no wonder you're so moody and unpredictable, you're the one who is out of control." he reproached. Cel stopped dead in her tracks, turned slowly, and snarled, "Do you have a death wish?" her eyes blackened, and she clenched her teeth together in a feral snarl, her canines extending in a threatening manner.

Eddie jumped back about an inch, startled at her changed face, he has gone a little too far, I quickly grabbed her shoulder, and pulled her towards the direction of her dorm, I didn't care at the moment if she snapped at me, though she didn't put up a struggle, she knew she could lose control, and even accidentally kill him. Eddie saw that Cel was out of control, and backed off, but Cel wasn't finished just yet, she brushed my hand off her shoulder, and marched towards Eddie in a huff. "Get this dumbass, I've lost my parents, I've lost me, I'm going through a change, and you're adding onto the pressure, you're pathetic Eddie, you seem to think you know everything, but you know nothing!" Cel screeched, then Eddie looked taken aback, and walked away. Cel looked as if she were about to cry, or scream, I couldn't tell anymore. I was about to throw Eddie down a well, then maybe throw some piranhas in it too. "Let's go back to your dorm, you've had enough for one day." I suggested, and she nodded, and she followed me. I heard nothing going on in the dorm, it was silent, though I could smell a distinct smell of a candle burning, many of them in fact. Cel seemed distracted still from her encounter with Eddie, she didn't like to snap out like that, to be out of control. As we got closer to the dorm, I heard people moving around, though as quietly as they could manage. It was Amberly's idea that the surprise party would also be for Lydia, since it was her birthday too. I know Lydia wants to make today all about Cel, but it's her birthday too, so Amberly was happy about the idea that they all sing happy birthday too Lydia and Cel when they are distracted. It seemed last January Amberly and Elle had made amends, the two hated Eddie more than ever, no wonder Eddie didn't like coming around to see me when they were near. All of my friends were together again, waiting in the darkness of Cel's dorm, the only odd man out was Eddie, but it was his own damn fault. As we approached the midget porch, I heard someone shushing someone, then a hiss, most likely Lydia, she made sure her parties were perfection, not a thing out of place. Trust me, she had made me walk down the aisle a few times to practice walking "straight" since she said I wandered off while walking down with Cel at Amberly's father's wedding last January, the sample wedding was a nightmare. Where we know who would walk first, the timing, and everything, and in truth, I did walk directly into the chair, and tipped over the flower pots, one by one, Lydia nearly exploded, Scott even had to restrain her, she got PISSED. Though she did get back up flowers, so everything was good for the wedding. As I opened the door slowly, I saw the candles in the cake lit, I could tell everyone was here. The light flipped on in a flash as Cel walked in right behind me. "SURPRISE!" everyone shouted as they jumped from the corners of the room. "Happy birthday!" Lydia cheered, and threw a confetti bomb in the air, though when she shot it off, it exploded all over Cel, who coughed out pieces of it. "Sorry..." Lydia exclaimed, and threw the remains of the confetti bomb in the trash. "Thanks guys!" Cel smiled, she looked surprised, her face in a blush. Lydia and Cel hugged, then Amberly grinned at all of us, then we all started singing happy birthday to Lydia and Cel. Lydia turned to us, she looked shocked, I noticed about 4 more presents appeared beside the others. After we got done singing, Lydia lead Cel to the cake, and they both blew out the candles. Then out of nowhere, Chevy's fat ass jumped onto the table, Lydia looked stunned, as the chinchilla ate a chunk of the cake, then he began to squeak at Lydia, who was still stunned. "Chevy don't eat that! You know you can't eat cake!" Cel exclaimed, and scooped up the chinchilla, holding it. "He blames me for starving him, since I had Sheldon keep you away from the dorm all day." Lydia shrugged, "Weird how I planned my own party as well, I wish I added some purple..." Chevy squeaked again, then Lydia glared at it, "Oh, hush you fat fuck." Lydia hissed, Elle, Amberly, Ethan, and I looked at her, she has finally gone psycho. Though Scott didn't look concerned, "What the fuck...?" Elle's eyebrows shot up in confusion. Cel rolled her eyes, "He isn't fat, he's fluffy!" she set him in the cage, "I still want the cake..." she muttered. "When a witch turns 19, we get a special power, I can talk to animals, Cel can walk through walls, and you'll find out what your extra power is soon." Lydia explained, smiling at Amberly, "Your mom mentioned that awhile back, I've been so side tracked I forgot." Amberly said, a little puzzled. I however, was amazed at what witches could do, they were a mystery. Lydia cut the piece of cake Chevy bit into, and flicked it into the chinchilla cage. "Lydia they can't eat that!" Cel frowned, "Do you want to take it from them?" Lydia grinned, the chinchillas had already devoured the cake.

Awhile later, after the cake was gone, I ate most of it, Amberly ate hers in little bites, Cel was right, she did eat like a bird. Cel opened her presents, I got her a bracelet that matched her heart necklace, she almost burst into tears, it would be a long time before she could move on with her life, so many things reminded her of her parents, though Lydia cheered her up. Elle sat beside Amberly on the couch, Amberly leaned back, then I turned towards her just as a spider on its web came down from the ceiling right near Elle's hair, Amberly glared at it, then it burst into flames, almost catching Elle's hair on fire. "You have to stop doing that, you're going to set one of your friends on fire." Ethan laughed, giving Amberly his signature grin, she punched him in the arm, "Ouch!" he grinned, Amberly rolled her eyes. "Okay children, behave." Scott chuckled, and he handed Lydia her last present, a small box. "I think it's a ring..." I heard Elle giggle, Lydia glanced up at Elle, her face turning slowly. "What?" she shrugged, "You two are lovebirds." she grinned, Lydia turned bright red, "It isn't a ring, it's something better." Scott smirked. She opened the box slowly, she held up a key, to a car. "You didn't..." Lydia looked at Scott, "But I did." he grinned. Lydia sped out the door in a flash, "My baby!" Lydia shouted with joy, and hugged the hood of her red mini cooper. "Damn. I wish I had a car." Amberly frowned "Don't we all?" Cel said, patting Amberly's shoulder, as we all walked out onto the midget porch. "Well, tonight was good, and remind me, for my birthday, to get store bought cake, Publix makes pretty damn good cakes." Amberly chuckled, "I know right?!" I heard Lydia shout from her car, "I might have to hire Lydia to do my birthday." Amberly mused, "I might have to take you up on that." Lydia pondered, "I need to go, I'll see you guys later!" and with that, Elle vanished. "I think I am going to call it a day too, it's getting dark, and I want to watch that Doctor Who show you were talking about." Amberly said to Ethan, "Absolutely fantastic!" he grinned, Amberly rolled her eyes, and dragged him down the sidewalk to her dorm, waddling away. "Well, I am going to go on a little hunt, you okay for tonight Lydia?" asked Scott, Lydia nodded, she still hadn't let go over her car. As she saw Scott fixing to speed off to hunt bunnies, she pried her arms from her car, "Tell the bunnies I'm out to get them." she smiled, they embraced, a quick kiss, then he was gone. "It's been too long! I need to go take a joy ride in my baby." Lydia said, and sat on the hood of her car. "Well, I'm going to go get my things, and other stuff for our date." said Cel, and she walked back to her dorm. "So, do you still hate me?" I remarked, crossing my arms. Lydia slid off the hood of her car, and stood closer to me. "Why would I hate you? Sure you piss me off at times but I don’t hate you." she replied. "Every time you lay your eyes on me, all I see is revulsion." I reproached. "You don't get how people really see things Sheldon, you're naive of the real point, and Cel, she is struggling, and all you think about is getting her back, going through transition, losing her parents, it has changed her, but at the other end, you are there for her, and I'm sorry I've been indifferent with you, transitioning into a vampire or "hybrid", whatever I am is called these days, it's a hard stage, and Cel has come up from nothing, she lost a piece of herself, and you've helped a lot to help her feel like herself again, just be patient with her, she'll come around eventually." Lydia went on, I turned towards their dorm, Cel was getting her purse together. "She does care about you, but don't push her over the edge, she is known for her temper you know." Lydia chuckled, I smiled and let out a low laugh. "Ready to go?" Cel asked, her purse slung over her shoulder, I saw the bracelet I got her around her wrist, "Shall we?" I said and opened my truck door for her. "Have fun guys!" Lydia said out her window as she drove off in her mini cooper. I drove Cel and I to a little diner on the edge of Lavender Coast, the Canberra River flowed onward beside the café. "Let's sit outside, I love the view of the river." Cel suggested, her eyes glued on the river that glistened in the moonlight. Cel looked troubled as we ate our dinner, "I think we should go..." Cel said, laying her fork down, "You okay?" I asked, concerned. "Someone cut themselves with their knife..." she whispered, almost snarling, I could see the tip of her canines poking out, she closed her mouth and closed her eyes. I saw the waiter come by, "Everything alright?" he asked, "Yeah could we get our receipt please?" I asked the waiter, "Cash or credit?" the Waiter asked "Cash." I responded. Cel opened her eyes slowly, they were her normal sapphire eyes, but her teeth were still elongated, "I am trying..." she spoke softly. "Don't worry, we will get out of here in just a minute." I noticed Cel wasn't going to be able to resist forever, she hasn't been able to keep herself fed right, she is starving herself! "Hurry damn it..." I muttered. I heard a low feral snarl come from Cel, "I can't hold it much longer!" she hissed through her teeth, Lydia was right, it did seem hard going through transition, I saw it in Cel's eyes, which were slowly turning black. Did Lydia even realize Cel hasn't been keeping herself fed? And now I was just starting to realize this, a couple months ago, Cel was fine, because I did notice she had the right amount of blood bags every week to keep herself fed and not a threat to humans, but lately, the numbers of bags had dwindled, and Cel has been at moments of where she almost loses control. I needed to tell Lydia and Scott about it, they've been the ones helping Cel adjust, but even then, they couldn't really help with the thirst for blood part because they both only drink animal blood, so even then, she was alone in this. She saw my shocked expression, then turned her gaze to the river. "Cel look at me, please." I pleaded, I knew her head was spinning, half wanting to drain the life from that person, the other half fighting her true nature, she didn't want to hurt anyone. "If I look, I will slip and hurt someone." she cried, I grabbed onto her hand, "I trust you." I reasoned, "Everything is okay, just stay calm, pretend he is Chevy." Cel still glanced out to the lake, but I saw a smile form at the edge of her mouth. Her eyes bore into mine, the blue of her eyes came back little by little, but her sharp teeth still stayed out, but were concealed with her mouth closed, she gave a weak smile. "Where's the waiter..." she said low so only I could hear it, then she closed her mouth back up to keep her fangs hidden.

The waiter quickly rushed to our table, "Sorry for the wait, here is your receipt." he handed it to me, then I looked up to his face, his eyes glowed blue, just like mine. Cel looked as shocked as I was, "There is a group of hunters here, I suggest you get as far away from here as possible, they look like they would even slay a vampire in front of humans, not caring if they expose the supernatural." he whispered to us quickly, almost snarling the last part out about exposure of the supernatural. "And it looks like your girl needs to get away from people, she looks starved, good luck." he said, his eyes turned back to their original brown. I nodded quickly, slapped the cash down onto the receipt. The werewolf nodded to us, and walked back into the diner. I grabbed onto Cel's hand, and pulled her quickly through the diner, I was rushing to get us to my truck. As we walked passed tables, I saw Jonathan Archer, with a girl with raven black hair and purple highlights sitting beside him, then Olivia, how did they know each other? Suddenly, I connected the dots, Cel told me about Ethan's story of vampire hunter clans, did Elle realize her boyfriend was a vampire hunter, and she's a freaking vampire! How the hell did he not notice, and the Archer family was known for being the most skilled hunters, or maybe Elle was really good at playing human, I didn't know what to expect anymore. It wasn't a coincidence that Olivia knew Jonathan, who was without a doubt a hunter, he even looked the part, he was built like a fighter. I suspected that she may be a hunter too, since the werewolf told us that hunters were in the diner, and no one looked as threatening as they did, and to be honest, there wasn't many people in the diner. Olivia just had to glance up and spot us, "Sheldon? Cel? It's weird seeing you guys here!" she giggled, I looked down at Cel, her teeth were back to normal. "Hey Olivia." Cel said, and let go of my hand, I followed her to their table. "I saw you guys were leaving, are you in a hurry? I don't want to keep you from getting back, it is getting late." Olivia asked, shrugging. Yes... "No we weren't, oh and the mushroom soup is amazing." Cel grinned. "Jonathan, have you met Cel and Sheldon?" she asked, "I've met Cel, but I haven't met you." his gaze went to me, "Though Elle has told me a lot about you." Jonathan said, I noticed a slight accent to his voice, it seemed Russian. "Pleasure too meet you." I greeted, "Likewise." he replied, "This is my younger sister Raven, she's visiting from New York." he added. Raven gave us a stiff nod, she seemed to be one of those, you touch me you fucking die types, her glare was icy, though Jonathan had the same green eyed glare, it came naturally to them apparently. The werewolf waiter came with their food, Cel and I moved over so he could set the plates out, the werewolf, whose name I saw now, it read Derek M on the name tag. He shot us a warning glance, well that answered the who was the hunters question. "Oh can I have some mushroom soup if you please?" Olivia asked, "Right away Miss." Derek replied, and went to the kitchen area. Jonathan was cutting his steak, then as if he meant to cut himself, blood came from his thumb. "Damn it." Jonathan muttered, and got a napkin to stop the bleeding, Raven rolled her eyes and kept on eating. "Jonathan you always cut yourself on "accident", paranoid much?" Olivia said with a roll of her eyes, then she looked at my confused expression, "It's a private joke..." Jonathan said "Sure it is..." Raven muttered, though it came out as a hiss. Cel became a statue beside me, but her eyes didn't turn black, yet. "Well you guys are eating, so Cel and I are going to head back to campus, but we'll see you guys later." I said quickly, Jonathan looked directly at Cel, like he was on to her. "I'll see you later then, and again, happy birthday!" Olivia chirped, Cel smiled a little smile, no doubt hiding her canines again, with a wave, I opened the door in a swift movement, and we darted to the truck. Once we got inside, her eyes became black as coal, her teeth were out now, and she snarled, "I can't fucking hold it anymore, I am losing my mind." she hissed, holding her head in her palms. "Cel, I know it is hard, but you have to fight it, think about something, think about me or Lydia or your chinchillas." I reasoned with her. "When I try feel, it hurts, and all I can think about is tearing into someone's neck and draining them dry, or killing Sara, even if I die trying, you don't get what it's like to have everything ripped from you, some psycho trying to kill everyone you love, she killed my father, my mother died because she couldn't fucking handle losing her husband, her parents died not even 2 years ago! She even fucking killed me! And don't you think I'm trying?! It's fucking hard, you're not a vampire, so you don't know shit!" Cel screeched, she began to cry hysterically. I scooted over to console her, but she stopped crying, she sniffled, then glared up at me. "Don't touch me!" she hissed, "I am trying to help!" I growled. "You don't know what pain is, to lose both your parents, my whole family is dead!" she snarled, tears still flowing down her face. My anger grew to a point to where I wouldn't want it to go around Cel. I could tell my eyes were glowing now, I was pissed. "How would you like to see your mother get fucking mauled and murdered right in front of you, imagine that as a child, seeing the one person who actually gave a fuck about you killed, you're not the only one who has lost parents to a vampire Celeste." I growled. "I'm sorry! I can't even control myself anymore, you guys think I will go back to being the Cel you all knew, but get it through your fucking heads, the Cel you knew died 5 months ago, and when I think about being with you, all I feel is pain, because I don't want to hurt you! Don't you fucking get it!" she cried. "I don't want your fucking pity, and I know that you died, and you're going through a phase, but don't you see, we try to help you and you push us away, and hurting me? I'm not some regular human Cel, I'm not that breakable, but you know what, every time I do help or try to be a friend, you treat me like a dog, like you think you're fucking superior just because you became a hybrid, well you aren't, the truth hurts, doesn't it?" I snarled. Cel gawked at me, "I never fucking saw myself higher then you, what the fuck is up your ass! Besides your "wolf" temper, and I'm sorry if I'm not myself right now, my emotions are fucking heightened, you have shoved yourself UP MY ASS for months!" Cel screeched, I seethed in silence, "But sorry if I fucking show emotion, or how hard it is for me! And I can't get enough blood because I have to take blood bags, I don't want to harm people! I'm really trying, and I get slapped around for it, I am done!" she snarled. "Well then go on starving yourself, see if I fucking care, maybe you'll slip and take someone’s life!" I yelled, she took a sharp intake of breath, everything I had said the past 5 minutes, wasn't even me, once my temper took control, I had no say in what came out of my mouth. "Cel I'm sorry!" I choked out, but she turned away from me, "Cel, everything I have said isn't true, please I'm so sorry!" I sounded pathetic, I was fixing to throw myself under a bus, maybe that would make her feel better. "Burn in hell." she turned, she elongated her fangs, snarling at me, I jumped back, her pupils went completely black. "You want me to be a monster then? FINE!" she screeched, she whipped her fist towards windshield, shattering it. She opened the door to the Chevy. "Cel don't!" I yelled as she ran off into the night, I almost fell flat on my face getting out of the truck. She was nowhere in sight. "Fuck!" I shouted at the howling wind, a thunderstorm was coming, just fucking great. I realized I was still in the parking lot of the diner, but we were parked on the side of the building, I'm sure someone heard our argument. Out of all people to walk around the corner, I saw Jonathan eyeing my truck with suspicion. "Where is your girl?" he asked in a restrained voice. "Go fuck yourself." I growled at him, I hopped in my truck, not caring that there was glass everywhere, and drove away. I looked in my rear view mirror, seeing Jonathan's astonished face, "What the fuck did I do to you?!" I heard him yell at me, but I didn't care, I needed to get back to the campus, I'm sure Cel already was running back. I knew one thing, if Cel got to Lydia and told her about tonight, I might be her next meal, and boy did I fucking deserve it. Lydia told me not to push her over the edge, and look what I did, I drove her way over the edge, and now she was probably going to go on a murder spree, just fucking terrific. One thing I was furious about, no one seemed to realize how much Cel has changed, she puts up a good act in front of everyone, but she is going in a downwards spiral, and she needs all of us to be there to pull her up from it. I saw lightening flash in the distance, like that couldn't be more cliché.

Chapter 6: What Hurts The Most (Lydia) March 18, 2014 9:30 P.M.

