Briarwood is in Northeast Sacred Grove, and is very dark and has strange creatures and man-eating plants. It is one of the regions in Free Realms.


Briarwood is home to strange plants and big tree like creatures. Ever since Darkthrone moved there, taking half the heart seed with her to make another tree similar to the World Tree, instead it's dark and purple like. Chugachugs, mostly soldiers are station there as well, to defeat the man-eating plants and protect the farmers and Darkthrone.

Briarwood World TreeEdit

This is the second World Tree in Sacred Grove, the first that is in Sanctuary and Queen Valerian lives and rules. Her
  • Briarheart castle.
  • Princess Lavender aka Darkthrone.
  • The Briarwood logo.
sister Darkthrone, took half the heartseed with her to Briarwood, which she rules, and there for isn't an actual area in Sacred Grove, but actually a ruling area by it's self. It is as big as the World Tree in Sanctary, but is more darker and brooding looking, and matches the flora and fauna of Briarwood. And unlike the original world tree, the one in Briarwood is surrounded by a mountain range, and is like on a island surrounded by water, but a cobblestone road through the mountain leads to the Briarheart Palace front door, which is guarded by a General in Darkthrone's army.


The Residents are mostly Man-eating plants, frogs, and strange tree creatures. Now that Darkthrone moved there, so did soldiers, aka Chugawugs and farmers from Wugachug.


In Brairwood, it's split into sections. The first being Thistlebrow, where the maze is and you follow the cobblestone path through it so you don't get lost. The woods of Briarwood, also known as Bristlewood. And then on through the woods you come out to Nettleseed, where most of the mushrooms grow, and where there are waterfalls, and Tanglewood Fort. Once you pass through the fort, you go through a tunnel into the mountains, and find your self at Brairheart Palace, home to Darktrhone, who is kind and pure, not evil.

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