Blackspore is the only known swamp in Free Realms.

The SwampEdit

It's very dark and spooky there. There is Bone Bog Cemetery, where ghosts and snakes live. The Pumpkin Prince is also buried there, and rises every year on Halloween Night.


  • Cracked Claw Caverns.
  • Madam Zelda's place.
  • Bone Bog Cemetery.
  • Pumpkin Prince's grave.
  • Haunted Mines.
  • Venomous Frog.
  • Spawn of Necrosis.
  • Tormented Spirit.
  • Wraith.
  • Banshee.
  • Grave Elemental.
  • Bergram Stumpfinger.
  • Mudshell.
  • Cray Marauder.
  • Blackspore's logo.
There is a little town located on the shores of the swamp, and very few people live there. Its mostly travelers and scientists to research the inhabitants of the swamp. And there are thugs and rogues there as well. And frogs that are very big and you might see a ghost or two. It's a very strange and mysterious land.

Super SpooktacularEdit

Every Halloween, the Pumpkin Prince hosts the Vampires vs. Werewolves Dance off, and you get to be a Werewolf, or Vampire and dance your socks off for a prize.

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