 ​Having my car back was exhilarating, I drove on the outskirts of Lavender Coast, knowing that I should of hunted tonight, I was just overly excited to have my car here, it's been months since I've been behind the wheel of my baby. My mind went over how these past few months have played along, Scott and I have never been happier, there is a side of him that is glad to have me live forever with him, a teenagers dream. And the other side of where he hates himself for taking my chance to grow up, have kids, but like I always tell him, what happen, happened, I'm not sorry for it either. To be honest, I revel in it, because I get to be with the man I love, I have my parents, my friends, what more could I need. Before I became a hybrid, my future was uncertain, though I did want to become a designer of sorts. There was still a psychopathic hybrid out there. I know how Cel wants to kill her, I'm surprised she hasn't dropped everything yet and went on a suicide mission, because her against Sara, Cel would die for nothing, because her parents died for her. I know her father fried my brain, but he didn't deserve to die, her parents would want her to live and keep fighting, and live for them, not get herself killed. Going through the transition, wasn't as hard for me as it is for Cel, she is struggling much more now as time has gone on, she seemed weaker, I check the fridge and I don't see enough blood bags, "Damn it I need to help her get more bags, or maybe try to convince her to go on the bunny diet..." I muttered. Cel's temper has flared more easily than ever before, sometimes at night she would cry herself to sleep, she lost her whole family, grandparents, her parents, her father's family has nothing to do with her, assholes. Scott helped me every step of the way, he trained Cel and I how to became capable fighters, but the feeding part, Cel hated animal blood, then when Ethan gave her one of his blood bags, she became hooked ever since, though she has no intention of feeding from the vein, she even told me that she wouldn't turn a human into a breathing blood bag, I shuddered at the thought. I didn't know how, or why, but I had a lot of self-control when someone is bleeding in front of me, even though my mind is screaming at me to drain the poor guy, I smack it off with my mental flyswatter. At first, Elle actually did drink human blood, but when we came to Lavender Coast, she started hunting animals, sometimes she joins Scott and I when we go hunting. Murdering bunnies, is so freaking sad, but once I am hunting, I really lose the human side of me, I turn into the Predator, it isn't a feeling that I like, right when I drained the bunny, I want to cry, I am pathetic sometimes! "And cheerful, and now everyone calls me an "Exploding kitten" or Pinkie Pie..." I muttered, "And I am talking to myself again..." I sighed. Deciding I should get back, since a surprise thunderstorm decided to pop up, it began to drizzle lightly, though I kept my front windows rolled halfway down. I needed to talk with Cel, and help her out, I've been worrying about her, she's changed, sure she acts like herself at times, but deep down, she isn't alright, she is struggling, I can't lose my best friend, she's like my sister, like family. I realized she's probably still out on her date with Sheldon, I hope it's going well, if she comes home in tears or something happened, and it's his fault, I will go on my word and THROW him into the lion’s den, let him wolf up, but he'll get some scratches, trust me. I stopped at the red light, though there was only 1 car coming, it came closer, I noticed it was a truck, the front windshield was broken, "The fuck?" I gawked, it looked like Sheldon's truck. As the truck raced by in front of me, I noticed only 1 person in it, and then it took me a moment to realize it WAS Sheldon, I felt so stupid. Wait... "Where the fuck is Cel?!" I half shrieked, the light turned green, I pressed the gas pedal to the floorboard, going way over the speed limit, my tires screeched as I turned, and raced to catch up to Sheldon's truck, which didn't take long. He looked beyond pissed, though with a hint of worry in his expression, his windshield was broken completely, did Cel do that? Or did the big bad wolf get pissy and throw a fit. "Sheldon!" I screamed out my window, the rain came down a little harder, driving on the wrong side of the road was nerve racking, though no one was on the streets, surprisingly. He looked out his window for a split second, saw my furious glare, and he slammed on the brakes, tires screeching on the pavement, I did the same, though with less screeching. I parked my car on the side of the road, and walked up to him, he stood near the back end of his truck. "Where the hell is Cel?" I shouted, "Did she do this?" I asked, glancing at the broken windshield. "Yeah, we got into a big fight, I pissed her off, and drove her over the edge, and now she ran off, I'm checking the back roads for a trace of her." he went on, "She hasn't been feeding off enough blood lately, look right now, we need to find her, I'm worried enough and mad at myself as it is." he glared into my furious expression. "What did I tell you about setting her over the edge?! God knows where she is at right now! What did you say to her Sheldon?!" I exclaimed. He explained what had happened during the date, including everything he had said to Cel, each time, I could feel my teeth lengthen, his eyes locked on me, my mouth was already twisted into a snarl. I grabbed him and pushed him onto his back tailgate, I could hear the metal screeching as it bended. "Have you lost your mind?! You knew Cel was spiraling, then you just have to go through one of your temper tantrums, and now she's run to God knows where!" I yelled, his face turned to rage, his eyes turning into their electric blue glow from their usual hazel. "She set my temper off! I don't care what you think! We are both at fault!" he growled, then grabbed my arm roughly, and flung me to the gravel. I sprawled across the ground, then jumped back up to my feet, he stalked towards me. "You want to fight? Then so be it, like this day could get any worse." he snarled. "I don't want to fight you." I hissed at him, "Says the one who fucked up my trucks tailgate." he growled, then lunged at me, I sped out of the way, a feral snarl erupting from me. He smirked at me, then as he ran at me, he was replaced by a large black wolf, growling, he knocked me to the ground. I was trapped under him, his teeth snarling at me, his wolf temper driven way over the breaking point, something I regretted, but if he was going to threaten my life, I had to defend myself, even though I did provoke him. I couldn't even move, I was shaken with fear, I never wanted it to get to this point. "Move then I will gladly rip your head off." he snarled through his bared teeth, I noticed now I could even talk to werewolves in wolf form. He even looked taken aback by his words, I was also, but now, he set me way off the edge, my vampire side took full control, one where I became a total bitch. "Bring it on, asshole." I snarled, I gripped his front leg, and twisted it. Sheldon yelped in pain, he whined and backed off of me, I sped up to my feet, snarling at the werewolf in front of me. Forgetting about his pain, he jumped in inhuman speed at me, knocking me to the gravel, clamping his jaws in my shoulder, his canines sinking into my flesh, I screamed in absolute agony.

My shoulder stung with so much pain, screams ripping out of me, I used my other arm to try to pry him from my shoulder, I didn't know he was going to try to eat me! With my free arm, I tried to push him off of me, I felt as weak as a human. My shoulder felt like it was on fire, tears of pain clouded my vision. My eyes locked to Sheldon's multi-blue glare for a second, then something threw him off of me, his teeth being ripped from my shoulder, it made me scream again. I rolled to the side onto the pavement, the stinging didn't go away. I sat up, holding onto my shoulder with my other hand, wait, who threw Sheldon off of me?! I glanced towards the back of Sheldon's dented tailgate, he was back in his human form, though his eyes were still glowing blue, he looked horrified. I saw a figure standing to my left, his coal black eyes glaring at my wound, then a feral snarl erupted from his clenched teeth, "What the hell did you do!" Scott snarled at Sheldon, he charged towards him, Sheldon backed up a few steps, "We got into an argument, you know I can't control my anger!" he glanced towards me, "Lydia I'm so sorry!" he shouted over to me, I knew he was, and so was I, I was the one who provoked him, and I lost my temper too. Scott was still snarling, he sped in front of Sheldon, then gripped him by his throat, choking him. "Scott stop!" I yelled, I sped over towards them, and gripped Scott's arm, my other arm fell limp at my side, it hurt to move it. His glare turned towards my anxious gaze, I didn't know if he would snap and vamp out, oh wait, he has. "Let him go Scott! You're killing him!" I shouted, Sheldon's face was starting to turn fucking blue! He didn't even flinch; he was too consumed in rage. I ripped his arm from Sheldon's throat, he dropped to the ground gasping for air. I shoved Scott away from Sheldon in the same instant. He sped back up in a flash, pissed. "He almost ripped your arm off Lydia!" he yelled, "I know! We got into a fight, and yes, he might have if you didn't come show up!" I exclaimed, fuming. "Thanks for crushing my wind pipe." Sheldon remarked at Scott, he stood up and walked to his dented tailgate, and gave it a quick glance. "Sorry..." I muttered, I looked at the bite on my shoulder, the wound wasn't open anymore, just a nasty looking gash with dry blood all over it, it was sore as hell though. The side of my sweater was completely torn, my hair ran wild down my back, and I had no idea where my scarf went. "This was my favorite sweater..." I said in a low voice, I heard a chuckle, though muffled, Sheldon of course. Scott hissed at him, and Sheldon returned his glare, and crossed his arms. "We have much bigger problems right now, Cel is on the loose right now, and I upset her to the point of where she has completely jumped off the rails." Sheldon went on, I flinched, I was supposed to be there for Cel, and now look, she ran off into the night. "We need to split up and look for her, she has to be in this area, I can smell her, but her scent is everywhere, it's like she is playing chase..." he paused, "I can look east of here on the roads, Scott you sweep the woods throughout the area, Lydia you can look to the west on the roads, she is bound to cross a road since it separates the woods from town onto the next town, she won't go far, let's pray she won't." he sighed. "No, Lydia you need to go back to campus, a werewolf bite makes a vampire as weak as a human, and by the looks of your bite, it will be for a week or two, you can't take on a vampire, you'll get hurt." said Scott, my eyes widened in shock. "Cel wouldn't hurt me, I'll be fine." I reasoned, "Lydia, she may be your best friend, but when a new vampire goes off the rails, no one is safe, trust me, I know from experience." he replied. He set his hand on my good shoulder, "You already got injured enough for one night, go back to campus, for me please?" Scott pleaded. I grabbed his hand and gave it a light squeeze, "Bring her home." I replied. He kissed me on my forehead, then vanished towards the woods, a light whoosh went through the forest, till I heard nothing but the crickets chirping. I turned around and walked towards Sheldon, "Don't use the truck, wolf up and sweep the other end of the woods." he nodded as I glanced to the dent in the tailgate. "Again, sorry about that..." I muttered, "I had it coming." he chuckled. I grabbed the dent and tried to pull it back upwards, but it wouldn't budge. "Uhh..." I released it and grunted. "I'll fix it." he grinned, and he grabbed the whole tail end and bent it back to normal, though it looked ratchet as fuck still. "Okay, we need to get going, I will call Scott if she shows up on campus, you two are bound to run into each other, the woods aren't that vast." I turned towards my car, "Good luck." I told him. "Be careful, call Scott when you make it back." he replied, then he was replaced with a large black wolf with glowing blue eyes. "And Sheldon, don't be afraid to restrain her if it comes to that." I concluded. He seemed to not like the fact of harming her, but he nodded his head. "Don't be afraid to snap her neck IF you run into her." he pointed out, then he was gone in a flash. I jumped into my car and hurried back to campus, I hoped I wouldn't run into her, because if she attacked, I would be completely and utterly helpless. As I headed closer to the campus, rain started pouring down again, since the bite had seriously fucked up my "vampness", as I called it, my sight wasn't as sharp as it was at the moment, what else could I not do anymore till I healed?! The windshield wipers were going back and forth in flashes, all I wanted right now was to be in my dorm, with Cel at my side, and giggle over stupid shit like we used to, now, everything was a complete cluster fuck, as Cel would put it. As I was driving, I saw something run in the middle of the road, causing me to steer to the right, running right off the road and into a deep ditch that just had to be there. The car flipped before it impacted, as I was screaming during the whole thing, my windows shattered, glass flying everywhere, I gripped hard on the wheel, I felt glass shards slice against my skin, I clenched my teeth in agony. Finally, the car stopped flipping, what the fuck else could happen to me today! Happy fucking birthday to me! You got your car, and now you have no car! I let go of the steering wheel, hanging upside down like a damn bat, I yanked the seat belt out, I fell down onto the roof, the wounds from the glass cutting into my skin already healed. I groaned, and pulled myself onto the wet grass, it seemed as if the rain poured harder, my hair was matted to my forehead, I probably look like that creepy girl from The Ring Two. I didn't have a scratch on me, except the bite, which still stung like a motherfucker when I moved my shoulder. Who was in the goddamn road?! I saw headlights coming closer through the rain, and heard the roar of an engine as it got closer. I pulled myself up and glanced at my car, my now totaled fucking car. "My baby..." I cried. "Lydia...?" I heard someone say from behind me, my eyes darted to the origin of the voice. My eyes widened as I saw Jonathan approach me and my now deceased car. I looked up from the ditch and saw his truck, still running with the headlights on, he was alone.

 Jonathan walked over to me and helped me to my feet, "Holy shit are you okay?" said Jonathan has he led me out of the ditch. "I'm fine, I just need to get back to campus, and maybe call a tow truck." I replied, "You don't look okay, you don't even have a scratch on you, except that werewolf bite, it's sore like a motherfucker isn't it." he chuckled. "What...?" I stuttered, "I don't know what you’re talking about." I huffed and took out my cell phone. "Lydia I know about the supernatural, I know what your friend Sheldon is, and I know what Cel is, she could barely contain herself at the café up the road." he remarked, I glared at him. "She isn't evil like you may think." I hissed, "How do you know about what everyone is anyway?" Jonathan smiled and laughed, crossing his arms. “I’m not exactly your typical everyday human, I hunt your friend’s kind, and I have a feeling you’re not exactly human either.” he eyed me with suspicion. “Witch.” I remarked, I glanced at my car again, it was fucked. "Need proof?" I added, I turned and eyed my totaled cars headlight, making the glass burst with a boom, sparks flying out. I turned to see Jonathan looking amused. “That explains why you're not turning.” he chuckled. “What…?” I gawked. “A bite from a werewolf can turn a human into one, though since they aren’t full blooded, they only turn on full moons.” he replied. “So that’s where the legend comes from, duly noted, thank you.” I ended the conversation and started walking down the road. “Hey wait up, let me drive you back.” he called after me, “I don’t want to be anywhere near you, trust me, it would be for the best.” I pulled out my phone and dialed Scott’s number. “I wouldn’t harm you Lydia.” he assured, I looked him dead in the eye. I haven’t fed in a while, and now with a lot of blood loss, I really didn’t want to be around humans, even good self-control had its limits, and I really didn’t want to tempt myself to eat Elle’s boyfriend. “Trust me, I’ll be fine.” I assured him, the phone picked up. “Did you make it back okay?” Scott asked me, “Uhh…” I paused and looked at the totaled car, “Not exactly…” Jonathan held back a snicker. “What happened…” he sounded anxious, “Well, something ran out in the middle of the road, next minute I’m upside down in a ditch, my shoulder is stinging like a motherfucker, my car is totaled, and I’m starving, and also, Jonathan the hunter found me.” I explained, Jonathan frowned. “Fuck, stay calm, don’t think about it, just think about, bunnies.” he went on, “Where are you exactly?”. “Very funny, and not very far from where I left, I took a right.” I recalled, “Hurry.” I pleaded. “Wait did you find her?” I asked quickly. “No, I’ve ran through miles of forest and looked under every damn rock, I called Elle and Ethan to help search for her, I’ll see you in a few.” Just before I replied, I saw someone appear right in front of Jonathan and I, Cel had blood down the front of her shirt, as was her chin and her bottom lip. “Actually she just found us…” I choked out as the line went dead. “Lydia…” Cel cried, tears coming down her face, “I killed someone.” she started to cry hysterically. “Oh, my God.” I stammered, I walked over to her but Jonathan yanked me behind him, he stood halfway in front of me, like he could really protect me from her. Fuck…. I thought as I stared at his neck, “Think about bunnies!” I screamed at myself. “Back away you demon.” Jonathan snarled, and pulled out a stake, seriously? Cel looked at Jonathan then at the stake, and backed away a few steps, her teary eyes glanced over at me, I could sense grief was overpowering everything, it was written over her face. “Lydia I can’t live like this anymore, all I feel is pain, and I…” she stammered and more tears came out, “I killed an innocent man, he was bleeding, and I was so thirsty, I didn’t even think, I want the feeling GONE!” she yelled in broken sobs. “Then make it go away.” Jonathan hissed, then he pointed the stake at her, “Either way you are a monster.” I felt my fangs pop out in anger, I couldn’t bare to see her like this, then I remembered to keep my emotions in check, I made my canines turn back to normal. I looked at Cel, was she really thinking about switching it off?! “Maybe I will.” she sobbed, and closed her eyes, more tears flowed. “Cel don’t you even think about doing it!” I begged, walking towards her, Jonathan let me pass. When she opened her eyes again, her face portrayed no emotion. “I had every right to, some of us don’t have perfect lives, God forbid if anyone doesn’t feel happy around you, you always bitch when someone isn’t acting along with your "Pinkie Pie" world” she sneered. “A stake? Like that will save you.” she hissed. “Come at me then vampy.” Jonathan sneered at her, shooting her death glares. My eyes opened wide as Cel collided with him, they sprawled on the pavement she kicked the stake away, and landed a punch in his jaw, I heard the crunch and flinched. “Enough!” I hissed, I sped over to her, and stumbled flat on my face. “Wow, impressive.” Cel laughed, “Your lover bit me, if I wasn't bent out of shape, I would have you on your ass right now.” I snarled, "It's funny you think you're stronger than me" Cel replied. Jonathan took the moment while she was distracted and advanced towards her with the stake. She spun around in a flash, and grabbed his hand and shoved the stake straight into his lower stomach, his expression turned from rage to shock as he fell onto the pavement, clutching the stake, groaning. “You bitch!” he grunted as he yanked the stake out, blood gushed from the wound, my nostrils flared. His face looked deathly pale, he held his hand on the wound to stop the pressure, “You look thirsty, and to be honest, I’m still quite thirsty myself.” she grinned as her eyes blackened and her fangs slid out. I blocked her path as she raced towards Jonathan. I tackled her to the ground and pinned her down, “Snap the fuck out of it, this isn’t you and you know it!” I hissed. “And you're weak.” she countered, she got her hand free and slapped me to the ground beside her, I glared up at her emotionless face. “You’ll have to do for now, you smell quite appetizing.” she snickered, wow so funny. “Thanks.” I spat, jumped up and landed a punch square in her face. “Ha. That tickled, you hit like a kitten.” she giggled, then grabbed me by the throat and pulled me closer to her, “Go to hell.” I hissed, “I already am, and I’m sure as hell enjoying it.” she responded. She sunk her teeth right into where Sheldon bit me, a scream of pure agony escaped my mouth, she clamped on harder and started to drain me dry. I fought against her, but I had no strength left, tears of anguish dripped down my cheek, it felt like salt coming out of my eyes. I felt my eyes turn black, and I snarled, latched my hands onto her neck, and twisted it till it snapped, her fangs ripped from my skin and I hissed in pain. She dropped onto the pavement with a thud, I clutched my throbbing shoulder, I felt like I was fixing to pass out. Jonathan looked at me with a sense of knowing, he probably noticed my now black soulless looking eyes, and the fact that my fangs were elongated, I didn’t care if he knew what I was, all I saw was his bleeding gash that was underneath his hand. “No.” I hissed, and looked away, I felt my teeth go back to normal. “Jonathan!” I heard someone scream, Elle was at Jonathan’s side in a flash, “No, no, no, no!” she kept repeating, her voice cracking in sobs. “Elle I’m fine, look at me, I’m not a baby.” he chuckled, Russians are fucking weirdo’s... “Jonathan you're bleeding to death, now is not the time to joke around.” she huffed, “How did you get here?” he asked, looking around for a car, fuck… “That doesn’t matter, let me heal you.” she murmured, she bit into her wrist and forced it down his throat. His eyes bugged open so big that they looked like they were going to pop out, “You're going to forget what happened tonight, you left the café and went home, and now you're going to go to sleep.” she compelled him, he slumped against her unconscious. She laid him on the pavement and ran over to me, “Jesus Christ!” she exclaimed, glancing at me to the collapsed Cel, "What the fuck happened?" she exclaimed. "Total hell." I remarked, "Many people will have Chevy's shit in their lunch tomorrow." I laughed, just as I fell over, I felt myself fall against someone just as they caught me. “She needs to feed, and soon.” said Scott, “No shit Sherlock...” Elle replied. I looked up at his worried face, everything looked blurry, dammit. “I’m so fucking dizzy…” I groaned, “It stings like a motherfucker…” I grimaced. “At least you snapped her neck before she could finish Jonathan off.” Elle wavered, clenching her teeth at the thought. “Well, she stabbed him in the gut with the stake, then decided to feed off me, I don't even know how I was able to snap her neck.” I groaned again, I tried to stand up on my own, but wobbled down again, Scott held me against him with his arm around my waist. “What are we going to do about her?” Elle muttered, “She killed someone, she shut off her humanity, and God only knows what she will do now.” I replied. I heard a low whistle come from behind Scott, we all turned our heads to see Ethan glancing at the scene before him. “Looks like my services weren’t needed.” he chuckled, “Want me to finish off the hunter?” he grinned. Elle hissed, “No, you dumb son of a bitch!” she shouted, “Oh bloody hell, he is going to kill us all anyway with his hunter clan, I say we just finish him off now, he is unconscious for goodness sake!” he proclaimed. “I compelled him to forget about tonight, if you would be so kind as to help me get him home, I would gladly appreciate it.” she frowned, he gave her a wink. Cel woke up, she took a sharp intake of breath, sitting up and looking at her surroundings. “Oh great, the A-team is here. I guess I need to surrender now don’t I?” she sighed, speeding up to her feet in a flash. She popped her fangs out, “Now let me finish off what I started.” she said dementedly, and sped at Jonathan. "No!" I shouted, I sprang at Cel just as Elle and Ethan did, but Scott yanked me back. Ethan tackled Cel to the ground, and snapped her neck in the same instant. "Take her to the greyhouse, chain her up." Ethan hissed, just as Sheldon sped out into the road in his wolf form. "I need help getting Jonathan home, what if I'm seen dragging his body into his dorm!" Elle huffed, "You'll think of it on your way back then" Ethan remarked. I just stood there, using Scott as a support to stand, chain her up? What the hell is chaining someone up going to do besides restrain them. Sheldon turned back into his normal self, his clothes always magically there, he helped Elle get Jonathan into his truck. "You two take him, we'll all meet up later at the greyhouse." said Scott. "Ethan, I didn't know you had two heads, now I have to look at two annoying grins" I laughed, I was seeing everything in doubles. "Get her back, she isn't coherent, did you have some tequila shots earlier?" Ethan grinned. "One, no smartass, I got bit and now my senses are fucked up, two-", I paused, my eyesight went in then out, I was about to lose conscious. Ethan's eyebrows shot up in anticipation, "Well?" he grinned. "Fuck you." I hissed, just as I slipped into darkness.

