Bleeding Hearts is the fourth upcoming novel of The Hathaway Chronicles. It takes place a year after Shattered Spells ended.


"I thought turning species was bad, being on the run from crazy witches who want to slaughter you and your entire family for power. Who would of thought our lives would be thrown out of balance, and your sworn enemy became the only one who could protect you? This was a show gone bad." - Celeste "Cel" Moone

"Even when you get your life back, it will never be as it once was, and how it's so easy to get it taken away again." - Eleanor "Elle" Harris

Bleeding Hearts

Prologue: Lavender Coast June 2014 (Elle)

Chapter 1: June 27, 2014 (Cel)

Chapter ?? (Last Chapter): Unbreakable

Epilogue: Goodbye Isn't Forever (Cel) December 31, 2014

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