Amberly Rose Wise is a witch and one of the main characters of The Broken Series. She is best friends with Eleanor Harris, Celesta Smith, and Ophelia Ross. She is also in a relationship with Eddie Duell. She is also a member of the Hathaway Family through her mother Maria.                                               


Amberly Rose Wise was born to Logan Wise and Maria Carp on March 23, 1995 in Savannah, Georgia. And is only a few days younger then her distant cousins Ophelia and Celesta. Before she was born, Maria told Logan she wanted to raise Amberly away from magic, so the two moved to Georgia. When she was two years old, her mother supposedly died from overuse of magic, but she was actually faking her death, becoming a hybrid to dispose of her magic, and thus the family curse, which makes the witch go insane after giving birth to a child. Her mother then stayed away, but kept an eye on her daughter and former husband, she would step in when Amber needed her the most. Amber grew up with her single father, who never remarried, and made sure his daughter was taught about magic, by his wife's childhood friend, Laura Ross. Not longer after the death of Maria, Logan took Amberly back to Seaside, and raised her there. She grew up becoming best friends with Elia, Elle, and Cel. In the 6th grade, she met Eddie Duell, and the two became a couple. She is currently attending Franklin High with her friends in Seaside, California.

The Broken Series

Darkness Descending

In the chapter Trails of Magic, Amberly was first seen greeting Ophelia when she arrived with their other friends to school, she later went to class with her boyfriend Eddie.

Later on in the chapter Broken Shards, Amberly is helping Ophelia and Celesta figure out why Ophelia was experiencing bursts of magic, but the girls couldn't figure a solution. She later left and met up with Eddie to go eat lunch.



Shattered Spells




Until Dawn



Amber is 5'2" and usually wears her hair down. She is known to be petite with a kind round face, big aquamarine colored eyes, and mid-length wavy blonde hair. She can be intimidating despite her small frame. Like the Burns family, most of the women were born with aquamarine blue colored eyes, and can dazzle anyone.





Witch Abilities

  • Channeling - The act of invoking or summoning extra forms of energy by focusing on external forces.
    • Elemental Control - The act of controlling and manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, and water.
    • Spell Casting - The act of changing and controlling events through the use of charms, hexes, rituals, etc.
    • Telekinesis - The act of controlling and manipulating the movement of objects and persons through mental influence.
    • Pain Infliction - The power to create excruciating migraines through supernatural means.
    • Witches Brew - The act of brewing and concocting magical potions.
    • Ability to know Relationship Ties Between Two or More People - by looking at two people, witches and or hybrids can detect how strong the relationship ties are between them, either if they are friends, together, or allies. Only the strongest and wisest witches can detect family bonds, though the two people have to know they are related.
    • Precognition - The ability to see things that will happen in the future.

Book Appearances

Darkness Descending

Chapter Titles (List of Appearances)

  • Prologue (Does Not Appear)
  • The Reckoning (Does Not Appear)
  • Forgotten (Does Not Appear)
  • Sins of the Past (Does Not Appear)
  • The Glimpse (Does Not Appear)
  • Trails of Magic (Appeared)
  • Broken Shards (Appeared)
  • Day Terrors (Mentioned)
  • Past Mistakes (Does Not Appear)
  • The Undead (N/A)
  • A Lesson in History (N/A)


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