Feeling like your suspended from reality isn’t a pleasant feeling, all I felt was my throat burning, like someone was shoving a branding iron down it, and seeing Cel lose her humanity completely, I blamed myself for not being there, saying “Oh my God” doesn’t do shit. Slowly I found my way back, I tasted a sweet substance pour down my throat, my eyes shot open and I pierced whatever was feeding me with my teeth and gulped it down till my thirst was quenched for the time being. I stopped feeding when I realized I was latched onto Scott’s wrist like a leach. He looked relieved to see I was up, “Shit.” I exclaimed and let his wrist go. “Lydia it’s fine, don’t freak, I’m just glad you’re awake, you freak me out when you pass out like that”, “I should of went hunting with you” I muttered, and sat on the end of my bed, wait, I was in my dorm. I turned my head, my eyes opening wide, “What did you guys do with Cel?” I asked, “Ethan and Sheldon took her to the greyhouse like we planned before you blacked out.” he replied, “They aren't going to torture her are they?” I hissed under my breath. He looked down at the ground then back up to me, “There are methods that have to be gone through to get someone’s humanity back, usually when you induce fear it triggers emotion, then there is humanity, emotion.” My eyes narrowed, “Torturing my best friend is the best solution, I think not, I’m going to her, let’s go.” I walked towards the front door, Scott sped in front of me. “You sure you’re in the best state to go to a murderous hybrid right now?” he remarked, crossing his arms. I looked down on my torn sweater coated in blood, my hair was going in different directions down past my shoulders, I picked out a leaf from my hair "Nope.“ "My point exactly, we’ll go in a little bit” he chuckled, “I’m going to go wash up, I smell like the fucking forest…” I whimpered. “Are you okay? I did um take a few pints…” I continued. “You’ve been bitten by a wolf, got into a bad car accident, and you’re asking if I’m okay?” he chuckled. “Are you though?” I insisted, “I’m better now that you’re awake” “How’s the bite feeling?” he asked glaring at it, I might have to stop him from trying to choke Sheldon again. “It’s still sore, but the stinging has gone down a lot.” I murmured, leaning against the wall in front of the bathroom door. “I remember the first time Sheldon and I sparred, he wolfed out and took a bite into my leg, it was a lot worse than yours, the venom from the bite weakens your abilities and makes you thirstier than usual, I’m afraid you’re going to have to murder more bunnies then you normally would” he grinned, “Terrific.” I frowned, and turned the shower on. “Can you feed the fat fuck and his children?” I shouted from the bathroom as I hopped in. “He bit me!” I heard Scott shout from the room, I snickered as I washed everything out of hair, I literally found a fucking small acorn, what the hell was in that ditch besides dirt and mud?! I scrubbed the dried blood from the gash, it was beat red, at least it was closed up and not oozing anything… “I’m going to put Chevy’s shit into his lunch tomorrow” I hissed. “Sheldon’s actually eaten shit on a dare once!” Scott yelled from the door chuckling. “Chevy’s shit and piss would do then.” I grinned. I finished washing up and turned the shower off. I slipped on a pair of skinny jeans and a halter top, everything that touched my gash stung, especially when I slipped my jean jacket over it. I frowned at my unruly hair in the mirror, I gathered it up into a high pony tail and it spiraled down my back. I slipped a bobby pin into my pocket, the plan I had in mind would either probably blow up in my face, or actually work for a change, I would get Cel’s humanity back myself, without torture, I clenched my teeth at the thought. I walked out the door, Chevy was eating away at his food, his wife glared at me, I flipped her off and walked into the kitchen. Scott was stirring something in a cup, “So, I’m curious, did you happen to see my car?” I asked, “Yeah, I had Ethan take care of it after I brought you home.” he went on stirring what smelled like coffee. “What, did he rip it apart and set it on fire so no one would question why there was a flipped car in a ditch?” I chuckled, ".........”, I stopped and glared at him. “You’re not serious…” I gawked, “No one will question it will they?” he grinned. “Yes, ME!”, “He set fire to my child!” I cried, he began to howl with laughter. “Stop laughing!” I whined. “Here.” he slid the cup over to me, “My blood won’t hold on for long, you need something a little stronger to keep the thirst down”, “You put blood in coffee?” I said raising an eyebrow and sipped from the cup. I gulped it down in 20 seconds flat, I sat the cup down on the counter, “That wasn’t animal blood.” I muttered, “Best way to heal faster is having some human blood, some with a drink everyday till it heals, it will help with the healing process, and you won’t be going through the blood thirsty phases”, “Ah. I see.” I did NOT like human blood, it made me think of things I didn’t want to do, and I was trying to keep the self-control on high. I burped, and covered my mouth blushing, “Excuse me.” I laughed and put on my flats. “We need to get going, it’s 12:00.” he said looking at the clock on the wall. “Damn it’s late, and I think running there will be quicker…” I continued, “I really can’t vamp run, so piggy back time!” I grinned. “I’ve been carrying you all night.” Scott reproached grinning, “Try to speed at me, push off with every ounce of your body.” he instructed, “I know how to run Scott.” I teased as I stood towards him with the door to my back. “If I fall on my face, I will let Chevy out and eat you for his early breakfast”. Okay here goes nothing… I thought as I sped for about a second before I had Scott pinned against the wall. “Nice, but can you run long distances” he grinned, “Only short instances I’m afraid, though I’m going to have to try it out.” I replied. I looked up into his dark brown eyes that were filled with longing. I slammed my lips on to his and pulled him closer, he slammed me into the other wall, he kissed the hollow of my throat, my back arched, I switched our places in a flash and kissed him harder, I felt my fangs slip out as I eyed his neck. He groaned as I sank me teeth in and drank greedily. I pulled away a minute later, Scott’s eyes were as black as mine, he bent down to where my jugular was, the tip tooth scraped against it. It stung when his teeth sank into my neck, I arched my back, my whole body burning with desire. I felt like my life was lighting up, but being drained away slowly, I moaned as he pulled out of my neck, and kissed where he bit into. “I love you” he murmured, cupping my chin with his hands, “You’re the love of my life” I smiled, “You know we need to go right” I reminded him, and wrapped my arms around him, “I wish I could stay here with you, you know we’re going to have to finish what we started later” he whispered into my ear, “I’m going to have to take you up on that” I added. There was a knock on the door, then it creaked open, Scott and I loosened our way out of our embrace. “Hey guys…” Elle muttered, “Was I interrupting anything…” she inquired. “....…” Scott and I looked at each other than to Elle’s, “I know what you were going to do” face. “Let’s go.” Scott said clearing his throat. “I’ll meet you guys there.” Elle replied, and vanished off into the night. “Can you run?” he asked as we headed towards the woods, “Let me check.” I replied, and sped 10 feet and almost tripped over my own feet, I frowned. He grinned and held out his hand. I jumped on his back and resting my head on his shoulders, he gripped his arms around my legs to keep me steady. He sprinted through the woods, I saw the forest come alive, an owl swooping down to catch its dinner, that poor fucking mouse. It took us about 5 minutes to get there, I slid off his back as we sped onto the path leading up to the building. The door to the greyhouse was ajar, we walked in, Cel was chained to the wall, her expression blank, but also with some annoyance. Ethan had his arms crossed, leaning against the wall, Sheldon was eating a twizzler. “Oh great the lovebirds are here!” Cel exclaimed, “Can I go now asshole?” she hissed at Ethan. “Shut up.” he hissed back, “Go fuck a cactus.” she snarled, trying to break free from the chains that were bound around her wrists. “Let her go, keeping her caged up like an animal won’t do anything dumb ass.” I hissed, glaring at the chains that bound Cel to the wall. “Finally, someone is making some sense!” Cel laughed sarcastically, “Cel we are trying to help you get back to yourself” Sheldon growled, “You made me go off the rails, you have no one to blame but yourself, how about you go punch a wall, then get hit by a fucking bus” she sneered, Sheldon clenched his teeth, “What? It’s the truth.” Cel sighed. “What are these made out of?” I muttered to Ethan. “Platinum, even the strongest vampires have a hard time breaking out of them, and they are laced with the herb to subdue magic, she isn’t going anywhere with those around her wrists.” explained Ethan, lovely, good thing I had that bobby pin to pick the lock. “Even with no witchy juju, I would still kick your ass Norwich” Cel grinned, Ethan glared at her with narrowed eyes. “So what’s the plan besides torturing my best friend?” I hissed, “How can you defend her when she attacked you, she could have killed you Lydia!” Elle shouted, Sheldon, Ethan, and Scott agreed with her. “I’m doing it my way” I whispered, bent my head down, going deep down inside me, I raised my hands up, chanting a quick “sleepy” spell as I called it. I shot my eyes open, “Sorry, you’ll thank me later!” I blurted out as everyone fell down unconscious, it will only keep then down long enough for Cel and I to get some distance away from here. “What the fuck are you doing?” Cel gasped, “My hero!” she exclaimed sarcastically, “What? Are we going to go on a murder spree! Friend bonding, oh how I love you so!” I rolled my eyes as I took out the bobby pin and picked at the lock. “They are going to wake up and about one minute, so, you’re going to go to the fucking dorm and stay the fuck put till I get there, then we are going to have a VERY long fucking talk, you don’t and run off, I will hunt you the fuck down and stab you in the forehead with your chinchilla’s tooth” I snarled, and threw the chains off of her. “You’re bluffing.” she scoffed, I hissed at her extending my fangs, “Run for god sake!” I shouted, she looked at me, something shot across her face, something that resembled annoyance and anger, emotion, my whole being soared with hope, then she vanished out the door. I saw Ethan’s arm twitch, “Shit!” I gawked, I snapped his neck as his head shot up, he slumped back to the ground. I ran out of there like a bat out of hell, how the fuck was I going to outrun 3 vampires and a werewolf! As I ran, I felt myself running faster and faster, the tree’s buzzed by in flashes. Something knocked me down in an instant, something big. I jumped back to my feet to see a very pissed off looking werewolf, his blue eyes looked huge in the darkness. “Sheldon I’m doing this my way; I know how to get her humanity back!” I cried, “By what? Hugging her to death?” he growled. I heard a hiss come from behind him, “Maybe we should chain you up with her, maybe seeing you get hurt will spark something.” Ethan snarled, "Thanks for breaking my neck." “I dare you, asshole.” I heard someone hiss behind me, I turned and saw Cel snarling with her fangs out. She sped at me and grabbed my hand, I saw Scott and Elle speed up behind Sheldon, Scott glared at me, "Lydia what the hell?" he shot at me, Elle just stayed silent, I flinched at his hurt tone. “Maybe seeing Lydia near death will trigger your humanity back Celeste.” Ethan hissed, “What?” Scott growled. Scott landed a punch in Ethan’s face. “Stop it!” I screeched, and threw Ethan off of Scott as they kicked and punched each other on the ground. “Whoa what the fuck…?” I heard a deep voice say from behind Elle, he had a bad wound in his neck, blood had poured from it, now it was dried up. “You’re that man I killed…” Cel shrieked, her jaw dropping. The guy looked at Scott, “You’re the one that made me into this monster, feeding me your blood after you fed from me like a human blood bag, you turned me into a fucking abomination!”, all of us just stared at him speechless, my insides were turning, since when does Scott feed on humans?! “And you!” the man spat, “You killed me like a rabid animal, I was bleeding to death on the streets, while trying to contact my fellow hunters on a vampire infestation I discovered, and here you all are.” he chuckled. “I saw this girl walking in the road all alone, she was also bleeding from the neck, all I thought was draining her dry, sadly I did.”, I looked at the guy more closely, he looked like that guy I saw at Publix. He suddenly turned to me, his eyes widening. “Oh, you’re that girl that was buying a cake was it? I could see what you were without even hearing it, you were one hard girl to track down.”, I glared at him confused. "Now, I will press this button, hunters shall come for us all, and we may meet our creator." he preached, then jammed his finger onto the beacons button. Sheldon pounced on him and ripped his head off. “Jesus Christ!” Elle shrieked, jumping back a flash. “Fuck”. Ethan hissed, “We are gonna have to run…” Elle hissed, my temper was going to the boiling point. “I’m not done kicking your fucking ass” Scott snarled, "I have a feeling your girlfriend will be kicking your ass soon too buddy.” Ethan grinned. “You’re drinking human blood?!” I shrieked, tears of anger flowed down my cheeks as I bawled my hands into fists. “I’ll explain later, right now, all of us need to get the fuck out of here.” Scott reasoned, “There might not be a fucking later Scott!” I shouted. “Guys we need to get out of here..." Elle hissed again. “I’m getting your humanity back.” Ethan hissed at Cel, he sped at me and picked me up by my throat, I gasped for air, trying to pry his fingers from my neck. “Let her go! You crazy son of a bitch!” Elle screeched, Scott lunged at us, but Sheldon ran at him to hold him down. What the fuck was going on with everyone! I snarled and shot my leg out right in between Ethan’s legs, then as I fell I snapped his arm breaking it. Elle ran up behind him and got him into an arm lock, Scott and Sheldon fought, Sheldon bit Scott on the arm, he howled in pain, “Stop it!” I screeched, “No!” everyone shouted as they all kicked at each other, Cel yanked me away from their brawl, we stared at them in outrage. Scott kicked Sheldon off of him and clutched his arm, Ethan recovered from me kicking him in his, what Amberly told me, was a "small dick", he grabbed Elle by her hair and snapped her neck. Ethan and Sheldon got side by side, I snarled at them both, Cel echoed it with her own. I grabbed onto Cel’s hand, “Fuck you.” Cel hissed at Sheldon and Ethan, and we blasted them back, I made Ethan’s neck snap, Sheldon was knocked out. Scott glanced at Cel and I, I made eye contact with him, our eyes locked on each other, the pain in his eyes were torturing, I clenched my teeth together, I could feel my eyes wanting to water up. "Okay, now is not the time to have a love stare story" Cel retorted, and yanked me in the opposite direction. We sped like hell back to our dorm, “Cel, are you okay?” I gasped, trying to speed as fast as her was tiring, it wouldn’t be before long that I would be back to square one, 10 feet, face plant in the dirt. “All I can think about is rage, it’s like I’m seeing everything in fucking red.” she ranted as we ran through the woods. “They are so hell bent on getting my humanity back, Ethan was right about one thing, seeing you getting hurt triggered the rage part, you can call that humanity, but it isn’t the good side, at least it's blocking the grief.” she hissed. “I'm pissed off myself” I hissed, “I can tell.” she laughed, a true laugh. “Since when is Ethan and Sheldon allies?” I muttered, “They became buddies when it was to getting my humanity back, apparently Ethan has done it to other vampires and actually got humanities back, via torture!” Cel mocked, “And for that, I would kill them, though they are our friends so." I muttered. We bounded up the porch steps and walked in. "What the fu-" Cel gawked, before the heavily pregnant Amberly interrupted, “Want to tell me what the fuck is going on?” she asked, narrowing her eyes and stirring a cup of tea. I looked at our kitchen, my mother was sitting at the counter sipping a cup of tea as well. “Mom...?” I sputtered, “I came for your birthday, the plane came in really late, then Amberly here was kind enough to pick me up, then she started seeing visions of what was happening” she remarked, sipping her tea, then set it on the counter. “Then I saw what she saw, and then I memorize how strong my daughter is, even when the world is against her.” she smiled. Cel and I just stood there. “Don’t worry, tomorrow Ethan will be apologizing, or he will be having his balls cut off and they will be his lunch for tomorrow.” she continued as she took another sip of her tea. I turned to close the door, then Scott sped up to it, blocking me from closing it. I hissed, “You son of a b-“, “Language!” my mother shouted. “I could really go for some tea right now…” Cel muttered. "Me too..." I frowned just as Scott yanked me out the door.

