Anthony Carp is a witch and a recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles. He is the husband of the late Madison Brown, who was a member of the Hathaway Family. They had three daughters together, the twins, Madeline and Maria, and their youngest, Margaret. He is the older brother of Morgan Carp, who married Madison's half brother, Drake Harris.

Early History Edit

Anthony Carp was born in 1940, in Seaside, California. He was the eldest of the Carp siblings, and he met Madison through his sister, since Madison came to live Drake and Morgan after the death of her mother Christina. Madison told him of her family curse, and how crazy Drake's mother was, who by then had removed herself from her son's life for several years. The curse of the Brown Family, begun to affect his wife after the birth of the twins, he also discovered the twins shared that curse. After his wife took her life, to protect her family, he emotionally detached himself from the twins, since they were cursed to go into madness and die. After the death of Madeline at the hands of Maria's husband, he left Seaside, and took the teen-aged Margaret with him.

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