Šheik is (*cough) was Celeste Merrymeadows's best friend.

About ŠheikEdit

Šheik is a nice girl and always helps people, even if it's smelting bars, she does it for people who can't which is sweet. And she has helped Cel complete a lot of her maxed sets.

Things Šheik LikesEdit

Šheik's favorite color is blue. And Šheik likes to hang out with her friends and help them too. She's a sweet heart. No one would trade her in for the world. :)

  • The whole gain.
  • Sheik
  • Sheik, Nisha, and Cel on the Unicorn Head Statue
  • Sheik and Cel doing Gangnam Style
  • Opa Sheikie Style!
  • Sheik and Cel doing the Super Salute
  • Sheik knocked out in Sunstone Valley
  • Weird Sheikiekins
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