He led me to the edge of the forest, I was fuming with anger. "Don't even, you know what human blood does, it makes you go crazy!" I hissed, crossing my arms. "Perhaps if you let me explain myself, I'm not feeding on humans! That son of a bitch followed you from California." he hissed under his breath, he was clutching is bitten arm with his other. "I met him last November, why now come and do anything?" I glanced at his arm, "That is a hell of a lot worse than mine, Jesus Christ, he could have ripped your arm off!" I exclaimed, examining it. We both sat on the ground under a tree, the dorm in view. "So what, he has been trying to track me down and hunt me?" I snickered. "Yes." he frowned, "How can you laugh when someone was trying to come kill you!" he hissed. "Then what about the girl who was bleeding in the road?" I cried, "Explain that!". "It's amazing how another's words can make you lose your trust in me, is that what it's really come down to Lydia?" he stood up and glared down at me. "Considering all that everyone has been through tonight, maybe you could be more understanding" he scowled. "I would be, except I've been through some rough shit tonight, sorry if I'm "edgy"", I grumbled, looking at the ground. "And back when you knocked us all out, you know I could have helped you escape right? Instead you decided to risk running off with an emotionless unstable hybrid, with hunters god knows where, you could of gotten hurt." he remarked. "And when you did try to get involved, you got hurt yourself." I muttered back, wrapping my arms around my knees. "And I know you will go through hell and fire to protect me, but I knew what I was doing, I know I'm the only one who can get her humanity turned back on, and look, she already has it halfway back." I went on, standing up on my feet. "I know you could have helped, but I needed to do this on my own, and knowing you would stand by me through anything, is one of the many things I admire about you, don't dwell and be mad on this, it's already come and gone, besides, we have new things to worry about." I paused, and grabbed his arm, "You're going to have to hunt a lot of bunnies too..." "I know, poor things, looks like you're going to have to murder some with me." he grinned. I scoffed, "We do that already." and slapped his arm, when my shoulder moved, it didn't sting at all. "Wait a fucking minute..." I paused, "You didn't have to hit where he bit me." he said through clenched teeth, holding his bad arm. I shrugged my jacket off, and touched where the bite was, it was almost completely healed now, it was pink around where his teeth went in. "What the hell?" Scott gawked. He ran his hand over it, I didn't feel thing. "Amazing." he whispered, "What, hybrids heal quickly now? What makes us so different, I don't think having witch blood in us would make us heal quicker..." I replied. "Maybe since you have both species in you, and the venom usually turns humans into half-blooded wolves, your body rejected the venom quicker?" he questioned, he was just as astounded as I was. "And maybe I do have a quicker healing ability, I healed quick from when my brain was fried to hell..." Scott frowned at that, he would always hate Cel's father, and so anyone who ever harmed me, I didn't want a wedge driven between him and Sheldon, they've been best friends since way before he met me. Scott looked at the bite, "Sheldon has a lot on his plate, his dad is pressuring him to come and lead his pack, and Sheldon doesn't want anything to do with it, he is still keen on getting Cel back, but him biting you and I, I'm going to talk to him, I'm not going to hurt him, just slap him upside the head a little bit." he grinned. "And tell him to stay away from Cel." I grumbled, " Anyway, I want to test a theory, what if hybrid blood can heal a regular vampire's werewolf bite? Maybe it makes it heal instantly like it did mine!" I exclaimed. "I doubt it, besides your blood can't heal others, even from wounds, hybrids are too complex, who knows what you could do though." he chuckled, I rolled my eyes and bit into my wrist. His eyes darted to where my blood flowed from my wrist, "Rabid phase kicking in?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. "Are you fucking insane?!" he gawked. "I'm not the fragile human I was before, you still think feeding off of me will hurt me, stop being afraid" I murmured. I looked into his eyes, which were starting to completely blacken. I showed no fear in my eyes, "Scott..." I said in almost a whisper. He turned the other way, "Lydia go, before I accidentally do something that I'll regret" he hissed, I heard him clench his teeth. "Stop being afraid of what you think you will do, stop fearing that you're going to hurt me, earlier you had no problem on feeding from me." I remarked. He quickly turned and grabbed my shoulders, "And back then I didn't have an urge to drink till your head fell from your shoulders!" he snarled, his teeth lengthening. I felt my body tense from fear, but then I just frowned. "You can try to be scary all you want, but I'm just like you now." I remarked, and held up my wrist, which was healed back up, "Now prove that I am right about my blood healing the bite." I demanded. "No." he hissed and sped deeper into the woods. "Drama queen." I frowned, and took off after him. I caught up to him within seconds, I jumped on him and knocked him to the ground, he was too weak to fight back. "Scott you need to be healed goddammit!" I huffed, and sliced my wrist open with my teeth again and forced it to his mouth. He tried to pull away from me, but I pressed my wrist more firmly between his lips. His eyes made contact with mine before they turned completely black, his fangs sunk deeper into my wrist, my face flinching involuntarily. He pulled his teeth out, and looked me, his eyes still black. He sped me against the front of a tree "Stop being afraid." I reasoned, even if I did say anything, it looked like his self-control was gone. I cried out when his teeth tore into my neck, it was rough, like someone stabbed me in the neck. I could barely think of anything else except my blood being drained quickly from my body. My eyes stung from the pain, I ignored it and grabbed his free arm that wasn't wrapped around my back holding me up to him, the bite was healing right before my eyes. Just as my knees buckled from underneath me, he ripped his teeth out, I hissed, clenching my teeth, he held me against him. I backed away and leaned against the tree, he wiped my blood from his mouth quickly, he looked ashamed of himself. I reached out and grabbed his hand with mine and gave it a light squeeze. He looked at my neck, grimacing, "I hurt you.", "I'll be fine." I assured him, my neck was already healed. "I was right though, wasn't I!" I grinned, he glared at me, "..............." he couldn't even come up with a response. "Lydia, I almost tore through your neck completely, do you not even care?!" he hissed, "I do care, you just think that you are going to hurt me, stop fearing it, I'm not fragile anymore." I said. "I know I need to accept it, like you did, but you always take risks. Why?" he said, raising an eyebrow. "I do, because I know in the end it’s for the best." I said. "Now, about that hunter, tell me what happened, and he followed me from Seaside?!" I remarked, why can't people just leave me the hell alone and go on with their lives. "I can show you." Scott replied, "Like how you showed me memories before?" I countered, "How do you do it? I never understand how one can do something so cool", "I'll show you, but clear your mind, think of blankness" he instructed, and put his hands on the sides of my head. My whole vision flashed white, then I saw a dark road, a man was there, he wore some type of gear, I saw a belt full of stakes, that must be Bill, and I saw Scott walk beside me, and walked up to Bill. I felt someone slide their hand through mine. I jumped, then saw Scott, the last time he showed me a memory, he didn't put himself in it, but for some reason this time he did. "Watch." he whispered, and we both glanced at his memory self and Bill. "Why meet on a road in the middle of nowhere bloodsucker, I thought you would well, actually lead me to the bitch that I plan to stake, and rid the earth of an abomination" he snickered, "Yes, a witch and vampire hybrid, how astounding does that sound?" Scott chuckled to Bill. "Well, I'm glad you contacted me, since you know I've been looking for her for some time now, 4 months is quite a while" Bill snorted. "Yes, you made your bounty quite known throughout the country, the description of the girl you were hunting matched the girl that I know perfectly, you don't see many hybrids of that type walking the earth do you?" Scott chuckled. "............" I glared at the real Scott beside me, "You-", "Just watch, and no, I am not trying to kill you, I would literally throw myself into sunlight to keep you alive." he said, rolling his eyes, "Well I know that, I would do the same." I confessed, and noticed that Bill and memory Scott were frozen, "We shall resume then." Scott grinned, I rolled my eyes. "You know boy, I should end you, but since you helped me with finding this abomination, that is worse than a vampire, I will not kill you, I will let one of my fellow men kill you, since I notified some on a possible vampire infestation in Lavender Coast, and I'm sure there is." Scott chuckled, "Well, since I found out someone was hunting the only person I can call the love of my life, of course you were on my number one list to kill, so I lured you here, and since I heard that you would kill yourself if you ever became a monster that should burn in hell, well, why not make your hell a fucking reality?" Scott snarled, "Since you want to harm an innocent girl." He lunged at Bill, tackling him to the ground. Bill wouldn't go down without a fight, he was strong too, and threw Scott off of him, and quickly took a stake from his belt. He lunged at Scott and stabbed him through the hand, then got a wire out and wrapped it around Scott's neck, choking him. "Let’s see you smart off without your head." Bill seethed, "No!" I screamed, though the real Scott yanked me back, "Lydia I'm fine, just wait." he soothed, wrapping his arms around me. No wonder he came in the memory with me, I would make myself go crazy trying to help, but walk right through them, since it wasn't really there. Scott yanked the stake from his hand, and shoved it into Bill's abdomen, and yanked the wire from his neck, it was covered in blood, I wanted to hurl everywhere, too bad I couldn't do that now that I was basically well, dead. Scott bit into his wrist and force fed Bill his blood. "You will not turn me into an abomination!" Bill hissed, and lunged at Scott, and body slammed him to the ground, a box fell out of Scott's pocket, and spilled open, something shiny falling out of it, a ring. Then Scott sped up and yanked Bill up like a rag doll, and tore into his neck, till Bill couldn't even stand up, and flung him to the ground. "Now you'll pass out, then die from the amount of blood loss, you picked the wrong girl to try to kill Bill Cooke." Scott spat at him, and picked the ring up and slid it back into the box, and put it back in his pocket. I didn't even glance at Scott, I just kept on looking at the scene before me. "You will be damned to hell, you parasite!" Bill choked out, groaning against the pavement, "I'm already damned, and you'll soon be as well, have a nice night." Scott hissed, and sped away, no doubt soon to get my call, and then the rest of the night take place. "And that girl that he found bleeding, I'm sure there are other vampires roaming Lavender Coast, no wonder hunters think there is an infestation" Scott muttered, "The ring?" I breathed, turning out of his embrace and looking into his gaze. "I was going to ask you earlier today, but since it is also a new daylight ring, I had Amberly make it for you, I never went hunting, I came and dealt with Bill, then you called me, and this night went to complete shit." he chuckled, "So I planned on asking you when you woke up the next morning." he stood in front of me, "I didn't know when would be the best time to ask, then next thing I know, I can live the rest of my existence loving you, having you with me, it's all I ever wanted, and I know it's selfish to think that, knowing you never wanted to be like this, and knowing you accepted what happened, despite everything I've done, you stood with me, it astounds me how you can love someone so much, when they've taken so much." I saw a tear forming in his eye, "Oh my god, did Scott Anderson just shed a tear?" I grinned, "Tell no one, or I might have to actually take your head my lady." he snickered, I grinned, "And I'm glad you're finally seeing that you don't have to always be mad at yourself for what happened in me turning, it's done and past us, I couldn't be anymore happier than I am now today, you brightened my life to its full extent, I wouldn't want anything else different." "Lydia, I've been wanting to ask you something." I looked at him, I already knew. My vision flashed white, and then we were back in the woods, out of his head. I couldn't believe this was happening, tears of happiness were already slowly falling from my watery eyes. He pulled the little box from his pocket, and opened it, and slid down on one knee, "Will you marry me?" he asked, I breathed in, why did my eyes have to tear up so much, Jesus! "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" I cried, I couldn't stop smiling, and neither could he. He slid the ring onto my finger, a silver band with a round fire opal, with two aquamarines on both sides of it, encrusted into the band. "This has to be the best moment of my life, well so far." I beamed. "I'd have to say it's mine too, and now that it's god knows what time now, I'm going to let you get back to helping Cel, we've been gone for at least 30 minutes." he said. I was beat, tomorrow I would need to go murder bunnies sadly, perhaps Elle would like to come with us. "There you guys are! Your mom left to go to her hotel, she'll be around tomorrow afternoon, and Amberly went home" Elle looked out of breath, "And by the looks of it, he finally popped the question!" Elle exclaimed, clasping her hands together. "God, waking up in a forest, then following your fucking scents back to the dorm, then your mom saying, "Oh my god, he is going to ask my daughter to marry him, Samuel is going to be pissed he didn't ask for his blessing. Oh, well." I am so happy for you guys!" Elle squealed. "...................." Scott and I looked at her then grinned. "And Lydia, you might want to get to Cel, she started burning things when I left, well was forced to leave, she screamed at me to leave, after your mom and Amberly went, I bid you good luck, I am going to bed" Elle explained, then vanished. "I'm assuming you want to talk to her on your own, you know how to help her, the grief has come through, you need to help her see the good side" he pulled me in for a hug. "Wish me luck" I sighed, and gave him a quick kiss, then rushed quickly back to the dorm.

I creaked the door open, I saw broken glass scattered across the floor, I saw Cel sitting in front of the fire, boxes of pictures were beside her, some were thrown here and there, others, burning in the fireplace. "Cel..." I said cautiously, stepping over a broken vase, I glanced at the kitchen, the flowers Sheldon got her were scattered on the ground, mine were still standing, ".............." Cel jerked her head up, and glared at me, her eyes red from crying, "No reminders, no more pain!" she remarked, laughing and crying at the same time, it scared the hell out of me. I saw her pull out another picture from the box, one with her at her graduation, her mom and dad smiling along with her as she held her diploma. "When everything was good, I was happy, and now look at me, I'm cursed to live forever and my entire family is dead." she sniffled, and reached towards the fire to burn the photo. I clamped my hand onto her arm, and yanked the picture from her fingers. "Cel look at me, I know it hurts." I cried, she spilled down more tears, "You don't know what it's like to lose both of your parents Lydia!" Cel screeched, she wrapped her arms around her knees, and shuddered with more broken sobs. I wrapped my arm around her, and looked her in the eyes. "Cel, at one point in my life, I did go through this, my parents were killed right in front of me, and for a while I thought I lost them forever, I do understand, and your parents wouldn't want you to remember them like this, they would want you to cherish their memory, not burn it away!" I cried, "Remember them with the smiles on their faces, on how proud they were of you." I held up the picture to her, she stared at it, "I don't want to feel their loss anymore Lydia, it hurts." she sobbed, "It's like I can't even breathe anymore, and I hurt you, and Sheldon." she broke on another sob, "I don't even know what to fucking think anymore, we fought, and then he helped Ethan chain me the fuck up, and they planned on attacking you, not to harm you a lot, but to get a reaction from me, I hate them for thinking that, and again, it was the only way to get me back." she stop crying, and glared at the fire. "Cel, you are my sister, my best friend, you know me better than anyone, and you know I will stand by you and help you Cel." I whimpered, hugging her tighter. "I'm here for you, just remember that, before I stamp it on your forehead." I chuckled, we sat side by side on the ground, the fireplace lightened up the dark room. I handed her the photo, "Focus on what makes you strong, not what hurts the most, it will only take you down even more." I said, "Thinking one day to finally kill that bitch, and going on pretending we are normal people?" Cel frowned, "We aren't human, one-day people are going to realize we never age, and then we will have to move on and on, for eternity, there is never a stop." she remarked, she stood up, but I yanked her back down. "Listen to me, we are only 19, we still have our lives ahead of us, I know one day we will have to move on, but why deny yourself of what you were going to do before this all happened, we were happy, we were going to go to college, get jobs, do something!" I exclaimed, "What I'm saying is, you think because now we are vampire witches or whatever, that our lives are over." I clasped both of her hands into mine. "Our lives have only just begun, this is our beginning, Amberly, Elle, all of us, we are your family now, and I will be damned if I don't help you get back on your feet, you're the strongest of us all, so fight." I demanded. "How am I the strongest, when I flipped my switch off so quickly, you're not dumb enough to do that." she muttered. "At one point I did almost flip it, but then I realized, I wasn't alone, I had you guys, you helped me, and now, today, I couldn't be any happier." I smiled, Cel looked down at my hand, "Oh, shit." she said, her eyes lit up, "Don't tell me you were in on it to..." I whined. "Are you kidding? Everyone was!" she giggled. "Lydia, I know you are going to be there for me, and you are my sister, fuck blood relation shit, and I think I need to uh, I need help adjusting to your bunny diet..." she paused, "Don't worry, we will get you to murdering bunnies in no time!" I chirped. "Will the pain ever go away?" she sighed, scooting over to where pictures were thrown, and started putting them back in the box. "In time, you will be happy again, just don't let yourself fall down, you are truly the only one who can keep you on both feet, all of us are just support systems, and the more you have, the better you'll be. Do you mind if I borrow Chevy's shit to put into Sheldon's lunch?" I asked, helping her put the pictures away. "I think, it would be best if Sheldon just kept his distance, I'm going to try to get back to myself, but every time I see him, I see something that I once had, then the light died, and he's a reminder of what happened, we always argue, and I don't want to hurt him." she took a deep breath, "It's going to be hard isn't it? Getting back to normal." she sighed. "It will, but you'll be fine, I will make sure of it." I paused, "Go fuck a cactus? I loved that one, it took everything to not burst out laughing." I grinned, she rolled her eyes and smiled along with me. I put the lid back onto the box, and set it on the coffee table. "So, what now?" Cel said, "Well, it's 4:00 in the morning, and I've been wanting to go bed for hours, I've had enough for one night, don't you think?" I said, yawning. Cel and I sat on the couch, "Tomorrow night, we are going on our bunny murder trip right?" Cel asked, "Yup..." I said, dozing off. I heard the door open quickly, "Don't you know how to knock?" Cel said, glaring at the person who came in. I turned and saw Ethan, what the fuck does he want now? "I wanted to say-" "Yes, I know, humanity is back, apology accepted goodnight." I muttered, and curled up into a ball. "Did Amberly send you, knowing that if you didn't come say sorry, she would chop your small dick off and feed it to you?" Cel grinned mischievously. "................." I opened my eyes and stared at him, grinning. "Yes..." he finally said, looking annoyed. "Good, now get the fuck out and let me sleep." I muttered, closing my eyes. "Well, that was easy." I heard Ethan say under his breath as he walked out, "Oh my boy, we haven't even gotten our revenge, just you wait!" Cel chuckled, "Let's see what you come up with then, good night." he chuckled, giving us his signature annoying grin. God, I want to slap him. "I'm going to bed" Cel murmured, stretching her arms. "Carry me to bed." I whined, "Seriously..." Cel remarked. I opened my eyes and glared at her, "I have had a lot of blood loss, and now I can't even see straight, perhaps Chevy might donate some blood?" I smirked, Cel rolled her eyes. She sped over to the refrigerator, and dug through it, and grabbed a packet. "Here drink your bunny blood on the go packet." she said, and threw it to me. I drank it quickly, then burped, "That's better." Cel walked to our room and was out within 5 minutes. I just laid on the couch, gazing at the fire, then to my ring, I couldn't believe I was engaged, planning a wedding was the last thing on my mind, I had to help Cel, plan Amberly's birthday, and a possible baby shower, she was due in a month. I laid there, I was tired, but I never fell asleep, I just stared at the fire, just thinking about everything, I closed my eyes, then I was out. I woke up again, this time to knocking, the sun was just up, it was 8:00. I yawned heavily, and sat up, stretching my arms, I heard Cel snoring like no tomorrow through the wall. I got up and saw Sheldon through our door’s peephole, can everyone just leave us alone for one day. "What is it?" I groaned, I wanted to go back to bed goddammit. "Is Cel up? I need to talk to her." Sheldon explained, "Well she is asleep, and in no mood to deal with you right now, maybe later?" I said, closing the door, he put his hand on it and pushed it back open. I crossed my arms, glaring at him, "And another thing, I got bitched at by your hubby enough this morning, and I was going to come anyway to say I was sorry what happened last night, I was trying to do anything to get Cel to turn her switch back on, and you were right, you did know how to get it back." he said. "Well buddy, I'm going to go back to bed, and you go do, whatever it is that you do, don't you hang with Eddie on the weekends anyway?" I said, raising an eyebrow. "Oh so we're buddies now? And Eddie can go do his own thing, I've had enough of his bullshit." he frowned. "Sheldon of course we're friends, we've been friends for over a year, you just know when to annoy me the most." I grinned. He looked at my shoulder, "The bite?" he asked, looking bewildered. "Oh, hybrid blood heals quicker, and Scott's is gone too, I guess it's another weird thing hybrids can do." I said, then continued “Oh, and here is a warning, don’t ever upset her again, or I will make you cry and crawl into a fetal positon.” I said with fake sincerity, he chuckled lightly to himself. “She is sleeping, just give her some time to adjust, she has been through hell and back.” I sighed, “I’ll see you guys later then.”  I waved to him and went to my bed. I raised my hand up, and stared at the ring, I still couldn't believe I was engaged. My old daylight ring that Elle has given me was still on my right index finger, I slid it off, since my engagement ring was also a daylight ring. I set the ring on my nightstand, Cel snored loudly. I threw a pillow at her, she didn't even flinch.

Chapter 7: We Started the Fire (Elle) March 20, 2014

What can I say? How I pretend human, when really my whole life is a big fat lie, the man I love was a vampire hunter, and I was a vampire, see the ironic part about it? I made that startling realization last night, as he had a stake on him, and Lydia revealed what he had said to her when he found her. I glared at the spring calculus exam that lay before me, my pencil chewed to hell from the constant waiting of everyone having to finish before you could even move. I circled in a answer bubble on the answer sheet, I knew them all already. I could be done in 5 minutes, my vampire mind could hold in a lot of information, which is nice, since I stayed up late pouring over the study notes I had written the week before. We still had an hour before the test ended. God forbid if we finish early, our professor, Mr. Mash, yes like a mash-potato, would tell us “Look it over again, look it over again!”, till our ears would bleed, I felt like I was in middle school again. Lydia sat at the other end of the long wooden table, she kept twirling her pencil with her fingers, the ring on her finger was enough evidence he popped the question the night before, despite the events that went down. I bubbled in the last answer, then slid the paper into the booklet. I heard the tick of the clock as the time drew on, I felt like I didn’t blink for an eternity, till the teacher called time on the test. I gathered my shoulder bag, and threw my books into it, Lydia got her things and walked over to my seat. “I better of aced that damn test, I organized everything to perfection, I may have gone a little OCD….” Lydia muttered, “Haven’t you always?” I laughed, and slid my bag over my shoulder. “So, how are things, with your lover?” Lydia grinned as we walked over to the patio, people were pouring out of the buildings, the excitement of spring break hung in the air, finally free of course work for a week, like that was such a treat. I sat down on an available bench table, they were filling up pretty fast. “I got him back to his dorm, I had to drag him through the door, it was a pain in the ass because Sheldon fucking bailed on me.” I huffed, “Did anyone see…” Lydia muttered, then whispered, “It would be very strange if someone saw you dragging your unconscious vampire-hunter boyfriend through the door by his vampire girlfriend.” “Shut up, just shut up.” I frowned, and pulled out my Samsung phone. “Texting your boyfriend?” said Lydia, her green eyes having a teasing glint in them, “Yes FBI, I’m asking him to come meet me, we were supposed to go do something after our exams, then last night happened.” I went on, and pressed send on the text message. “I just want things to get back to normal, and now I have to help you get Cel on our “bunny” diet.” Yesterday, I stayed indoors, avoiding Jonathan, I didn’t know if the compulsion had worked, I later went over to his dorm, he seemed to be fine, he was with one of his friends playing a video game, Call of Duty. I listened for a bit, all he recalled was going out to eat with Raven and Olivia, then driving home and going to bed to his friend, who was curious of where he went last night. I sat my phone onto the table, I could already tell who sat down beside me, I had an urge to punch him in the face every time I saw him, “Talked to Amberly today? I need to talk to her.” said Eddie, glaring at me, Lydia just stayed silent and texted away on her phone. “No I haven’t, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.” I hissed under my breath. Ethan appeared beside Lydia in a flash, and put her arm around her, she jumped in surprise, her phone crashed to the ground. “Go near her, I will keep my word on ripping your tongue out lad.” Ethan grinned, Lydia gripped his arm and twisted it backwards, “Hands off dick.” she remarked, and picked up her phone, somehow it didn’t crack, however when I dropped mine last month, it shattered into a million fucking pieces, stupid cheap ass phone, Lydia bought me a new one. Cel walked up to the table, her hair was loose, she usually kept it held back, her eyes darkened when she saw Eddie. “I see I’m not liked much here anymore then am I?” Eddie reproached, “None of us do anymore sadly.” I said under my breath, “You screwed yourself up, now you’re dealing with the fall out.” I went on as he narrowed his eyes. “Bye?” said Cel, glaring at Eddie. “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Eddie spat, and walked angrily away, “You first buddy.” I hissed under my breath, Ethan smirked at me. Cel sat down beside Lydia, “So where is Amberly anyway?” asked Cel, “Perhaps still taking her exams?” Lydia suggested, “Waddling around the school on her way here?” I added. Ethan’s phone buzzed, “Actually that’s her now, I am going to go take this.” Ethan said, and walked down the side walk, “He doesn’t know that we can hear the conversation?” Cel frowned, “He’s a dumbass.” Lydia muttered, “Duh.” I added. Lydia and Cel glanced at each other, then to Ethan’s lunch, it was still uneaten, just sitting there. “Revenge time.” said Cel, grinning at Lydia. “Did he poop big ones for you?” Lydia smirked evilly. “What are you two doing…” I asked as Cel opened up Ethan’s sandwich, “Payback is a bitch.” Lydia murmured, Cel opened up a container from her bag, about 5 large ass poop pellets tumbled out as she dumped them onto his ham. “Oh my god that is disgusting!” I choked, they were feeding him chinchilla shit? What the hell? “I told people, assholes that mess with us, will get Chevy’s shit in their lunch, even if they are our friends.” Lydia grinned. Ethan walked back over, “So, how is your love bug?” I grinned, “She is actually going to a Doctor’s appointment, a check-up, which I will be going to as well, right after I eat my beloved sandwich.” Ethan replied. We all stared at him as he picked up the sandwich, did he not even smell the poop? He bit into it, his face went from enjoying his “beloved” sandwich, to utter revulsion, he spat the chunk he bit into onto the plate. “What the utter fucking FUCK!” he shouted, people glanced at him, “What?” he seethed at them, “Asshole.” I heard someone mutter under their breath, everyone went back to their normal chattering. “Who put.” he hissed, opening the sandwich to reveal the pellets, “SHIT in my goddamn fucking sandwich?!” he threw the sandwich at the garbage, though it missed, and hit someone on their back who was turned away talking to someone. “Guilty…” Cel grinned, Ethan glared at her, the person the sandwich landed on, turned around, his green eyes lighting up with fury. “Missed, sorry there lad.” Ethan grinned, and walked over and put the pellet sandwich into the trash. Jonathan kept glaring at him, his sister Raven shot death glares at Ethan, “I better get going, I have an appointment to get to, see you ladies later.” He grinned, Amberly waddled towards us, she waved to us from the sidewalk, then her and Ethan walked off to the appointment. Jonathan glanced at me, I mouthed “sorry” to him, he grinned and walked over to the table, his sister turning on her heel and left, he told me she had anger issues, and didn’t warm up to people quickly, sounded like me. Jonathan sat down beside me, Cel stiffened slightly, she glanced at the ground, Lydia raised an eyebrow at Cel, then went back to texting on her phone. “I need to go.” Cel said abruptly, “Where do you have to go?” I asked, “Are you okay?” Jonathan asked her at the same time. “I’m fine.” she stammered, she looked towards the dorm rooms, “I need to go feed my chinchillas…” and with that Cel left. I knew how it was, after turning your emotions back on, feeling all the guilt, from hurting your friends, and trying to kill people, I knew exactly what she was going through. Seeing Jonathan, it made her freeze, no doubt the memories from the night before came flooding back, yesterday she kept repeating on how sorry she was, I kept telling her that it’s alright, that he’s alright, you're back to yourself. It will take time for Cel to accept what happened, and move on. Lydia giggled over a text, Jonathan and I glanced at her, “What?” Lydia frowned, then glanced at the screen again, a grin erupted on her face and she texted something back. I know her and Scott were serious, but were they seriously doing something over the phone too? I hoped not. “My mother sends me the most stupid shit.” Lydia laughed, thank god. “So, what’s your plans for spring break?” Jonathan grinned, “I wanted to go visit my brother, but the plane tickets are too expensive.” I sighed, I glared at my calculus book, I better have passed that damn test. “My mother is coming into town later tonight; I think you two should meet officially.” said Jonathan. Last December, his mother had won an award for some doctor thing, since she was a chairman on the medical field in Canberra University, I had accompanied Jonathan to the banquet, the woman didn’t even acknowledge my presence then, I guess I wasn’t “good” enough for her son. She had come up to Jonathan and I at the banquet, he had introduced me, and she stared at me, I said hello to her, she said, “Oh, so this is your friend.” I just stayed silent as he talked with his mother, thankfully she had to go and catch a flight to wherever.  “Jonathan your mother made it very obvious she didn’t like me…” I muttered. He rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, “She just didn’t know you well enough then, she was on edge then, like she always is, like Raven, just doesn’t warm up fast, hell Raven couldn’t stand me till I moved out of the house.” he chuckled. Lydia closed her phone, “I’m going to go…” she was already grinning, “Give you two some alone time.” she gathered all of her books and slid her bag over her shoulder. “Going to your mother?” I asked, “Yeah, she leaves tomorrow.” Lydia explained, as she walked around the bench, she paused. “Later today, come by my dorm, I have ideas for Amberly’s baby shower.” she beamed, then strolled away down the sidewalk. “So, what’s our plans for today?” I grinned, “There’s this restaurant I’ve been dying to take you to, they have the best chicken in the world!” he exclaimed, “Oh really, the best in the world?” I teased, “Zaxbys has the best chicken, hands down.” “We’ll see.” he murmured. We left the patio, and drove to the restaurant, it was a place called WAWA’s Chicken shack, I gawked at the sign as we drove into the parking lot, if I saw a chicken run down the sidewalk, I would not be surprised. “The name, seriously? WAWA?” I exclaimed, and burst into a fit of laughter. “The name is stupid, but the food is good, I promise.” He chuckled as we walked into the restaurant. I was wrong about a chicken on the sidewalk, they had chickens running around the damn place! What the fuck! “Do Mexicans own this place?” I asked, one of my eyebrows raised, glancing around the chicken shack, I saw one couple eating, a chicken was on the back of the booth, just staring at them, I think this place is in violation of many health concerns when it came to food, I worked as a waitress before, and “No Live Animals Allowed in Restaurant” was stamped clearly into my brain when I read the rules. Clearly, in Lavender Coast, not a fuck was given. “Hola! Welcome to WAWA’s!” a waiter beamed, “Welcome back Senor Archer!” the waiter said, I read his name tag, Pablo Wawa Jr., bless his soul with a last name like that. Pablo lead us to a booth on the far right side of the shack, we got a window seat. I sat, and glared down at the seat to the right, a fucking chicken nest sat there, the chicken inside it looked at me, then flew out of the nest, I ducked, “Whoa!” Pablo exclaimed. “Sorry, I forgot Peggy had taken residence in this booth!” he laughed, Jonathan glanced at me, he could tell I looked, what was the word, oh yes, ANNOYED. Jonathan sat down across from me, Pablo laid down two menus and walked away. “Why did you bring me here…” I groaned, I saw an egg in the nest, I was tempted to throw it at Pablo Wawa Jr. I opened the menu, they had every type of chicken on here, from roasted, to fried, they even had a “chocolate chicken special”, that-- that just sounded disgusting. I wonder if they used the chickens in the restaurant for food, maybe the Wawa family were too lazy to go to the store? Pablo walked back over, “So, did you guys decide what you want to order?” he chirped, I saw Peggy walk back over, she glared at me. If Lydia was here, she would know exactly what these chickens were saying, I wanted to see her reaction, maybe I should take her here one day. “I’ll have fried chicken.” I responded, and closed the menu. “I’ll have my usual.” Jonathan said, handing Pablo our menus. “Bien.” Pablo winked. He sat the menus on the table, and grabbed Peggy. “Time to feed our customers grande pollo.” Pablo chuckled. He walked away, holding Peggy, and vanished into the kitchen area. My eyes were opened wide, “Jesus.” I exclaimed, and glanced at Jonathan. “They raise their own food, isn’t that great? Fresh food.” Jonathan explained. “But, Peggy…” I whined, that is sad, I just met that chicken, and now she’s probably getting her head chopped off. About 10 minutes later, Pablo walked back with our chicken, I saw that in fact, Peggy was still alive, she was laying on top Pablo’s head, like his hair was her nest… “What the fuck…” I muttered under my breath. “Here you go mi amigos.” said Pablo, and he sat our plates down. Jonathan’s “usual” was the chocolate chicken, seriously, Russians ate the strangest shit. I bit into my chicken, it tasted so rotten, that I wanted to hurl the chicken at Pablo Wawa Sr, for making the worst chicken on earth, and forcing his chickens to witness their siblings being eaten, seriously, that is disturbing. “Jonathan?” I asked, he already ate half of his chicken, I only just started mine. “This chicken…” I began, “Isn’t it amazing?” he grinned. “I rather eat Chevy’s shit.” I finished, and dropped the chicken back onto the plate. “Have you always ordered the chicken covered in chocolate?” I asked, “Yeah why?” he replied, taking another bite of his food. “Try mine.” I grinned, and pushed my plate towards him. He rolled his eyes, and cut a piece of chicken from mine, and slid it into his mouth, the whole time looking at my smug grin. He spat the piece of chicken onto his plate, “……”, he didn’t even say a word. “Damn, that chocolate really does get rid of the taste, to be honest, I don’t even taste the chicken.” Jonathan muttered. Pablo walked back over to our table, probably seeing our grossed out faces. “Chicken bad?” Pablo cried, “Si.” I hissed, “I’m taking Peggy, she will not be eaten today.” I added. Pablo’s eyebrows shot up in confusion, “We weren’t going to cook her in till tomorrow though, but you can have her, we have about 1,000 more out back.”, my mouth dropped open, “Oh, the meal is on the house by the way, come back again!” Pablo said cheerfully, and shoved Peggy into my arms. I ran out the door, Jonathan on my heels, “Promise me you will never take me to a chicken shack ever again…” I laughed, and hopped into the truck. “Did you seriously have to take the chicken?” Jonathan said, his expression confused. “I want Lydia to talk to it!” I grinned, “What do you mean talk to it?” he gawked, “What, film a person talking to a chicken, it will be hilarious!” I laughed nervously. “And, Elle?” Jonathan asked. “Yeah?” I responded, holding Peggy on my lap as we drove out of the parking lot. Oh god, did he remember? Fuck, I glanced at him, his face was completely at ease, then his face turned into a wide grin, “Zaxbys does have the best chicken, hands down.” he said. I was already grinning from ear to ear.   

We pulled up to Cel's and Lydia's dorm, Peggy pecked my hand, while flapping her wings, Jonathan was trying not to laugh the whole ride back. "Have fun with your new chicken." he chuckled, "Well you did take me to a chicken shack." I grinned. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, then Peggy squawked at him, um. "I'm going to have a great time filming Lydia talking to her." I giggled, I swung open the truck door and hopped out, holding Peggy under my arm. I waved as Jonathan pulled out, and slowly turned to Lydia's dorm. "I'm going to laugh my ass off when Lydia talks to you." I chuckled, walking up to the porch to the dorm, Peggy glared at me. Whatever sound I heard, stopped, I heard Lydia run into her living room, then a window opening, what the fuck? I sped around to the back of the dorm, Scott jumped out of it. "......." I stared at him, "Uh...", his eyes opened wide, "Have a nice day?" he replied, "You could have just walked out the front door..." I muttered, Peggy squawked in agreement. "We didn't know you were, coming early..." he said nervously, then glanced at the open window, Lydia came towards it from the inside, she poked her head out. "Hey Elle!" she said, in the same nervous tone Scott had, I think I interrupted something, very, intimate. "Is this a bad time? I could come back later..." I mumbled, "No, no, I was just leaving, you two have fun planning parties." Scott grinned, then vanished. "'Kay..." I muttered, Lydia looked like she was about to burst into laughter too, "Nice bed hair..." I grinned, her hair was a mess, "Shut up." she frowned, then she looked out the window more. "Why the fuck do you have a chicken in your arms?" she gawked, raising one of her eyebrows. "Please, talk to it!" I squealed, then darted to the porch and pried the front door open, Lydia walked into the living room, gazing at the chicken in my arms. "Talk to this chicken, please!" I begged, holding Peggy out towards Lydia, her eyes shot up in shock, "They were going to eat you?" Lydia cried, looking down at Peggy, I sat her down on the floor. Lydia walked to the couch and sat on it, Peggy followed her, squawking along the way. "My god, the Wawa family must be terrible." Lydia sighed, Peggy flew up onto the couch beside Lydia, I pulled out my phone. I couldn't hold my laughter back as Lydia and Peggy talked, "He took all of your children too?!" Lydia cried, she was actually crying, Jesus. "Even little Benny?" Peggy squawked in a low, seemingly sad tone, this was the strangest and funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Peggy walked over to the arm of the couch and sat on it, and stared at the wall. "I filmed all of it, I am posting it on YouTube." I grinned, and slipped my phone into my pocket. "You make it seem like your life has been living up to this moment on me having a conversation with a chicken." Lydia chuckled, and grabbed a brush, trying to comb her nest hair. She flipped her hair to one shoulder, "My hair is a pain in the ass." she mumbled, the brush got stuck in it, I held back a snicker. "Your hair is always so shiny and smooth though." I grinned, "That's after I run about 50 different types of shampoo through it." she teased, she yanked the brush out, and finally got her hair back to its smooth texture.  I saw two puncture wounds closing up on the side of her neck, she eyed me staring at her neck, she kept brushing her hair that was flipped on her other shoulder. "What?" she asked, confused, "Your neck..." I hissed, "Oh, that." she said, her face blushed, she set the brush down on the coffee table, Peggy glanced at us. "Yes, that, what the fuck did he do to you!" I snarled, and sat down beside her, and inspected the marks on her neck, there was only two, must of been deep if they took this long to close up. "Elle he hasn't done anything, it's embarrassing to talk about it..." she said, flustered. "Huh?" I said, puzzled, what was so embarrassing? If she was doing this just to protect him, I would go to him and stake him myself. "It's nothing Elle, drop it please." Lydia said quickly, getting up from the coach, I need to go put something normal on", she looked fine, but knowing her, she has to change her outfit 5 times a day. She sped into her room, then seconds later she was in a pale blue skater dress, it came to her mid-thigh, her favorite jean jacket over it, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. "So, about Amberly's birthday..." she said, grabbing a hair tie and pulled her long hair into a high pony tail. "Lydia, explain why you have a bite in your neck, from these." I remarked, popping my fangs out, the two dots were already gone now. "I'm not saying anything, figure it out yourself." Lydia grinned, and walked into her midget kitchen and pulled out some bag, it smelled like bunny, Peggy glanced over at Lydia and stiffened. My mind raced, okay, so he was taking blood from her, and she was blushing about it, wait. "You two are blood sharing?!" I gawked, jumping from the couch. "What's so wrong about that?" Lydia frowned, and poured the bunny blood to go into a black cup. "Well, it's, usually it's very personal is it not?" I said, "Do you --", "Enough." Lydia hissed, and stabbed a straw into the cup, chugging down her drink. "......." I glanced at Peggy, she looked scared shitless, I hope she didn't think Lydia was going to eat her. "Do you think Amberly lets Ethan?" I asked, my eyes widening in shock, "Elle it's usually just between two vampires, and Amberly is pregnant, if Ethan was, he would be dead." Lydia muttered darkly. "Indeed." I grinned evilly, Lydia made me a drink of bunny on the go and handed me a straw. "What does it feel like?" I pried, Lydia glared at me, "Okay, okay I'll drop it." wouldn't it fucking hurt if someone tore their teeth into your neck? Yes. When I was human, it was absolute agony, as a vampire, I didn't know, and I didn't plan on finding out either. "So, I was thinking, how about we throw the birthday and the baby shower at the same time?" Lydia suggested, stirring her drink with the straw, I already downed mine. "I think that's good, she is about to pop." I chuckled. "We need to go to the store and pick out some decorations!" Lydia chimed, and flashed into her room, I heard her scramble in a drawer for something. I heard a jingling of keys, she walked back out, a black shoulder purse slung over her shoulder. "I thought your car was totaled." I grinned, "Honey, that car was my child, and Ethan destroyed it with his bare fucking hands, and threw it into the woods." she grabbed one key, the rest dangled on the key ring, a key to a Corvette. "You got a new car already?!" I gawked, "I wish, I don't have enough money to get a Corvette, I wish I did though..." she pondered, we both walked towards the door, Peggy squawked something to Lydia.  "Peggy, it's alright, we will be back soon, I left you some corn on the floor in the kitchen." "Since when did you buy corn?" I muttered, as she locked the front door. "I don't know, Amberly called me last night and said I would need it, so now we know why, you chicken lady." Lydia smirked. "It's parked at the other end of campus." Lydia went on, "Should we run like ninjas?" she asked. "As long as we're not seen." "We'll take the woods then." Lydia stated, I nodded, I zoomed into the woods, Lydia right on my heels. We slowed to a walk as we made it to the edge of the forest, the Corvette in view, it was sleek and shiny, whose was it then? "Isn't it beautiful." Lydia sighed, her hand running over the hood, "Whose is it?" I said, glaring at the leather interior, Jesus, was it REAL leather? "Scott's." she said, unlocking the driver door, and pressed the unlock button, I opened the door, and slid into the seat, it was so comfy, it wouldn't make a bad place to sleep. "Doesn't he have a car?" I remarked, she turned the ignition on, and the engine roared to life quietly, we pulled out of campus. "He bought it for himself for Christmas." Lydia explained, "And now that my car is deceased, may Molly rest in peace." Lydia muttered, I stifled a giggle. "Molly?" I grinned, "Stop doing that crooked grin, you're turning into Ethan." Lydia smirked. "He uses the car sometimes, joy rides, now it's my only means of transportation without asking someone for a ride somewhere." Lydia said, I was still admiring the interior. "Lucky bitch." I hissed under my breath, "Love you too." Lydia winked. We pulled into the local Party City store, they had more decorations than God. As we walked in, Lydia's eyes were glued to a blue and white decorating set, "Amberly loves blue." Lydia chirped, "Shouldn't we mix it with pink? Since she's having a girl, and add some white as a neutral color?" I said, picking up white napkins and pink plates. "You learned well young apprentice." Lydia grinned, and threw streamers, confetti bombs, and "It's a girl!" signs into the cart. "Don't go overboard..." I muttered, as we walked down the aisle. "Overboard? I NEVER go overboard, we need to order a cake, get snacks, buy baby clothes!" Lydia stopped, "You buy the baby clothes, I'll get her a stroller!" she chirped, I rolled my eyes. In the end, after Lydia had picked out her abundance of decorations, it cost only sixty dollars, trust me, that's a low amount for her, it's usually much worse. Oh god, I hope she doesn't go insane on my birthday, just two months away. She set the bags in the trunk, "Now to order the cake!" Lydia beamed, her Pinkie Pie alter ego was in effect. We drove by the bakery; the line was long as hell. I sat down on one of the two seating tables along the front of the bakery, the whole front of the bakery was glass. I pulled out my phone, and watched the video of Lydia speaking to Peggy, I giggled, I saw Lydia twitch in line, she muttered so low only I could hear. "Post it on YouTube, I will turn you into fucking tofu." she hissed. I grinned, and hit post on YouTube, "You can kill me later." I whispered, smirking, there was already 100 views. Lydia finally got to order the cake, she wanted it to say exactly, "Happy Birthday Amberly, and your bundle of joy." Lydia said repeating it like 4 times, the bakery woman was very deaf, I could see the hearing aid under her hair net. Lydia, finally satisfied that the woman got it right, walked over to me, fuming. "People are going to think I'm a fucking whack job." she frowned, and pulled open the glass door, "But you already are though." I said, with a fake whine. We drove back, the sun was forced behind huge storm clouds, I swear to god, it rains here every day, especially around noon, the clock on the dashboard read 1:34. "What are you going to do with Peggy?" Lydia murmured, "I was thinking of letting her loose, I really can't take care of a chicken, I have no room in my dorm!" I sighed, "So you only brought the chicken to have me talk to it, film it, then turn it loose?" Lydia laughed, "Pretty much, but hey, you already have a lot of views on the video!" I exclaimed, and checked my phone, 4,535 views already, and I posted it not even 10 minutes ago. "You'll be a star before you know it." I grinned, "No thanks." lightening shot across the sky, the rain came down hard just as the sound of the thunder cracked. We pulled up to the campus, thankfully Lydia parked in front of her dorm, running through the woods at 100 miles an hour holding fucking decorations would be a nightmare. "Get ready to run like the wind." Lydia said frantically, rain poured down the windshield, I could barely see out of it. Lydia gathered many bags, I grabbed as much as I could. "Wait, why don't we just wait till the rain stops, then come and get the bags." I frowned, and threw the bags back in the backseat. "Good point." "And I thought I was the blonde one." I grinned evilly, Lydia rolled her eyes. "Still, run." we both flung open our doors at the same time, and flashed out, the doors slamming just a bit too hard. "Run!!!" Lydia screamed, laughing as we ran to the porch at a human pace. Lydia turned the doorknob, it opened, wait didn't she lock it? Lydia stepped slowly in the door, water dripped off of us and onto the floor, my shoulder length hair was glued to my shoulders, I felt sticky. I didn't see Peggy anywhere, then I heard a slurping sound coming from the bedroom. Lydia and I slowly crept to the door, there was Peggy, in Cels arms, being drained of her blood. "PEGGY!" I cried, Cel's eyes shot up and opened wide when she saw us, she ripped her teeth from Peggy, but it was already too late, I didn't hear Peggy's heartbeat. "I didn't know you had a pet chicken, oh my god, I am so sorry!" Cel shrieked, and backed up 3 steps from Peggy. "Chevy, you be damned, glad Cel killed Peggy!" Lydia hissed at Chevy, Chevy squeaked at her, his wife Cassy, squeaked something at Lydia too, Cel and I just stared, no one was used to this yet. "Fuck you." Lydia snarled, and walked out of the room. Cassy's expression looked smug, and she turned and ran into her chinchilla house. "So, you have a blood thirsty chinchilla, lovely!" I exclaimed, then stooped down and picked up Peggy. "I am so sorry, I hadn't fed and seeing the chicken, I just couldn't stop myself, you and Lydia really need to take me on a hunt later tonight." Cel said, "It's okay, Cel, I really didn't know what to do with Peggy anyway, can you help me lay her to rest?" I said, holding Peggy close in my arms. "Sure." Cel said, I could tell we were thinking the same thing, whoever had a funeral for a chicken? "Here." Cel said, giving me a big shoe box, I set Peggy inside it. "You're having a chicken funeral?" Lydia muttered, "Just go plan your party." Cel chuckled, "Fine." Lydia huffed, and went to go get the decorations, the rain had finally let up. Cel and I walked behind the dorm, the woods were not too far. Cel had a midget garden shovel, she picked a place behind a tree, and began digging. A minute later, a hole about a foot deep was dug, and I carefully set the box in, "Watch over Peggy, and may she fly forever with her children. And Little Benny." I chanted, Cel just looked at me in a funny way, "Don't even think about laughing, you killed her." I grinned, "................" I slowly threw the dirt on top of the box, and patted down the soil, "Rest in peace." I whispered. "Okay let's go before you start crying over a chicken." Cel muttered, "Bitch please, I'm not as emotional as you and Lydia." "I'm not emotional!" I heard Lydia screech from her dorm, Cel and I threw our heads back in laughter. Then, of course, rain began to pour down once again, lightening streaking across the sky. Cel and I ran back to the dorm, Cel sped into the dorm, but I stopped dead in my tracks right at the edge of the forest, and turned slowly. I saw Jonathan's mother, aiming a crossbow right at me.

My eyes locked on her steel grey glare, she lowered the crossbow, my eyes still remained alert. She approached me slowly, her eyes wary, she stopped about 10 feet in front of me, "Well hello there dear." Emma taunted, she swung the crossbow with her left arm, I remained still, I didn't even breathe. "What do you want?" I half hissed, half choked. "I'm still surprised Jonathan hasn't drove a stake through you yet, he still must have not developed that sense we hunters get, around 20." she sighed, "I'm not here to harm you, just to give you a little information, and to give you a warning." Emma said, narrowing her eyes, she set the crossbow on the ground, and walked up closer to me. "Last night, my daughter said Jonathan called her and said he had found a car that had crashed into a ditch, then never heard from him after, she goes to him, and he has no memory of it, and we had gotten a distress signal from one of our lead hunters, you know what we found?" Emma asked, her tone seething. I didn't reply, I just kept my eyes locked on her, watching for any sign of movement to attack. "A burning body, of Bill Cooke." she went on, she paced in front of me now, her expression turned from a blank mask to pure fury. "My fiancé's, BROTHER!" she screeched at me, she walked up and got in my face, "And he wasn't human, he was recently turned into an abomination, his head, was detached from his body, his teeth, were extended, and his body, burned!" she hissed, "And you think it was me?" I remarked, my teeth clenched, I didn't know whose blood was in his system, but Cel apparently killed him, shit. "I know it was someone you know, there is an infestation here, and I am going to kill every vampire I lay my eyes on, till Lavender Coast is clean of them, Matthew will kill till he finds who turned his brother into a sin, you better not be involved in this, I would hate to see Jonathan's vampire girlfriend die." she said, her eyes narrowing again, she wouldn't give two shits if I was killed, she wished she could do it herself I'm sure. "I haven't seen you harm anyone, and you haven't done anything to Jonathan, but you’re a vampire, you will slip up eventually, and I hope Jonathan will finally realize what you are." Emma said, clearing her throat, she turned and picked up her crossbow. "I should just finish you now, but I'll wait till Jonathan finds out, that will be much more, --" she paused, and smirked, "Unbearable, watching the man you love turn and shove a stake through your chest, he hates vampires, one took his own fathers life, he won't even hesitate." my eyes stung, I wanted to cry, "Have a nice day." Emma replied, slung the bow over her shoulder, and hiked back into the forest, out of view. I stood there, glaring at the ground, Emma and the other hunters will be staking out, looking for vampires, I needed to warn everyone to stay out of sight, and keep their eyes out for hunters. I heard a "whoosh" come from behind me, I sped and crouched, and hissed, Lydia stepped back a step, her hair was loose behind her shoulders now. "What happened?" she cautioned, my face probably gave away my thoughts, something bad did happen. I slid out of my crouch, "We are being watched, hunters, Jonathan's mother Emma, came, and warned me." I explained, "You know that man that stumbled into the woods, the one Cel killed? He pressed a button, and then Sheldon ripped his head off?", her eyes widened, "Bill Cooke, and Jonathan's mother is engaged to his brother, so, we all have to be on the lookout, or we are going to be picked off one by one, and killed." I choked. "We'll pick them off one by one as well if we must." I heard a snarl from behind me, Ethan came from behind the thick trees, he must of been running by. "How was the appointment?" I asked, "Good, the doctor said the end of April is when the baby is due, it could be late as early May though." he murmured. "Are you going to accept that are her pimp daddy?" I heard Cel chuckle, she was beside Lydia. "Guys, we are going to have to be on alert, and I mean at all times." I affirmed, "Or we could just walk up behind them and snap their--" I hissed, stopping Ethan from finishing his sentence, "We won't do anything until they attack first!" I half shouted, I didn't want to announce to the world a bunch of vampires were meeting in the woods, though this campus is half empty, it's spring break for goodness sake. "Can hunters track who killed their fallen hunters?" asked Cel, she gulped. "At times yes, but he was turned, so the blood in his system from when he died can't be extracted and tested on the trackers they have, it would of been able to locate the vampire that turned him, or they could look for finger prints, but I did go back and set his body on fire, then I may have left it for the hunters to find after you all ran off, like I said, snapping my neck doesn't keep me out for no more than a few minutes." Ethan sighed, all of us shot death glares at him. "Of course, I ran out like a ninja, but their faces were horrified, oh and they shouted, that every vampire in a one-hundred-mile radius of them will die." Ethan sighed again, like setting bodies on fire was a daily occurrence for him, he was fucking insane. "Well, who turned Bill then?" Cel said, puzzled, "When I um... Yeah... You know..." she paused, "I did kill him... and then he came back so, there has to be other vampires around then." "Actually, I know who turned him..." Lydia muttered, "Who?" Ethan pried, "Me." I heard from behind us, Scott came into view from the woods, was everyone running through the fucking woods? Was it a Sunday vamp speed joy ride? "Okay great, so 3 of us took part in the demise of a hunter, wait why the fuck did you turn someone into a vampire?" I snarled. "To make him suffer, he came to Lavender Coast to hunt Lydia." Scott hissed, Lydia flinched, "You were being hunted?" Cel choked, "He's been trying to track me for months, Scott found him and lured him here." Lydia explained. "So I turned him into what he hated, and left him to die on the street." Scott finished. "Wow." I muttered, the bastard got what he deserved, coming to kill an innocent girl, out of all of us, Lydia had the cleanest record. "So, basically, we all have targets on our heads, lovely." Cel frowned, "When they come, we'll be ready." Ethan grinned, we all stood there, all of us glancing at each other, another battle we would have to overcome. Later that evening, everyone had scattered to do whatever, later that night Lydia and I were taking Cel hunting. I was in my dorm, I had Wheel of Fortune on, I was cussing at the people on TV, these people were so stupid, one said the letter "o", it wasn't in the phrase, then the next person said the same letter, I threw a piece of popcorn at the TV. I had on my domo pajamas, the bottoms were pale blue, with domo heads printed all over, I had my pale blue tank top on, it was so soft. "Dumb ass bitch!" I shouted again at the TV, "It's, Never Have I Ever Sailed!" I exclaimed, and ate a piece of popcorn, finally the next person solved it. I heard a knock on my door, I threw another piece of popcorn at the TV, "Come in!" I shouted, Amberly waddled in, her coat wrapped tightly around her. "It gets cold at night!" Amberly exclaimed, I set the popcorn on my coffee table, I had my own dorm, the little room, I was grateful that I had a small living room and, a poor excuse for a kitchen, I had a little counter with a stove and fridge, the sink was barely a foot long. I jumped up and grabbed both of her hands, "Jesus you're freezing Amberly." I said, I guided her to the couch, and gave her my blanket. "So, getting excited?" I grinned, "Yes, I can't wait to bring her into the world, and to not be pregnant, it feels very strange carrying another person inside of you." Amberly chuckled. "Have you thought of any names?" I asked, "I was thinking of naming her after my mother, but then again, I love Eddie's mother's name." she wrapped the blanket more securely around her. "What's his mother’s name?" I pried, "Sophia." Amberly replied. "That sounds like a beautiful name, what about her middle name?", "I was thinking of using yours." Amberly grinned. "Rose isn't the best middle name in the world, Sophia Rose? Doesn't that sound a bit old fashioned?" I inquired. "I love it." Amberly beamed, "Sophia Rose Wise, my little princess.", Amberly gasped suddenly, "You okay?" I asked, scooting closer to her. "Yes, she is just kicking that's all, I think she is getting tired of being in there." Amberly chuckled. "May I?" I asked, grinning, Amberly nodded and moved her arms from her enlarged stomach. I laid my hand across her stomach, I felt Sophia's little feet kick, I laughed heartily with Amberly, "She's strong." I commented, Sophia stopped kicking, must of went to sleep. "I can't wait to meet her; I think she will look just like you." I grinned, Amberly rolled her eyes and grinned. "So, this spring break, I know you really can't go anywhere..." Amberly went on. "I know, I was planning on doing something with Jonathan, but now hunters are everywhere, and I don't want to avoid him, but his mother said something, about them having a sense of knowing who someone is, how hasn't he figured out what I am?" I cried, "If he does, he won't even hesitate, he'll kill me.", Amberly looked shocked, "I know why." she said, she wrapped her arm around me, and leaned in my ear, "It's because he is in love with you." she whispered, I turned my head, Amberly was grinning. "This isn't funny Amberly." I sighed, "You think his sense of "knowing your species" is useless on me because he loves me?" I laughed. "Elle, Ethan was a hunter, he's told me so much about it." said Amberly. "Anyway, I had bought a plane ticket to Seaside, I wanted to go see my father and Margret, I heard they were expecting!" she said, clasping her hands together. "They are?" I said, my eyes widening, "And, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me, I know you wanted to see your brother." Amberly murmured. "I don't know, it's very expensive." I muttered, going to Seaside? Seeing my brother? I haven't seen him in months, I missed him so much. "It doesn't matter, I already bought the tickets." Amberly chirped, I squealed. "We leave the 27th, 6:00 A.M!" Amberly beamed. "6:00 A.M.?!?!" I gawked, that means I have to wake up at 4:00 at the latest, hell yes." I grinned. "I'm going to get back to my dorm before it gets any colder out." Amberly sighed, "I'm exhausted." "Go rest, you need it, tell your pimp daddy I said hello." I grinned, "You people think you're as funny as a sack of assholes." Amberly muttered, rolling her eyes. She stood up, and wrapped her jacket tight around her, I opened the door. Damn! It was cold out! "Night." I said, shivering, get out the damn door already before I become an icicle. She walked quickly towards her dorm, I saw Ethan meet her a few yards from my dorm, then they were gone, at least she wouldn't be out in the cold to long. I closed my door, and dove into the couch, and wrapped my blanket around me. Why the fuck should we go hunting tonight! It's so cold outside it could fucking snow! I turned on the weather channel, it was 30 degrees out, and it was only 9:30. When I go to Seaside, I am going to sneak up on my brother, and scare the shit out of him, he hated surprises, I grinned evilly. I heard a loud knock on the door again, "For the love of fucking G--", "Are YOU ready?!" Lydia chirped, she had on jeans with knee high boots and a navy blue sweater, Cel had on jeans and her brown combat boots, all she had was a long sleeve shirt, her hair pulled into a tight high pony tail. Was the cold not bothering them?! "Ugh..." I groaned, "Get up." Cel grinned, "Why can't you go hunt on your own?" I whined. "Because you haven't hunted in a while Elle, neither have we." Lydia said, her hands on her hips. "We had some bunny to go earlier!" I reasoned, I felt fine, but it was good to be full, then temptation occurred if I wasn't, I had self-control, but it was better to not risk it. "Bunny on the go isn't fresh and doesn't last for more than a day." Lydia sighed. "Cel, you ate my pet chicken, surely you're full?" I said, raising an eyebrow. "There wasn't actually a lot of blood in her..." she muttered. She calls Lydia the Bunny Murderer, now she is Chicken Killer. I threw the blanked off, and walked to my room, prying open my drawer and pulled out a pair of jeans and a long sleeve sweater. I quickly changed, and slipped my socks and hiking boots on, I grabbed my blue coat, and slid it on. "Let's go." I muttered, we walked out, I yanked the door shut and locked it. We took off towards the woods, we ran for miles till we were in the middle of nowhere. "Uh..." Cel looked around, "See a deer or a bunny, just let instinct take over." I instructed. "So, become an animal basically?" Cel grinned, "Yep." Lydia grinned, "Sorry Bunny!" Lydia cried, and she vanished into the dark. "............" "You'll get used to it." I snickered, then took off after a scent of deer.

Chapter 8: The Truth Be Told (Cel) March 20, 2014

Running through the woods, hunting poor little creatures was new to me, well not completely new, the first time I tried animal blood was from a cup, courtesy of Lydia. I was instantly repelled by it then, so I tried blood bags and I never thought of bunny blood again. But since I jumped off the rails the night before, I knew I needed to get over it and hunt those poor bunnies, I guess I would become a bunny murderer too. Somehow, my mind felt clearer, like the worst part of the storm was over. When I walked into the dorm and saw the chicken Elle had brought home, first thing that shot through my mind. Why the fuck, is there a chicken in my house? Peggy looked into my eyes, I was starving, and all I could smell was the blood, next thing I knew, the chicken was dead in my arms and Elle and Lydia were looking at me like I was a mad woman. Elle and Lydia were nowhere to be found, they fucking left me in the woods alone. "Okay, focus, let your predator side take over..." I muttered to myself. I closed my eyes, and tried to detect any type of sound, all I heard was a hoot of an owl. I couldn't even smell any animals. I sat on the forest floor and wrapped my arms around my knees, sulking into the darkness. I heard something come from behind me, I smelled an animal, and something else. A snarl escaped my mouth, and I jumped up and turned. Elle stood there looking amused, and held a bunny in her arms, it was trying to get out of her grasp. "You suck you know that?" she grinned. "It's easy for you guys, you've been doing it for months, this is my first time." I whined. "Have you even caught a scent of a bunny or an animal?" she questioned, the bunny began gnawing on her hand, it didn't even break Elle's skin. "Here you go." Elle said, and gave me the thrashing rabbit. "Uh..." I stared at it, it began to gnaw on my wrist. "Ouch!" I exclaimed, and almost dropped the rabbit. "For fucks sake just clamp your teeth into the poor thing and drink." Elle ordered, putting her hands on her hips. I sunk my teeth into its side, it squirmed, but it was dead in seconds. I dropped it to the ground, I glared at it, blood covered my teeth, I wiped the blood on my mouth away with my hand. "Now bury it." Elle grinned, my eyebrows shot up, "Why?" I replied, Elle bent down on her knees and started digging a hole with her hands. "If people decided to walk around the forest, I'm sure they would wonder why there is a bunch of bunny carcasses with teeth holes and blood surrounding them." Elle went on, and kept digging a shallow grave for the bunny. "Like hunters?" I said quietly. She turned her head and looked up at me, "Exactly, especially now, since they are in town..." "What are you going to do about Jonathan? Are you ever going to tell him?" I asked, and picked up the bunny's body and set it into the 3-inch deep hole. "That thought terrifies me every day, every time I see him, I'm petrified that he knows and that he is coming to drive a stake through me." she said, her eyes blanking out. She was staring into the dark, probably envisioning that scene that she fears, the man she loves killing her. "Elle, before it even gets there, we will be 1000 miles away from here, we would have no choice but to move." I picked up the dirt Elle dug out and threw it back on top of the rabbit. "I don't want it to come to that." Elle choked, I wrapped my arm around her, "Elle, when that times comes, you'll be ready, I know it." I murmured, I used my other hand to put more dirt on the bunny, I could see its foot. "While you were busy murdering my pet chicken, Jonathan's mother found me in the woods..." Elle said, the word mother came out as a snarl. "What." I hissed, "Didn't she threaten you?", "In a way, yes." Elle replied. We both stood up, and I crossed my arms. "She knows that someone turned that guy into a vampire, and apparently, it was her fiancé’s brother." said Elle. "So they won't stop till every vampire in Lavender Coast is dead?" I grimaced. "They are out for blood." Elle said darkly, her eyes narrowing into the dark behind me. "We're being watched...." Elle whispered, my eyes darted around, all I heard were crickets. "Lydia, you think you're so damn scary, come out." I groaned, "It isn't Lydia...." Elle muttered, her eyes turning different ways rapidly. "You think this is some fucking game! Ass-hat!" Elle shouted, and sped into the dark. I heard a grunt, and then tumbling on the ground, I sped over to Elle, she had Scott pinned to the ground, he was laughing his ass off. "What the hell?" I gawked, Elle was snarling at him. "I thought you were a fucking hunter!" she snarled, "God!" she exclaimed, and got up from the ground. "You were scared shitless." he chuckled, and jumped up, "Had any luck?" "No, I had to grab her food for her." Elle sighed, bitch. "First time is always the hardest." said Scott. "And embarrassing." Elle added, they both looked at me and grinned at the same time. I frowned, and glared at them. "Why the hell are you out here?" I questioned, maybe he was stalking his girlfriend. "I hunt every other night." he stated. "Wait, I have to eat a bunny every other night?" I grimaced. "Well no, it depends on how many animals you hunt, I hunt a few animals and I'm fine for a few days." Elle explained. "You'll need to do it daily, till you're used to it, you've been on human blood for the past six months." Elle added. My ear picked up on approaching footsteps, fast, and smaller footsteps, not as loud. I whipped my position around, towards the noise. Elle grabbed me and sped us behind a tree. Scott vanished, oh god, I hope Lydia is alright. Then, I saw a chicken, my eyes shot up in confusion. "Peggy?!" Elle gawked, the chicken appeared in a blur in front of us, what the fuck? Peggy looked at us, I drained that thing to death, and now it was staring at me. "How?" I exclaimed. "She pecked the fuck out of my arm, I guess she had blood in her system when you killed her..." Elle muttered, who was still having a staring contest with the chicken. "You're saying you turned a chicken, into a vampire?" I chuckled. "You mean you?" she countered. "......" I stared at the chicken along with Elle, might as well have a 3-way stare contest now, but then again, why was the chicken just staring at us. "Someone get that fucking chicken!" I heard someone screech. Lydia appeared behind Peggy, the chicken turned quickly, and stared at Lydia. It squawked at her, then sped away in a flash, "Mother fucker!" Lydia yelled, and ran off after it. "What the-", "Fuck." Elle finished. "I've seen stranger things..." I heard a chuckle, Scott appeared out of thin air, literally. "Where the fuck have you been?" Elle hissed. "I was too distracted at seeing a chicken run as fast as we can through the woods, so obviously I was curious." he retorted. "Come on retards." I muttered, and sped after Lydia. Her scent zigzagged all over the place, Elle and Scott were right behind me. "That chicken loves to run doesn't she!" Elle shouted from behind me, the trees were passing by in flashes. I turned my head towards their direction, "You think-" I remarked, just as I turned my head, something small flashed in front of me, then I smacked head on into Lydia, both of us crashing to the ground. "Ow." Lydia grunted, she was flat on her back, I was on my ass staring at her, I wanted to burst out laughing. Peggy sped back, and stared at us, then squawked as Lydia sat up. Lydia gritted her teeth together, and flipped Peggy off. "Can you two do that again? I want to put it on YouTube." Elle grinned. "You've already filmed enough embarrassing moments of me today." Lydia frowned, "That video of you talking to Peggy already has 23,000 views." Elle grinned. "What?" I laughed, "Let me see it." I walked over to Elle has she pulled out her phone. As Elle was scrolling through videos, Scott helped Lydia up to her feet. "Did you have fun chasing a vampire chicken?" he grinned, "..........." she just glared and looked at Elle's phone, her eyes narrowing. "Here we go." Elle giggled, and what I saw, Lydia talking to a chicken, to a fucking chicken, that I later killed, and then it came back as a vampire. Now that I think about it, it's probably one of the most what the fuck moments I have experienced. Elle and Scott were laughing over the video, Lydia was now shooting them both death glares. "Lydia it's okay, you make everyone laugh, doesn't that make you happy?" I grinned. Peggy squawked again, Lydia chuckled. "Even Peggy wants to kill you all." she smirked. The video ended, and now the thought settled in, what were we going to do with a vampire chicken? We were near a set of dorms, I looked harder, oh great, we were near Eddie's dorm. I heard two people outside of the dorms, Elle walked towards the voices, I followed, my ears picked up on an annoying voice, Eddie. "It's Olivia and Eddie." Elle sighed, Peggy glanced at the couple, then looked at Lydia, who shook her head as Peggy squawked at her. "Go back to the dorm Peggy." Lydia warned, the chicken looked down its beak literally forming a sad face, then ran off to the direction of our dorm. "Well let's get going, I don't want to listen to their issues." I muttered, staring at Eddie and Olivia. The night I went on my rampage, Sheldon and I had seen Olivia with Jonathan and his sister Raven, and Jonathan showed that he was a vampire hunter, and the stake Ethan found in her and Amberly's dorm further raised the speculation that she was also a hunter. Looks could always be deceiving, her midnight black hair, usually always loose and wild, jade green eyes and a tan complexion, she looked like the girl who would be the life of the party, not a woman who hunts and kills. "Well you're about to have an issue." I heard a masculine voice boom from the dark, suddenly Elle came into my line of sight in a flash, her back and head smacking hard against a tree, shaking it violently "What the hell was that?" I heard Olivia say, sounding alarmed. I sped to the ground beside Elle just as she crumpled to the ground, my head turned towards where she was thrown from. For a second Scott and Lydia stood there looking completely puzzled, then I saw a flash of movement, then the sound of both of their necks snapping, a menacing looking Caucasian man stared at me with hungry pure black eyes, his dark long hair pulled back into a ponytail stood in between them just as they fell lifeless to the ground. He bared his fangs at me, his eyes completely black. "I won't let you four impose on my dinner." he snarled at me, my head snapped to where Olivia and Eddie were, they started walking towards us, just great. "I don't eat people, not anymore." I snarled back, Elle looked up at me then to Lydia and Scott that were on the ground not moving, it sent a chill up my spine seeing them like that. I needed to stall this motherfucker, I might not like Eddie that much, but if he died because I didn't do anything, Olivia included, I would never forgive myself. I stood up and faced him, he snarled as I took a step closer. "I won't let you harm them." I hissed, my teeth lengthening, before I even pounced, I felt him pick me up and fling me pass the tree. I fell to the ground with a thud, I hissed as I hopped back up to my feet. "Cel?!" Olivia shouted in confusion, I turned and saw Olivia and Eddie running towards me. Olivia stopped dead in her tracks and took a double take, her eyes widening in shock. My face was twisted in a snarl, my fangs no doubt in full view, Eddie yanked her back behind him. Glad to know he was still distrusting of me, I turned my head and snarled, as the man stalked past the trees, he grinned sadistically as he saw Olivia and Eddie. I quickly turned my head again to see their expressions, Eddie looked scared shitless, Olivia tightened her now clenched fists. Perhaps she had a stake with her? I didn't care about her secret shady job at the moment, I stepped forward and blocked the vampires path from the both of them, a low snarl coming from my throat. I saw Elle peek from behind the tree, she nodded towards me, I focused my full attention on the bastard, "A vampire protecting humans, how poetic." he hissed. He sped in a blinding motion just as I raised my hand, he fell down to the ground, gripping the sides of his head as he cried out in pain, frying someone’s brain was second nature to a witch. Elle sped behind him shoving a makeshift stake through his chest, he screeched, then fell onto the ground, his skin turning grayer has his veins dried up. Elle yanked the stake out, dropping it to the ground. "Oh, my God." Olivia whispered, I felt my face return to normal, I looked up at Eddie and Olivia as they walked over to the man's body. "You two are not human." Olivia remarked, "Really? I had no idea!" I thought. Looking at the two of us, she seemed as if she was betrayed, or lied to. "They're both vampires." Eddie muttered, Olivia looked at him then to us, "They saved us from that-" she paused, "Thing." she spat, I saw Elle flinch beside me. "Well we need to get this "thing" out of sight." I hissed, then Elle and I took each of his arms and dragged him into the forest quickly, Scott and Lydia were still lifeless. Elle and I dragged the corpse near Lydia's and Scott's. Olivia followed after us, she already knew about Elle and I, was she going to freak out when she saw Scott and Lydia on the ground basically, dead? Olivia's eyes nearly boggled out of her head, her hand covering her mouth quickly, stifling her scream. She ran over to Lydia quickly, her fingers brushing against her neck, "She doesn't have a pulse!" Olivia shrieked, Eddie, Elle and I glanced at each other, we need to erase her memory of this. Olivia looked up at us, none of us even had concerned expressions, "They're both like you aren't they?" Olivia gasped, she got up to her feet. "Are all of you vampires?!" she hissed, "Are you one too?" she accused, her eyes narrowing at Eddie. "No he is human. Ish." said Elle, I glanced at her, she motioned her eyes towards Olivia, who looked relived that her boyfriend was human, minus the healer part. "It's nice to know I'm not the only human then." she muttered. "You're a vampire hunter, are you not?" I hissed towards her. She glanced at me, her expression wary, "What?" she said, looking puzzled, I sensed the falseness in her eyes. "Wipe her memory Elle, we can't trust her." I hissed under my breath, everyone's safety was my top priority, and we didn't need hunters knowing who we are, even if we knew them. "What? No, I don't hunt vampires, what the hell are you talking about?!" she cried, backing up towards Eddie. Elle sped and grabbed her, "Elle don't-" she pleaded, Elle clamped her hand onto Olivia's mouth silencing her. Eddie looked enraged, "Stop this fucking nonsense!" he shouted, I grabbed him and pinned him face first against a tree, he struggled against my tight grasp. "Stop it goddammit!" Eddie seethed at me, still struggling to get free. "Eddie it has to be done." I said, clenching my teeth. I turned my head around as far as I could, Elle gripped Olivia's chin, and locked her eyes onto Olivia's. "You and Eddie had a quick chat, everything you just witnessed never happened, you two said good night to one another, you went home, and you went to sleep." Elle said, her voice hypnotic. Olivia slumped against Elle, she slowly set her onto the ground. Eddie pushed my arms away as my hold loosened, "We can trust her, you have fucking trust issues." Eddie spat at me. "Don't fucking start." I hissed at him, "Both of you knock it off, we need to get her home now." Elle muttered and picked up Olivia like she was a feather, Olivia's arms and legs dangled as Elle held her in her arms. "Eddie, go home, now." Elle hissed at him. "If you hurt Olivia, if you even harm a hair on her head, I will stake you both myself." Eddie threatened, I had the sudden urge to slap him senseless, but I held my tongue for once, I didn't want to "accidentally" break his nose again. Eddie stalked angrily back to his dorm, I saw Lydia's arm twitch. She shot up quickly, taking in a sharp breath. She looked at Elle and I, then to Olivia, then to the dead vampire. "I missed a lot, didn't I?" she mused, then rubbed the back of her neck, "My neck hurts." she groaned.  Elle grinned, "When we get back I'll tell you all about neck pain." she chuckled, I smirked, Elle always got her neck snapped. She was like fucking Kenny from South Park. "Get her back to her dorm, I'll wait till he wakes up." said Lydia, then crawled her way towards Scott, she grabbed his hand and clasped it with her own. Olivia let out a snore, "Let's go." Elle said, and we raced back to her dorm, I heard the TV on. I swung the door open, Amberly's eyes widened, she had a bowl of chocolate ice cream in her hands, the spoon in her mouth. "Good evening!" I said, Elle walked past me and set Olivia onto her bed, Olivia rolled over and continued to snore. Amberly pulled the spoon out of her mouth, and set it in the bowl, "What the hell happened?" she asked, "And why did you bring her home passed out?" Amberly questioned, her eyes suspicious. "Oh God did she get drunk with Eddie?" "No, Elle, Lydia and I were out hunting, then a chicken I killed appeared, and is now a vampire chicken-" "Wait you have a literal vampire chicken running around on campus?" Amberly exclaimed her eyes widening in surprise. "When it pecked me to death, Peggy must of ingested some of my blood, then Cel killed her..." Elle muttered. "Peggy?" Amberly laughed, "What? I like that name, it suits a chicken just fine!" Elle pouted, I tried not to laugh. Elle and I further explained the vampire that attacked us, and the fact that we needed to still get rid of his body. "You guys better get back, before Olivia wakes up, if compulsion worked on Jonathan, then she won't remember anything, be careful." Amberly said to us, she got more ice cream from their midget fridge. "Goodnight, tell the little one I said goodnight too." I smiled, Amberly grinned, putting a hand onto her baby bump. Elle and I raced back to Lydia, she looked up at us, "He still hasn't woken up?" Elle said, a hint of worry in her eyes. "Just slap him a bit." I suggested, Lydia looked up at me, ".........", "Fine." Lydia huffed, and got to her feet and stood beside me. Elle grinned and went down to her knees, she slapped him across the face, hard, his face turned over from where it originally was. "Wake up Sleeping Beauty." Elle said with sarcasm, she raised her hand to slap him again, then his hand caught her wrist, he glared at her. "I'm awake now." he turned to Lydia, "I am so upset, you let your friend abuse me." he said, his face making a fake sad expression. Lydia rolled her eyes in annoyance as he grinned, I've never seen him this playful or happy, I suppose love does that, Sheldon and I used to be that way. "I'll get rid of the body." Scott muttered, eyeing the man with a wary expression, he should have been used to getting rid of bodies by now.

The next morning, Lydia and I sat in our living room, our hair in messy buns with our pajamas still on. Peggy sat there, staring at us from her post on the coffee table. We had our curtains closed, we didn’t want to roast our new friend. We had one lamp on, even though it was still pretty damn dark in here, with our eyes, we could see just fine. Lydia had fed her some of the bunny on the go, Peggy seemed to be content with it. Earlier, Peggy had said, or what Lydia told me, was that Peggy didn’t even see Olivia or Eddie appetizing, and loved the, “Bunny” blood. It was quite a strange moment, and even stranger if a few days from now, a vampire chicken would be accompanying us while we hunted poor rabbits. “Is Peggy immune to the sun?” I asked, Peggy turned towards the curtains, her face seemed to show uncertainty. “Only one way to find out.” Lydia replied as Peggy jumped off the coffee table. Lydia sat up, and walked over to our dark grey drapes, Peggy walked back as sunlight poured into our dim living room. Peggy squawked at Lydia, “Yes it is quite bright, but see if you’re immune.” Peggy stared at her as if she was a lunatic. Lydia frowned, “If not, I will make you a daylight bracelet, I will just wrap it around your leg so it doesn’t fall off.” I was still not used to Lydia talking to a chicken, that I had murdered the night before. I should have Elle come film more of the interactions with Lydia and Peggy, I wonder how many views that video had now. Peggy put her leg slowly into the sunlight, Peggy began to squawk like crazy as her leg began to sizzle. Her wings flapping up and down as she flew against the wall away from the sunlight. Lydia immediately closed the drape, “Daylight bracelet it is, now I just have to figure out where to find one…” Lydia sunk back onto the couch with a light thump, Peggy waddled back towards us, then jumped onto the coffee table. “Isn’t there a jewelry store in town?” I asked, I looked at my daylight ring, she must have gotten it somewhere in Lavender Coast. “I hope they have one in stock, Peggy stay in the shadows, don’t eat the chinchillas.” Lydia got up from her seat, walking towards our bedroom door, then turned, “And for god sakes, don’t go near the windows.” Lydia sighed, and disappeared into our room. Even though I didn’t understand what animals were saying, I could already here the squeaking insults directed at Lydia from my chinchillas. I trifled back a laugh, Peggy looked at me like I was on pot. Peggy flew off the coffee table, I heard her scurry underneath my bed, I hope she still didn’t, well, shit everywhere. I had enough poop to clean up from the chinchillas’ cage, Lydia had this ridiculous air freshener beside the cage. “Tropical Paradise” the label promised. Lydia loved the scent, all I smelled was too much fragrance, I rather smell the poop. Lydia came back out, she had her favorite pale pink sweater dress on, accompanied by black knee high boots and her beloved black leggings. Her chestnut brown hair was hanging loose; her hair had grown past her shoulder blades now. “I’ll see you in a bit.” Lydia chirped, and vanished out the door, I heard the engine of the blue corvette, I had no car, but she literally got that damn car for free. Maybe she will let me take it out for a spin later… I seriously doubted it. That girl treats her cars as if they were her own children. I stretched, and went into the kitchen, the microwave’s clock read 9:05 A.M., half of campus was deserted, since Spring Break was finally upon us. I had nowhere to go but here, I have nothing left for me back in Seaside. I wonder what Elle and Lydia were planning for Amberly’s surprise party, Elle had told me they were thinking of doing birthday/baby shower mash up, since she was due in a month. But they weren’t quite sure, perhaps doing separate parties, or throwing it together. I hope we didn’t throw it here, our apartment wasn’t that big, maybe she will do it at a restaurant or something, lord knows how many people were invited. Lydia seemed to go overboard when decorating, I remember our 13th birthday party. The amount of balloons was insane; I think her families’ living room was a complete rainbow of rubber. I sighed, what was I going to do with my life, I came to college to pursue some kind of career, but I didn’t even know what I wanted to do. When I was five I wanted to be a cowgirl, at ten, a doctor, and now, at nineteen, I had no fucking idea. I went into the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush, applied toothpaste then began scrubbing my teeth till they were white. I pulled my hair out of its ratchet ass bun, my hair fell to my waist, going in every direction imaginable. I brushed it out till it became straight, I always had a slight wave to my hair. I went to my drawer and pulled out my blue jeans, then one of my favorite brown plain shirts. After I was freshened up and changed, I put my silver necklace on that my father had given to me for my 18th birthday, it was the only thing I basically had left that reminded me of my parents, besides pictures. I walked back out into the living room, the room felt like a cave, I opened up the long drapes. Peggy peeked from my bedroom, “Stay in the dark Peggy.” I instructed, Peggy looked sad, then retreated into the darkened bedroom. I sat on the dark leather couch, then turned on the television. I flipped through channels, nothing interesting was ever on it seemed. With a sigh I threw the remote down beside me, then laid my head back onto the couch, then stared at the ceiling. God that popcorn ceiling was hideous. My phone vibrated on the coffee table, I leaned forward and looked at the screen. The name “Grinning Bastard” appeared, along with a picture of him, and his annoying overused grin. I couldn’t help but laugh internally every time I saw it. “What is it Ethan?” I muttered into the phone, I sunk back into my couch. “Well good morning to you too.” Ethan purred, I rolled my eyes. “Aren’t you with Amberly this morning? You haven’t called me on the phone in what, four months?” I replied. “You know I do not use these devices frequently, actually I am horrible in the art of texting.” He sighed. I got up and walked towards the window, that fucker was standing right on my porch, grinning at me wickedly. “You could have just knocked.” I remarked. “Are you taking over Sheldon’s job of stalking me?” I chuckled. “How about you come outside?” he replied, “How about you kiss my ass?” I retorted. He rolled his eyes and ended the call, I went over to the door and swung it open. Ethan strode in without a care in the world, what does he want now. “Why did you come?” I asked, closing the door, I went back to the couch and sat. Ethan leaned against the kitchen counter, facing me as he crossed his arms. “I have been looking at places, for Amberly and I to move into, apartments and what not.” Ethan explained, my eyebrows shot up in surprise. They must have been getting serious, even though they were “official” two days ago, despite that, he has been with her and helping her throughout her pregnancy, since September. “I bought a house instead, perfect for her and Sophia, and myself of course.” Ethan went on. “You bought a house?” I gawked, “Does she even know this? Have you two even discussed moving in together?” “We have discussed it, but the topic of me buying a house, never came up, so instead, it will be a birthday gift.” said Ethan, “It’s a few miles off of campus, I was hoping our dear mutual friend could lend a hand in making it nice beforehand.” I grinned at him, once Lydia knew she would be decorating a house, she would go berserk of course, but the house would be flawless.  “I hope you know it will be costly if she does decorate, you know how she is.” I smirked. “It’s a good thing I have thousands on my credit cards, being in the stock markets for over sixty years really does help out.” He chuckled. Thank God, I always thought he was in some vampire mafia ring. “Want to see the house?” Ethan asked. “Sure, let me feed my chinchillas though, they are starving.” I replied, and sped to my room in a flash. Chevy immediately put his front paws onto the cage in anticipation for food, my God was he fat. Cassy started jumping around like crazy, till she smacked her head on into the cage wall. I opened the top of the cage, filling their bowls with timothy hay. Chevy instantly jumped onto his bowl, and literally began to inhale his timothy hay. “Celeste.” I heard Ethan stutter from behind me, “What is it now Ethan, I am done feeding them.” I muttered, turning towards him with an annoyed expression plastered across my face. “Why is there a chicken on your bed?” he asked, looking bewildered, has the boy ever seen a chicken? He was basically over two hundred years old, and the sight of a chicken on a bed made him confused. Logic. “That is Peggy, Elle’s vampire pet chicken, who is taking up residence with us currently.” I informed grinning, sliding my phone into my back pocket. Ethan looked at me as if he was questioning my sanity. “Don’t ask…” I muttered, “Peggy, behave.” I demanded, the chicken rolled her eyes then flew into the bathroom. Ethan stared after the bathroom door, he made it seem as if this was the strangest moment in his entire existence. “Let’s go.” I said, walking out the door, he followed behind, I turned and locked the dead bolt with my house key. “We are running by the way.” Ethan sighed, I slipped my key into my front pocket. “I was too lazy to bring my beloved dodge charger.” He grinned. “Ethan, we are trying to be less obvious about what we are, vamping around campus at full speed isn’t exactly helping!” I hissed. “We’ll be fine! Have a little faith in me for once.” Ethan said, then he zipped right into the forest. I could hear his laughing echo bounce off the trees, “Dick.” I hissed under my breath, then sped after him. I followed his trail, he ran right through the middle of campus, he really did want to let the hunters know he didn’t give a flying fuck about their threats, or that he feared them. I took a detour, and ran the perimeter of campus, then a few miles down the road. I almost knocked into him at the house he had bought. “So, what do you think of this fine establishment?” Ethan murmured. I took in the sight of the house, two stories in height, red brick dominated the outside walls, with beautiful white paneling, it had to of been built in the early 2000’s. It was some ways from the road, the front yard was vast, with the woods outlining the back of the lot. The front entrance had a porch, a white wood awning hung over the front door, supported by white wooden plain beams. The driveway that went up to the white door garage was shaded by the large willow tree beside the house. “You have good tastes, but how much did this place cost? It’s huge.” I muttered, gazing at the beautiful house. “Doesn’t matter, let’s go inside.” Ethan grinned, and pulled out a shiny new key, opening the shiny wooden black door. When we entered, the foyer was beautiful, the staircase stood front and center, dark hardwood floors filling in the open concept living room, the stairs were the same hardwood. White railings lined with the staircase, to the left was a closed off office space, the rest opened up to the living area. “Lord knows what Lydia will do to this place.” I chuckled, Ethan was texting away on his phone. “Yes, I just texted her, her response is sure something.” Ethan grinned, handing me his over-priced smart phone. “You better have tons of $$$$$ boy.” The text from Lydia said, I looked up to Ethan, “She’s right you know, you might go bankrupt.” I giggled. “She is on her way now.” Ethan muttered, I already heard the engine of the corvette in the driveway. Two seconds later after the engine cut off, there was a series of light knocks on the door. “Hello!” Lydia chirped as Ethan opened the door, Lydia was suddenly blurs throughout the house, I heard doors slam open then closed. “This place is huge! Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, that master bathroom is to DIE for!” Lydia exclaimed, Ethan and I just stared at her as she went over every. Single. Detail. Of this house. “Here is my credit card, use as much as you want to furnish this place.” Ethan grinned as he handed over a shiny gold card to Lydia. “You shouldn’t have said that.” Lydia replied, grinning like a maniac as she slid his card into her purse. “So, you think you and Elle will throw Amberly’s party here?” I asked, “Defiantly.” Lydia replied, “Ethan, you will drive her here at 5:00 on Thursday, it will be the best surprise birthday ever.” She squealed. “Anyway, I found Peggy a bracelet, it should suit her just fine.” “You are seriously going let a “vampire chicken” roam free in the daylight? I should just go kill the monstrosity now.” Ethan hissed, “Animals that are turned into vampires, I don’t even know how they can even transition, it’s dangerous, it could even expose us.” “Peggy is tamed, and earlier, you obviously didn’t give a flying fuck about exposing us, zooming straight through campus.” I went on, Lydia and I were giving him grins and death glares. Ethan sighed, “How tame is the chicken?” “I can talk to her dumb ass.” Lydia frowned. “Is she more tamed then you?” Ethan grinned, “Do you want me to show you how untamed I can be?” Lydia fired back, snarling. “Catch me if you can.” Ethan smirked, then vanished, Lydia vanished in the same instant. “I’ll just go on my merry way…” I muttered to myself. I ran, not knowing where I was going, I bypassed my dorm, and found myself on familiar doorsteps, Sheldon’s. Something inside me has been bugging me, bugging and nagging at me for months. I pushed him away when I turned, and that was when I really needed him the most, and to be honest, I never stopped loving him. The first six months of being a hybrid changed me, all I thought about was what Sara did to me. I still wanted vengeance, but I also wanted to be happy, and Sheldon made me happy. I knocked on his door, I heard a yawn come from deeper in the dorm, the door swung open, instead of Sheldon, I saw an exhausted looking Scott. His hair was disheveled, he looked like he pulled an all-nighter, getting rid of a body must do that to people. “Good morning.” I began, “Is Sheldon here?” looking past Scott, I didn’t see any sign of him. “Actually, he just left to go to your place.” He replied, yawning. “Thanks, I’ll let you get back to your beauty rest.” I chuckled, he nodded his head, I turned and walked down the sidewalk, I already heard him snoring before I sped off towards my dorm. I saw Sheldon walking away from my dorm, I appeared right in front of him, making him jump back in surprise. “Hi.” I said, “How are you?” “I’m good, I was just wondering what you were doing today, and by the way, what is going on in your dorm?” Sheldon asked, his face turning to confusion as he eyed my dorm. My ears picked up on a song blaring from the dorm, well to my ears, it was pretty damn loud. Why was the song Footloose playing in my dorm? “And since when did you get a rotating disco ball? Your bedroom is lit up like a Christmas tree, you can see it through the window.” Sheldon chucked. “Wait, what?” I gawked, a rotating disco ball? Lydia and her fucking decorations. “I also saw a chicken and some chinchillas running around, they sounded quite busy.” He added. We walked to the dorm quickly, I peeked through the window, well Chevy was getting it on with Cassy beside the opened door to my room, and how the hell did they get out of their cage?! I unlocked the door quickly, “Peggy!” I shouted, the music suddenly stopped, Peggy stared at me, the chinchillas scrambled into their cage, my god they can jump. “Don’t ever unlock this cage, and do not blare the music!” I said, scolding Peggy. “You know, when Scott told me you two got a pet chicken, I didn’t think he literally meant it.” Sheldon said, then started laughing uncontrollably, Peggy gave him death glares. Peggy jumped off the stereo set that was in the corner of our room, and flew into the bathroom. I don’t understand why Peggy likes the bathroom so much. Sheldon and I walked out onto the porch, and sat on the two chairs Lydia and I had gotten, these metal things weren’t that uncomfortable. “Sheldon?” I asked, “Yeah?” “I wanted to apologize, for these past months, I’ve been so closed off, it’s been hard.” I muttered, looking ahead, the campus grounds were completely void of students. “Cel, I understand, you lost your parents, and you basically jumped off the deep end, but you are finding yourself again. And that is all that matters.” Sheldon replied, I looked down and realized my hand had his in my grasp. “Sheldon I --“, “I know.” he murmured, “I missed this.” I said softly. He leaned closer towards me, I smiled and cupped his left cheek, our lips touching for the first time in months. I felt whole again, a piece of me sewn back together. We pulled away from one another seconds later, turning to see a chuckling Lydia. “Well.” Lydia said, twirling a bracelet in her left hand, “It was about damn time.”  

Chapter 9: The Whispers (Amberly) March 23, 2014

Some say when you sleepwalk, that is a bad thing, sometimes you might walk out of the house. Then get hit by a car, or fall into a pool and drown. But for me, who never slept walk in her entire life, waking up in my dorms cramped bathtub was, what way to put it? Downright bizarre. Did Olivia, in the middle of the night, dump me in here as a birthday prank? That girl was small and thin, perhaps Ethan? Or did my body just decide to sleep walk all of a sudden, I hadn’t had any nightmares, besides seeing my deceased mother saying that damn repeated sentence. I had gotten used to it over the past months, though that dream became less frequent of late. Till I realized, it was my birthday, the day that some freaky power manifests, lord knows what it would be. Typically, what Cel told me, that it mirrors our parents, I hadn’t gotten the chance to meet my mother, so I had no clue what she could do. I had gotten out of the bath tub, realizing I had a blanket on me. I walked out of the room, and saw Olivia clipping her red painted toenails. “Happy Birthday chickie!” Olivia chirped, the tip of her large left toenail fell to the ground as she clipped away. “How did I wake up in the bathroom?” I muttered, then yawned. “I have no clue; do you sleepwalk?” Olivia asked, then continued, “I found you sleeping in there like a baby around three in the morning, so I just threw a blanket over you, it gets cold in there at night.” “Yeah, I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was younger, it happens sometimes.” I lied, I knew exactly what happened. I didn’t want to tell her, “Yeah, well I teleported there in my sleep so.” “Well I gotta run, big plans today, I hope you have a great birthday though.” Olivia smiled, she swept up her toenail clippings and threw them into the trash, I sat on my bed, sinking into it slowly. My whole bed felt like a bean bag, you just sink, literally. When the door closed behind Olivia, I stood up, closed my eyes, and imagined the bathroom again, that somewhat comfortable bathtub, I didn’t ache at all from sleeping in a fetal position. I suddenly felt weightless, then a light whoosh, I opened my eyes, then stared into the bathrooms mirror above the sink. I moved ten feet without even walking, has anyone ever had the ability to teleport? Defying all laws of physics, or gravity, for that matter. My closest friends defied the laws of physics 24/7, you know, being dead and all. How far could I travel, a couple feet? A continent? I didn’t want to find out just yet, I didn’t want to end up in the middle of an ocean. “Maybe I can go scare the shit out of Elle.” I chuckled to myself as I hopped in the shower. An hour later, my hair air dried and in a bun on the top of my head, I plopped a spoonful of cheerios in my mouth. I had on my favorite blue maternity dress on, it came down to my knees. The 3-quarted sleeves were comfortable against my skin, my snug black leggings went all the way down to my ankles. My cellphone began to ring, “Psycho Pinkie Pie” came up on the caller ID, I began to wonder what kind of crazy party she had planned, I put on the speaker. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Lydia shouted into the phone, my ears cringed, I laughed, “Happy Birthday Amberly!” said Cel, I think I heard a confetti bomb go off in the background. “ELLE DON’T HANG THAT THERE!” I heard Lydia shout, something shattered in the background, oh dear. “Tell Amberly I said happy birthday!” I heard Elle yell, “Thanks guys.” I chuckled. “So, what weird ability did you get.” Cel mused, Elle and Lydia were arguing back and forth, I heard something else break. “I can teleport.?” I said, it sounded hard to believe, it was like straight out of a god damn Syfy movie. “Like, disappear into thin air, and appear 20 states over?” Cel chuckled, “More like from my bed to my bathtub.” I heard all of them laugh in the background, “DON’T YOU DARE TELEPORT TO US! THIS IS A SURPRISE!” Lydia yelled, this time even louder than before. “Lydia you’re going to break my damn ear drums, go throw glitter on something.” Cel mumbled. “Anyway.” Cel sighed. “I woke up in my bathtub, and I know I never sleepwalk, so I figured, I suppose I magically just poofed there.” I grinned. “That is sure something, Ethan will be over there in about an hour, depending if the situation here gets any better, Elle keeps dropping glass hanging things, I don’t even know what the hell they are.” Cel sighed, “They are glass butterflies!” Lydia cried, another “butterfly” broke, this speaker was amazing, I could hear shit break. “Fuck!” Lydia screeched, I almost spit up my cheerios. “Scott can you get the broom?” Cel groaned, “Little busy blowing up balloons!” I heard him shout, though fainter then Lydia’s screeching. The room they were all in must be huge. “So, how are you and Sheldon.” I pried, grinning. “I think you already know, hasn’t Lydia spilled all the details?” Cel chuckled, “She seems to do that.” “No I do not! ELLE DON’T --“ something else broke, then came the full-out shouting. “We’ll see you later!” Cel chirped, then the line cut off. “……” I stared at the phone, “Psycho Pinkie Pie” with Lydia’s grinning face showed, then the phone went black.  It was true, just as soon as Cel told Lydia, that crazed woman told me every exact detail. Cel and Sheldon finally got back together, I was happy for them, especially for Cel, she deserved happiness, that girl has had a rough year. 

Chapter 10: An Unexpected Surprise (Cel) March 24, 2013


Chapter 11: A Secret No More (Jonathan) March 24, 2014


Chapter 12: Revenge At Last (Lydia) March 25, 2014


Chapter 13: Seeking a Tale (Jonathan) March 25, 2014


Chapter 14: The Northern Trek (Cel) March 26, 2014


Chapter 15: Family Ties (Elle) March 27, 2014

Elle uncovers a piece of her family history

Chapter 16: The Hunted (Ally) March 27, 2014

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Chapter 18: Lend a Paw (Sheldon)

Chapter 19: The Nefarious (Cel)

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Elle encounters something unspeakable.

Chapter 21: End of The Turn (Scott)

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Chapter 24: From A Cradle To A Grave (Amber) April 5, 2014

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{Final Chapter}

Epilogue: The Witch Hunt


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